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It's the Solid Signal Podcast! Everything you wanted to know about the stuff you've got to have!

It's the Solid Signal Podcast! Everything you wanted to know about the stuff you've got to have!


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It's the Solid Signal Podcast! Everything you wanted to know about the stuff you've got to have!






About the 2020 Oscars

Our podcaster's about to get in trouble! Instead of talking about the great products and services at, he's talking about the Academy Awards and putting forth crackpot theories about art and society. Listen in then comment!


Buckler says I should talk about installers

Our own Jake Buckler has another opportunity to pick a topic for the podcast this week. He's right about one thing: if you're an installer you know that the world is changing fast. Let Solid Signal help you with the tools you need to keep making money! Shop now:


Buckler says I should talk about RVs

This week's podcast is all about tricking out your RV. Get all the entertainment you deserve and don't leave anything behind when you travel. There are tons of options for entertainment when you shop at And, if you're in the Detroit area, come see Signal Connect at the MARVAC show February 5-9 at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi!


All about that base

Our podcaster takes a deep dive into the world of satellite and antenna mounting. Check out this surprisingly entertaining podcast then shop for the best in mounting supplies!


Was I wrong about the future of over-the-air broadcasting?

Our podcaster, back from the CES show, has a tale to tell! Has he been too down on the future of broadcast TV? Listen this podcast to find out. Remember, the antennas you find at are totally futureproof!


Should CES just be a gadget show?

Every year, it seems the CES show ventures further from gadgets and into weird things like cars and hamburgers. Is this just an essential way for the show to evolve, or should the organizers take it back to its roots? Listen, then shop at for the best in gadgets and more!


CES Preview

Our podcaster gives you an early preview of the annual show in Las Vegas, from his unique point of view. Listen, then shop for the best consumer electronics at!


Rise of Skywalker review (no spoilers)

In this last podcast of the year, we review the latest Star Wars film. Our podcaster was there for the very first one and looks at how the latest one fits in with the whole mythology. Next week we'll be back "on topic" but for now enjoy, and don't forget to shop at


Super Bowl in 4K

The Super Bowl will be in 4K! Why aren't we talking more about this!


Year in review

Take one more look at the trends that shaped the past 12 months. Listen, then shop!


While you're up on the roof...

If you're like a lot of folks, you're going up on the roof this weekend to put up some lights. Why not take a look at that old antenna and see if you need a new replacement from Solid Signal? Shop now:


Thanksgiving at Solid Signal

During this time of year, you're probably going to be tempted to shop at a lot of stores. There's a reason you want to stay with the best selection and service available at


Still Standing

Solid Signal has been standing for 17 years! A lot of other sites have come and gone, but we're still here because of our passion for customer service. Learn more about Solid Signal then shop for the best stuff at!


Veteran's Day and an antenna for the Super Bowl

This week's podcast honors our people in uniform, and gives a tip for the best way to make sure you get the big game in January. Listen in then shop for the best selection of antennas at!


This is what real cord cutting looks like

Sorry to burst your bubble but cord cutting doesn't mean paying someone else the same amount of money you paid the cable company. Get an over-the-air antenna from!


Watchmen vs. Mr. Robot

Which well-scripted, densely-plotted limited series are you watching this week? Take a look at HBO's new program and compare it with USA's long-standing leader in the neurotic market. Listen, then shop!


Do Nielsen ratings even matter?

In a back-to-basics podcast, we talk about Nielsen ratings: how they work, why they're used, and why they are increasingly unimportant in today's world. Listen, then shop for the best products!


I'll be there for you

Friends will be exclusive to HBO Max when the service launches, and that may just be enough to make HBO Max a hit. Take a listen to one podcaster's opinion about why this show has staying power when other 90s sitcoms don't. Listen, then shop!


The Righteous Gemstones

In which our podcaster discovers a show on HBO that's better than Succession and pretty darn funny! Give The Righteous Gemstones a try then shop for all the best gear at!


Were the Emmys worth it?

This year, broadcast television snagged only two of the major awards. While we're proud of our friends at HBO, will it ever be possible to reverse this trend? Is it even something we want, or does broadcast television work just as we want it to? Listen, then shop