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It's the Solid Signal Podcast! Everything you wanted to know about the stuff you've got to have!

It's the Solid Signal Podcast! Everything you wanted to know about the stuff you've got to have!


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It's the Solid Signal Podcast! Everything you wanted to know about the stuff you've got to have!






In case of emergency...

The last week has reminded all of us how important emergency prep is. You can find practically anything you'll need for your emergency kit when you shop the great selection at!


Partner with us!

Solid Signal isn't just your one-stop shop for the installation accessories you need. We're looking for partners to help marine customers live their best digital lives. If you are a boat dealer or know someone who is, listen to this week's podcast! For more information, check out this article:


The Super Bowl Commercials, part 2

Our podcaster records a rare sequel! After watching the big game, we take one more look at the commercials that didn't happen, and the one that was a surprise hit. Listen, then shop for equipment that lets you skip bad commercials. Visit https:/


About those Xtreme Signal antennas

Our podcaster digs deep into the mystery of Solid Signal's own line of antennas, explaining why they look the way they do and why they work so darn well! Listen, then check them out when you shop the great selection at


The Super Bowl Commercials

Some of the biggest names in advertising have decided not to have commercials in the Super Bowl this year. What will this mean? Is it really being done for the right reasons? Listen to this podcast and then decide if you agree. In the meantime, shop the great selection at


The last word on the CES show

Our podcaster's been going to, and reporting on, CES for 15 years now. This may be the last time he does. Listen to his random musings, then shop for the best stuff when you go to


This... is CES.

The CES show kicks off this week in a way no one ever expected. Will it be a hit, or will it be the proof people need that we don't need big trade shows? Listen this week for our opinion of what we expect, then listen again to see if we were pleasantly surprised. In the meantime, shop for the best stuff at


Back up your data. Do it Now.

In this podcast, we talk about backups, the one thing everyone talks about and never does. Make sure you don't lose any of your important information, and when you need the best tech for home or office, you can get it from


Talking 5G

Look folks, this isn't that kind of podcast. We don't get political here. But given the events of the past week, it's important to talk about the link between 5G and COVID. Simply put, there isn't one. Learn more, then shop at


Get an antenna already

If you weren't thinking about an antenna purchase, you might now, since both DIRECTV and DISH have been forced to black out local channels in many cities. Having an antenna means you won't ever have to pay for local channels again. Find the antenna of your dreams when you shop at!


December 7th

Our podcaster talks about the challenges ahead and compares today to December 7, 1941. Listen, comment, and shop at the all new!


These folks are really glad about Quibi

Hey, remember Quibi? It was the streaming app that didn't even make it in a year where everyone had nothing better to do than sit on the couch. But there's one other streaming app that could have been this year's laughingstock instead. Listen to this podcast, then get really great stuff when you shop at!



2020 hasn't exactly been the year we were all hoping for. Yet, there are still a lot of things to be thankful for. Listen to this upbeat podcast and shop at the all-new!


The odd, surprising story of the B-Band converter

About 15 years ago, DIRECTV started making a part for its DVRs that no one would need by 2009. Or so they thought. Learn why Solid Signal is the only place you can still get a B-Band converter, and why there's a surprisingly large number of folks who still want them. Shop for the best in consumer electronics at the all-new!


The all new

It's finally (almost) here! As a special surprise for our faithful podcast listeners, we take a look at what you can expect from our all new web site, launching in just a couple of days. Be sure to take a daily look for the new site at!


Is Netflix out of their minds?

This week our podcaster returns to familiar territory. Netflix is raising prices -- AGAIN -- and our podcaster thinks it's not right. Listen in, then leave a comment you your opinion! As always, shop


An early look at 2021

Who's completely over 2020? Take a look at the bright future we may just see in 2021! And of course, for the best stuff today and tomorrow shop at!


When is 4K not 4K?

The World Series is broadcast in 4K this year on DIRECTV, but it's not produced in 4K. Does that really make a difference? Listen to this week's podcast and leave a comment to tell us how you feel! Then, shop at for the best in consumer electronics!


I saw Cats, and it did not go well

In our longest podcast yet, our podcaster walks you through all the mixed feelings he had while watching "Cats," and why this film just might be studied for decades to come. Listen, then shop for stuff that won't give you mixed feelings, at


Are fake audiences ruining real TV?

Our podcaster starts out rambling, but then takes an honest look at the phenomenon of fake audiences and crowd noise that's come to characterize a lot of programming in fall 2020. Listen, then shop for the best electronics at