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New Faces of Media In a Digital Age, Themes & Memes ep56

Adam and Aaron return for a casual, but serious conversation about digital media, censorship, free speech, and many other overused and misunderstood terms. topics include: Themes & Memes continues, Alex Jones deplatformed on social media, censorship, fake news, Sandy Hook, lawsuits against Jones, election of Donald Trump, mainstream media, conspiracy ideas going mainstream, more extreme rhetoric gaining more publicity, alt right, alternative media, free speech, censorship, Facebook,...


Ready Player One movie review, Themes & Memes ep55

Adam and Aaron review the recent Steven Spielberg film, Ready Player One. The past, present and future of virtual worlds are explored in depth in this book adaptation. What current, real world realities are present in this work of fiction? What occult "Easter eggs" have the filmmakers left for us to uncover? topics include: Steven Spielberg director, book adaptation, rights, licensing, special effects, virtual reality, Columbus OH, Easter egg, Steve Jobs, creation, video games, time,...


Black Mirror Season 3 Live Show, Themes & Memes ep54

Adam and Aaron record their first live show on They take the occasion to review season 3 of the Netflix series Black Mirror. topics include: live radio, Netflix, new distribution for entertainment, short films, media, technology, futurism, happy endings vs dark endings, Nosedive, social media, polite society, repressed emotions, sexual frustration, superficiality, social status, passive aggression, social networking, ulterior motives, epiphany, transcendence, analytics,...


Jim Carrey Drops The Mask, Themes & Memes ep53

Adam and Aaron weigh in on Jim Carrey's recent interviews which have baffled his fans the world over. Apparently there is no such thing as Jim Carrey at all. What might this mean? Has JC lost his mind, or is he onto something? topics include: identity, psychology, persona, Eastern religion, metaphysics, philosophy, Norm MacDonald, sexual alchemy, occult, Gnosticism, conspiracies, alternative research, truth, woke, E! network, Dionysus, world stage, masks, celebrity culture, prestige,...


Sex, Scandals, and The Future of Hollywood, Themes & Memes Ep52

On this episode we return for a casual discussion on the Hollywood Sex Scandal, looking at the prominent narratives and what they could mean for the future of Hollywood and Pop Culture. We look at the issue from a number of different angles, highlighting the numerous ways in which this scandal is stoking outrage over questions of patriarchy, social justice and corruption, and the potential that exists for further polarisation and social breakdown. We also look at the symbolic...


BLADE RUNNER 2049 Movie Review, Themes & Memes Ep51

We return with a highly esoteric discussion on Blade Runner 2049, the 2017 sequel to Ridley Scott's cult-classic from 1982. Despite not doing well at the Box Office, this film succeeds in artfully suggesting a number of stories within one, and like the first film, leaves the audience feeling they have witnessed something profound. Set in the titular year in dystopian Los Angeles, the film follows the replicant LAPD officer 'K' as he uncovers hidden evidence that replicants are capable of...


Bonus Podcast 001, Captain America Civil War & Much More

The very first Bonus Podcast episode of Themes & Memes is a review of Captain America Civil War. The review strays from the movie as Adam and Aaron talk at length about media, current antagonist politics, and The Age of Transitions. topics include: Captain America Civil War, bad movie year, shift in entertainment industry, Marvel, cinematic universe, TV and films converging, Disney, franchise films, Iron Man, Avengers, Spider Man, comics, DoD Entertainment Liaison Offices, conspiracy...


The Circle Movie Review, Themes and Memes Ep50

While widely panned, The Circle is a film that does a good job at presenting some very important ideas. Adam and Aaron talk about its commentary on corporate life, cults, sousveillance, and real life Silicon Valley tech giants. topics include: extra unpublished podcast episode, The Circle, Tom Hanks, Emma Watson, novel, popular fiction, Silicon Valley, work life balance, young urban professional, See Change, transparent, sousveillance, social ideals, corporate cults, total surveillance,...


Podcast Update, Themes & Memes Ep49

After an extended hiatus, we return to give an update on the podcast; talking about what has been going on behind the scenes, and giving listeners a glimpse of what to expect from future shows. We start out by discussing changes and distractions in our personal lives, before mentioning some of the films and TV shows that have caught our attention recently, including the 2006 B-Movie Southland Tales and the 2017 Tech-Thriller The Circle. We also touch on the apparent lack of worthwhile...


THEY LIVE Movie Review, Themes & Memes Ep48

On this episode, we return to the 'conspiracy classic' genre in looking at the 1989 Sci-Fi B-movie 'They Live' by John Carpenter. The film introduces 'John Nada', a drifter working manual labour in LA, as he stumbles across a special pair of sunglasses which allow him to see a very different version of reality than the 'American Dream' he is accustomed to. As it is ultimately revealed that humanity's perceptions are being controlled by a camouflaged alien race; Nada tries to convince those...


Network Movie Review, Themes & Memes Ep45

Another conspiracy classic movie review comes to the Themes and Memes podcast. Network has been quoted endlessly throughout conspiracy culture, and with good reason. This review fits right into the past few podcast episodes which have focussed on television news, and mass media in general. Topics discussed include: antiestablishment film, conspiracy, nightly news, Howard Beale, sensationalism, exploitation, media, radical political movements, dehumanization, too much dialogue, truth,...


Nightcrawling in The Alt-Media, Themes & Memes Ep45

On this episode, we return to the film Nightcrawler; looking at how social tensions are fostered by false or misleading media narratives, and how alternative media networks are now playing the mainstream outrage game to their own ends. In the film, the fictional KWLA-6 news station actively targets white, upper-middle class audiences by selectively running stories about affluent demographics being threatened by urban criminals, so that the station can promote an ongoing narrative of fear...


NIGHTCRAWLER Movie Review, Themes & Memes Ep44

On this episode, we review the 2014 thriller Nightcrawler, Directed by Dan Gilroy and starring Jake Gyllenhaal. The film follows enterprising psychopath Lou as he scouts the nocturnal underbelly of Los Angeles looking for opportunity. After being inspired to become a 'Stringer'; filming urban drama for local news stations, Lou's talent for exploiting tragedy garners him fame and fortune on the LA morning news circuit. But without empathy or conscience to temper his ambitions, he soon...


The Alt-Right Trumps the Establishment, Themes & Memes Ep43

We continue discussing the 2016 US Presidential Election, reviewing the landslide victory by Donald Trump and what this astonishing development means for both mainstream and alternative culture. We start by looking at the question of how this happened. From the FBI to Wikileaks to a bizarre revelation about occult rituals at the 11th hour; Clinton's campaign was dogged by scandal and controversy that vindicated Trump's anti-establishment platform on the final mile. And did the Democratic...


Truth or Trump? Themes & Memes Ep42

On this special episode, we deconstruct the 2016 US Presidential Race between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, focusing on the social phenomenon of broad-based Trump support within alternative and conservative demographics. Rather than a partisan assessment of the candidates themselves, we look at Pro-Trump sentiment in the Alt-Media as a result of social disintegration in the wider ‘Truth Movement’, where the failed ambition of 9/11 Truth and Anti-Establishment groups has given birth to...


THE EXORCIST Movie Review with Thomas Sheridan, Themes & Memes Ep41

On this instalment, we welcome artist and author Thomas Sheridan from to discuss the 1973 classic-horror film The Exorcist. The film introduces Washington D.C Actress 'Chris MacNeil' as her 12 year old daughter 'Regan' begins to exhibit increasingly disturbed behaviour. Despite a number of tests and treatments, Regan's condition continues to deteriorate amidst a series of shocking paranormal events. After the medical establishment concedes defeat, it is deemed that a...


NOW YOU SEE ME 2 Movie Review, Themes & Memes Ep40

On this installment, we return to one of our very first reviews by looking at its 2016 sequel Now You See Me 2, directed by John M. Chu. The film picks up a year after the Four Horsemen's introduction to the world, where they lay in hiding and await further instruction from 'The Eye'; the mysterious secret society they had previously been inducted into. After finally being prompted to orchestrate another public spectacle, the show is hijacked by a hacker who exposes the Horsemen and...


THE EAST Movie Review, Themes & Memes Ep39

On this episode, we look at the 2013 Indie Spy Drama, The East Directed by Zal Batmanglij. The film follows corporate intelligence operative 'Jane' (played by co-writer Brit Marling) as she is tasked with infiltrating a radical anarchist cell who have been attacking high profile industrialists in retaliation for their corporate crimes. Calling themselves 'The East', the group operates on an 'eye for an eye' strategy, targeting high level corporate executives with specific acts of violence...


EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP Documentary Review, Themes & Memes Ep38

This month, we take a change in direction from previous episodes in reviewing the 2010 documentary film 'Exit Through The Gift Shop', which chronicles the misadventures of UK street-artist 'Banksy'. Both serious and satirical, the film follows eccentric cameraman Thierry Guetta as he haphazardly makes inroads into the underground street-art scene, eventually taking on the role of Banksy's Documentarian and Personal Assistant. After a high-profile U.S exhibition brings him overnight fame and...


'Imperium' Movie Review with Jay Dyer, Themes & Memes Ep37

On this episode, we welcome special guest Jay Dyer from Jay's Analysis to discuss the 2016 crime-drama Imperium. After gaining intelligence on radical Neo-Nazi groups, FBI Agent 'Nate' is tasked with infiltrating the heart of the White Supremacist movement to investigate a suspected terror plot. Once embedded into the highest levels of the network though, he eventually learns that there are no credible threats of terror, and is thus encouraged by his superiors to both inspire and facilitate...