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Episode # 48 - The House Of Seven Corpses(1974)

We don’t even know where to begin with this one. This movie has broken us, we need to take some time to repair our brains before delving into the next shitty movie. We don’t even know how to describe this episode but all we can say is that we hope you enjoy both of us getting completely borked.


Episode #47 - Help Me… Im Possessed(1974)

TMCOAN would like to submit a classified ad. Two drunk men seeking an exorcist that can cleanse them free of this atrocity that we have just been dealt. We need immediate help with this situation and professional exorcists are welcome, or amateurs that can just help us forget what we have just witnessed like a bartender or a frat party. This movie has put us through hell and has nothing to do with possession. Enjoy the full review and thanks for listening! this is Alex and Will and we will...


Episode # 46 - Devil Times Five(1974)

The devil has entered this podcast and he chose our punishment tonight: To sit through this movie. This movie was trash, it had no good qualities about it. But hey atleast we got some more good mispronounciations to laugh at like piranya and gouldfish, so thats one thing. But thats pretty much it. Don’t let us tell you all about it, listen to the episode to find out how we really felt. This has been Alex and Will, and we will talk to you all soon!!


Episode # 45 - The Thirsty Dead (1974)

I don’t really know what else to say except that this movie definitely made us thirsty enough to get alcohol poisoning. Which in retrospect probably would have been a whole hell of a lot better than watching this pile of steaming shit. But I digress, this movie is something that no human should ever have to witness, but we did for the good of all mankind. We truly care here on TMCOAN and we hope that you enjoy listening to this service to you. Thanks so much for listening this is Alex and...


Episode # 44 - Black Fist (1974)

Well, well, well 1974 just keeps on giving! This time we reviewed Black Fist, a 1974 “blacksploitation” film that features 5-6 movies in one! Experience a street fighter movie, a detective movie, a revenge plot movie, a thriller, and a mental breakdown to finish it all off. What did we think of this all in one movie? You will just have to listen to find out! Thanks so much for listening hopefully we will be back on our regular schedule now so expect episodes every thursday and sunday. This...


Episode # 43 - Policewomen (1974)

Well this doesn’t happen very often on this podcast. It’s almost weird for us to admit, but we actually really enjoyed this film! Its suprisingly coherent, oddly progressive, and a whole damn lot of fun to watch! Listen to our review to find out what else we have to say about this little gem from the ocean of shitty b-movies. This is Alex and Will and we will talk to you soon!


Episode # 42 - Truck Stop Women (1974)

Hello! I’m a truck. Well 1974 you have brought us quite a gem. Not a shiny gem, this one is dirty, filthy, and very cloudy, but its a gem none the less and we at TMCOAN feel like we must honor it. Truck Stop Women is a film for anyone who has a passion for Trucks….and boobs. Thats what america was built on. Alex and I must show our pride by reviewing this movie that has all those things and more. A film that clearly doesnt take itself too seriously. We loved this one, and we engourage you to...


Episode # 41 - UFO: Target Earth (1974)

Time to awaken yourself to the possibility of aliens, of life that isn’t from this world. We go deep in this episode, we get down to the real nitty gritty of aliens and UFO’s. What did we think of this out of this world 70’s trip of a movie? You will have to listen to find out, just know that this is one of the most incoherent piles that we have ever seen, but we will let the episode tell you all about it. Thanks so much for listening and don’t forget we are always on our facebook so lets...


Episode # 40 - A Knife For The Ladies(1974)

We don’t even know what else to say about this movie, so we are just going to let the episode speak for itself. This has been Alex and Will and we will talk to you later.


Episode # 39 - Legacy of Satan (1974)

What a way to start 1974! With one of the most confusing, unoriginal, and incoherent plots we have ever watched. From a director that is notoriously known for his films, comes a movie about a blood cult trying to summon a demon by drinking the blood of the innocent. sounds cliche right? (thats because it is). What did we think of this cult movie from 1974? you will have to listen to find out! Thank you so much to our supporters and everyone who listens! this has been Alex and Will and we...


Episode # 38 - Blackenstein (1973)

Well we have reached the end of 1973, and that means we saved one of the worst for last! This movie has no horror and no blacksploitation, but boy does it have a lot of one thing…..Nothing. Thats right this movie is completely void of enjoyment of any kind. Its everything we hate and its the exact reason we are still recording this podcast. Thanks so much for the support and for continuing to listen to They mostly come out at night. We love doing this and we love that people are enjoying...


Episode # 37 - Godmonster of Indian Flats (1973)

Barnstable! If you like substance then you will love this movie! (not really). In a movie where they say the name Barnstable about 1,000 times, we have a story about a mutated sheep, a secret society of wealthy mine owners, a fortune teller/madam spying on the locals, a scientist researching ancient species, and so, so much more! This movie is thicker than a chinese phonebook, and we had a hell of a time watching it! Listen for our full review! this is Barstable and Barnstable, we will talk...


Episode # 36 - The Severed Arm (1973)

Well its that time, the time we admit something that we thought was a long way off in this podcast. Yes ladies and gentlmen its time to admit that we here at They Mostly Come Out At Night actually enjoyed a movie, and would recommend it! That is even more scary then some of the movies we have watched. In a movie that lacks some plot, it makes up for in atmosphere and suspense. This movie wasn’t the greatest, but when you compare it to the other movies we have watched it deserves a fucking...


Episode # 35 - Superchick (1973)

We’re Back and better (and more drunk) than ever! upon our return was a movie called Superchck. But let me tell you there was nothing super about this movie. No plot, uninteresting characters, just one step away from being a terrible soft core porno. this movies has no frills, no chills, but it did make us make us lose our will. Our will to live that is. Listen to hear more of our thoughts on what could be one of the worst movies of 1973. This is Alex and Will, we will talk to you all...


Episode # 34 - The Devil and LeRoy Bassett(1973)

The Devil and LeRoy Bassett, a movie that has no idea what it wants to be. A movie that makes you question movies all together. We review this plane crash of a movie that wants to be part modern western, part exploitation, and completely and utterly fails at being both. LeRoy Basset and his gang make their way across new mexico for some reason, killing anyone who stands in their way. What did we really think of this pile? Listen to find out! Talk to you in two weeks!


Episode # 33 - Godzilla Vs Megalon(1973)

Well the secret is out! Tonight we reviewed Godzilla Vs Megalon, known to kaiju fans as one of the worst godzilla movies ever made, and we couldnt agree more! we are both huge godzilla fans (pun Intended), and even we could barely find anything good to say about this cash grab. In a movie where Godzilla was just an afterthought we were just left wondering why this movie even exists. Listen to are review for more insights and more of our thoughts on this film. Thank you so much for listening,...


Episode # 32 - Scream Bloody Murder (1973)

What did the guys at TMCOAN think of the first movie to be labeled “Gore-nography?” Well I will just say this, this has barely any gore, and no pornography in sight. This was something special, a movie that makes you appreciate even mediocre movies. Yes this movie is something special but in the worst possible way. This has been Alex and Will and we will talk to you soon.


Episode # 31 - Pigs (1973)

Oink, oink piggies! Tonight we reviewed Pigs, a movie with possibly the most batshit insane plot twist we have ever witnessed in a movie. In a plot where people are fed to pigs to supply a rural small town restaurant, we deal with gods and ancient egyptians. You read that correctly GODS AND ANCIENT EGYPTIANS. I wont say any more, you will have to listen to find out and see what our thoughts on the film were. Thanks so much for listening and supporting us, this is Alex and Will, we will talk...


Episode # 30 - The Doll Squad (1973)

Well Ted V Mikels is back at it again, the director of the Corpse Griders (Will’s pick for best of 1971) is here with another look into the human psyche. This time around we get to follow in the adventures of a badass group of secret agent women as the try to thwart a deadly plot. And boy the deadly plot is even more ridiculous than we were ready for. So what did we think of this Charlies angels-esque romp? You will have to listen and find out. Thanks for the support and for listening, this...


Episode # 29 - Blood Orgy Of The She-Devils(1973)

Blood Orgy Of The She-Devils? Well Lets see there is virtually no blood, certainly no orgys, and arguably no she devils in this movie. In this lame excuse of a witch cult movie, we ask ourselves was it worth it? The answer is……no. Listen to hear our full review of this film. and how much we were let down. Right now only one word comes to mind, limp dick. Thanks for listening and following us on all of our platforms. This has been Alex and Will and we will talk to you soon!