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Episode # 39 - Legacy of Satan (1974)

What a way to start 1974! With one of the most confusing, unoriginal, and incoherent plots we have ever watched. From a director that is notoriously known for his films, comes a movie about a blood cult trying to summon a demon by drinking the blood of the innocent. sounds cliche right? (thats because it is). What did we think of this cult movie from 1974? you will have to listen to find out! Thank you so much to our supporters and everyone who listens! this has been Alex and Will and we...


Episode # 38 - Blackenstein (1973)

Well we have reached the end of 1973, and that means we saved one of the worst for last! This movie has no horror and no blacksploitation, but boy does it have a lot of one thing…..Nothing. Thats right this movie is completely void of enjoyment of any kind. Its everything we hate and its the exact reason we are still recording this podcast. Thanks so much for the support and for continuing to listen to They mostly come out at night. We love doing this and we love that people are enjoying...


Episode # 37 - Godmonster of Indian Flats (1973)

Barnstible! If you like substance then you will love this movie! (not really). In a movie where they say the name Barnstible about 1,000 times, we have a story about a Mutated sheep, a secret society of wealthy mine owners, a fortune teller/madam spying on the locals, a scientists researching ancient species, and so, so much more! this movie is thicker than a chinese phonebook, and we had a hell of a time watching it! Listen for our full review! this is Barstible and Barnstible, we will talk...


Episode # 36 - The Severed Arm (1973)

Well its that time, the time we admit something that we thought was a long way off in this podcast. Yes ladies and gentlmen its time to admit that we here at They Mostly Come Out At Night actually enjoyed a movie, and would recommend it! that is even more scary then some of the movies we have watched. In a movie that lacks some plot, it makes up for in atmosphere and suspence. This movie wasnt the greatest, but when you compare it to the other movies we have watched it deserves a fucking...


Episode # 35 - Superchick (1973)

We’re Back and better (and more drunk) than ever! upon our return was a movie called Superchck. But let me tell you there was nothing super about this movie. No plot, uninteresting characters, just one step away from being a terrible soft core porno. this movies has no frills, no chills, but it did make us make us lose our will. Our will to live that is. Listen to hear more of our thoughts on what could be one of the worst movies of 1973. This is Alex and Will, we will talk to you all...


Episode # 34 - The Devil and LeRoy Bassett

The Divil and LeRoy Bassett, a movie that has no idea what it wants to be. A movie that makes you question movies all together. We review this plane crash of a movie that wants to be part modern western, part exploitation, and completely and utterly fails at being both. LeRoy Basset and his gang make thier way across new mexico for some reason, killing anyone who stands in thier way. What did we really think of this pile? You will just have to listen to find out! talk to you in two weeks!!!


Episode # 33 - Godzilla Vs Megalon

Well the secret is out! Tonight we reviewed Godzilla Vs Megalon, known to kaiju fans as one of the most notorious godzilla movies ever made. and we couldnt agree more! we are both huge godzilla fans (pun Intended), and even we could bearly find anything good to say about this cash grab. In a movie where Godzilla was just an after thought we were just left wondering why this movie even exists. Listen to are review for more insights and more of our thoughs on this film. Thank you so much for...


Episode # 32 - Scream Bloody Murder (1973)

What did the guys at TMCOAN Think of the first movie to be labled “Gore-nography?” Well i will just say this, this has bearly any gore, and no pornagraphy in sight. This was something special a movie that makes you appreciate even mediocre movies. Yes thi smovie is something special but in the worst possible way. This has been Alex and Will and we will talk to you soon!


Episode # 31 - Pigs (1973)

Oink, oink piggies! Tonight we reviewed pigs a movie with possibly the most batshit insane plot twist we have ever witnessed in a movie. in a plot where people are fed to pigs to supply a rural small town resturant, we deal with gods and ancient egyptians. your read that correctly GODS AND ANCIENT EGYPTIANS. i wont say any more, you will have to listen to find out and see what our thoughts on the film were. Thanks so much for listening and supporting us, this is Alex and Will, we will talk...


Episode # 30 - The Doll Squad (1973)

Well Ted V Mikels is back at it again, the director of the Corpse Griders (Wills pick for best of 1971) is here with another look into the human phyche. This time around we get to follow in the adventures of a badass group of secret agent women as the try to thwart a deadly plot. And boy the deadly plot is even more rediculous than we were ready for. So what did we think of this Charlies andgels-esc romp? you will have to listen and find out! Thnaks for the support and for listening, this...


Episode # 29 - Blood Orgy Of The She-Devils

Blood Orgy Of The She-Devils? Well Lets see there is virtually no blood, certainly no orgys, and arguably no she devils in this movie. In this lame excuse of a witch cult movie, we ask ourselves was it worth it? The answer is……no. Listen to hear our full review of this film. and how much we were let down. Right now only one word comes to mind, limp dick. Thanks for listening and following us on all of our platforms. This has been Alex and Will and we will talk to you soon!


Episode # 28 - Spirit Of Bruce Lee

The spirit of bruce lee was not here with us tonight. This movie is the weakest atempt at a martial arts movie that we have possibly ever seen. and if you think that is bad wait until you hear what we have to say about the voice acting! In a movie where it really shows how horrible dubbing can be, we ask the question like why did we sit through all hour and thirty two minutes of this bullshit? Thanks so much for listening and supporting our podcast! This is Alex and Will and we will talk...


Episode # 27 - Wonder Women (1973)

What a way to start 1973! Killer women, a insurance investigator turned secret agent, and trasplants. Thats right another transplant movie! What did we think of this groovy Flic about Deadly women? you will just have to listen to find out! we had alot of fun both watching and reviewing this and we hope you enjoy listening! Thnaks for the support! We will talk to you all soon!!! Plase watch this movie:


Episode # 26 - Curse Of The Headless Horseman (1972)

Well here we are at the end of 1972, and what a sendoff. The only curse in this movie is that it actually exists, and some people thought it would be a good idea to make it. In what is possibly the worst movie we have ever seen. listen to find out all the details on how much we absolutly hated this movie! 1972 has been one hell of a roller coaster ride, and we are so excited to jump into all the horrible movies of 1973! This has been Alex and Will and we will talk to you in 1973!!!! Watch...


Episode # 25 - Invasion Of The Blood Farmers (1972)

Invasion Of The Blood Farmers. Well lets see there is blood, and farmers, but i wouldnt exactly call this an invasion. In one of the most confusing and conviluted plots that we have seen here on TMCOAN. What did we think of this cult blood farming romp from 1972? well lets just say we had a bit of trouble even remembering certain parts of this one. Listen to hear more of our thoughts and commentary. Thanks so much for listening and supporting us! this has been Will and Alex and we will...


Episode # 24 - Blood Freak (1972)

This time we got a little freaky! What did we think of this film from 1972? let me just ask you a question, how would you feel about seeing a drug addicted turkey monster drink blood from heroin junkies? well you will just have to listen to find out! we are only two movies away from 1973. Thanks for listening and following us on podbean and facebook. This has been Alex and Will and we will talk to you later!!! Gobble Gobble!!! If you want to watch this movie (not recommended):...


Episode # 23 - The Body Shop (1972)

“Your a man, i am a woman.” Well this was a special one, i cant believe this film actually exists. a contender for the worst of 1972, hell maybe the whole podcast. So grab a beer, strap yourself in and enjoy our review of The Body Shop, i promise you wont be as dissapointed as we were while watching this film. Follow us on facebook and lets chat about bad movies! Thanks for listening, this has been Alex and Will, we will talk to you soon!!!


Episode # 22 - Night Of The Lepus (1972)

Weill Here it is Night Of The Lepus. You will hop with horror, your hare will stand on your skin, things will go thump in the night. This movie was not what we were expecting. With the possibly the least intimidating “monsters” in film history ( try and find one i dare you). What did we think of this rather adorable romp through monster mayhem from 1972? listen to find out! We will talk to you later!!!


Episode # 21 - Garden Of The Dead (1972)

A Quick How To From TMCOAN on how to grow your very own zombie! 1. Get a bunch of prisoners addicted to getting high on formaldehyde, and allow them to escape. 2. Foil thier escape by shooting all of them off the truck carrying said embalming fluid, and allow it to get into the soil and all over the dead bodies. 3. Wait 10-15 Minutes 4. You now have your own batch of formaldehyde addicted zombies!! Profit!! Did we enoy this undead cultivating movie from 1972? you will just have to...


Episode # 20 - The Fiend (1972)

What a way to celebrate episode 20! A cultist sexploitation film for the ages. What did we think of this cult romp though 1972? you will just have to listen to find out! Find us wherever podcasts are found and these fine sources Twitter: