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5by5's hosts and guests review their favorite movies.

5by5's hosts and guests review their favorite movies.
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5by5's hosts and guests review their favorite movies.






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24: 5by5 At The Movies - Episode 24 - Guest: Thomas Ian Nicholas Pt. 1

James Gunn is BACK! The FOX/DISNEY deal is done! That means Marge Simpson is a Disney Princess! We talk about what the deal means for the MCU. PLUS - Moviepass is back on its bullshit. Dumbledore getting busy, Transformers NOT getting busy, and how DC is giving the middle finger to Bat-Fleck. Guest: Thomas Ian Nicholas (A Kid In King Arthur's Court, Rookie of The Year, American Pie Series). Listen as we discuss movies, music, travel and awkward first kisses! Co-host: Mason Scheer


23: 5by5 At The Movies - Episode 23

SPOILER ALERTS HOOOOOOO!!!!!! The second half of this episode is chock full of 'Captain Marvel' spoilers and reviews! Don't worry we'll warn you WAY IN ADVANCE. The first half is your normal beloved news show. This week - Dan and Keith talk about the new Aladdin Trailer, The Jay and Silent Bob reboot, Bond 25 rumors and why people should NOT MESS WITH SOPHIE TURNER. Co-host: Dan Richardson


22: 5by5 At The Movies - Episode 22

Guess who's back? Back again? Mason's back! Keith has a friend! This week we're back with... you know... a lot of Marvel news. What Feige has to say about Disney Plus shows, what's up with the lego sets, Captain marvel's AMAZING pre-box office numbers, and Kraglin's (Sean Gunn) thoughts on Guardians III. Non-comic book* things include: Terminator 6 talk, Sonic The Hedgehog reactions, and Morbius is STILL a thing. Co-host: Mason Scheer *J/K there's comics for all these properties.


21: 5by5 At The Movies - Episode 21

Back recording in the home studio because Keith is sick again! Or it's allergies. Or he's just a baby. We may never know. Hot takes this week include Green Book's Oscar, the Rotten Tomatoes controversy, and is Luke Skywalker a bitch? Rumors include: Knight Rider reboots, Eternals Movie in phase 4, Detective Pikachu, and more! Plus - we compare James Cameron to Coffee Dad because he's got a twitter. And a sex window. Co-host: Dan Richardson


20: 5by5 At The Movies - Episode 20

This week Mason decides to be a professional and do real work so Producer Dan subs in! We talk about people we hate (Gwyneth Paltrow, Woody Allen, Chris Pine, etc)! Also sequels and reboots: Bill & Ted! Jay & Silent Bob! Terminator! And more! Most exciting: Actual info about Avatar 2! Only ten years! Co-host: Dan Richardson


19: 5by5 At The Movies - Episode 19

A week full of news! And it's not all about superheroes! New reactions to trailers, hot takes on the new Will Smith Genie. Batman Beyond movie, Rambo 5, Masters Of The Universe - AND believe it or not, we touch on Fyre Festival! Co-host: Mason Scheer


18: 5by5 At The Movies - Episode 18 - Guestless

This week the boys chat Star Wars rumors, why Liam Neeson is a dick, a bunch of Disney/Fox thoughts, Zootopia sequels and more! Also buddy comedies! Rush Hour 4, and Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw! Co-host: Mason Scheer


17: 5by5 At The Movies - Episode 17 - Guestless

This week the boys fly guest-less with some news and rumors! Bill & Ted 3, Black Panther stuffs, Splash remake, and some info on the Chucky-verse! Oh and even MORE Fyre talk. Co-host: Mason Scheer


16: 5by5 At The Movies - Episode 16 - OSCAR NOMINATION SPECTACULAR

This week the boys discuss a BUNCH of superhero news. Like... way too much. Also a lot of disagreement over which Fyre documentary is best. Most important - we read off all the Oscar noms! Plus our best guesses on the winners. Co-host: Mason Scheer


15: 5by5 At The Movies - Episode 15 - Guest: Owen Egerton Pt. 2

This week! SEQUELS! REBOOTS! MORE MULTI-VERSES! We talk about the "Spider-man: Far From Home" trailer, chat big about the FYRE FESTIVAL DOC WAR, and more! Also - "Detective, Pikachu" rumors... because why not? Our second half of the greatest interview ever recorded with Owen Egerton! Co-host: Mason Scheer


14: 5by5 At The Movies - Episode 14 - Guest: Owen Egerton Pt. 1

This week the bad boys of butt jokes are back! The normal show you've grown to love but not review on iTunes! We're talking about Margo Robbie being Barbie in the new slate of films based on the doll, the upcoming "Lorena" doc-series from Jordan Peele's production company, and the amazing title of Bad Boys For Lif3! Plus: BIRDBOX! BANDERSNATCH! AND MORE! Guest: Writer, filmmaker, comedian, genius, and gentle lover - OWEN EGERTON. Listen to this amazing, beautiful, human being spread his...


13: 5by5 At The Movies - Episode 13 - Guestless

This week is a short one folks! Mason is out of town and all guests bailed so Keith (who is sick) complains a lot and talks about Bandersnatch, Aquaman revenues, why he hates Johnny Depp, a possible Back To The Future Sequel and more! Co-host: NO ONE. Guests: NO ONE. Sick people: KEITH.


12: 5by5 At The Movies - Episode 12 - Guest: Tiernan O'Rourke & Joshua Brown

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! This week we interrupt your regularly scheduled 'Hot Takes' and spend an evening discussing how film works in the projection booth! Keith talks with Tiernan and Joshua - two professional projectionists!


11: 5by5 At The Movies - Episode 11 - Guest: Christopher F. Todd

This week the boys talk about the future of the film industry! Are streaming services surpassing theaters? How many films is too many for Netflix to put out? Also - hot takes from Mason on the 'Sonic The Hedgehog' film, Great British Bake-Off, and why he doesn't care about YA movies. Keith talks about 'Lady And The Tramp' with real dogs, why he's excited for the upcoming 'Joker' film, and we all learn a little about CAWFEE. Guest: Award Winning Filmmaker Christopher F. Todd Co-host: Mason...


10: 5by5 At The Movies - Episode 10 - Guest-less

This week the boys go GUEST-LESS! It's just them and the news you need! Endgame trailer talk, Avatar 3 guesses, Oscar host controversy, J.K. Rowling's intriguing tweet and so much more! Co-host: Mason Scheer


9: 5by5 At The Movies - Episode 9 - Guest: Britt Hayes

This week the boys discuss a possible "Momma Mia" style Prince film, Ron Burgundy's podcast, Bond 25, the new 'Captain Marvel' trailer, and what 'Birds Of Prey' will probably be like. Guest this week: Britt Hayes, freelance writer and film critic. Co-host: Mason Scheer


8: 5by5 At The Movies - Episode 8 - Guest Host: Professional Wrestler A.C.H.

This week we talk about sneaking rotisserie chicken into theaters, spider-verse news, Hugh Jackman rumors, more info from the 'Child's Play' reboot, and we talk about Netflix's upcoming Roald Dahl universe. PLUS we debate if the new 'Lion King' is live-action or not. Guest Host: Professional Wrestler A.C.H. Co-host: Mason Scheer


7: 5by5 At The Movies - Episode 7 - Guest: Luke Mullen

This week we talk about Amazon's early ticket push, YouTube's 'movies on them', the Disney/Fox merger, and our hot take on Fantastic Beasts 2. Listen to Keith troll our wonderful guest Luke Mullen, a film festival programmer and DIT technician. Co-host: Mason Scheer.


6: 5by5 At The Movies - Episode 6 - Guest: Doug Benson Pt.2

This week we dive into a PLETHORA of news including a goodbye to Stan Lee, upcoming thoughts on Detective Pikachu, Toy Story 4, and the reboot of Child's Play. And that's just half of it! Plus we finish our interview with Doug Benson AND we get heated talking about popcorn and the Oscars! Co-host: Mason Scheer


5: 5by5 At The Movies - Episode 5 - Guest: Doug Benson Pt.1

This week we talk about man crushes on Idris Elba, Shrek reboots, Rick Grimes' future, Sony spider-verse and more! Bonus cameo by a door alarm. Special guest interview with Doug Benson (Part 1) Co-Host: Mason Scheer