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20: Episode 20: Season 1 Wrap-Up

We're back, back, back again for one final episode as we wrap up Season 1, looking back on the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe to date, giving out some awards, doing the ultimate film ranking and playing the most chaotic Marvel based quiz in podcast history. So strap in to your Quinjet and join Dan Preston, Anna Harrison and Martin Carter for one last trip!


19: Episode 19: Infinity War

It's here! Finally! It's the end of days! And also the end of Series 1 (apart from the re-cap of course). We've made it through all the films in Phase 1 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and we're at it's glittering, murderous, shocking climax. So join us, before 50% of us turn to dust, for the finale that is Infinity War! As ever, your hosts are Dan Preston, Anna Harrison and Martin Carter


18: Episode 18: Black Panther

Take a step back in time to earlier this year when our podcast equipment was still a bit ropey... and when Black Panther was released in cinemas! We're on the cusp of an Infinity War at this point and a quick hijinx through Wakanda was the detour we were all happy to take. So grab your black spandex suit, or fake arm if that's more your thing, and join us for another Marvellous Lunch Break! Your hosts, as ever, are Dan Preston, Anna Harrison and Martin Carter


17: Episode 17: Thor: Ragnarok

We're back! After a wee break to Asgard and back, your intrepid podcasters three are ready to review the third installment in the Thor triology - it's the end times, it's Ragnarok! Throw the Marvel rulebook out the window and join us for an intergalactic trip through new realms, new characters, new haircuts and... Hulk butt!? Your hosts are as ever Dan Preston, Anna Harrison and Martin Carter


16: Episode 16: Spider-Man: Homecoming

It's time to go back to school and re-visit one of the MCU's most prominent screen heroes - Spidey! Not Toby, not Andrew, but this time it's Tom's turn out of the park as everyone's favourite friendly neighbourhood web-slinger. But in a busy MCU packed full of fan favourites, can the third big-screen iteration of Spiderman pack a punch? Join us to discuss on this week's episode - from your hosts Dan Preston, Anna Harrison and Martin Carter.


15: Episode 15: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Is your dad a massive planet? Starlord's is, apparently! Join us for this week's pod as we discuss the weird, wonderful - and possibly woeful world(s) or Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. The countdown is on the Infinity War, so catch up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe in this week's episode! As ever, your hosts are Dan Preston, Anna Harrison and Martin Carter.


14: Episode 14: Dr Strange

Things are about to get magical in the MCU! We’re taking a trip to dimensions untold in the trilogy mind-bending Dr Strange! Sit back and enjoy another Marvel filled lunch break with your hosts Dan Preston, Anna Harrison and Martin Carter.


13: Episode 13: Captain America: Civil War

It's time to pick your side in the ultimate game of 'oh I hope I don't get picked last' but this time, with superheroes! Grab your best super-mates and get ready to fight a team of your... other super-mates in the biggest head-to-head battle in cinematic history! Apart from maybe Lord of the Rings there were loads of people in that. Join Dan Preston, Anna Harrison and Martin Carter for this week's A Marvellous Lunch Break.


12: Episode 12: Ant-Man

We hope you're hungry - it's time for another Marvellous lunch break! Although this one is probably more of a light snack or hors d'oeuvre given how teeny-tiny Ant-Man is... With a whole new cast of characters and the first origin story in a long time, Ant-Man has some big (or should that be miniscule) expectations resting upon it's incy-wincy shoulders. So come get sub-atomic with Dan Preston, Anna Harrison and Martin Carter for this week's pod!


11: Episode 11: Avengers: Age of Ultron

The A-Team are back out in force in this week's A Marvellous Lunch Break! We're hopping around saving the globe with everyone's favourite set of superheroes - the Avengers! Between partying and PTSD Tony Stark has accidentally created an AI kill-bot hell bent on ruling the world. Can Cap, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye save the day? I mean of course they can but let's enjoy the 2 and a half hour jaunt to find out! Your Marvellous hosts are as ever, Dan Preston, Anna Harrison...


10: Episode 10: Guardians of the Galaxy

This lunchtime we're going out of this world for a trip through the solar systems for Guardians of the Galaxy! We're entering the multi-coloured multiverse with new faces like Starlord, Gamora, Groot, Drax and Rocket! With more purple skin than a stubbed toe, we explore the wealth of new characters across several new planets. Plus, could this film contain the MCU's most unlikeable villain? Find out in this week's A Marvellous Lunch Break with your hosts Dan Preston, Anna Harrison and...


9: Episode 9: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

We're cap, cap cap again with another Marvellous Lunch Break! Helicarrier over to DC with us to discover the not-so-secret identity of The Winter Soldier and lavish yourself in the world of SHIELD for the second installment of Captain America. Hear us gush over how great this spy-thriller is, and enjoy Martin's ever-enduring naiivetiy of the MCU. Trust us, this is a good 'un. As ever, your hosts are Dan Preston, Anna Harrison and Martin Carter.


8: Episode 8: Thor: The Dark World

Set your watch to Greenwich Mean Time, it's time to re-watch the second instalment of Thor, it's The Dark World! We're taking a trip to Asgard, and a few other worlds along the way through some rather large holes in the sky, and ask the important questions like 'What's the point of this movie?' and 'Why do so many things make no sense?' Please come back for Captain America: The Winter Solider, we promise things will get good again soon... As ever, A Marvellous Lunch Break is from Dan...


7: Episode 7: Iron Man 3

After the events in New York, we're taking our first tentative steps into Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Iron Man 3! With more Iron... men than you can shake a stick at, plus a forgettable villan, thin plot and an overall feeling of 'meh', join us for what may be the most lackluster film in the MCU. Fun! As ever you're enjoying your lunch with Dan Preston, Anna Harrison and Martin Carter.


6: Episode 6: Avengers Assemble

We've reached the end of Phase One! And what a journey it's been. In this episode, we discuss the biggest team up in cinematic history, our highlights of watching the band get together and reflect on the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date. So join us, Cap, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye and Black Widow for another Marvellous Lunch Break! And a huge thank you to the hundreds of listeners who've joined us so far. We love you. Dan, Anna & Martin


5: Episode 5: Captain America: The First Avenger

Set the lazers to swoon, it's Cap time! Take a step back in time to sepia-toned 1940s Americana in Wonder Wom- I mean, Captain America: The First Avenger. Join us as we discuss all the vehicular detail of this outstanding origin story of everyone's favourite poster boy. Shields at the ready and settle in with us for another Marvellous Lunch Break.


4: Episode 4: Thor

It's time for a trip to Asgard with everyone's favourite muscley Barbie - it's Thor. In this podcast we discuss many important elements of the Thor-th instalment in the MCU, including the introduction of Loki, magic, the tesseract, and why so many people wear coats in New Mexico. Warning: contains a lot of puns. So grab some Wild Boar from the buffet and settle in for another Marvellous Lunch Break.


3: Episode 3: Iron Man 2

It's time to take another trip to the world of Tony Stark in this week's pod! Join us for another Marvellous Lunch Break as we get Whiplash from Mickey Rourke, get hammy with Justin Hammer and get introduced to Natasha Romanoff and War Machine for the first time. Expect lots of opinions and occasionally correct facts about the Marvel Cinematic Universe!


2: Episode 2: The Incredible Hulk

It's time for the second Marvellous Lunch Break - and oh dear, it's time to revisit The Incredible Hulk. The film equivalent of that relative you're no longer allowed to ask about at family parties, we're rewatching the 2008 doozy featuring Edward Norton as the jolly green giant himself. We're rewatching the MCU in the run up to Infinity War - and in this episode we're doing it so you don't have to... So grab your lunch, and get ready to Hulk-clap your way through another Marvellous Lunch...


1: Episode 1: Iron Man

In our first episode we talk Iron Man! Join us as we take our first tentative steps into podcasting and Marvel take their first tentative steps into a decade-long cinematic universe. We'll chat Tony Stark's origin story, the first MCU villan, the arrival of Pepper Pots and think about the mammoth journey ahead of us. Grab your lunch, it's time for A Marvellous Lunch Break.