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46 Gremlins

We kick off our Holiday season special with Gremlins! Featuring special guest Maude Sandham! Gremlins is a 1984 American comedy horror film directed by Joe Dante and released by Warner Bros. The film is about a young man who receives a strange creature called a mogwai as a pet, which then spawns other creatures who transform into small, destructive, evil monsters. This story was continued with a sequel, Gremlins 2: The New Batch, released in 1990. Unlike the lighter sequel, Gremlins opts...


45 Jaws of Satan/King Cobra

This week we wade deep into the 80's in search of King Cobra aka Jaws of Satan! Join us as we sink our fangs into this one! Also, check out 4 Seas 1 Family for Fraser's interview on Coping as an Expat! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8svi9GHAfUc While being transported via train to a carnival, a king cobra is let out of its box by Satan, and it kills two railroad workers. The snake flees into the night, under the influence of demonic powers. It eventually heads toward a small Alabama...


Ep 44 Funny Man

This week we get funny with 1994's Funny Man by Simon Sprackling! Join us as we delve into this gem of 90's schlock. Funny Man is a 1994 British comedy-horror film written and directed by Simon Sprackling. When Max Taylor (Benny Young) wins the ancestral home of Callum Chance (Christopher Lee) in a game of poker, little does he realise that the game is far from over. After moving into the ancestral home with his family the nightmare begins after Max spins a wheel of chance, (a wheel...


43 The Howling

It's Halloween! Happy Samhain, All Hallows Eve or Werewolf day (whichever you prefer)! We celebrate this the spookiest of days by watching The Howling! The Howling is a 1981 American horror film directed by Joe Dante, and starring Dee Wallace, Patrick Macnee, Dennis Dugan, and Robert Picardo. Based on the novel of the same name by Gary Brandner, the film follows a television newswoman sent to a remote mountain resort after a near fatal incident with a serial killer, unaware that the...


42 An American Werewolf in Paris

Week 4 of Werewolf appreciation month brings you the delightful, An American Werewolf in Paris! Join us as we relive this... masterpiece... An American Werewolf in Paris is a 1997 comedy horror film directed by Anthony Waller, co-written by Tim Burns, Tom Stern, and Waller, and starring Tom Everett Scott and Julie Delpy. It follows the general concept of, and is a loose sequel to, John Landis' film An American Werewolf in London (1981). The film is an international co-production between...


41 Another WolfCop

Week 3 of Werewolf Appreciation month finds us in bed with Another WolfCop! Alcoholic werewolf cop Lou Garou springs into action when an eccentric businessman with evil intentions seduces Woodhaven's residents with a new brewery and hockey team in this outrageous horror-comedy sequel. Music from https://www.zapsplat.com


40 WolfCop

WolfCop claws its way onto B Positive this week as we break down what might just be the best movie ever made! WolfCop is a 2014 Canadian horror comedy film written and directed by Lowell Dean. The film was released to Cineplex Odeon theatres nationwide on 6 June 2014.[1] It is the first film chosen for production from the CineCoup Film Accelerator. It stars Jesse Moss, Amy Matysio, Jonathan Cherry, Sarah Lind, Aidan Devine, Corrine Conley and Leo Fafard. The plot revolves around an...


39 Helen Keller vs Nightwolves

Kicking off Werewolf appreciation month this Spooktober with a movie (not) about Werewolves! St. James St. James brings us the masterful, Helen Keller vs Nightwolves! Here's what IMDB has to say about it: In yet another masterpiece by St. James St. James, this film explores the true story that government didn't want you to know about how Helen Keller really lost her eyesight and hearing: Nightwolves. Music from https://www.zapsplat.com


38 Creepshow

This week we get into the Halloween spirit with Creepshow, written by the legendary Stephen King and Directed by George Romero! Delve into these tales of morality with us on B Positive! Creepshow is a 1982 American dark comedy horror anthology film directed by George A. Romero and written by Stephen King, making this film his screenwriting debut. The film's ensemble cast includes Hal Holbrook, Adrienne Barbeau, Fritz Weaver, Leslie Nielsen, Ted Danson and E. G. Marshall, as well as...


37 Sabretooth

This week we dredge up a Pleistocene beast in the form of 2002's Sabretooth! Listen as we find everything from philosophical commentary to blatant martial arts fakery in this magnificent wreck of a film. Using fossilized DNA, a scientist clones a prehistoric saberetooth cat. As the fearsome creature is being transported, it breaks free and kills the driver, before beginning to stalk human prey. Taking its spree into the forested mountains in the Pacific Northwest, the beast kills a...


36 Not Demons - We're sorry

This week on B Positive, we're very sorry! We recorded a whole ep on Lamberto Bava's Demons, but the audio gremlins ate it. Instead we bring you a lengthy apology in the form of a reading from the novel Fraser is writing! We return to our regular programming on the next episode of B Positive, when we cover Sabretooth! Music from https://www.zapsplat.com


34 Repulsion

We discuss Roman Polanski's Repulsion this week on B Positive, the only B movie podcast that seriously discusses B movies like the works of art that they are. Repulsion is a 1965 British psychological horror film directed by Roman Polanski, and starring Catherine Deneuve, Ian Hendry, John Fraser and Yvonne Furneaux. The screenplay is based on a scenario by Gérard Brachand Polanski, involving a young withdrawn woman who finds sexual advances repulsive and who, after she is left alone by...


33 Unlisted Owner

This week we deconstruct Lawford County Productions' Unlisted Owner, a 2017 found footage/slasher film written and directed by Jed Brian. The film takes place in a small Illinois community in fictional Lawford County that has been shaken to the core by the murders of a Roth family who had recently purchased a house with a dark history unaware to many. A radio broadcast of the deaths is heard by a group of friends Gavin Landers (Gavin Groves), Griffin Potts (Griffin Groves), Tyler Brian...


32 - From Beyond

This Friday the 13th we delve into the slimey mushy world of From Beyond, a film by Stuart Gordon based on H.P. Lovecraft's short story by the same name. Get your pukin' hats ready for this body horror masterpiece, and join us a we go Beyond! From Beyond is a 1986 American science-fiction body horror film directed by Stuart Gordon, loosely based on the short story of the same name by H. P. Lovecraft. It was written by Dennis Paoli, Gordon and Brian Yuzna, and stars Jeffrey Combs,...


31 Frankenstein meets the Space Monster

Not Frankenstein takes on horny Martians, and for a brief moment meets the titular Space Monster! We deconstruct this 1965 gem that's got it all! Bikini Babes, aggressive Racists and much more! Please remember to rate us on Apple Podcasts or wherever fine podcasts are available. Wikipedia Summary: All of the women on the planet Mars have died in an atomic war, except for Martian Princess Marcuzan (Marilyn Hanold). Marcuzan and her right-hand man, Dr. Nadir (Lou Cutell), decide they...


Deep Red

The final part of our Giallo-Bellied series ends with Dario Argento's Deep Red (Proffondo Rosso). Listen as we tangle with what could be read as a romantic comedy! Remember to rate and review us wherever you get your podcasts! A psychic medium (Macha Méril) is brutally murdered, and musician Marcus Daly (David Hemmings) feels a need to solve the case since he was the one who discovered the body. Working with him is reporter Gianna Brezzi (Daria Nicolodi), who hopes for a big scoop by...


Short Night of Glass Dolls

This week on B Positive we break down one of the earliest Giallo films, Short Night of Glass Dolls by Aldo Lado! Can a reporter with no outward sign of life solve the riddle of his condition before he reaches his final deadline?! Found out now, on B Positive the Positive B movie Podcast. Intro and Outro music by: Chase Alan Willis http://www.chasewillis.com/ Creative Commons License: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/


Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter

*Religion Trigger Warning* The guys tackle a potentially divisive movie, this week called Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter! Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter is a 2001 cult film from Odessa Filmworks which deals with Jesus' modern-day struggle to protect the lesbians of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, from vampires with the help of Mexican wrestler El Santo Intro and Outro music by: Chase Alan Willis http://www.chasewillis.com/ Creative Commons...



Rubber! The Absurd creation of French Director Quentin Dupieux comes screeching into B positive this week! We break down and analyze the deeper meaning of the concept of "No Reason" (get it?) as we discuss the only movie about a psychokinetic tyre! Remember to rate and review! Find us on Facebook or Twitter @stayscary. Website: https://phfdutoit.wixsite.com/canisradio


Fateful Findings

Episode 26 has fatefully found its way into your podcatcher! Fraser and Louis are joined by the multi talented Nina Erasmus for this special edition of B Positive. We discuss and deconstruct Neil Breen's 2013 masterpiece, Fateful Findings - if this isn't art, then what is? Find out about the secret government and corporate secrets that go all the way to the top !