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39 Bad Times at the El Royale

This week on BFFC, Kelly and Sarah watch BAD TIMES AT THE EL ROYALE, Drew Goddard's latest dark comedy / thriller. They'll discuss examine how Goddard's previous filmography influences our expectations for the film, the fabulous art direction, and their own ideas about what was or wasn't missing from the film. PLUS: bonus reviews of "A Star is Born" and "Venom" for extra funsies.


38 A Simple Favor

This week, BFFC watches A SIMPLE FAVOR! Included: Blake Lively's wardrobe (obvi), the politics of men telling stories of womens' friendships, and potential alternate endings for this movie.


37 Mandy

Happy Halloween season! In this episode Kelly and Sarah watch MANDY, a fever dream horror-revenge flick with striking aesthetic. Listen to hear in-depth discussions of early 80s decor, avoiding the violence towards women typical of the horror and revenge dramas, and of course, CHAINSAW BATTLES. Plus, what class of D&D character Red Miller would be and whether this entire movie is a Jacob's Ladder scenario.


6 Fast & Female 6

The end is in sight as the girls turn to FAST & FURIOUS 6. With production values at an all-time high, the girls will ask (again): how can you have three great female characters, but still manage to make a sexist movie? Does Brian's peace of mind really require breaking into and out of prison? And of course, how long was that g*ddamn runway?


5 Feminist 5

Like a 1963 Corvette Grand Sport shooting off a cliff, FAST 5 catapulted the Fast and Furious franchise into the era of B-movie goodness. The girls discuss parallels between the film and Ocean's 11, why Giselle suffers so much workplace harassment, and why Han doesn't have a solo movie already (Tokyo Drift doesn't count). Plus: an exciting glimpse into Kelly and Sarah's fanfiction/spec script dreams for Fast and Furious in space.


4 Fast & Fridging

In Episode 4, it's back to business as usual as Sarah and Kelly forge onwards in their quest to find meaning, or at least a decent plot, in the Fast and Furious franchise. In a stunning twist, FAST & FURIOUS turns out to be pretty dang watchable, and includes such gems as a real plot, the appearance of Detective Dom, and the debut of fan-favorite Giselle. Also discussed: is Letty's death considered "fridging", or did Michelle Rodriguez just have better sh*t to do?


BFFC Bonus 2: Logan

OMG, it's another BFFC Bonus Episode! The girls have seen the excellent LOGAN, and they can't wait to talk about near-futures, fridging, and feral children. The real question, though: is Hugh Jackman living proof that mutants are real, un-aging, and playing the same character for 17 years at a stretch? Listen for the hard-hitting answer!


3 Tokyo Drift(ing away from well-rounded female characters)

In Episode 3, the girls tackle The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. They'll ponder why Han wasn't just the main character, why the Peruvian love interest is portrayed as Japanese by way of Australia, and whether drifting in muscle cars is possible or just a weirdly-coded message about buying foreign vs domestic. PS: this episode takes place in the future.


2 2 Fast 2 Feminist

In Episode 2, the girls watch 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS so you don't have to. From Miami street racing to Eva Mendes' questionable outfits (and storyline, and everything), Kelly and Sarah delve into the dark world of thugs-for-hire, torture by rat and of course, boat stunts.


BFFC Bonus: John Wick 2

In a SUPER SPECIAL BONUS EPISODE, the girls dive into the phenomenon that is John Wick: Chapter 2. SPOILER ALERT: They loved it. Also discussed: is Keanu the greatest action hero of our generation? What's the demographic of mute genderfluid assassins? And is John Wick just Batman without those pesky "murder is wrong" hangups?


1B The Fast and the Feminist, Part 2

In the thrilling second half of BFFC's first episode, Kelly and Sarah discuss police work in the F&F universe and dive into the feminist reading of the first film. Find out answers to all the important questions, like: how can there be both male and female leads in a film, but only the men ever speak to each other? Is Vin Diesel's head just one giant muscle? And is car racing a metaphor for sex, drugs, or both?


1A The Fast and the Feminist, Part 1

Kelly and Sarah get so excited to talk about their first movie that they blow past their time limit like Dom Toretto on NOS. Listen as the girls dissect why "Brian" is the whitest name ever, how terrible fashion in the early 2000s was, and the fact that Christopher Nolan totally stole the car-driving-under-a-truck stunt from this franchise.