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Episode # 13 - Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky

Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky Steve's back after a week off! On this episode the boys head back to Hong Kong and cover their first non-horror movie, Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky. But fear not, this movie is one of the goriest prison/kung fu films of all time! After the movie chat, the guys finally cover some classic TNA! Lethal Lockdown 2007! Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky trailer Lethal Lockdown 2007 (Full Match)...


Episode # 12 - Halloween Havoc Pt 2

Halloween Havoc Pt 2 Steve couldn't make it the week, but Eric and Ryan hold down the fort with two more gory Halloween Havoc matches! They start things a classic Cactus Jack v Vader Texas Death Match and follow that up with perhaps the bloodiest match in WCW history... Sid v Goldberg from Havoc '99! After those gushers the guys go over their top 5 movies for the Halloween season! The beer and whiskey are flowin on this outing, so crack a few cold ones and get in the Halloween...


Episode # 11 - Halloween Havoc Pt 1

Halloween Havoc Pt 1 Finally! The Halloween season is upon us! Join the Bladejob boys as they dive deep into the WCW archives and cover the bloodiest matches to ever take place at Halloween Havoc. First up, they start a little silly with the Chamber of Horrors from Havoc '91... but don't worry Cactus Jack still ends up walking out with a crimson mask on and Abdullah the Butcher really gets the shock of a life time! Next up is Havoc '99 and a good ol'fashion strap match between Diamond...


Episode # 10 - Mandy

Mandy This one is pretty self explanatory... MANDY, go fucking see it! Mandy Trailer Samoa Joe vs Necro Butcher Support Bladejob Podcast by donating to the tip jar: Find out more on the Bladejob Podcast website.


Episode # 9 - Necronomicon: Book of the Dead

Necronomicon: Book of the Dead H.P. Lovecraft pretty much invented modern horror and this week the boys take on an anthology of the mans work. Gory melt scenes, flesh being ripped from the bone, man constantly teetering on the brink of madness... these stories really are a great introduction into the world of Lovecraft! Also, the fellas start things off with recapping their recent outing to NXT Live in Detroit! Necronomicon: Book of the Dead trailer...


Episode # 8 - The Prowler

The Prowler ATTENTION! This week the fellas are covering military men, starting things off with one of the bloodiest 80s WWF matches between Sgt. Slaughter and the Iron Sheik! Next up it's the classic revenge slasher, and Tom Savini Masterpiece: The Prowler! These are some of the best kill and gore effects that the Bladejob boys have covered! This pissed off WWII vet leaves no brutal stone unturned... pitchforks, bayonet skull stabs, shotgun blasts at point blank... The Prowler has it...


Episode # 7 - Terror Train

Terror Train All aboard, aye! This week the fellas head north of the border cover the early 80s slasher/mystery Terror Train; starring noneother than OG Scream Queen, Jamie Lee Curtis and a very young David Copperfield (Yes, that David Copperfield)! Also at the start of the episode they cover, perhaps, the bloodiest match that Canadian living legend, Chris Jericho, has ever been apart of! This match is a stone cold Bladejob essential, so listen up or Take Off, Hoser! Smokey Mountain...


Episode # 6 - Slime City

Slime City The fellas finally cover a, somewhat, legit movie! Slime City is a grossout 1988 cult classic, that the Bladejob boys have been wanting to slurp up for awhile now! Come for the wine, stay for the slime! Stick around for the end, too, where the guys discuss the Extreme Rules results and the sadly forgotten Slime Wrestling World Championship. Slime City Trailer: Slime Wrestling World Championship:...


Episode # 5 - Extreme Rules/Breeders (1997)

Extreme Rules/Breeders (1997) With the Extreme Rules PPV right around the corner, the boys do a deep dive into the match card and do a whole lotta shit talking. Once they wrap up the rasslin', it's on to Breeders (1997) which is an easy contender for the worst movie the fellas have had to sit through. Also, if you've ever been curious about pedal porn... this episode is for you! Support Bladejob Podcast by donating to the tip jar: Find out more on...


Episode # 4 - Corpse Mania

Corpse Mania Necrophilia and Kung Fu! We ran into some audio difficulties this week, but nonetheless we managed to squeeze out some quality corpse grinding content. Corpse Mania is an early 80s Hong Kong "giallo-esque" horror unlike anything else out there. So, strap in for some maggots, head explosions, and live action anime villans! Support Bladejob Podcast by donating to the tip jar: Find out more on the Bladejob Podcast website.


Episode # 3 - The Other Hell

The Other Hell It's all about Nunsploitation this week as the guys cover the Italian cult classic, "The Other Hell!" Mutilated sex organs, dogs ripping throats out, strange 80s super technology, grown men dressed as nuns... this episode has it all! The Other Hell Trailer: The Flying Nuns video: Find out more on the Bladejob Podcast website.


Episode # 2 - A Night to Dismember/December to Dismember (1995)

A Night to Dismember/December to Dismember (1995) This week the fellas cover a real son-of-a-bitch, with 1983's A Night to Dismember. After burying this film, they jump into the 1995 ECW December to Dismember show and chat about a "dream match" that most people forget ever happened: Steve Austin vs. Sandman! Find out more on the Bladejob Podcast website.


Episode # 1 - The Abomination

Episode # 1 - The Abomination The boys start things off with the VHS cult classic, The Abomination!