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What's Lava Got to do with It? Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - STBC & Hitchhiker Brewing

In ep #90, the boys get into some fights, some tussles, maybe even some scraps over Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Have you seen the film? Did you steer clear after the lackluster ratings? Did you love it? Maybe you're just a huge fan of Bryce Dallas Howard or Chris Pratt and you couldn't care less about the plot of this flick. Regardless of what camp you fall in - we've got a great one for you. There's also some highs and lows with the beers this week. We've got a Pumking variant on one...


Marvel's The Black Panther Movie (2018), Great Lakes Brewing Company & Dogfish Head

In ep 89, the boys finally get around to reviewing Black Panther (2018). It's rave reviews across the board here - like you already didn't know that. This film is a killer stand alone piece of the Marvel franchise, but it also plays a very important role in the development of the 10 year vision. The boys don't have a ton of critical thoughts on the film, but of course there is some. We welcome you to listen in on their critique. Aside from the flick, Tony tried another beer that - of...


(Mini) Episode #88, Kasteel Brewery & Abita Brewing

In this mini episode, Tony & Eddie sit down to recap their time travel suite over the last few weeks. The boys thank the CineFANticks that participated by voting, commenting, and joining in on the fun. They talk top 3 favorite time travel flicks, what they'd do if they could go back and change something from their past, from the world's past. And, they pose the question - is it OK to kill baby Hitler? Time travel demands a lot of unpacking - an the boys try to do just that. They also review...


Stranger Things Season 2 (2017), Ellicottville & Flying Dog breweries

In Ep #49 Tony and Eddie talk about Stranger-er Things! That's right Cinemantics Listeners! Stranger Things season 2 is on the board this week. The boys talk critically about Billy, Dart, #08 and her terrible 80s gang...but in the end they discuss how much they love this series. Dips and valleys included. As they carry on giddily (maybe gush a bit about Steve) they also try two new beers from Ellicottville Brewery and Flying Dog Brewery.


Wonder Woman (2017), Genesee Brewing Company Saugatuck Brewing Company

In Ep #48 the boys get together to discuss DC's comeback kid...Wonder Woman. It's critically acclaimed. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 92%. And fans everywhere weren't mostly pissed off. Join us for talk about feminism, women's strength, why we loved but ultimately didn't need Chris Pine and of course we'll also talk beer. This week Tony had new brew from Saugatuck and Eddie finally got his hands on another Genesee Pilot Batch. Find out more in this exciting episode of the Cinemantics.


(Mini) Episode #47: Dechutes & Bells Breweries

In this mini episode, the boys get together to discuss very important topics like child rearing and various other forms of adulting. They, of course, talk pairings. See what strange scenarios they dream up this time as they continue the mini-episode tradition where they keep things movie. Just beer.


Get Out (2017), Erie Brewing & Saranac Brewery

In Ep #46 the boys come back after a brief hiatus to discuss Jordan Peele's Get Out (2017). This critically acclaimed thriller caught both Tony and Eddie off guard. It was a brilliant commentary on one of our nation's oldest problems. This film is smart, poignant, sharp as a knife. Get Out brings the boys to some touchy subjects. Perhaps subjects they aren't best suited to discuss, but they attempt to do it with brevity. Listen in to find out more. This week they drank beers from Erie...


The End of Voldefetus: HP 7 Part 2 (2011), Omme Gang & Newport Storm Brewing

In Ep #45 Tony & Eddie finally end their Harry Potter jounrey by reviewing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. We'll be honest, this episode is a bit of a gush-fest. The series ends with a lot of nostalgia, a few small disagreements, but mostly the boys just talk about how much they enjoyed working their way through the books and movies again. They talk favorite scenes, favorite characters, favorite (and dumb) horcruxes. Join us at the end of the Harry Potter road (well, at least...


Harry Potter & the Deathly HOLLOW: HP 7 pt. 1 (2010), North Coast and Southern Tier Brewing

In Ep #44 Tony and Eddie realize that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 is a little…well, hollow. Was Harry Potter the first franchise to split a book into two films? Was that decision merited? Who do we have to talk to about not repeating this mistake with future films about the world of Harry…oh, right. It’s too late. The boys want to love this movie. They truly do. But in this film, just like in this episode, much time is spent just moving things along so that we can see what...


Harry Potter & the Princess Diaries: HP 6 (2009), Erie Ale Works & Rusty Rail Breweries

In Ep #43 Tony and Eddie take another step in the Harry Potter journey and discuss the Half Blood Prince. They both give this film raving seriously, they really did. Listen to this week's episode as the boys talk Slughorn, Snape, Dumbledore and Luna while they drink beers from Erie Ale Works and Rusty Rails brewing.


ET - Extra Terrible: Alien Convenant (2017), Erie Ale Works & Long Trail Brewing companies

In Ep #42Tony and Eddie are on opposite ends of the spectrum again. Tony takes critical pot shots at Ridley Scott's second Alien prequel while Eddie's love for the franchise seems to color all things Alien in rose tinted glasses (there's a joke in here about Xenomorph colored POV style glasses but we can't make it work). Both sides of the argument acknowledge some week spots in this film. Another legendarily ill-equipped crew is just one of those things. The grand questions and take away...


John Max Wick Payne: Episode #41 John Wick (2014), New Belgium & Southern Tier Brewery

Ep #41 is a special episode where Tony and Eddie celebrate One FANTASTIC YEAR of drinking and talking about some great and some not so great films and TV series. The boys disagree about the gritty and action filled gun extravaganza, John Wick (2014). But perhaps Tony was able to sway Eddie's opinion. Even though he was critical, Tony's persistence and detailed critique made it hard to not rethink his rating. But did he? If you love good beer and guns, this episode is for you! Also, god...


HP 5: Episode #40 ...the Order of the Phoenix (2007), Neshaminy Creek, Small Town & Yards Breweries

In Ep #40 Tony and Eddie once again visit Hogwarts, the Forbidden Forest and this time...Grimmauld Place. They sit down to talk about about Order of the Phoenix members sitting down to discuss the grave possibilities of the future of the wizarding world. Tony comes in low on his rating of this movie. Shockingly low. But Eddie tries his hardest to sway him by describing some of the brilliantly depicted/acted/portrayed scenes in this film. Whether you're a big Harry Potter fan or not, we think...


TURBOculosis Kid: Episode #39 Turbo Kid (2015), New Belgium & Abita Brewing

In Ep #39 Tony and Eddie review a small release film from a few years back called, Turbo Kid (2015). Available on Netflix currently, Turbo Kid is a comical gore-fest about a post-apocalyptic world that's frozen in 80s/90s style and culture. It's nostalgic, it's ambitious, it's crude, it's gore-filled...but is it good? Tony seems to say 'yes'. Eddie, not so much. Listen to the boys talk about the pros and cons on this Sundance Selection while they sample beers from New Belgium & Abita brewing...


Now We've Got Bad Blood: Episode #38 There Will Be Blood (2007), Yuengling & Weyerbacher

In Ep#38 Tony & Eddie argue for most of the show. The film this week was requested by a listener and it surely didn't disappoint when it comes to discussion. Years ago a movie came out that rocked audiences and critics alike. It was a slow film. A poignant film. A powerful film. It was also boring as hell and difficult to get through. That film was, There Will Be Blood (2007). The boys dissect the heavy and potent themes of the film. They discuss it's lofty goals, it's brave decisions and...


HP 4: Episode #37 Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire (2005), Southern Tier & Dogfish Head

In Ep#37 Tony & Eddie take the next step in their Harry Potter journey. They're talking Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire this week. The boys both gave the movie a middle of the road rating, but it becomes quickly clear that they loved a lot about this movie. They talk about Volde-baby, Volde-fetus, Baby-mort...they're not sure about the nickname. They discuss the coming of age struggles detailed in this flick and how well this part of the story highlights some of the growing pains of...


Arrival, Not The Arrival: Episode #36 Arrival (2016), Atwater Brewing & Erie Ale Works

In Ep #36 Tony and Eddie embark on a journey with the lofty goal of figuring out not only if they loved or hated Arrival (2016) but also if the film is a good Sci-Fi movie, a good Drama, was the acting good or bad, etc? There's a lot of conflict in those answers and in their ratings. If you loved the film, this Cinemantics episode will make you think about re-watchability. Or perhaps you're dismiss their ranting for drunken dribble. This week they try beers from Atwater Brewing and Erie Ale...


(Mini) Episode #35: Samuel Adams & Troeggs Brewing

In this mini episode, Tony and Eddie try a few beers as they discuss everything from thier favorite cell phones of all time to being old and hating...most everyone. Pokemon Go comes up too. What really is a "raid" anyway? They of course wrap the episode with a fan favorite, Cinemantics Pairings and Tony explains how booze and sharing can get you out of anything.


Gimmie a Break: Episode #34 Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004), Southern Tier & Bell's

In Ep #34 Tony and Eddie swoon about a fan favorite. This week they discuss Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004). They loved the movie, but call out a few blemishes. Time's a tough thing. So is young love. And rat murder. Or alleged rat murder. Eddie's favorite HP characters are revealed in this episode and Tony tells the world what his patronus is [it's a Pine Martin btw]. We also talk about our high hopes as we continue on our Harry Potter journey. Come experience it...


Disney-tuned: Episode #33- Beauty and the Beast (2017), Lavery & Victory Brewing

In Ep #33 Tony and Eddie talk about the live action Disney remake of Beauty and the Beast (2017). They love Lafou. They love Cogsworth. They love...well maybe they love this movie. As big fans of the original animated classic, in this episode you'll hear if they think it was just as good, maybe better...? If you're interested in finding out, Be Our Guest and listen to find out. The boys also talk about two new beers. Tony tries an odd pairing of a cream ale infused with coffee by Victory...