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The Scranton Stranglers - A Quiet Place (2018), Abita & Dogfish Head Breweies

In Ep #80, Tony & Eddie discuss the many trials and tribulations of living in a word shroud in silence. That's right, folks, this week they're reviewing A Quiet Place (2018). There's a lot to like here. There's also some snags. However, this critically acclaimed thriller delivers and Tony & Eddie agree there. Finally. They also had some truly excellent beers from Abita Brewing and Dogfish Head Brewery. Come for the film, stay for the beer review everybody!


But Whole Clones Need More DNA - Annihilation (2018), Voodoo & Founders Breweries

In Ep #79, Tony & Eddie talk about Alex Garland's Annihilation (2018). This one was dicey, folks. Tony loved the movie. Enjoyed the ride. Loved the visuals. Loved the existential journey. Eddie, however, laughed at the plot lines, scoffed at the pace, was saddened by the squandering of some truly great ideas. The boys also tried some new brews from Voodoo & Founders Breweries. Some classic tastes here, beers they know and love. Find out more on the latest episode of the Cinemantics.


Jaegerbombs - Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018), Voodoo Brewery & Founders Brewery

In Ep #78, Tony & Eddie talk Pacific Rim: Uprising. What does it have? Big robots. Big aspirations. Big Boyega. Small Cailee. least 5 minutes of Eddie mispronouncing the inter-dimensional alien's species name. There's a lot here to like. But there's a TON to hate too. Find out what the boys ultimately thought in this week's episode of the Cinemantics. Of course there's always two new beers to try too. We tried brews from Voodoo and from Founders and man-o-live there was some...


Dragmorphers - Transformers: The Last Knight (2017), 21st Amendment & Hermit Thrush Breweries

In Ep #77, Tony & Eddie fight like hell to get through a chat about Transformers: The Last Knight. This ambitious, but ultimately scatter-brained and difficult to follow film was surely not their favorite flick to watch. The boys talk Michael Bay, Transformers canon, or lack there of. They discuss the plot, the holes, the terrible new transformers and and overall lack of empathy with nearly the entire cast. At least there was beer, folks! The breweries they tried this week we 21st Amendment...


Teenage Mutant Ninja Batman - Batman Ninja (2018), Bell's Brewing and Tanker Brewery

In Ep#64 the boys are back to the movie review regime after a small travel break. This week they tried out a new animated film, Batman Ninja (2018). There's a lot to like here, but there's also some cliche overdone troupes. Or...maybe the guys are just too old for this type of thing. Either way, they tried two new beers. One from Bell's and one from a very popular Estonian brewery, Tanker. There's also takes on #E3 which of course is on their minds this week. All that in more is here for...


(Mini) Episode #62, Cigar City & Victory Brewing (yes, different from last episode!)

In this mini episode, Tony & Eddie sample two more beers from Cigar City and Victory. Some interesting flavor profiles are discussed here. And, it may be official after this episode that Eddie now likes sour beers! Maybe. The boys talk travel and upcoming events in this mini episode. Check it out for more details.


(Mini) Episode #61, Cigar City & Victory Brewing

In this mini episode, Tony & Eddie try some new brews from Cigar City and Victory Brewing companies. There's a ton of hype right now behind Cigar City and Victory is a gold standard for multiple beer types here in NWPA. Did these new beers live up to the buzz? Listen to this week's Cinemantics to find out.


A Cosmic Game of Twister - Avengers: Infinity War (2018), Stone Brewing & Ommegang Brewery

In Ep#60 Tony & Eddie disagree a bit about Marvel's ambitious 10 year opus come to climax, Avengers: Infinity War (2018). There's a lot to consider here. So many characters, so much work, so much at stake, and it all comes down to a *snap*. Listen this week to hear some gushing, some cussing and some heart-felt commentary on the superhero crescendo. The boys also tried new beers from Stone Brewing and Ommegang Brewery.


I've Seen Aunt May Naked: Spider-man: Homecoming (2017) Pabst & Ballast Point

In Ep#60 Tony & Eddie take another step towards their upcoming Infinity War review by watching and reviewing Spider-man Homecoming (2017). Let's be honest, folks - there's a lot of Spider-men out there. Some would say too many. The boys would agree. Tony & Eddie talk teenage angst, coming of age tales, origin stories and more. They also agree that perhaps Spider-man Homecoming is the best of all of those things. Or maybe they don't. Check out this week's episode to find out. The boys also...


Stephen King's shIT - IT (2017) - Saugatuck & Boulevard Brewing Companies

In Ep#59 Tony & Eddie talk about Stephen King's 2017 reboot IT. This critically acclaimed horror flick proved problematic for the boys. Hopes were high going into this one but it just didn't come to fruition. There's possibility here. Well, there was, but neither Tony nor Eddie had a lot of positive stuff to say about this flick. The boys tried beer form Boulevard Brewery and Saugatuck Brewing. Poor, poor Georgie...


Cloverfield Junior: Super 8 (2011), Stone Brewing Company and Duclaw Brewing

In Ep#58, Tony & Eddie try to discuss J.J. Abrams Super 8 (2011) but they're constant distracted by everything but. Here's the deal, Eddie loved this movie when it came out...but did it age well? Is it like an barrel-aged Stout? With oak notes, a sweet decadent flavor with a boozy finish? Or is it a lackluster lager? Listen to find out! The boys also sampled beers from Stone Brewing and Duclaw.


Mini Episode #9: Tea and Pickles

In mini Ep#9 Tony & Eddie talk Netflix's Lost in Space, kids in Sci-Fi movies, warm weather, yard work, 1-year-old birthdays and much much more. If you love Cinemantics mini episodes, tune in this week to hear about two fantastic beers from Doc G's and 21st Amendment Breweries.


Too Many People Coming At Night: It Comes at Night (2017) Stone Brewing & Erie Ale Works

In Ep#57 Tony & Eddie take a walk down a dark path. Trey Edwards Shultz's, It Comes at Night (2017) is a chilling thriller that takes a deep dive into a solitary and confined post-apocalyptic world where a mysterious sickness has wreaked havoc on humanity. More specifically, on a family hiding out in a house in the woods after an unknown extinction level event. The boys can't recommend the film, but they'd really like to recommend the film. Maybe if you're in the right mood. Maybe. There's...


Everybody Loves Rey-mond: Star Wars The Last Jedi (2017), Doc G's & Erie Brewing Co

In Ep#56 Tony & Eddie watched the next entry in the new Star Wars films and they...LOVED some things here. It's not perfect. There's a few snafus for sure, but the boys gush a bit about this fantastic space epic. Star Wars - The Last Jedi (2017) has one of the best endings Tony & Eddie have seen to-date. They'll elaborate a lot more about that in the episode. They also tried some pretty solid beers from Doc G's & Erie Brewing Co. If you like stouts, this is the episode for you. Join us...


And it opened up my eyes, I saw the... Signs (2002), Weyerbacher & Southern Tier Breweries

In Ep#55 Tony & Eddie gush about a movie they've loved for years. If you love Signs (or early M. Night in general) you'll love this episode. If you think his movies are garbage, listen to this episode and let the boys try to convince you otherwise (again, about the old stuff - yes, the new stuff is awful). This week we tried beers from Weyerbacher and Souther Tier breweries. Did we love 'em or hate 'em? Both? Come listen to find out.


The Just Us League: Justice League (2017), Dogfish Head & Grey Sail brewing companies

In Ep#54 Tony & Eddie talk about the love and hate (it seems like mostly hate) relationship they have with DC's Justice League (2017). This movie is no Marvel's Avengers, but it's also not Batman V Superman. There's good in here. Mixed in with many many mistakes. The boys agree that they can see glimmers of the good Joss Whedon here. But there's also a lot of bad Snyder to contend with. All-in-all the Tony & Eddie agree that there's reasons to watch this film. There's just a lot they'd...


Asguardians of the Galaxy: Thor: Ragnarok (2017), Red Hook & Founders breweries

In Ep#53 Tony & Eddie talk long and hard about the humor in Thor: Ragnarok (2017). There's some pros, some cons, a lot of hunk and a nice portion of Hulk. The boys are at odds on their rating of this one, but overall there's some huge Marvel wins they can agree on here. They discuss some things they'd wished the film had and did, but they also highlight some of the extremely witty/hilarious dialogue. All in all, Ragnarok is a hell of a ride and a truly different type of Marvel film. While...


The Cl-over it-field Paradox: The Cloverfield Paradox (2018): Plank Road and Southern Tier Breweries

In Ep#51 the boys struggle to come up with banter witty enough to counter the plague that is, The Cloverfield Paradox. Tony & Eddie wanted to love this movie. Truly. It has all the makings of a fantastic sci-fi thriller but with clunky writing, ify dialogue, and some of the worst sci-fi science they've ever fails wonderfully. There's ups and downs here, but the ups are small mounds and the downs are canyons. The boys consistently didn't like this very inconsistent film. It gets...


Mini Episode #8: Lagunitas Brewing Company and Founders Brewing Company

In mini Ep#8 Tony & Eddie talk Last of Us Remastered, Rainbow 6 Siege, the power of salami, Stephen King and of course they do all that while they sample two new beers. You'll hear the famous "Cinemantics Pairings" as well for this "mini" episode. This week they had brews from Lagunitas Brewing and Founders and the boys talk about the merits and pitfalls of Sour beers and the red-headed step child of the craft beer world, Brown ales.


Mini Episode #7: Victory Brewing & Desnoes & Geddes

In mini Ep#6 Tony & Eddie have a nice fireside chat about their favorite "bad" beers, their top 5 Michael Jackson songs, meals they like to prepare on Saturdays and their favorite animated films. Whether it's Genny Cream Ale, Wanna Be Startin' Somethin', big ass salads or the Lion King, the boys conquered it all this week. They also sampled two new beers from Victory & Desnoes & Geddes beer.