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We talk about all things in the magical world of mooooovies!

We talk about all things in the magical world of mooooovies!
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We talk about all things in the magical world of mooooovies!




#122 // Hereditary, Giant

With the release of Hereditary, the runaway horror hit of 2018, we discuss the eerie film and what makes it such an effective and resonating entry in the horror canon. Then we head deep into the heart of Texas with the final film in our James Dean Actors Series, Giant! Will this epic western with a lot to say about race relations (we think?) capture our hearts or beat us silly in a fist fight? Download the podcast now to find out!


#121 // Avengers: Infinity War, East of Eden

There's a war breaking out so we figured it would be a great time to give our expert opinions on the new Marvel money magnet Avengers: Infinity War and take a trip back in time to pre-WWI Cali-for-ni-a with the James Dean's first feature film East of Eden.


#119 // Ready Player One, Rebel Without A Cause

Folks, we're on the precipice of a brave new world. We're putting the Directors Series on hiatus and venturing into a realm we call THE ACTORS SERIES. It's pretty much the exact same thing as The Directors Series except we'll be focusing more on performance rather than artistic direction. First up is the late James Dean with his second feature length film, Rebel Without A Cause. But first up, we discuss the Spielberg debacle known as Ready Player One. Join us or don't.


#119 // Annihilation, Bringing Out the Dead

On this episode we venture into the shimmer to discover the creepy alien world of Alex Garland's Annihilation. Then we close the lid on our Martin Scorsese Directors Series with an in depth discussion on his 1999 film Bringing Out the Dead, starring the effervescent Nicolas Cage.


#118 // Black Panther, Cape Fear

Hide your kids, hide your wife, we're going on a little family vacation to Cape Fear as we get deeper into our Martin Scorsese Directors Series. But first, we check in with Marvel's newest on-screen superhero Black Panther! Does the groundbreaking behind-the-scenes aspects of the film also have what it takes by way of storytelling and satisfying action or is this just another cog in the Marvel machine? Find out or be crushed to death beneath a falling bank vault.


#117 // Phantom Thread, Raging Bull

We go from Dandy fop to Bronx flop on this episode as we first discuss Paul Thomas Anderson's latest film Phantom Thread, featuring Daniel Day-Lewis as the fashion designer Reynolds Woodcock. Then we lace up the gloves and step into the ring with Martin Scorsese's Raging Bull, the first in our Martin Scorsese Directors Series.


#116 // The Best of 2017, Nosferatu the Vampyre

It's a brand new year and we're bidding adieu to 2017 by celebrating our picks for the year's best films. And in keeping with the theme of saying goodbye to the past, we're putting a stake in the heart of our Werner Herzog Directors Series with a little discussion on his 1979 film Nosferatu the Vampyre. This episode is so good it will leave you with goosebumps and Bubonic plague!


#115 // Star Wars: The Last Jedi, The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser

HO HO HO! We're stuffing your stockings with Star Wars: The Last Jedi and part two of our Werner Herzog Directors Series. Did we enjoy the latest installment of Lucasfilm's STAR WARS saga? Were we perplexed by THE ENIGMA OF KASPAR HAUSER? Unwrap this episode and find out.


#114 // The Post, Aguirre, the Wrath of God

On this episode we discuss one of the best films of the year, Steven Spielberg's ode to journalistic integrity The Post! The film features outstanding performances from Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks and offers a timely look at why a free press is one of the pillars of society. Then we set sail down the river with Werner Herzog's 1972 film Aguirre, the Wrath of God. It's the first leg of our voyage into the Werner Herzog Directors Series and we may come out the other end as changed men, if we...


#113 // Vertigo

Join us as we discuss 1958's Vertigo, putting a lid on our Alfred Hitchcock Directors Series! Did we go gaga over the purported "masterpiece" or did we see through its ruse? There's only one way to find out: throw yourself off a bell tower!


#112 // Thor: Ragnarok, Rear Window

Step right up, boils and ghouls, for a rather creepy episode of the Cut Print Film podcast. This week our cauldron is bubbling over, starting with a review of the new Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Thor: Ragnarok. Then we dust off an old classic and play our Halloween-themed AMAZON-A-THON game. Who will win? The listener, of course. And finally we continue our journey into the Alfred Hitchcock directors series with a discussion about his 1954 film Rear Window. Tune in OR ELSE!


#111 // Blade Runner 2049, Rebecca

Wake up! Time to podcast. This week we're taking a trip to the future with a spoiler-free review of Blade Runner 2049 and then kicking off a new Directors Series on Alfred Hitchcock, just in time for ALL HALLOWS EVE. We'll be discussing his first American film, 1940's gothic, verbose, and Oscar winning Rebecca.


#110 // IT, TIFF 2017, Haywire

We've got a stacked deck on this episode of the Cut Print Film Podcast! First, we're discussing the highlights and lowlights of TIFF 2017, then we stare into the deadlights of the newly released box office juggernaut IT! Finally, we close out our Steven Soderbergh Directors Series with a high impact discussion on his 2011 film Haywire! Download this episode or we'll see you in the octagon!


#109 // Summer Movies 2017, Solaris

Ladies and germs, the summer is drawing to a close and with it, we present a eulogy to the 2017 summer movie season. We give our picks for the best (and worst) films the summer has bestowed upon us and then blast off into our ongoing Steven Soderbergh Directors Series with a discussion on his 2002 cerebral sci-fi film, Solaris.


#108 // Dunkirk, The Limey

On this episode we take the podcast world by land, sea, and air with a discussion on Christopher Nolan's latest film Dunkirk! Critics love it, but the internet has a contentious relationship with the director because people are "the worst." Then we focus our lenses on a brand new Directors Series, this time with Steven Soderbergh as our primary target. We discuss his 1999 film The Limey, starring Terrence Stamp, Peter Fonda, and Luis Guzman. Strap in, blokes - bollocks will ensue.


#107 // Spider-Man: Homecoming, The Village

On this episode we venture beyond the border into the woods to discuss M. Night Shyamalan's 2004 film The Village. The film is considered the tipping point on the timeline of the director's career between his rise to fame and subsequent fall from critical (and box office) grace. What say we about this divisive film? Press play to find out. Also, 2/3 of us saw the brand-spankin-new MCU film Spider-Man: Homecoming. Does it websling or webSTINK? This very podcast holds the answers you seek.


#106 // War for the Planet of the Apes, Signs

This week we bring you an exclusive SPOILER FREE review of the new summer BLEAKBUSTER, War for the Planet of the Apes. How heavy can a film about cartoon apes be? Tune in ot find out. Then we twist our way through another M. Night Shyamalan spooktacular with his 2002 film Signs. Does it hold up under scrutiny? There's only one way to find out. And as always, we see you off with 3 brand new movie recommendations to keep you warm at night.


#105 // Wonder Woman, The Sixth Sense

It's time for M. Night Shyamalan to step up and run through the Directors Series Gauntlet as we discuss his 1999 breakthrough film The Sixth Sense. Is it a masterpiece? Is it an exercise in hubris? Does a bear shit in the woods? Who knows! Then, we get an advance review of the new entry in DC's troubles cinematic universe, Wonder Woman. Does she single-handedly save the DCEU? Does a bear abandon his wife and kids in the woods? Beats us!


#104 // Alien: Covenant, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, The Master

Come join us as we close the book on our Paul Thomas Anderson Directors Series with a discussion about his 2012 film The Master. But first, we explore the new film from Ridley Scott, Alien: Covenant, and the latest Marvel effort Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Are they good, are they bad, and should you bother seeing them? We'll decide for you! And, as always, we recommend some out of this world movies to keep your appetite for film quenched until next time. 3:19 - Alien:...


#103 // There Will Be Blood

We are oil men and we're here to discuss Paul Thomas Anderson's 2007 masterpiece There Will Be Blood. If you don't listen, we'll come to you, inside of your house, wherever you're sleeping, and cut your throat. But not until we recommend some great movies to watch! 4:29 - There Will Be Blood 1:05:52 - Movie Recommendations