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I Hope I Never Have to See Another Christopher Nolan Movie

In this episode, the Film Bullies discuss which movies of 2018 were their favorites vs. their most hated, and gleefully celebrate the demise of Moviepass.


You’re Making Her Watch with Motion Blur? You’re Ruining Her Life!

In this episode, the Film Bullies make Academy Award hosting suggestions, talk watching movies at home vs. watching in a cinema, discuss our favorite holiday movies, and wonder why more people can’t get on Pamela Anderson’s level. "Kevin Hart banned from the Oscars " Little Dieter Needs to Fly Widows "Meet Gina Rodriguez, the Latina Actress Who Refuses to Allow Black Women to Ever Be Great" Shirkers Roma Best Practices for Viewing Roma Tom Cruise Tells You the Best Way to Watch...


I Got Ten Dollars Worth of Water Buffalo

In this episode, the Film Bullies talk about the holiday movies they hate the most, how is Amanda Bynes these days, and why does Australian KFC get aoli dipping sauce while the rest of us are awash in high fructose corn syrup. Stepmom Welcome Home Brother Charles Shoplifting Lena Dunham Comes to Terms With Herself Break the Internet: Amanda, Please Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Are a Suburban Dream at KFC and Walmart


Some of My Best Daughters are Pigs

In this episode, the Film Bullies decide they’re back whenever they darn well please, begin mourning FilmStruck, and wonder why Mickey Rourke's dogs are eating better than they are. Man who is frightened by yeti in Mulholland Drive Halloween (2018) Burning The Devils


Hey Kids, Let Me Save You

In this episode, the Film Bullies have no idea what a popcorn bucket is, creep up on Ang Lee, and offer you unlicensed medical advice concerning inflight meals. Farming Yet another forgotten movie title: Cities of Last Things Blakkklansman Mandy Ready Player One You’ve Got Mail The Ice Storm Still Walking A Star Is Born (2018) Lindsay Lohan steals a child Bette Midler loses her mind Drew Barrymore knows nothing about this interview Your potential meal on Egypt Air


It Just Doesn't Make Sense!

On this episode of the Film Bullies, we talk big fat blemishes in the movie Eighth Grade and on the Holllywood Walk of Fame; Milisa finds love on a leash, Evan spews rapid-fire Hollywood gossip, and Christina wants to die. Your new favorite segment, that we still don’t know what to call, returns.


Millennials Are Ruining Cinema

In this episode, the Film Bullies love lumpia, tragic actresses, and whatever it is that is going on with Lindsay Lohan right now. Eighth Grade BUYBUST A Star is Born (1954) [ed.note: The issue with the random stills in A Star is Born happened because the studio made director George Cukor cut large parts of the movie out. The movie that is in current release is a 1983 restoration with what could be found of those cut out parts.] Judy Garland records her thoughts ‘A Chat with Je-Yong...


The Unbearable Thiccness of Being

The Film Bullies are back from vacation! Well, some of us. This week we’ve finally seen Hereditary, we talk about the connection between summer and disaster movies, and how red beans and rice haven’t missed Mrs. Incredible’s hips. Hereditary The Incredibles 2 Dustin Hoffman talks about being an ugly woman Titanic Gwyneth sings Cruisin’ with Huey Lewis


We're On Vacation!

It's summer and the Film Bullies are going on vacay! But we'll be back, like endless Jurassic Park sequels.


We Are Messed Up Off a Trailer

The Film Bullies talk about trailers, their love for P.T. Anderson, and whether love is enough to make it through anything, even dehydration. Hereditary Suspiria Phantom Thread Adrift


It All Makes Me Wanna Poop

This week, the Film Bullies have a beef to pick with the Cannes Film Festival, sensationalist directors, and people who walk out of movies. Lars von Trier and Nicole Kidman at Cannes The House that Jack Built Antichrist Irreversible Georgia Rule Happy Go Lucky Raw The Killer Inside Me 9 Songs Little Children The movie we keep forgetting to watch together: La Grande Bouffe


I’m Sorry I Dropped a Hot Dog on You

The film bullies apologize to Natalie Portman, wax poetic about Jon Lovitz, and love on films where women kill men. Rat Race A Quiet Place The Tribe You Were Never Really Here Volver Ex Machina Jennifer’s Body Under the Skin The Bad Seed Strait-Jacket The Beguiled A Question of Silence Jeanne Dielman, 23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles Stoker The Handmaiden


Have You Seen Mickey Rourke Lately

The Film Bullies discuss the influx of articles about depressed actors, bad celebrity tattoos, and which of our favorite movies make us undateable. “What Ever Happened to Brendan Fraser” “The Great Sadness of Ben Affleck” Miracles From Heaven “Tom Hardy's ‘Leo Knows All’ Tattoo Isn't Even His Worst Ink” Spring Breakers “The History of the Pussy Posse” Trash Humpers Melancholia Mister Lonely Manhattan Rosemary’s Baby Sixteen Candles House of a 1000 Corpses La La Land Funny...


How Do You Take the Patchouli Out of the Craft

In this episode, the Film Bullies discuss the experience of going to the movies in a theater vs. watching from the safety of your home. Baby Driver Death Proof Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Veronica The Long Goodbye Gemini Girls Trip Get Out Fast and the Furious 6


We’re Not Contrarian, We Just Have Taste

The Film Bullies hate on actresses who pretend to be Cool Girls, culturally enforced plastic surgery, insensitive classic films and baby wipes. Jennifer Lawrence on Colbert Inside Amy Schumer Cool Girl Interview Mother! Writer Leonard Chang Says He Was Told His Characters Didn't "Seem Asian Enough" Terrence Howard thinks women are unclean Terrence Howard on Living Single 12 Angry Men Gone With the Wind DJ Spooky’s remix of Birth of a Nation Triumph of the Will The Verdict


We Stomped On Him Because We Loved Him

This week, the Film Bullies take a trip to Wakanda, experience ghosts, have strange feelings for animated characters, and love on a classic Hollywood star. Black Panther The Rite (Bergman) A Fantastic Woman Timon and Pumba Meeko living his best life James and the Giant Peach Bronx raccoons love Chinese food American History X Anna May Wong: In Her Own Words Shanghai Express Daughter of the Dragon Picadilly Flower Drum Song Leni Riefenstahl/Marlene Dietrich article...


The Day the Clown Came

“The Day the Clown Came” It’s time for the Film Bullies post-Oscars come down. We discuss our annual disappointment, with a special guest! A Fantastic Woman Jackie Both Steve Jobs movies, in 2 minutes - The Washington Post Lady Bird jumping out of car Penelope Cruz and her acceptance speech Vanessa Redgrave Oscar Speech Elia Kazan Lifetime Oscar The Oscars are in a mall article Klute Jules and Jim Elevator to the Gallows Wings


Consommé the Wedding

The Film Bullies talk about watching movies with our families as children. Are Meryl Streep and Glenn Close the same person? Caesar haircuts are a turn on, and some film regrets about Ladybird. Arachnophobia Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom 101 Dalmatians Silence of the Lambs Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle American Pie Armageddon Marie Antoinette Weekend Watch: Battle of the Sexes Aloha Emma Stone on SNL Columbus Rikki and the Flash Meryl sits on Mimi Glenn Close...


I Don't Want To Miss A Thing

Sometimes movies make us cry. The Film Bullies watch current films for once, then we talk movies that make us hungry in a good way. The Florida Project Beasts of the Southern Wild Lady Jane Imitation of Life Quinceanera (the one that isn’t Raising Victor Vargas) Little Women: the one with Winona Ryder. Armageddon Current Movies: The Shape of Water The woman who created the creature of the Black Lagoon look: 3 Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri Call Me By Your Name Food...


"A Man Made Me Watch Star Wars"

In this, the first episode of Film Bullies, the Film Bullies yell about what movies are a dealbreaker in a relationship, Fuck/Marry/Kill with Harrison Ford, A major film related regret that has occurred in one of their lives, and discuss one dead film person they would love to get it on with. Mentioned films are: Dancer in the Dark Unbreakable Arlington Road Russian Ark The Craft Belle de Jour Blue Valentine Blue is the Warmest Color Pan’s Labyrinth Exit Through the Gift Shop...