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Episode 58: The Grinch Holiday Spectacular

We've pursued some ambitious projects here on the In Reel Deep Podcast, but none as time-consuming as watching 215 minutes of How the Grinch Stole Christmas adaptations. Yet that is what our holiday overlord Sam Johnson demanded, and that's what we did; we viewed the iconic 1966 television special, the 2000 live-action version with Jim Carrey, and the new 2018 animated remake with Benedict Cumberbatch, all for you dear listeners. How would we rank them? And how much do we hate Ron Howard for...


Episode 57: The Christmas Chronicles

Casting Kurt Russell as Santa Claus in The Christmas Chronicles was the coup of the holiday season for Netflix; it guaranteed everyone would be talking about his sexy DILF version of Saint Nick just as much as the movie. But is the final product worth adding to your holiday viewing rotation, or is it just a ho-hum Hallmark movie with the Captain Ron star in a lead role? Holiday Month continues all throughout December on the In Reel Deep Podcast.


Episode 56: The War on Christmas

Some would say that we're in the middle of a War on Christmas. Sam Johnson would agree, but only in the cinematic sense. He's the In Reel Deep Podcast's holiday expert, and he's back for another December to force Christmas classics onto your hosts, specifically ones where the bad guys are out to disrupt the season. Which five timeless "classics" (plus maybe a few more) will be making the cut? Join us and find out!


Episode 55: The Witch

A truncated Horror Month concludes with The Witch, the 2015 gem from writer-director Robert Eggers that makes 1630s New England look as horrifying as it probably was. This sleeper hit was horror done perfectly, an excellent movie that terrifies without big lazy scares. Find out why these two semi-horror fans found it to be so very captivating.


Episode 54: A Star is Born

Bradley Cooper as director? Lady Gaga as a lead actress? A Star is Born raised a lot of eyebrows before its release, and then lowered them almost immediately by being an emotional gem of a film. But what makes the 2018 remake really special is how, if you peel back the layers of this tumultuous love story, you'll uncover a very honest dissection of power dynamics, selfishness, and addiction. We welcome a very special guest, and fan of passion and friendship, onto the podcast to talk Jackson...


Episode 53: Venom

Comic book fans have been waiting for Venom for years, hoping and praying that the Spider-Man frenemy would finally get a movie worthy of his backstory and popularity. But is this Ruben Fleischer-directed, Tom Hardy-starring feature what we all had in mind? We've invited Venom expert Holc back onto the show to talk symbiotes; he's our resident The Fast and the Furious/James Bond guru as well, and he has more than a few thoughts on the present and future of what looks to be a budding...


Episode 52: Hereditary

Horror Month is back on the In Reel Deep Podcast! To get things started, we're discussing 2018 horror gem Hereditary, a perpetually unsettling film that was called "a tragedy that curdles into a nightmare" by its writer-director Ari Aster. Though lacking in jump scares, this one will make you truly uncomfortable throughout. Oh yeah, and it features probably the most grisly child death in cinematic history. The spookiest month of the year is finally here.


Episode 51: Celebrating Five Years of In Reel Deep

To celebrate In Reel Deep's kinda sorta five-year anniversary, we're revisiting a handful of recent movies we can't stop thinking about. From Creed, Brooklyn, and Nightcrawler to Moonlight, Her, and Dunkirk, these films may not have won all the awards upon release but they've absolutely stood the test of (a short amount of) time. And, of course, we can't help but also yell about a few stinkers that we remember for the wrong reasons.


Episode 50: The Academy Award for Best Popular Film

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences just announced a new award for Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film, and everyone online is losing their minds. Is the outrage justified? How will this new award impact comic book, horror, and even animated movies? And is the Academy fixing a problem that isn't even broken? An emergency episode of the In Reel Deep Podcast has been convened; join us as we rant about the Oscars in August, which is breaking new ground even for us.


Episode 49: Disney, Netflix, MoviePass, and the Future of Film

With Disney properties like Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe dominating at the box office, and with Netflix and Amazon gobbling up smaller movies left and right, the film industry is changing before our eyes. But for better or for worse? That's the subject of Andrew's latest longform piece, and of our latest podcast. We discuss the rise (and eventual fall) of MoviePass, the ho-hum response to Solo, and what a blockbusters-only theater experience might look like.


And Justice for Al: Paterno

The role of Joe Paterno might be Al Pacino's biggest in years, which means it's time for And Justice for Al. The three of us reconvene for a special Paterno episode, where we examine Barry Levinson's biopic and marvel at Al's ability to slip back into the understated style he once mastered. Is Paterno a worthy successor to HBO's other "story of an old white guy" films like Phil Spector and You Don't Know Jack? And could this be the beginning of one more great run for Pacino? As always, we're...


And Justice for Al: The Recruit

The only Al Pacino-centric podcast on the Internet welcomes its first very special guest to discuss the 2003 spy thriller The Recruit. It's Pacino on the decline and Colin Farrell on the rise, for sure, but it's also a surprisingly understated Al performance in the aftermath of 9/11. Our special guest adds some academic gravitas to the proceedings as we discuss Al's role as Walter Burke and what makes the great Pacino tick.


Episode 48: 2018 Oscar Nominations and Predictions

With the 90th Academy Awards right around the corner, it's time for the In Reel Deep Podcast to examine all of 2018's snubs and flubs. What will win Best Picture: Dunkirk, The Shape of Water, or Three Billboards? Big questions like that and smaller questions like "What in the world is going on with Best Adapted Screenplay?" will all be answered as Andrew and Steve go through the screenplay, directing, and acting nominations to determine the best of the bunch.


Episode 47: The Best Movies of 2017

You've read our top 10 lists on; now find out why those movies made the cut. From Lady Bird to Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, the In Reel Deep Guys discuss the best films of 2017 and even choose the In Reel Deep Movie of the Year. Dunkirk or Get Out? Only one of those two 2017 cinematic gems can win the gold...


Episode 46: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Is Star Wars: The Last Jedi the best Star Wars movie since The Empire Strikes Back? Is it the worst? All we know for sure is that it's the franchise's most divisive movie ever, and it's sparking debate among Skywalker and Solo fans everywhere. Have the In Reel Deep guys bought into the hype? Do they think Rian Johnson's entry in the saga is a stud or a dud? Join us as we dissect all things Episode VIII.


Episode 45: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Merry Christmas! The boys brave the elements to bring Christmas Month to a close with National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, the beloved 1989 holiday comedy that has become a seasonal classic. Everyone remembers Chevy Chase's peak performance as Xmas-loving Clark Griswold, the "last true family man," but where does the movie as a whole rank on the Christmas scale of excellence? And is it beloved by our special guest, yuletide enthusiast Sam Johnson? Grab some 'nog and join us as we send the...


Episode 44: Love Actually

Love Actually is considered a beloved holiday classic, but is it even a Christmas movie? And, more importantly, is it actually god awful? It's still Christmas Month and our special guest Sam Johnson is still with us to pick apart this 2003 romantic comedy, one that sparked a half-dozen other holiday-themed films with star-studded casts of their own. We talk about the joys of Bill Nighy and Emma Thompson, the utter waste of Laura Linney, and if everyone misremembers this movie as good. Join...


Episode 43: Arthur Christmas

Christmas Month continues on the In Reel Deep Podcast with Arthur Christmas, the unfortunately titled 2011 animated Christmas comedy that somehow made $147 million and was barely heard from again. Our Christmas movie expert loves Arthur Christmas with all his heart, though; we break down where it sits in the Christmas rankings, why it needed a signature song, and how this movie might help kids better understand Santa Claus.


Episode 42: The True Meaning of Christmas Movies

On the heels of Horror Month, the In Reel Deep Podcast's buildup to Halloween, we're back with Christmas Month! This will be a look at all things Christmas movies; it starts with the introduction of our guest, Andrew's brother Sam Johnson. Sam is a Christmas fanatic, and he goes into excruciating detail on what makes a great Christmas movie, along with choosing the three movies we'll be watching throughout December. Join us, won't you, for this overview of Christmas movies and our march into...


Episode 41: It Follows

October is just about over, which means the end of Horror Month on the In Reel Deep Podcast. But before we go, we're talking about the 2014 supernatural horror film It Follows, one of the genre's most acclaimed recent gems. With a no-name cast and a brilliant conceit, it nods to decades of horror classics without winking at its audience; it also makes slowly plodding, murderous creatures scary again. Join us, won't you, for the rare horror movie that encourages its characters to have more...