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The Official Podcast of Middle of the Row - @middleofrow






Middle of the Dial: Episode 010 - Sydney Sprague

The 10th episode of Middle of the Dial is a conversation with singer and songwriter Sydney Sprague whose debut album “Maybe I will see you at the end of the world” comes out February 26th on Rude Records. At the time of our call she had just released the music video for her second single "Steve", but has since also released the video for her song "Staircase Failure", and the her newest single "Object Permanence". You can watch videos for "Steve" and "Staircase Failure", as well as the one...


We Won't Wish For Wonder Woman 1984

One of the only blockbuster releases of 2020 came on Christmas Day, with the release of Wonder Woman 1984. It wasn't great, and we dive into the WTF of it all. A movie with potential that wastes it in a ludicrous final act, we were left wondering, “What the hell happened.” Download. Listen. Enjoy. The Categories: (Time:Stamp) 8 Words or Less/The Elevator Pitch (3:00) General Thoughts (5:30) Star Ratings/So Spoilers? (19:20) Performance Prize/But, Why? (22:00) Let’s Talk About That...


Time Capsule 2020

It’s our Time Capsule episode for 2020! This is the episode where we all pick something we want everyone to remember from the year and save it for posterity’s sake. So take a listen, judge our picks, and listen to us ramble about the year! Download. Listen. Enjoy! 3:00 Jon - Run The Jewels - RTJ4 12:30 Ben - Final Fantasy VII Remake 24:00 Lauren - The Last of Us Part II 39:00 Honorable Mention Catch-Up/Overload!!! 44:45 Zac - David Byrne’s American Utopia 49:30 Predictions For 2021’s Time...


Celebrate The Happiest Season?

The Happiest Season was a holiday release from Hulu around Thanksgiving, but you are getting it in your feed as a holiday treat. We meld the old format with the new, to mixed results, as are our feelings on this movie, a bit mixed. Still, we can all agree, Jane is the best. Download. Listen. Enjoy. The Categories: (Time:Stamp) 8 Words or Less (3:45) The Elevator Pitch/General Thoughts (6:15) Star Ratings (18:30) Let’s Talk About That Ending... (19:50) Performance Prize/The Hot Take Theater...


GenreRama: Comedy - Boogie Nights

It’s our wrap up to our first GenreRama Mini-Series, Comedy, with Zac’s pick, Boogie Nights. Somehow, everyone found it as funny as I did. We commiserate over the endless greatness that PTA’s movie delivers. Stacked cast, amazing filmmaking, and endless BDE. GeneRama will return in February with the theme of: Love Story. Download. Listen. Enjoy. The Categories: (Time:Stamp) 8 Words or Less (1:00) The Elevator Pitch/General Thoughts (2:45) Star Ratings/The Hot Take Theater (16:45) Let’s Talk...


GenreRama: Comedy - The Nice Guys

It’s episode 3 of our GenreRama mini-series! This week, Ben’s pick for comedy, The Nice Guys! Two newbies to this movie and everyone is in agreement with how great this movie is. Lots of Gosling praise and plenty of lines dropped throughout, as we have a blast recounting the ways this movie is great. An underseen/underappreciated gem from the last few years. Give us a sequel! Download. Listen. Enjoy! The Categories: (Time:Stamp) 8 Words or Less (1:00) The Elevator Pitch/General Thoughts...


GenreRama: Comedy - Superbad

It’s Episode 2 of this inaugural GenreRama: Comedy Edition, this time with Jon’s pick, Superbad. Considered a comedy classic of this century by many, we take a look back and see if it still holds up. We find plenty to discuss and continue to get used to the categories around these new stomping grounds. Download. Listen. Enjoy! The Categories: (Time:Stamp) 8 Words or Less (2:00) The Elevator Pitch/General Thoughts (4:45) Star Ratings (16:00) The Hot Take Theater (17:45) I’m A Changed Person...


GenreRama: Comedy - Bridesmaids

Welcome to a new podcast! GenreRama will be a series of miniseries covering one film picked by each of us in a pre-selected genre. First up, comedies and our first film is a pick by Lauren; Paul Feig’s Bridesmaids. Download. Listen. Enjoy! The Categories: (Time:Stamp) 8 Words or Less (2:15) The Elevator Pitch (3:40) Star Ratings (11:30) The Hot Take Theater (12:30) Let’s Talk About That Ending... (27:00) Performance Prize (29:00) But, Why? (33:45) Repeat After Me (38:30) Expert Opinions...


We Fight Over Vampires vs. The Bronx

Another Netflix film, this time a Halloween entry (I know, I know, way late), and that is the film Vampires vs. The Bronx. We actually argue quite a bit over this one, as this is one of the most divisive episodes in a while. Zac’s on the Yay side, everyone else, not so much. Listen in to hear him defend the movie, while maybe also conceding that this isn’t the film his counterparts want it to be. Download. Listen. Enjoy! 0:01:00 Spoiler Free Discussion of Vampires vs. The Bronx 0:21:00...


Enola Holmes Should Be Left Alone?

We discuss another Netflix movie, again. It fails to impress, again. Even if it does manage to not look like shit, again. The star studded adaptation of a young adult reimagining of the Arthur Conan Doyle series, brings great music, fancy backdrops and not a lot else. PG Fleabag Enola can’t pull us into her mystery, but that might have to do with the fact that she isn’t even that great at solving it. Lost in too many subplots and setting up the EHCU, the film never gets off the ground, and...


Maybe Spend Time With The Devil All The Time

Yes, the podcast still exists! We don’t pack it in at 150, but we are going to change it up in a bit. This is the first of three episodes I have left in the bank before we pivot to a new format, with new episodes of this podcast dropping intermittently when there is something to discuss. For now, a Netflix new release for 2020, The Devil All The Time. The southern gothic drama is dripping with sweat and religious questioning, ripe for a discussion among our theologically inclined, Jon and...


Don't Miss The Exit Through The Gift Shop

Hey all, our 150th episode! Thanks so much for listening, if you have, for as many episodes as you’ve listened too. We discussed our last flashback for 2020, thanks Covid, but it is a good one! And everyone liked it! Maybe some warming up here or there, but by the end of this thing, Banksy finds quite the story to tell. Mr. Brainwash is one of a kind and this film is extremely prescient even today. It predicted a lot about where culture was going. Still, we laugh at Thierry, Banksy’s one...


The Decade's Best: Tenet

***Spoilers for all of Nolan’s Filmography*** Grant and Zac talk Tenet. They definitely don’t figure out Tenet, but they certainly talk about it. Zac thinks it will be in the running for the next decade of movies, Grant is pretty sure it’s not even in Nolan's top tier. Still, they have a spirited debate and find plenty they agree on, even if they have diverting final takes on the film. Download. Listen. Enjoy! 0:01:00 General Nolan Talk 0:07:00 Tenet The Comedy?, “Don’t Think About It, Feel...


Memento Is Worth Remembering

Our second to last flashback is to a Christopher Nolan movie! His breakout film Memento is still pretty damn good, even if it feels really damn small compared to what the is currently putting out. Still, there is so much to enjoy (like human characters) and a script/plot that works as long as you don’t ask too many questions (how does he remember Sammy Jankis if he is Sammy Jankis?). A good talk, with lots rambling about how some of these dummies haven’t seen all of Nolan’s movies (I haven’t...


Best In Show Still Earns A Prize

We flashback to 2000 for Christopher Guest’s Best In Show. Written with Eugene Levy, the improvised comedy was a breakout for the genre at the turn of the century and has been one of the major comedic influences of the last twenty years. The film has a great cast, lots of good boys, and more than a few amazing one liners we can’t help but repeat here. The film holds up quite well for Zac and Ben, but first timers Lauren and Jon aren’t quite as sold. Though, I think they might change their...


Project Power Has No Juice

A new release, again from Netflix, this time for the sci-fi superheroy thing, Project Power. The film stars Jamie Foxx, JGL and Dominique Fishback. The film is a mash-up of many sci-fi/comic book concepts, but never really blazes its own path. It’s a half-baked idea at every turn. The film has some moments, looks solid, sounds great, but never gets off the ground and running. We still have a lot of fun on this pod, even if we all agree the film is pretty ok, but plenty of our fun comes at...


She Dies Tomorrow, Makes Us Feel Things

A new release this week, this time from Neon and writer/director Amy Seimetz, She Dies Tomorrow. This black comedy/thriller thing is one of my favorite films of the year (knocked from the top spot since we recorded), but the rest of the crew isn’t quite as one over. Yet we agree on most of the film’s strengths. I don’t know... It feels like Ben and Lauren wanted something the film wasn’t trying to be, while Jon and I were a bit more on the film’s wavelength, though he was often bored by it....


Still Dancing To The Emperor's New Groove

Flashing back to 2000 for Disney Animation Studios entry, the much beloved The Emperor’s New Groove. I was a first timer to this one, and I can not join in on the praise, but the rest of the crew still adores this film. They commiserate about their favorite bits, love of Kronk and where this stands in the Disney Animated canon. Download. Listen. Enjoy! 0:02:00 Why The Emperor’s New Groove? Should Have Been A Musical? 0:10:00 Redeemable Characters?, Pick A Lane, Behind The Scenes Drama...


Radioactive Is Not Quite So

A new release, this time from Amazon Studios, and that is the film Radioactive. The Marjane Satrapi film is an inventive biopic about the scientist Marie Curie, and while it won over Zac, the rest of the crew had a hard time finding its glow. Pike is good, Satrapi makes some flourishes, but most here weren’t won over. Still, we discuss lots of other biopics, what makes them good, and a few other random diversions. Download. Listen. Enjoy! 0:01:00 True Story Spoiler Warnings, We Each Take A...


Dare To Open The Book Of Eli?

We flashback to 2010 for Denzel walking the earth in The Book of Eli. The genre mash up has plenty to stick up for, plenty to be disappointed in, and made us feel a broad range of feelings; or none. Everyone has a different take on this one, so it’s a good listen for a variety of takes from us four. Jon made the pick, guess why?, but I can confidently say this, we are the only podcast that will compare The Book of Eli to Angels in the Outfield... Download. Listen. Enjoy! 0:01:00 Why The Book...