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The Official Podcast of Middle of the Row - @middleofrow






Go Questing With Onward

Hey friends, a short staffed review, again, just Ben and I, as we review Onward. Pixar’s latest is the studio’s first foray into the fantasy realm (sorry, Brave) and the results are pretty good. Editing this made me appreciate the film a bit more, though neither Ben nor I are putting it in the top tiers of Pixar’s filmography. Still, a good time and well worth you checking out on Disney+ this weekend! Already! Check it out! Download. Listen. Enjoy! 0:01:00 Spoiler Free Thoughts On Onward, A...


Insidious Can't Possess Us

We flashback to the beginning of the horror franchise Insidious and we don’t like what we find. Wan has established himself as a quality director, before and after this film, but this franchise launcher just doesn’t sit with our crew. Some dismiss it almost entirely, I stand for Wan working on a budget, but we mostly think you should just watch The Conjuring? Free Rose Byrne! Download. Listen. Enjoy! 0:01:00 Why Insidious?, Just Watch The Conjuring?, Falling Flat 0:09:00 Cast, Budget, Plot...


Finding Forrester, Or Don't

Another flashback, and some turned tables, as Jon is on the receiving end of it this week as his pick is destroyed by everyone else. Bored and confused, the crew lets Jon say his piece, then it is a back and forth as Jon tries to stand up for the movie. Come listen to Jon take on all comers. Also, there is no preview for next week’s episode, since we had to switch it, but that will be James Wan’s Insidious. Download. Listen. Enjoy! 0:01:00 Why, oh why, Finding Forrester?, Jon Makes His Case...


Hunt Down The Hunt

Another bonus episode in your ears, this time for The Hunt! Another Universal movie made available to rent because of the Covid-19 outbreak, Ben and I braved the theaters before they closed them to keep us away. The Hunt is Ben’s best film of 2020, so far, and I had a blast as well. Lindelof and company ride Craig Zobel’s excellent filmmaking to make a fun, funny and gory action romp that works from start to finish. All hail Betty Gilpin! Download. Listen. Enjoy! 0:01:00 Spoiler Free...


Try To See The Invisible Man

Hello there! It’s bonus episode time as Ben and I discussed The Invisible Man and we wanted to make sure you could hear our take as it rolls out to VOD in these Covid-19 days! We both like the film, Ben quite a bit, but we pick some nits in between our praise for the set pieces and surprises the film has in store. Leigh Whannell is an intriguing writer/director and has made himself someone to watch with his two latest films. So, go rent The Invisible Man, then listen to our podcast!...


We Tussle Over Charlie's Angels (2000)

We flashback to 2000 to watch one of the films that birthed the IP boom of this century, Charlie’s Angels. We bless the presence of Cameron Diaz, have a blast with the cast, appreciate the pre-CGI action, well, all of us but Jon... Jon’s on another level this week, because he hated it. Still, we give him room to vent and counter punch with how he is wrong. All in a day’s work. So flashback to this now underrated action romp with us. Download. Listen. Enjoy! 0:01:00 Why Charlie’s Angels? A...


Birds of Prey Flies Alright

Another “new” release for the podcast, as I use Covid-19 social distancing to get this podcast back on track, release wise. We review the latest DC Films release, Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), and we all like it, some more than others, but we mostly throw praise at this thing. Lauren and Zac try to figure out how to make it a bit better, Jon loves to be woke about it, and Ben is just loving it. A fun episode, for a fun movie. Download. Listen. Enjoy!...


Does Easy A Still Ace It?

We are back with another flashback, this time Lauren picks, to 2010’s Easy A. This Emma Stone career launcher holds up well, but also feels a bit dated and safe by todays standards. Still, a fun cast and we hash out our favorite lines and what it does do for the teen sex comedy that’s worth keeping around. Download. Listen. Enjoy! 0:01:00 Not Standing Up To Time?, THC (Not The Drug), Parent Praise 0:12:30 Perspectives On Patriarchy, Ain’t Mean Girls 0:19:00 Is This Real Life?, Weird...


The Gentlemen Is Fine

Another episode, another Guy Ritchie movie. We reviewed the latest from the director, after the 2000 flashback last episode, The Gentlemen. An all star cast with Ritchie back in the genre that got him where he is today, we are all pretty happy with this one. We all want more Colin Farrell, more Michelle Dockery, more of just about everyone, but in a good way. Everyone is game and great and we have a lot of fun discussing the film. Take a listen and give the film a shot, we want that sequel!...


We Would Steal Snatch

We flashback to 2000 for Guy Ritchie’s Snatch in preparation for his 2020 film, The Gentlemen. Snatch was a big hit back in the day, but has sort of exited the pop culture lexicon with Ritchie’s own pursuits of IP properties. It feels very 2000, but also still works quite well all the same. Everyone is not quite as high as they were before, but no one has a whole lot of bad to say about this one. Praise for Pitt’s abs and Statham being Statham before becoming present Statham are had....


We Like The Social Network

Our first flashback for 2020 is to 2010 for The Social Network. I consider this one of the best films of the decade, it is Top 3 David Fincher, and maybe Top 3 for everyone involved with anything in this movie. It’s really great, and we had two virgin eyes on this film. Ben and Jon are both impressed, while Lauren looks past her hate of dicks to enjoy the film on it technical proficiency. A great start to 2020, where I am sure we will all agree on everything. Well, a couple lively diversions...


Middle of the Row: The Podcast - 2019 Time Capsule

We are officially wrapping up 2019, a month and a half late (my bad), with our 2019 Time Capsule. Besides Jon falling asleep after he went, a pretty great episode. The remaining trio go on without him and make his predictions for him for 2020. A lot of fun conversations here around the topics at hand as we break format a bit and pick things to highlight rather than our stone cold favorites. Thanks for listening for another year, and 2020 content is coming soon! Download. Listen. Enjoy!...


Standing With Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

People still care about our Rise of Skywalker opinion, right? Well, here it is anyways, as I get caught up on the podcast game. We all pretty much agreed the movie is good, but were disappointed after the first viewing. I’m higher on it after seeing it a second time the night we recorded this, but, yeah, we pick some nits and pass some subtle praise on the episode. Still, we think it’s worthwhile, we just didn’t have the enthusiasm we thought we’d have. Oh well, still a good listen!...


Take A Trip With Away We Go

The Podcast Is Back! We are still going strong and have plenty of more episodes to look forward to. This is the last of two podcasts we recorded in 2019, and we will follow those with our 2019 Time Capsule episode before springing into 2020. The Decade’s Best and Illness got in the way of editing, but, we should be back on track to get caught up and make this more consistent in the year ahead. Apologies, to all. So what are we watching this week? Our last flashback from 2019, to 2009 for...


Bonus Episode - We Watch Watchmen

On this bonus episode of Middle of the Row: The Podcast, we take a look at the HBO series from late last year, Watchmen. Resoundly hailed as one of the best series of last year, and the decade?, this re-mix from Damon Lindelof of the Watchmen mythos serves as a sequel to the original text, as well as the aforementioned re-mix of some of the content itself. Everyone here is a fan and we find plenty to talk about, from nitpicks to high praise for the resounding cast. Download. Listen. Enjoy!...


The Decade's Best: Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

One last The Decade’s Best Podcast before I publish the list! For that episode, Grant and I look at a 2019 film, Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. We are a bit all over the place, but we get into everything great about Hollywood and how it hits on a first and second viewing. We also look at “future” 2019 films that we think might best Hollywood as our favorite, I saw most of them, I stick by my stance in this episode. Death Proof forever! Download. Listen. Enjoy! 0:01:00 All...


We Get The Knives Out For Knives Out

Sorry for the delay, but the film we are discussing has been such a hit you can still see it in theaters! Knives Out is the latest from Rian Johnson and is another feather in his filmography that sees him batting 100% in my book, but does anyone else agree? Well, they do, but this podcast doesn’t sound like it sometimes. Or does it? Listen to find out. Download. Listen. Enjoy! 0:01:00 Knives Out Spoiler Free Thoughts 0:10:00 Spoilers For Knives Out 0:10:01 Ending Discussions, The Cast,...


The Decade's Best: Martha Marcy May Marlene

The Decade’s Best Podcast is back again, this time looking at Sean Durkin’s feature debut, Martha Marcy May Marlene. This Elizabeth Olsen starer is a dive into post-traumatic stress, cults, Manson like figures and the trouble with having a sister. Taught and driven by paranoia, MMMM still sings all these years later, making me more anxious for Durkin’s return behind the camera next year. Download. Listen. Enjoy! 0:01:00 Discussing A Great Year In Movies 2011, Great Cast 0:10:00 Manson Vibes,...


We Talk About Fight Club

We flashback to 1999 one last time to discuss Jon’s pick, Fight Club. A classic of the year, one of Brad Pitt’s best and David Fincher’s breakthrough? We discuss religiosity, classism, toxic masculinity, abs, we got it all. Everyone appreciates something in Fight Club here, it’s Jon’s favorite movie, but somehow Zac has given it a better score on Letterboxd. Who knows. Download. Listen. Enjoy! 0:01:00 Why Fight Club?, Jon’s Connection 0:11:00 Lauren Fights Back, How Did We Get Here?,...


The Decade's Best: 127 Hours

The Decade’s Best is back! I’m going to pump out the last couple of podcasts we have in the bank for this, as well as publish my big list, so lets make this happen! Grant and I discuss 127 Hours this week, the Danny Boyle docudrama starring James Franco. The film still works, but does it work well enough to make it onto the list of the Decade's Best? Grant’s sure, Zac’s not. Let’s listen to them hash it out! Download. Listen. Enjoy! 0:01:00 Talking Boyle, Does It Keep Working, Franco 0:10:00...