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Your not safe for work podcast by a couple of idiots with microphones who like to make each other laugh, rant a little, and talk about movies.

Your not safe for work podcast by a couple of idiots with microphones who like to make each other laugh, rant a little, and talk about movies.
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Your not safe for work podcast by a couple of idiots with microphones who like to make each other laugh, rant a little, and talk about movies.




135 - Raiders of the Lost Ark - Live in Concert

Holy tangent Batman! The Knights tried to talk about their experience seeing their Flick Pick Raiders of the Lost Ark at Irvine Meadows with Pacific Symphony playing the score live, but instead they launched off into a massive tangent that started with Kitteh being pissed at not being able to find out information about Jaws on the beach. Ceebs enjoyed the bad parenting a bit too much while Kat had a very unmotivated day, but then there’s the tubes, oh the tubes. The Knights were joined in...


134 - Suicide Squad

Kitteh gets back in touch with his artistic side and pushes Ceebs’ buttons. Ceebs shares a couple stories about how she stepped out of her comfort zone and gets shut down, got emo about the Olympics, and freaked out at the movie theater. The Flick Pick of the week is Suicide Squad and both Knights agree that they didn’t hate it, but they didn’t didn’t hate it as well. Happy Birthday Ryan! The Knights were joined in the Mixlr chat by Revelstoke Jim (@RevelstokeJim), Qassem166, Matt Quinton...


133 - Cast Away

The Knights return for a longer episode where they get a little heavier on what is going on in their lives before moving on to chatting about their Flick Pick. It all starts with the tale of breakfast adventure where the Knights enjoy the local fare like uneven blueberry muffins, odd gravy and a big biscuit. Kitteh shares a story about the overnight manager that he unaffectionately calls Douche Monkey. Ceebs shares a story about an argument that interrupted her meditation, but it’s ok...


132 - Pacific Symphony - Beethoven's 9th

In their latest audio adventure, the Knights go to the symphony, but first they had to have a fight which Kitteh didn’t even notice. It’s a week without a Flick Pick, so the Knights focused on their experiences in the last 24 hours instead. The Knights were joined in the Mixlr chat by Revelstoke Jim (@RevelstokeJim), Johnny Whitetrash (@NotThatJohnny), Ryan Connolly (@kaarval), Dianae Weeks (@dianae173) Marianne (@mv_ughn), and Huney Whitetrash (@omgwtfhuney).


131 - Tombstone

The Knights continue to battle the low levels monster but they emerge victoriousish. Kitteh has a new toy and the conversation get pretty graphic, while Ceebs sets a new professional goal. The Knights saw Ghostbusters on opening knight and both Knights gave it an official didn’t hate it. After ceding the on going battle with their mixer, the Knights wrapped up by gushing at Tombstone, their Flick Pick for the week. The Knights were joined in the Mixlr chat by Revelstoke Jim...


130 - Super Mario Brothers

The Knights return for another for another round of finding talking to be hard. The Cat is in pain, but he had a mostly good week. Ceebs not so much. After their last Flick Pick of Independence Day the Knights saw Independence Day: Ressurgence and they share their thoughts. This weeks’ Flick Pick is Super Mario Brothers which both Knights admit isn’t a great movie, but they love it anyway. The Knights were joined in the Mixlr chat by Revelstoke Jim (@RevelstokeJim), Papa Mayor...


After recording episode 137, there were things that were left unsaid, and Kitteh wanted to say them. Welcome to the Addendumb-dumb to 137, brought to you by a couple idiots with microphones. The Knights were joined in the Mixlr chat by Revelstoke Jim (@RevelstokeJim), Tom Kaytt (@tkaytt), and Marianne (@mv_ughn).

129 - Independence Day

Tech issues throw Ceebs big time, but that doesn’t stop the Knights returning for another installment of not safe for work verbal diarrhea that ends on a high note. Ceebs still doesn’t enjoy Batman v Superman, while Kat wishes he had able to see it in the theater. The Flick Pick for this truncated episode is 1996’s Independence Day. The Knights were joined in the Mixlr chat by Revelstoke Jim (@RevelstokeJim), Tom Kaytt (@tkaytt), Dianae Weeks (@dianae173), and Ryan Connolly (@kaarval).

128 - The Birdcage

Ceebs fell in her battle battle with the stress monster, but her partner in pod valiantly picked his fallen comrade up and delivered her to the medics, injuring himself in the process. Fear not dear listener for The Knights have returned the Sand Castle Studio to share their tales from the medic tent, the discovery of the British mini-series Hit & Miss following the life of a transgender hit woman, as well as their experience at OC Pride. The Flick Pick for the week is the hilariously over...

127 - Clerks II

It’s been nearly two months since The Knights have released an episode, but they are back and have debuted a new version of their intro! Kat shares a story about how he got a mason jar from a very Smirnoff nIce lady. Ceebs blathers on about going to the Dodgers game with her dad before sharing a story about the most bizarre play she’s ever seen in the stadium. The Flick Pick was nearly Zootopia and the Knights discuss the joy it brought to both of them before getting into their actual...

126 - Brad Williams @ Brea Improv

In this intallment the Knights had every intention of discussing Brad Williams’ latest showtime special Daddy Issues, but instead they focused how they saw him live at Brea Improv the night before. The Knights were joined in the Mixlr chat by Revelstoke Jim (@RevelstokeJim), Papa Mayor (@MayorOfBeertown), Comic Newb (@comicnewb), Marc Thorner (@markoshark), and Marianne (@mv_ughn).

125 - Clueless

A botched episode release distracts Ceebs before she starts sharing her experience speaking about being transgender at a local high school. Topics include the celebraiton of Towel Day, Star Wars birthday, and a new comic shop. The Flick Pick for the week is Clueless, a quintessential 90’s teen hit. A long stinger brings a shout out to Johnny’s new show That 90’s Show and plans to see Brad Williams live the following week. The Knights were joined in the Mixlr chat by Revelstoke Jim...

124 - Blazing Saddles

In this installment the Knights start off, really off, but after a few moments they get back on track. Ceebs shares her Disney Day stories and the Knights fall into a Lego rathole. The Knights discuss the latest Star Trek Beyond and Ghostbusters trailers which leads them into a discussion of what makes a good trailer. This week’s Flick Pick was suggested by uberfriend of the show, Matt from The SLS Cast, and he chose Mel Brooks’ 1974 satirical classic Blazing Saddles. The Knights were...

123 - Grosse Pointe Blank

Fresh off recording with Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks the Knights hit the air to celebrate Kitteh’s Birthday! This week’s tangents include birthday meals, sexist douche monkey managers, LEGO Dimensions, and how Deadpool almost ruined Mothers Day. It’s a Kitteh’s choice week for the Flick Pick and he chose Grosse Pointe Blank. The Knights were joined in the Mixlr chat by Dark Angels Pretty Freaks (@DAPFPodcast), Ryan Connolly (@kaarval), Dianae (@Dianae173), and Marianne (@mv_ughn).

122 - Captain America: Civil War

In this installment the Knights start silly, and then follow a tangent and briefly discuss the tragic fire up north in Fort McMurray. Incapable of being serious for too long, the Knights dive into topics such as Free Comic Book Day, LEGO Dimensions, plans to harness Ceebs’ allergies as a renewable energy source and Kitteh’s coronation. The Flick Pick for the week is Captain America: Civil War which the Knights saw just 8 hours prior to the start of the show, and they totally didn’t hate...

121 - Stripes

For the last day of April, the Knights celebrate by discussing root canals, anxiety Xenomorphs, Uber rides, Deadpool digital downloads, caveat emptor suckers, and the OG Birdman comic book movie, Condorman. This week’s Flick Pick is Stripes, a movie cherished by Kitteh, but nearly forgotten by Ceebs. The Knights were joined in the Mixlr chat by Revelstoke Jim (@RevelstokeJim), Marc Thorner (@markoshark), Ryan Connolly (@kaarval), Dianae (@Dianae173), and Marianne (@mv_ughn).

120 - Aladdin

The Knights return and have some splaining to do, but instead start with giggles and mumbles. Both Knights share stories about anxiety attacks, dental work and knee injuries before discussing the Flick Pick, Aladdin. Some special attention is given to Howard Ashman, Alan Menkin, and Tim Rice because the soundtrack has a special place in Ceebs’ heart as her adolescent self parkoured through the house singing along to her very first cd. The Knights are to record episode 122 - Captain...

119 - Kitteh's Kurlies

In this installment, Kitteh gets a haircut followed by getting more agitated and paranoid while Ceebs encourages him to smoke pot to take the edge off. The Knights thank Neil and Annaleis from Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks, profusely. Seriously, it was almost to excess, and by the end of the show, the chatters were even having fun with it. Multiple flicks were mentioned, but the Knights never landed on a Flick Pick so they talked about the packaging of their new Star War: The Force Awakens...

118 - Super Troopers

In this installment, the Knights are joined by Neil and Annaleis of Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks. If it’s not clear by the amount of gushing at their guests, the Knights really love their podcast and had a ton of fun recording with part of their #PodernFamily. This episode is full of stories, and lots of laughs, and plenty of the previously mentioned gushing. The Flick Pick for the week is Broken Lizzard’s Super Troopers, a favorite of Ceebs and Neil, but only seen once or twice by Kitteh...

117 - Hop

The Knights catch up with each other on this Easter Sunday installment. Ceebs shares her current plans for leading a healthier lifestyle, as well as her WonderCon 2016 experiences. Kitteh shares Cat stuff like bus and paranoia stories. This week’s Flick Pick is Hop, an Easter Favorite of Ceebs, and one Kitteh has never seen due to his loathing of Russel Brand. The Knights were joined in the Mixlr chat by Johnny Whitetrash (@AvailableInADHD), Ryan Connolly (@kaarval), Dale Hu (@madzub), and...