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Episode 58: Haywire

For Lauren’s pick for Bad Movie Month, she tries to outdo Greg’s love for Bad Movies with 2011’s Haywire. As we try to make sense out of this half-baked movie, we discuss the pros and cons of casting an MMA fighter to act in a movie, overly convoluted and poorly executed revenge plans, and how no matter how many big-name actors you throw into a movie, it can’t make up for a plot and story that is so full of holes that makes it nearly unwatchable. Music by


Episode 57: BASEketball

For Bad Movie Month, Greg shows Lauren one of his favorite pre-adolescent films with a matching sense of humor, Baseketball. We discuss the missed opportunities for female and para-athletes in the sport that “anyone can play”, questionable team names and themes, and cringe-worthy 90’s references and attitudes towards women and LGBT individuals. Music by


Episode 56: About Time

Our next time travel movie is 2013’s About Time. As we discuss this film with a unique method and scope of time travel we discuss how the protagonist Tim could have used his powers, Greg has a serious misunderstanding about the rules of the film and together we ask, “Is it cheating if it’s in an alternate timeline?” Music provided by


Episode 55: Meet the Robinsons

For our first Time Travel movie of this year, Greg takes Lauren back to 2007 to see Disney’s Meet the Robinsons. Together we try to figure out the neglectful nature of adults in this world, the weird love relationship between a man and his hat, and Greg tries to help Lauren navigate the paradoxical timeline and equally confusing Robinson family tree. Also stay tuned for a special bonus cross over with Friday is Game Night! Music provided by


Episode 54: Heathers

Lauren makes Greg lose his mind over the 1988 dark comedy Heathers. As we try to follow the violent plot of this film, we talk about awkward Parent-Child relationships, the tragedy of Marth ‘Dumptruck’ Dunstock, darker alternate endings, and ask the question ‘Does this movie work considering the recent rise in school violence?’. Music by


Episode 53: War Games

For our 80’s movies month, Greg chose to show Lauren 1983’s WarGames. In our analysis of this film, we talk about how not to get caught hacking your report card, Lauren’s issue with the W.O.P.R. and we once again revisit an old favorite, terrible government agents. Music provided by


Episode 52: The Saint

Lauren introduces Greg to the best spy movie he’s never seen, except it’s not a spy movie. They discuss 90s prime Val Kilmer’s costume and character changes, and #dickmoney Music by


Episode 51: The Man with One Red Shoe

For Greg’s first movie of 2018, he shows Lauren 1985’s The Man with One Red Shoe. For this spy vs. spy comedy, our hosts talk about the clueless nature of Tom Hanks, the underutilization of Carrie Fischer at the peak of her popularity, and the impossibly terrible agents of the CIA. Music by


2017 Wrap Party

For our last episode of 2017, Lauren and Greg answer your questions and talk about what we have up our sleeves for 2018. We talk our most anticipated films of 2018, and least favorite films of 2017. We give our picks for the best and worst date night movies and we cast the roles of Greg and Lauren in the theoretical Movie Date Night film. Music by


Episode 50: Don Juan DeMarco KPax

For this Double Feature, Lauren and Greg get their heads examined with the psychiatric films Don Juan DeMarco and K-Pax. In our conversations, we discuss the process of mentally separating movies from their actors, when psychiatrists cross the line with their patients, and for each film, we dive deeply into the question: Is the protagonist for real or just crazy? Music by


The Girl with All the Gifts

For the season of giving, Lauren shares with Greg, The Girl with All the Gifts. In this film, our hosts discuss the major changes to the zombie archetype, Greg draws comparisons to a certain video game, and we try to find a silver lining in this film’s bleak ending. Music by


Episode 47: Arsenic and Old Lace

Lauren shows Greg the slapstick dark comedy Arsenic and Old Lace starring Cary Grant. Together our hosts discuss the hilarious series of added complications for the protagonist Mortimer and how in one evening he tries to juggle his new bride, one brother who believes himself to be Theodore Roosevelt, another brother who is a homicidal psychopath, a pair of murderous aunts, and several corpses. Music by


Episode 46: Cube

Greg shares with Lauren a Sci-Fi, Drama from 1997 called Cube. Together, we pick apart many topics including possible plot inspirations from the Twilight Zone, unnecessary villain plot twists, how watching someone do math does not make for an entertaining movie, and we give our suggestions for how this movie with a great initial premise could have been made better. Music by


Episode 45: Dead Calm

For Lauren’s October pick, she and Greg watched 1989’s Dead Calm. Through this suspenseful movie with a minimalist cast, our hosts discuss the projectile physics of toddler dummies, Greg’s undying love for Billy Zane, how to spot a psychopath at sea, and for the first time ever, we are forced to take an episode intermission. Music by


Episode 44: The Twelve Chairs

Greg shows Lauren his favorite deep cut for Mel Brooks films The Twelve Chairs. In this treasure hunt set in 1920’s Soviet Russia, our hosts discuss what they imagine the division of riches would be amongst the main characters, how gold fever quickly drives several characters to absolute madness and both Lauren and Greg share their infatuation towards a very young and sexy Frank Langella. Music by


Episode 42: James Bond Anthology

Lauren finally earns her secret agent status as she sits through six James Bond films. Together our hosts pick apart nonsense plot lines with confusing motivations, the depictions of and merits that make a good Bond Girl, hopeful changes for the future of the Bond franchise and Lauren give her opinion on which Bond is best. Music by


Episode 41: Clueless

Lauren takes Greg back to school with 1995’s cult classic comedy Clueless. Together our hosts discuss why Cher totally deserves an A in Debate class, how it is simultaneously okay yet not okay to date your Step-brother, the film’s manufactured teen culture, and Lauren and Greg share their personal stories of when they got their drivers licenses. Music by


Episode 40: Tucker & Dale vs Evil

Greg shows Lauren Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, a horror movie with a comedic twist. Through the film we examine how the shifting perspectives of the film help portray different character biases, Jangers the plot device dog, and why you should take extra care when tackling people near a wood chipper. Music by Come talk movies with us on Twitter @MovieDateNight or Facebook


Episode 39: Angels in the Outfirned and Secret of NIMH

For our second Kids Double Feature Lauren and Greg share with each other Angels in the Outfield and The Secret of NIMH. In these somewhat dark and confounding films, we explore last minute anti-smoking messages, the faulty logic of rodents and their inexplicable magical amulet, and together we ask the question: How many Angels does it take to rig a baseball game? Music by


Episode 35: World’s Greatest Dad

Greg shows Lauren 2009’s dark comedy World’s Greatest Dad starring Robin Williams. They talk teenage over-compensation, posthumous popularity and its benefits for the living and together explore the unbreakable bond of love between a father and son, even if the kid is a giant douche bag. Music by


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