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The Art Of Making Films No Matter How Small The Budget Alex and Trevor explore various aspects of the indie filmmaking process to give listeners the knowledge, skills, and inspiration to greenlight their own projects.

The Art Of Making Films No Matter How Small The Budget Alex and Trevor explore various aspects of the indie filmmaking process to give listeners the knowledge, skills, and inspiration to greenlight their own projects.
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The Art Of Making Films No Matter How Small The Budget Alex and Trevor explore various aspects of the indie filmmaking process to give listeners the knowledge, skills, and inspiration to greenlight their own projects.






NBF 036: Additional Edumacation

So you don't think Alex and Trevor have all the answers???? Boy are you....right! In this episode, the intrepid duo share their favorite flimmaking learnin' sites, from editing, to VFX, to lighting, if you want to dive deeper into any aspect of filmmaking, Alex and Trevor will tell you their favorite sites to do so. Plus, what awesome new filmmaking gadgets were revealed at CES this year? In this episode, we...


NBF 035: New Year, New You, New Goals!

Happy 2019! It's time to start the new year off right and set yourself up for success. When planning out your filmmaking goals, is it is best to aim high at the unreachable, or to set numerous, obtainable goals? Alex and Trevor talk about their approach to goal setting and discuss their plans for the new year. In this episode, we discuss: WHAT'S...


NBF 034: To Edit or Not To Edit, That Is The Question

You wrote your masterpiece, the shoot is in the can, now the question is, do you hand your baby off to someone else, or do you hunker down in a dark room for 3 months and edit it on your own. Alex and Trevor tackle to pros and cons of editing your own projects and also talk about how they individually go about setting up their workflow for a new edit. In this episode, we discuss: WHAT'S...


NBF 033: Artistic or Money Maker? What Kind of Film for Your First Feature

As filmmakers, we all probably got into this industry to make art, but when you boil it down, the film industry is still a business and most movies need to make money. When planning your first feature, what should you focus on, an artistic film that shows of your skills, or one more likely to make money? Alex and Trevor break down the pros and cons of each, plus are back to drinking during podcasts! Horray! In this episode, we discuss: WHAT'S...


NBF 032: Shorts vs Features - What Makes The Most Sense In The Current Industry?

The question of, "Do I make a short or a feature?" came up quite a bit throughout college and we thought we had a pretty cut and dry answer. But, the industry has changed so much just in the last 8-10 years that the answer is no longer that simple. In this episode, Alex and Trevor discuss why they had made up their minds about the short film/feature film debate and what has changed their mind in the opposite direction as of late. In this episode, we discuss: WHAT'S...


NBF 031: How To Stay Motivated: I'll Write Something Clever Later

Sometimes the hardest thing for a filmmaker to do is to find motivation when the grind gets to you. What can you do to keep powering through to push your career forward? Alex and Trevor have some tips, techniques, and personal motivations to help push you through the rut. In this episode, we discuss: WHAT'S...


NBF 030: What Camera Should I Buy? - Answering the Age Old Question

We see this question asked over and over again on Facebook, in forums and videos, and even in person. In this episode, we attempt to peel away some of the layers of this question and give you a better understanding of different elements to look for when searching for a new camera to buy. In this episode, we discuss: WHAT'S...


NBF 029: All About You - Marketing Yourself for Gigs

You got the gear, you got the experience, but you still don't have the work! It's hard out there for a freelancer, so Alex and Trevor dive into the different ways you can build your resume, build your network, and better yet, build your bank account! In this episode, we discuss: WHAT'S...


NBF 028: All the Avenues for Self-Distribution. Make that Money!!

You did everything you should in preparation for distribution BEFORE you started filming. Your film is mastered and in the can, ready for the world to see. In this ever-changing field, what avenues do you have to distribute your film (mostly) on your own? Alex and Trevor break down the many options filmmakers have to get their film in front of as many audience members as they can. In this episode, we discuss: WHAT'S...


NBF 027: Get That Money! Packaging Your Project for Funding

So you have a great idea that needs money to make, how do you put together a great package to attract investors? Alex and Trevor walk you through the process to build the most attractive package of talent, vision, and creativity. What should you put the most focus on to ensure that your project gets the money that it needs? WHAT'S...


NBF 026: How to Develop and Finance Your Film with Slated

Everyone has a great idea, a great script, or a relationship with a great actor. But that rarely means you can make a film if you don't have the money! So what are your options when it comes to financing? What do you need in place before you even think about looking for money? Alex and Trevor chat with Greg Gertmenian, Head of Development at Slated to answer these questions and more! In this episode, we discuss: Talk to us! Facebook: Instagram:...


NBF 025: Interview With the Directors of Camp Manna

It's time to go camping! Alex and Trevor talk with writer-director duo Eric Scott Johnson and Eric Machiela about their recent film 'Camp Manna'. How long did it take before it was made, how was it working with Gary Freaking Busey, and what advice they have for independent filmmakers in this ever changing field? In this episode, we discuss: What's Cool? Sachtler Flowtech 100Joby Gorillapod Video ProWifi 6Alpa PlatonInsta360 Pro IIBoxcaster Pro Talk to us! Facebook:...


NBF 024: Is Film School The Best Option?

Film school and whether or not to go is a big topic of debate online amongst filmmakers. They are asked it all the time, is going to film school worth it?! In response, Alex and Trevor give a resounding......maybe! The duo discusses the pros and cons of spending a couple years learning the ins and outs of filmmaking. Is it better to just jump on set and learn by trial by fire? Or should you take the time, and money, to study the basics from industry professionals? In this episode, we...


NBF 023: Average Movie Budget - Unforeseen Expenses of a No-Budget Film

What is an average movie budget for a "no-budget" film? A movie shot on an iPhone still had a budget of over $100,000?!?! Filmmakers thinking they are going to make a film super cheap, or free even, need to beware of underlying costs. Alex and Trevor dive into all the ways shooting a no-budget film could cost you. From the food to the art department, to the post-production expenses, "no-budget" doesn't mean there will be no costs. In this episode, we discuss the costs associated...


NBF 022: Make a Living Doing What You Love

You love making films, shooting projects, editing away in your parent's basement, but how do you go about making it a sustaining career! Alex and Trevor offer friendly advice on how you can turn your passion in to dolla dolla bills y'all! What may start out as working on projects for free can turn into a career where you go to work every day loving what you do.


NBF 021: Our No-Budget Filmmaking Philosofizzle

People keep asking Alex and Trevor all the time... at gas stations, during baseball games, in parks, side-by-side at the urinal... (hahaha jay kay jay kay) what they mean when they say "No-Budget Filmmaking". Then they ask why anyone would listen to them talk for an hour. They figured it was high time they answered the first question (the second answer is no one). Alex and Trevor discuss what they love about no-budget filmmaking, what it means to be a no-budget filmmaker, and why EVERY...


An Announcement from Alex & Trevor (Full Episode Coming Later Today)

Alex gives an update on a current project in the works and teases the full episode that will be coming out later today. Listen in on what is to come, and stay tuned for episode 21!


NBF 020: Distribution Pitfalls! What You Need to Know Before You Shoot!

People rarely, if ever, starting thinking of distribution early, just thinking once their film is done they just need to hand it off to a sale agent, but they couldn't be more wrong! Alex and Trevor walk you through the biggest mistakes filmmakers make about distribution, including not planning for it early in the pre-production phase and not setting enough money aside to finally "finish" the film.


NBF 019: The Future (Of Independent Cinema) Is NOW!

Trevor and Alex join you from the middle of their road trip to Las Vegas to talk about where the future of no-budget filmmaking lies. They discuss trends and give predictions for where we all (the no-budget filmmakers) fall into the mix of the industry in this ever-changing climate. Will new players like Netflix and Amazon pave the way for more independent cinema, or will the giants regain their monopoly and push aside everyone who isn't making tentpole comic book movies? Let's talk about...


NBF 018: Double Whammy! Creating Depth in Your Story AND Your Frame

Is your script flat, uneventful, unmotivated, or just flat out boring? Can the same be said about the composition and the look of your shots? Well Alex and Trevor have (rarely) all the answers! They give advice on how to add depth to your script by building out your characters and plot, but adding subplot and dilemma. But that's not all! They also discuss how to make your shots more interesting and cinematic no matter what equipment you have at your disposal.