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Episode 174 - "Brain on Fire" (2016)

Welcome back to Streaming Saturday. Today’s another Netflix Original, but a pickup from back in 2016, which has seemed to fare better abroad than here at home. Like films about strange diseases? Check out Episode #007 (“The Big Sick”), Episode #048 (“Irreplaceable You”), Episode #079 (“Are We Not Cats?”), and Episode #149 (“The Killing of a Sacred Deer”). And now... Today’s movie is “Brain on Fire” (2016), the Netflix Original biopic written and directed by Gerard Barrett, based on a...


Episode 173 - "Escape From Alcatraz" (1979)

Welcome back to Film Buff Fridays! We’re heading just slightly earlier than last week’s film, Episode #166 (“Vernon, Florida”). Before “The Rock” (1996), there was a famous film about Alcatraz in the late 1970s. Like films from the 1970s? Check out Episode #035 (“The Texas Chain Saw Massacre”), Episode #049 (“Ganja and Hess”), Episode #070 (“The Warriors”), and Episode #091 (“The Conversation”). And if you have other suggestions, let us know at And now... Today’s movie...


Episode 172 - "Whose Streets?" (2017)

Welcome back to Documentary Thursdays. Today we’re going to get a ground-level view of what happened in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014, one of three wrongful black deaths that birthed the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Structural racism still exists within the police force, which any casual glance at our incarceration rates will verify. Don’t believe me? Check out Episode #046 (“Strong Island”) for the case of Yancy Ford’s brother’s death. Or Episode #156 (“Survivors Guide to Prison”) for an...


Episode 171 - "Sunday's Illness" (2018)

Welcome back to Worldwide Wednesdays! We made it! Today’s film will be the fourth of four new Netflix Original releases from last Friday. You can hit up the archives for the other films. Last week we were in Australia, but we’ve returned with another Spanish film. Digging the Spanish film scene? Check out Episode #080 (“Veronica”), Episode #101 (“Orbiter 9”), and Episode #150 (“Sara’s Notebook”). And if you have other suggestions, let us know at And now... Today’s movie...


Episode 170 - "Maktub" (2017)

Today’s movie is “Maktub” (2017), the third of four Netflix Original films released this past Friday. The film follows Chuma (Guy Amir) and Steve (Hanan Savyon), two criminals who survive a bomb attack in Jerusalem, and decide to reform their ways, fulfilling wishes left in the Wailing Wall. The film was written by Guy Amir and Hanan Savyon, and directed by Oded Raz. Spoilers ahead. Politically speaking, things are really charged right now around Jerusalem, and many organizations are...


Episode 169 - "Incredibles 2" (2018)

Welcome back to Matinee Mondays! As you could tell from last week’s poll, there was really only one choice for me this past weekend. This week’s poll will be awfully similar, because dinosaurs. But today, we’re getting the sequel we’ve waited 14 years for, and strangely, will be only the second animated feature I’ve reviewed this year, after Episode #012 (“The Boss Baby”). I have one on the schedule for next week, but I’m taking down a note here to find more animated features. Send your...


Episode 168 - "Lust Stories" (2018)

We’re continuing the avalanche of Netflix films that were released on Friday, going from corporate America to the Indian subcontinent. Today’s film is the third of six Indian films to be released as Netflix Originals. If you are interested in the other two films, check out Episode #052 (“Love per Square Foot”) and Episode #136 (“Sometimes”), each with its own distinct style. And if you have any favorites from Bollywood, let us know at And now... Today’s movie is “Lust...


Episode 167 - "Set It Up" (2018)

Welcome back to Streaming Saturdays. Netflix put out four feature films yesterday, three international, which we’re saving for next week, and one domestic, which we’ll be reviewing today. Like romantic comedies and looking for something else to watch? Check out Episode #110 (“I Am Not An Easy Man”), Episode #119 (“Some Like It Hot”), and the best one I’ve seen in a long time, Episode #007 (“The Big Sick”). If you have any suggestions, head over to and let us know. And...


Episode 166 - "Vernon, Florida" (1981)

Welcome back to Film Buff Fridays! Today’s classic film is also a documentary, about a little town called Vernon, Florida. If you haven’t seen this documentary, be prepared to learn just how crazy the residents of Florida can be. I should know; I was born there. Interested in another film by Errol Morris? Check out Episode #021 (“The Thin Blue Line”). Or perhaps another small town with some questionable residents? Check out Episode #144 (“Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood...


Episode 165 - "Augie" (2018)

Welcome back to Documentary Thursdays. Today we’re going to tackle efforts to find a cure for ALS headed up by a fitness pioneer. Interested in another sports documentary? Check out Episode #098 (“Pumping Iron”). Interested in some other sports-related films? Check out Episode #093 (“First Match”), Episode #103 (“Amateur”), and Episode #154 (“I, Tonya”). If you have a sports documentary worth seeing, head over to and let us know. And now... Today’s movie is “Augie”...


Episode 164 - "Ali's Wedding" (2017)

Welcome back to Worldwide Wednesdays. We’re heading from 19thCentury Estonia to 21stCentury Australia, featuring a film about one Muslim family and an arranged marriage. Interested in more films from Australia? Check out Episode #139 (“Cargo”). Or another film involving arranged marriage? Check out Episode #052 (“Love per Square Foot”). And if you have any suggestions for me, head over to to let us know. We’re always looking for great movies to watch! And now... Today’s...


Episode 163 - "Professor Marston and the Wonder Women" (2017)

Today’s movie is “Professor Marston and the Wonder Women” (2017), the biographical drama written and directed by Angela Robinson. The film follows the story of Professor William Marston, the creator of Wonder Woman, and the controversy surrounding the comic book, based on the polyamorous relationship with his wife Elizabeth (Rebecca Hall) and Olive (Bella Heathcote). Spoilers ahead. One of the best questions asked by this film is, “What is normal?”. Twenty years ago, I would have tried to...


Episode 162 - "Hotel Artemis" (2018)

Welcome back to Matinee Mondays! Thank you all for taking the poll this past week. It was a close race between “Hereditary” and “Hotel Artemis”, but the latter won and, as promised, I went to see it. So, instead of a house in the woods, we’re heading into the near future. Like near-future films? Check out Episode #155 (“Upgrade”), which is still in the theaters, recently certified fresh by Rotten Tomatoes. Or Episode #125 (“Anon”) for a more minimal look. Or perhaps even Episode #070 (“The...


Episode 161 - "Lady Bird" (2017)

Today’s movie is “Lady Bird” (2017), the offbeat comedy written and directed by Greta Gerwig. The film follows Lady Bird McPherson (Saoirse Ronan), who is contemplating life after high school despite her limited options, along with the complicated relationship with her mother, Marion (Laurie Metcalf). The film won the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture (Musical/Comedy) and Saoirse Ronan won the Golden Globe for Best Actress (Musical/Comedy). The film was also nominated for five...


Episode 160 - "Alex Strangelove" (2018)

It’s Streaming Saturday, and Netflix is back to releasing multiple films on Friday. We’ll get to the other films next week, but today we’re picking up a comedy about sexual preference and identity. If you dig films about LGBTQ issues, be sure to check out Episode #019 (“The Untold Tales of Armistead Maupin”), Episode #037 (“Moonlight”), and Episode #122 (“The Handmaiden”). And if you have any suggestions for LGBTQ-friendly films, hit me up using the Contact form on Happy...


Episode 159 - "Ann Carver's Profession" (1933)

Welcome back to Film Buff Fridays. We’re going with another pre-code film this week, following up on last week’s Episode #152 (“White Zombie”). If you like pre-code films, be sure to check out Episode #063 (“Sign of the Cross”), or check the Film Buff Fridays blog tag at for previous reviews. And if you have suggestions, hit up the contact form and send them along. And now... Today’s movie is “Ann Carver’s Profession” (1933), the pre-code drama written by Robert Riskin...


Episode 158 - "Survivors Guide to Prison" (2018)

Welcome back to Documentary Thursdays. We’re heading behind bars this week to explore the American prison system. Not a happy topic, but one worth exploring as it costs more to house a prisoner than to give a student a college education. Interested in other looks at the prison-industrial complex? Take a look at Episode #021 (“The Thin Blue Line”), Episode #053 (“Into the Abyss”) and Episode #144 (“Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills”) for how some folks are railroaded into...


Episode 157 - "November" (2017)

It’s Worldwide Wednesday, and after two weeks on the African continent, we’re heading all the way north to Estonia and back in time to the 19thcentury for a black & white feature with strange creatures. Like strange creatures? Check out Episode #045 (“The Ritual”). Maybe a more medieval time period that isn’t super creepy? Check out Episode #100 (“The Little Hours”). Or if you want some background information on perceptions of witchcraft during the timej, definitely check out Episode #131...


Episode 156 - "Marjorie Prime" (2017)

Today’s movie is “Marjorie Prime” (2017), the near-future, science-fiction drama written and directed by Michael Almereyda, based on a play by Jordan Harrison. The film follows Marjorie (Lois Smith), an elderly woman suffering from dementia, but aided by an artificial intelligence hologram recreated in the image of Walter (Jon Hamm), Marjorie’s late husband. Her daughter, Tess (Geena Davis) and her husband, Jon (Tim Robbins), begin to clash over the use of the technology, and its effects on...


Episode 155 - "Upgrade" (2018)

Welcome back to Matinee Mondays! We’re heading into the near future today with another Blumhouse Productions, the company that was founded on the “Paranormal Activity”, “Insidious” and “The Purge” franchises, which has allowed them to fund excellent independent films like “The Belko Experiment” and a little film from last year called “Get Out”, which I believe was last year’s best film. Got a favorite Blumhouse Production you want me to review? Head over to and use our...