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PodCapers is the official podcast of A Place To Hang Your Cape (AP2HYC.com)

PodCapers is the official podcast of A Place To Hang Your Cape (AP2HYC.com)
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PodCapers is the official podcast of A Place To Hang Your Cape (AP2HYC.com)






Ep 74: Ant-Man and the Wasp Review with Alex Mirabal (Full Spoilers)

After yet another delayed release to the U.K. *grumble grumble*, Scott is joined by Alex Mirabal to finally talk about Ant-Man and the Wasp. Is it yet another grand addition to the MCU? Or are the cracks in the ant hill beginning to show? All we know is that it’s a lot of fun to try and count how many times Scott calls the Sokovia Accords the “Soviet Accords”. I think you might be thinking of a different movie there, Scott. Get tickets for Meanwhile Comic Con! We look forward to seeing you...


Ep 72: SDCC Trailer Round-up

With our own comic con appearance fast approaching, it makes sense to talk about a convention that’s just finished, the San Diego Comic Con! With all the announcements, trailers, and panels, it can be a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, Scott and David Molofsky are here to give you a brief overview of some of the new trailers coming out of the Con. I know, I know, you’re so grateful. It’s fine, really. Hold your applause. Get tickets for Meanwhile Comic Con! We look forward to seeing you...


Ep 72: The AP2HYC TV Awards 2018 with Silje Falck-Pedersen

This week, it’s the annual AP2HYC TV awards! Scott is joined by Silje Falck-Pedersen and David Molofsky as they go through the various nominees to see who wins the coveted (and meaningless) awards. From Arrow to The Tick, all your favourite shows (except for Wynonna Earp because there is no justice in this cruel, cold world) are up for various categories, including Biggest Bad, Most Heartbreaking Death, and Ship of the Year to name but a few. Get tickets for Meanwhile Comic Con! We look...


Ep: 71: Incredibles 2 Review (Full Spoilers)

Showtime! After years of waiting, Incredibles 2 is finally here! And it’s gonna take two Incredibles fans to review it, namely Scott and Mark Russell. From new villains to new…maths problems, Scott and Mark are in for an incredible ride. Geddit? ‘Cause the name of the movie is Incredibles and we used the word “incredible” to describe it. *Ahem* LAUGH DAMMIT! Listen & Subscribe: Spotify | Apple Podcasts | Android | Stitcher | PodBean | Podchaser |


Ep 70: Apollo with Chris Baker and Matt Fitch

It’s one small step for a podcaster. One giant leap for podcast-kind. Okay, so the quote doesn’t quite work here, but who cares? This week, Scott’s talking with Chris Baker and Matt Fitch, the creators of a brand new graphic novel about three men who went to the moon. As you do. They go over the fantastic artwork by Mike Collins, the research required for telling the story on a technical and personal basis, and what exactly made Richard Nixon so adorably insane. I just want to hug him...


Ep 69: The History of Naruto

Believe it! It’s time for yet another history lesson with Mark Russell. And this time he and Scott are talking about anime! But not just any anime. Naruto, a show that they’ve both watched, but Scott gave up on due to sheer exhaustion. Will Mark convince Scott to keep watching? Or will Scott stick with an anime that doesn’t go on for fifty billion episodes? Listen & Subscribe: Spotify | Apple Podcasts | Android | Stitcher | PodBean | Podchaser | Po [...]


Ep 68: Luke Cage Season 2 (Full Spoilers)

Sweet Christmas! With Infinity War still fresh in our minds and Ant-Man and the Wasp right around the corner (at least for some people, grumble grumble) we’ve got another season of Luke Cage to tide us over. Is it as good as season one? Or are we looking at another Iron Fist? *Shudder*. In any case, Scott and Mark Russell are going to find out! Listen & Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Stitcher | PodBean | Podchaser | Podparadise | Listen Notes |


Ep 67: RWBY with Mark Russell

With so many film’s UK release being delayed, Scott decides to have a good old fanboy gab sesh with Mark Russell about something they both actually like for once instead! And what could be better to talk about than the beloved animated web series RWBY? Probably some deeply important socio-political issue, but Scott’s not willing to do the research. Listen & Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Stitcher | PodBean | Podchaser | Podparadise | Listen Notes


Ep 66: Cardiff Independent Comic Expo with David Molofsky

On June 2, A Place To Hang Your Cape’s intrepid Editor-in-Cape David Molofsky ventured into the land of dragons, sheep, and valleys to attend the Cardiff Independant Comic Expo (CICE). David interviewed a variety of comic creators at CICE and we have collected the interviews here for you to listen to! You can also see more of David’s journey by checking out his live tweet of the whole weekend using the hashtag #CaperInCardiff Listen & Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Stitcher |...


Ep 65: Pipedream Comics with Alex Thomas

After two movie review episodes, it’s good to get back to taking about comics again! Scott is joined by Alex Thomas of Pipedream Comics to talk about…well…comics. From indie comics to digital comics to Frank *Koo-koo for Cocoa Puffs* Miller, as well as Alex’s work on Pipedream, it’s a big ol’ comic bonanza episode of Podcapers. What we’re trying to establish is that we’re talking about comics, did that come across? Check out Pipedream Comics and Alex’s Podcast! Listen & Subscribe: Apple...


Ep 64: Solo Review with The Deleted Scene Podcast (Full Spoilers)

Gather round Nerfherders! It’s time for Scott and the folks of The Deleted Scene Podcast to talk about the increasingly controversial new Star Wars movie, Solo! Is it a brand new chapter in the Star Wars saga? Or is it akin to a lump of Wookie fur in the shower drain? I have a bad feeling about this. Check out David Molofsky’s article! Also give The Deleted Scene Podcast a listen! Listen & Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Stitcher | PodBean | [...]


Ep 63: Deadpool 2 Review with Matt Delhauer (Full Spoilers)

The long awaited sequel to the Merc with the Mouth’s cinematic opus is finally here! Is it as good as we dared to dream it would be? Join Scott and the Ginger Geek himself, Matt Delhauer, as they analyse what might possibly be the most intellectual superhero film ever made. I mean, it has classical music, a fancy mansion, and a pen hidden in… well, you’ll find out where the pen was hidden. Check out the Ginger Geek Podcast! Also sign up to our email list by the 31st of May to win a free...


Ep 62: Big Punch Studios with Jon Lock

This week, Scott is joined by one of the minds behind Big Punch Studios, Jon Lock. And boy do they have a lot to talk about. From their amazing comics to their intriguing podcasts, there’s no end to the things these two could talk about. Which is probably why they also go on about wood pigeons and patronising religious advertisements. This is a weird show we have here. Check out Big Punch Studios and The Comics Summit! Also sign up to our email list by the 25th of May to win a free 3...


Ep 61: Cognition with Ken Reynolds

Scott is joined this week by writer and letterer Ken Reynolds to talk about his fantastic comic Cognition. At least that’s what they were SUPPOSED to talk about but Scott kept going on those little side tangents that he loves so much. From Star Wars to the state of the film industry, there’s plenty for them to discuss. I mean, they DO talk about the comic but, I mean, come on Scott. Get it together. Check out Cognition’s Kickstarter! Listen & Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android |...


Ep 60: Infinity War Review (Full Spoilers)

IT’S FINALLY HERE! Avengers: Infinity War has come at long, long last and Scott can’t wait to talk about it. Joined by David Molofsky and Mark Russell, Scott’ll be talking about all the amazing revelations in the movie, a few sad moments, and plenty of gushing about Scotland. Plus, several other podcasters pop up to give their take on the film! It’s an event unlike any other! AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! Check out all these great members of our Podern Family! The Deleted Scene Podcast Ginger Geek...


Ep 59: Time is of the Essence with Deniz Camp

In the first of a series of episodes on Podcapers, Scott is talking with one of the winners of the 2017 Ghost City Comics Competition, Deniz Camp! They go over his winning comic, Time is of the Essence, as well as his numerous other works. Oh, and Calvin and Hobbes. Because shut up that’s why! Check out Deniz’s awesome stuff! And be sure to take a look at Ghost City Comics too! Listen & Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Stitcher | PodBean | Podchaser |


Ep 58: Podcapers Live at Leamington Comic-Con 2018

Join Scott and David Molofsky as they conduct their first podcast in front of a live audience! Scott and David went on the road to Leamington so they could talk about another road, the road to Infinity War! And in order to do that, they’re going back to the beginning by comparing the Phase one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the DCEU so far! Plus they go on the floor of the Con to talk to some of the amazing people there. Including:


Ep 57: Ready Player One Review (Full Spoilers)

80′S PUN! Scott is sitting down with David Molofsky and Mark Russell to talk about the rollicking reference filled ride known as Ready Player One! Is it like the book, or worse, is it like the book? From a flawed source material to the screen, the guys are going to analyse the apices and nadirs of Spielberg’s latest film. Game on! Check out Mark’s review on AP2HYC! Sign up for Neil Gibson’s webinar using the code “CAPE” to get a 5% discount. Get your tickets for the Leamington Comic Con...


Ep 56: The History of Transformers

It’s time for another history lesson with Mark Russell! This time, Mark is teaching Scott all about the Transformers cartoons, from their meteoric rise, to their many pitfalls along the way. And seeing as Scot knows NOTHING about Transformers out side of the first two Michael Bay movies and one AWESOME song, Mark’s got his work cut out for him. Sign up for Neil Gibson’s webinar using the code “CAPE” to get a 5% discount. Get your tickets for the Leamington Comic Con so you can check out...


Ep 55: The Montague and Strong Novels with Orlando A. Sanchez

Grab your hellhound and don’t forget to load your gun with silver bullets, because this week Scott’s talking with author and martial artist Orlando Sanchez about his series of urban fantasy novels involving an immortal detective and his British mage best friend! They discuss the origins of the series, Orlando’s writing process, and even get into a particularly bad recent literary adaptation. Guess which on- it’s Peter Rabbit. Find out more about Orlando’s work! Sign up for Neil Gibson’s...