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Episode 45: Skyscraper, Halloween, and Apostle

We’re well into October and Hemant is continuing with his horror movie theme for the month. In this episode he starts off with a couple of films he revisited. He ended up re-watching Rogue One: A Star Wars Story while running on his treadmill, and explains why he loves that film so much. He then … Continue reading "Episode 45: Skyscraper, Halloween, and Apostle"


Episode 44: The First Purge, Uncle Drew, The Thing, and More

It was Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada so Hemant had a long weekend to put in a little extra movie time. In this week’s episode he talks about some exciting Star Wars news regarding the upcoming live action TV series that will be debuting on the new Disney streaming service. He then briefly talks about a … Continue reading "Episode 44: The First Purge, Uncle Drew, The Thing, and More"


Episode 43: Hold the Dark & Support the Girls

It’s been a few episodes since Hemant talked Star Wars. In episode 43 he reacts to some recent news regarding the “galaxy far, far, away”. He also re-watched Solo: A Star Wars Story which was just released on Bluray, so he chats a bit about the film, as well as some special features on the … Continue reading "Episode 43: Hold the Dark & Support the Girls"


Episode 42: The Predator & Mandy

Hemant ended up recording this episode a day late since he spent Monday night practicing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on his guitar. He still got the episode out on schedule, but he does take a moment to explain what this was all about. He then gives some brief thoughts on the recent news of a … Continue reading "Episode 42: The Predator & Mandy"


Episode 41: Degrassi High: School’s Out & Ocean’s 8

Remember that time I mentioned that one of my iTunes movie purchases disappeared for a while then eventually showed up again? Well, it turns out that a guy recently reported that three of his purchases went missing, and the internet blew up when Apple responded. In this episode I discuss what happened and why I … Continue reading "Episode 41: Degrassi High: School’s Out & Ocean’s 8"


Episode 40: Hereditary & Den of Thieves

It’s hard to believe just how much stuff one can watch when they are at home sick for two days during the week. In episode 40 Hemant talks a bit about the first episode of the new Amazon Prime series The Purge, Season 1 of the Netflix Original series American Vandal, as well as Season … Continue reading "Episode 40: Hereditary & Den of Thieves"


Episode 39: Searching, Upgrade, Jack Ryan, Ozark, and More!

There’s a lot to cover in episode 39 of the Red 7 Movie Cast podcast. On this Labour Day long weekend, Hemant worked his way through season 2 of the Netflix Original series Ozark, season 1 of the Amazon Prime Original series Jack Ryan, and a few episodes of the first season of another Netflix … Continue reading "Episode 39: Searching, Upgrade, Jack Ryan, Ozark, and More!"


Episode 38: Deadpool 2 & The Iron Giant

Hemant starts off episode 38 by talking about a key scene from Crazy Rich Asians involving the game of Mahjong, and how he completely misinterpreted what happened at the end of the game. He then gets right into this week’s reviews of Deadpool 2 which was just released on Bluray, and 1999’s The Iron Giant, … Continue reading "Episode 38: Deadpool 2 & The Iron Giant"


Episode 37: Crazy Rich Asians & Extinction

In episode 37 Hemant talks a bit about a hectic week at the office where his team was pushing to get their new product out into production for a new client. He then chats a bit about how he is planning to start dabbling in some personal video projects again after neglecting that hobby for … Continue reading "Episode 37: Crazy Rich Asians & Extinction"


Episode 36: Like Father

Hemant only had the time to watch one film this week, mostly because he was gone for a family vacation to the Canadian Badlands in Alberta, Canada. In this episode he talks about some highlights from his family getaway including a visit to the Great Wall of Saskatchewan, exploring Alsask, the village his family lived … Continue reading "Episode 36: Like Father"


Episode 35: Mission Impossible: Fallout

In Episode 35 Hemant talks about some recent news that a new Sandlot film is in the works, which is apparently going to be a prequel to the 1993 original. He takes a moment to speculate about what the premise of the film may be, and also reveals some troubling news about one of the … Continue reading "Episode 35: Mission Impossible: Fallout"


Episode 34: Rampage & Set It Up

For someone who hasn’t really committed to watching many TV series over the last few years, Hemant has been steadily getting back into enjoying some shows. This past week he wrapped up seasons 1 and 2 of the Amazon Original series Sneaky Pete starring Giovanni Ribisi, and shares his thoughts on it. Ready Player One … Continue reading "Episode 34: Rampage & Set It Up"


Episode 33: You Were Never Really Here & Thoroughbreds

In Episode 33 of the Red 7 Movie Cast podcast Hemant gives the lowdown on his recent family vacation to Jasper National Park in the beautiful Canadian Rockies, and discusses his heartbreak and excitement around the blockbuster trade between the Toronto Raptors and the San Antonio Spurs. He also gives his opinion about seasons 1 … Continue reading "Episode 33: You Were Never Really Here & Thoroughbreds"


Episode 32: A Quiet Place

Still wanting to publish an episode on schedule, Hemant recorded Episode 32 of the Red 7 Movie Cast podcast right before heading out on a family vacation to Jasper in the Canadian Rockies. In this episode he talks about a recent Letterboxd announcement that they will be showing targeted ads for users who are on … Continue reading "Episode 32: A Quiet Place"


Episode 31: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom & Blockers

In Episode 31 of the Red 7 Movie Cast podcast Hemant gets things started by clearing things up around why he decided to skip the Netflix Original film Tau, starring Maika Monroe, despite being excited for its release. He then talks about a movie watching milestone his son may have reached this past weekend after … Continue reading "Episode 31: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom & Blockers"


Episode 30: Sicario: Day of the Soldado & The Endless

It was Canada Day this past weekend and Hemant talks about what he and his family did to celebrate in Episode 30 of the Red 7 Movie Cast. He then shares some interesting news that surfaced this week. He talks about a recent rumour that there may be a LucasFilm shake-up at the top including … Continue reading "Episode 30: Sicario: Day of the Soldado & The Endless"


Episode 29: Pacific Rim: Uprising & Impulse

It wouldn’t be an episode of the Red 7 Movie Cast podcast if Hemant didn’t talk about some big Star Wars news. In Episode 29 he talks about the recent news that LucasFilm and Disney have put a hold on all upcoming anthology films, including the recently announced Boba Fett film and the much rumoured … Continue reading "Episode 29: Pacific Rim: Uprising & Impulse"


Episode 28: Tomb Raider and Lots of Star Wars News

This weekend Hemant was off to the resort village of Waskesiu in the Prince Albert National Park for an annual golf trip he partakes in with 15 of his friends. In Episode 28 of the Red 7 Movie Cast he talks a bit about this 17 year old tradition that’s still going strong. He then … Continue reading "Episode 28: Tomb Raider and Lots of Star Wars News"


Episode 27: 12 Strong

In Episode 27 of the Red 7 Movie Cast Hemant shares his thoughts on the war film, 12 Strong starring Chris Hemsworth and Michael Shannon and directed by Nicolai Fuglsig. This film follows the first team of U.S. troops to enter Afghanistan following the events of 9/11. He didn’t watch much for TV this week, … Continue reading "Episode 27: 12 Strong"


Episode 26: Red Sparrow and Some Ranting

In Episode 26 of the Red 7 Movie Cast Hemant discusses some interesting articles that he came across over the last week including the importance of seeing a film in a theater, Solo: A Star Wars Story projection issues, toxic fandom, and a new multiplex in his neighborhood. He also briefly gives his thoughts on … Continue reading "Episode 26: Red Sparrow and Some Ranting"