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Reel Film Nerds podcast is a show based on the best thing in the world, movies of course! We discuss films of all kinds new, old, Netflix, Amazon, you name it! Your hosts Seth and Matt are not professional film critics and they have not been trained in anything, we swear! They are just a couple of dudes from Prescott, Arizona who are very passionate about films and love to talk about them.

Reel Film Nerds podcast is a show based on the best thing in the world, movies of course! We discuss films of all kinds new, old, Netflix, Amazon, you name it! Your hosts Seth and Matt are not professional film critics and they have not been trained in anything, we swear! They are just a couple of dudes from Prescott, Arizona who are very passionate about films and love to talk about them.
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Reel Film Nerds podcast is a show based on the best thing in the world, movies of course! We discuss films of all kinds new, old, Netflix, Amazon, you name it! Your hosts Seth and Matt are not professional film critics and they have not been trained in anything, we swear! They are just a couple of dudes from Prescott, Arizona who are very passionate about films and love to talk about them.




Episode #39: Tributary - Mute

Welcome back to the unofficial Chipotle podcast! Today your two hosts bust out with their second Tributary cast the Netflix original movie Mute. This futuristic dystopian Sci-Fi thriller is very reminiscent of Blade Runner in scope and feel; it is not Blade Runner though. The guys try something new trying to talk about the film without spoiling it for the first half of the pod and let loose and spoil everything for the second half. We warn you many times so if you don’t want to hear it you...


Episode #38: The Meg

Welcome back fellow film nerds! Today Matt and Mike review a giant piece of crap that they do not understand why it is doing so well at the box office, The Meg. Things get off the rails fast! The guys start talking about baby names, online gaming in the early 90’s, and of course MoviePass. Mike mostly wanted to see if Matt had finally cancelled his subscription, nope! Back on topic, did The Meg get such amazing box office numbers over opening weekend because it was rated PG-13 instead of R...


Episode #37: Legacy – Universal Soldier

Hello boys and girls and welcome to another Legacy cast! Today your hosts Mysterious Mike and Matt Hinshaw talk about a beloved childhood action film Universal Soldier. The guys loved this movie a ton when they were kids, today in their 30’s not so much. They also discuss the many northern Arizona locations it was filmed at and why the many more recent films based in AZ are not filmed there but in New Mexico. Matt gets lost in the internet while researching an aircraft featured in the film...


Episode #36: The Spy Who Dumped Me

Welcome film buffs to another incredible amazing stupendous episode of the Reel Film Nerds Podcast! I spy with my little eye our latest review, The Spy Who Dumped Me. A great action filled comedic buddy film! Matt and Mike were surprised at how much they liked this film. Mike does it again and throws gasoline on the MoviePass fire really getting Matt going since he had to pay to see this movie. The guys then touch a bit on the recent firing of James Gunn by Disney over really old tweets...


Episode #35: Tributary - Anon

Welcome listeners new and old (not physically) to our first Tributary cast! A Tributary cast is a review of a movie only available on a streaming service such as Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Prime, etc. This week Matt and Mike review a Netflix original Sci-Fi thriller Anon. It is a fun trippy technology filled look into a dystopian future where privacy flat out doesn’t exist. The guys dive deep on this topic, they both love tech but also see the coming storm and the end of privacy or what...


Episode #34: Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Your mission if you choose to accept it is to listen to this podcast then rate and review the Reel Film Nerds on iTunes! Anything to get a response out of our listeners, right? This week Matt and Mike review the latest Tom Cruise action flick Mission: Impossible - Fallout. It is a fun fast paced action movie with incredible practical effects and amazing stunts. The guys get off topic as they always do and discuss the continued slide of MoviePass with a dash of John Travolta and his...


Episode #33: Legacy – Jaws

Welcome to a very special Legacy Cast! Today Matt and Mike talk about Jaws in honor of the Discovery Channel’s 30th annual Shark Week!! Jaws is one of Mike’s favorite movies of all time, but he is bias due to his love of sharks. Matt lets Mike take the lead on this episode but asks him a lot of fun interesting questions. The boys also discuss the differences between a horror movie and a thriller at least in their eyes. There is lots of fun trivia discussed including the name of the Jaws...


Episode #32: The Equalizer 2

Are you ready to get equalized? Yes, then we have a treat for you today with our review of The Equalizer 2! Matt gets off topic by talking about Denzel Washington and his Prescott connection. That turns into a talk about guns then they both go full off topic and profess their love for Denzel Washington. Who doesn’t love him right? He has made some amazing movies! Basically, your hosts spent half the podcast talking about Denzel and their favorite movies of his. What I am trying to say here...


Episode #31: Skyscraper

WOW, 31 episodes and we are still going? Why? This week Mike and Matt discuss another bad movie you should not go see, Skyscraper staring The Rock “Dwayne” Johnson. The boys talk about their love of Die Hard and why it is a Christmas movie no matter what Bruce Willis says! They also discuss how Skyscraper blatantly ripped it off without question. Was Mike able to keep his Marvel Cinematic Universe streak alive, of course! There is also even more talk about the unlimited movie services such...


Episode #30: The First Purge

Welcome to our 30th episode and review of The First Purge. Matt and Mike get into it a bit especially how political they saw the film. Acting was great but the story just flat out is another Purge movie. The writer really dropped the ball on what could have been a great and interesting start to the annual Purge but nope. Here is your warning people this is a long pod a bit over an hour, if you just tuned in to hear our review of The First Purge stop listening around the 40 minute mark....


Episode #29: Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Welcome everyone to the Reel Film Nerds podcast! Today’s review is a special one for both your hosts, Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Matt and Mike grew up glued to their television sets watching Mister Rogers and his many lessons. They have been talking about wanting to see this biopic since it came out back in January 2018 and now they have a chance. As difficult as it was Mike was able to tie Won’t You Be My Neighbor? to the Marvel Cinematic Universe you will have to listen to find out...


Episode #28: Ant-Man and the Wasp

Welcome everyone to a new episode of the Reel Film Nerds that you aren’t going to listen to! Today your hosts are talking about the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe film Ant-Man and the Wasp! Mike and Matt don’t really get off topic much on this review. Is this the start of them becoming serious reviewers? Doubtful! No MCU tie-in for this episode either since Ant-Man and the Wasp is in the MCU! Matt and Mike both really enjoyed Ant-Man and Wasp. Matt like always has a few nitpicky things...


Episode #27: Legacy - Spaceballs

Welcome moviephiles to new episode of the Reel Film Nerds! Today we have an amazing Legacy Cast for you, Spaceballs!! This movie was requested by Matt’s buddy and co-worker Derek Nanke, thanks Derek for the request! Right off the bat things start to get crazy in this pod! Matt talks about his dad taking him to see Spaceballs in the theater as a kid. He also talks about Star Wars probably too much but how you can not right Spaceballs is 95% of a rip on Star Wars! Mike explains where his...


Episode #26: Sicario: Day of the Soldado

Welcome friends to the latest Reel Film Nerds podcast! This week Matt and Mike talk about Sicario: Day of the Soldado. They start out with some fun and interesting updates related to the podcast before getting into the review. We were reviewed by Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting. You can read his notes and listen to his podcast on us at Podcast Rodeo Show. Do you agree with Dave’s assessment? Let us know what you think especially if there is something you think we need to improve...


Episode #25: Tag

Welcome back faithful listeners. Tag you’re it! In Episode 25 Matt and Mike discuss Tag a fun and entertaining summer comedy. Matt brings up how this movie reminded him of his childhood friends including Mysterious Mike. Mostly he misses the camaraderie especially being a lonely old man in his late 30’s. Mike talks about a prank that goes maybe a little too far in the film and discusses his upcoming nuptials. Also find out how one lucky cast member breaks both his arms in a stunt gone...


Episode #24: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Wow do we have an amazing episode for you. The movie we reviewed was crap but Matt and Mike still put out some great pod! This week the boys review Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Spoiler alert it sucked and not because Starlord selfishly started to wail on Thanos…… ok better stop before I spoil too much. Topics this week also include cheese, the Beatles, collecting vinyl records from family members who think they are dying, and an important one AMC’s new Moviepass like service and how...


Episode #23: Hereditary

Welcome everyone to your second episode of the week! In this show Matt and Mike discuss A24 studios latest modern horror flick Hereditary. Matt discusses his angst for the horror genre, he does not hate it, but he does not seek out that genre of film either. Mike talks about why he loves Hereditary and some other great newer horror movies. For once we do not have too many spoilers because it would take away from the movie’s feel and scariness. Matt brings up his love for Sci-Fi and a new...


Episode #22: Incredibles 2

Hi everyone! Welcome to episode 22! Yep that’s right 22!!! WOW! Matt and Mike discuss Pixar and Disney’s latest animated flick Incredibles 2. They also dive deep into the villain’s name and the connotations the writer is implying with it. Matt actually loves a baby in this movie! I know right the man who swears he will never breed or date again and his favorite character of the film is Jack Jack, it’s a crazy world people! Mike talks about the lack of smart adult hidden jokes versus other...


Episode #21: Legacy - Predator

Hi everybody and welcome to another installment of the Reel Film Nerds! Bottom line up front, awesome legacy cast of a classic movie! This week we review Predator (1987). Spoiler alert, Mike and Matt both love this movie and have seen it many times! Pay special attention to Matt’s random facts about this movie and find out about an interesting 80’s star who was originally cast as the Predator. The guys also discuss many of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s classic quotes like “Get to the Chopper.”...


Episode #20: Hotel Artemis

Hi everybody! Welcome to another installment of the Reel Film Nerds! If you stop reading here we understand this week’s movie is a giant let down. Our review this week is Hotel Artemis and boy is it a load of crap. The trailer, the cast, and the action looked amazing but as you can tell it is not a good movie. Go ahead and listen to the podcast anyways Matt and Mike explain why it is so bad. We also talk about our next reviews coming up and a whole bunch of other fun stuff. It is too bad...