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Reel Film Nerds podcast is a show based on the best thing in the world, movies of course! We discuss films of all kinds new, old, Netflix, Amazon, you name it! Your hosts Seth and Matt are not professional film critics and they have not been trained in anything, we swear! They are just a couple of dudes from Prescott, Arizona who are very passionate about films and love to talk about them.

Reel Film Nerds podcast is a show based on the best thing in the world, movies of course! We discuss films of all kinds new, old, Netflix, Amazon, you name it! Your hosts Seth and Matt are not professional film critics and they have not been trained in anything, we swear! They are just a couple of dudes from Prescott, Arizona who are very passionate about films and love to talk about them.
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Reel Film Nerds podcast is a show based on the best thing in the world, movies of course! We discuss films of all kinds new, old, Netflix, Amazon, you name it! Your hosts Seth and Matt are not professional film critics and they have not been trained in anything, we swear! They are just a couple of dudes from Prescott, Arizona who are very passionate about films and love to talk about them.




Episode #69: Legacy - Hackers

Wow do we have a special podcast for you today, well it’s special to Mysterious Mike and Amazing Matt. Today your two hosts discuss a film that basically changed their lives, Hackers. This film helped fuel them to the careers they now have and their deep passions for technology. The gents do talk about the movie but not as much as they should have. The talk mainly focuses on how Hackers helped influence Mike’s decision to go into computer programming, public pay phones, and online gaming...


Episode #68: Ralph Breaks the Internet

Howdy friends and welcome back to another amazing movie review by your two blabbermouths Mysterious Mike and Annoying Matt. Today your hosts discuss Disney’s latest animated feature Ralph Breaks the Internet. Topics this episode include Matt being a loner, relationship sacrifices, Star Wars, and the millions of movies coming to theaters in December. Ralph Breaks the Internet is a very fun entertaining movie that is probably not the best for kids. There are tons of jokes and internet...


Episode #67: Widows

Namaste everybody and welcome to your second RFN pod of the week! Today your hosts review Widows a slow burn Chicago based heist movie from director Steve McQueen starring Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, and Elizabeth Debicki. Mike does his best to keep Matt on topic and pretty much succeeds. Topics this episode go like this Matt hates Christmas, Mike is Matt’s brother at least in spirit, the trailer and marketing screwed this movie, and Mike’s MCU tie-in streak continues!!! Widows is a...


Episode #66: Green Book

Welcome back kids for an amazing new episode! Today your hosts Mysterious Mike and Matt chat about a probable movie of the year, Green Book starring Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen. The guys really love this movie and cannot emphasize it enough. It really is a must see film. The hosts stay on topic most of the time, Matt talks about what the green book historically is and he has a neat little surprise for Mike and you, our listeners. Green Book is just an amazing feel good film. If it...


Episode #65: Tributary - Outlaw King

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We hope you are out catching a movie today. Nothing better to do on a holiday then spend it with friends and family at the movie theater. Today your hosts discuss a film that is not in a movie theater and you can watch it right now on Netflix the kinda sorta sequel to Braveheart titled Outlaw King. Matt apologizes way ahead of time, but he really gets off topic bad talking about tablets and watching movies on airplanes. Mysterious Mike joined in forgetting to...


Episode #64: Overlord

Happy Tuesday everyone! Don’t fret it is a great Tuesday because 1.) RFN has an awesome new pod out and 2.) It is a short week thanks to national football and turkey day!!! Today the boys chat about a zombie Nazi horror World War II movie that should have come out before Halloween, Overlord. Conversation includes Wolfenstein 3D, other WW2 movies that are actually good, zombies or lack thereof, and the incredible thought-provoking comic book Über published by Avatar Press. Overlord starts...


Episode #63: Bohemian Rhapsody

Welcome, welcome, welcome to another installment of the Reel Film Nerds podcast! Well Matt did it, he braved the Appalachian Mountains to hunt down Mysterious Mike and record a new pod. Today the boys talk about an incredible biopic on Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody. Can you believe it the RFN podcast made a top 40 list of the best movie podcasts on the planet? We are at the 40 spot on the list but we made it! You can check it out on the Feedspot blog along with all the other winners. We are in...


Episode #62: Legacy - Last Flag Flying

Hi everyone and welcome back! We have been on a little bit of a break the past week, but we return to you today with a vengeance! Ok well Matt returns with a vengeance, Mysterious Mike is M.I.A. after his recent nuptials. I am guessing he is doing this thing called a honeymoon? Single guys like Matt will never know what that is. Back on topic, today Matt talks about Last Flag Flying an Amazon Studio’s original starring Bryan Cranston, Laurence Fishburne, and Steve Carell. Last Flag Flying...


Episode #61: Harvest Horror Fest - Cabin in the Woods

Well listeners we are sorry to say but the end is here but man is it an amazing end! For the final episode of Harvest Horror Fest 2018 your hosts Mike and Matt discuss the comedy horror flick Cabin in the Woods. This is one of our longer episodes but sit tight it is fun and worth a listen. Topics include Marvel, horror tropes, Joss Whedon, Thor, Signals AZ, and we have more than 4 listeners? How did that happen? Cabin in the Woods is a near perfect blend of two genres. It is fun, dramatic,...


Episode #60: A Star Is Born

Welcome faithful followers to another prodigious podcast of the Reel Film Nerds hosted by your buddies Mysterious Mike and Matt Hinshaw. Today the movie geeks discuss what will probably be an Academy Award winning film, A Star Is Born starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Matt and Mike really dive deep into this film both being not only movie aficionados but also huge music fans. They talk about the music industry, addiction, Metallica, their home state of Arizona, and this thing called the...


Episode #59: Harvest Horror Fest - Event Horizon

Harvest Horror Fest is quickly ending but not quite yet. Today Mysterious Mike and Masterful Matt talk about one of their favorite sci-fi/horror films ever Event Horizon! Topics include isolation, haunted houses, The Matrix, Jurassic Park, and of course space. Event Horizon is an incredible must-see film especially if you are a horror or sci-fi buff. It is claustrophobic and thrilling. The CGI needs some help, but it is a 21-year-old movie. The other visuals and sets are amazing especially...


Episode #58: Halloween (2018)

We have a two-fer for you today! Exciting isn’t it? Today your hosts discuss Halloween 2018 and the original from 1978. The guys stay pretty much on topic discussing horror film tropes, Michael Myers as a villain, and journalism. Was Mysterious Mike able to keep his streak going with the MCU? You will have to tune in to find out! Halloween 2018 is a great fresh spin on a horror classic. Michael Myers is scary and menacing to say the least. Jamie Lee Curtis’ take on her first starring role...


Episode #57: Harvest Horror Fest - From Dusk Till Dawn

Hooray, Harvest Horror Fest continues today with a fun classic and goofy horror film From Dusk Till Dawn!! The guys talk about their first time seeing the film when they were kids especially Quentin Tarantino’s character and how terrible and creepy he is. The guys get off topic pretty hard but it’s after the spoilers warning so it’s ok. Matt tried really hard to be funny about Ryan Reynolds and it fails miserably on Mike but it does lead to a discussion about beautiful women actresses. Other...


Episode #56: First Man

Salutations everyone and welcome to your first Reel Film Nerds podcast of the week! Today your hosts talk about a film with a subject matter that is near and dear to their hearts, space exploration! Today your hosts dive into the dramatic telling of Neil Armstrong’s life as an astronaut ending with him landing on the moon. The guys really get going and talk a lot about this movie and everything that surrounds it including the X-15, Mercury, Gemini, Apollo missions, and the movie versus real...


Episode #55: Harvest Horror Fest - Trick 'r Treat

Harvest Horror Fest continues!! Today Mysterious Mike presents his first solo cast, Trick ‘r Treat. It is sweet, quick, and to the point. This pod compensates for the multiple 30-minute plus podcasts lately. Mike talks about his upcoming trip to Universal Orlando for Halloween Horror Nights, Netflix still has DVD’s, and Bad Santa. He mostly stays on topic though. Trick ‘r Treat is a fun horror movie that Mike should have seen by now but hasn’t. It is 5 stories in one that all happen on...


Episode #54: Venom

Wow do we have an incredible podcast for you today! The guys have a super special guest who has extensive knowledge on the source material for the film we reviewed, Sony’s latest Marvel film Venom! Bonus trivia this is our guest’s first podcast ever and Mike and Matt thought he did a fantastic job! The three hosts stay on topic just about the whole pod even though it ends up running long. That 30 minute rule seems to be broken a lot lately. Topics include everyone’s favorite Venom host, the...


Episode #53: Harvest Horror Fest - Tusk

Welcome everyone to the kick off of what hopefully will become an annual event, the Reel Film Nerds’ Harvest Horror Fest! Our first pick is probably our worst pick, but Matt tricked Mike anyways because he is a dick like that. Today the boys discuss the disaster of a horror film Tusk by famed writer and director Kevin Smith. The guys get off topic as always but some of the topics do relate more than others. They discuss the Sixth Sense, going to the bathroom during a movie, production...


Episode #52: Assassination Nation

Welcome back movie lovers to another episode of the Reel Film Nerds podcast! Today we review a movie that 90% of you have never heard of, Assassination Nation. This movie has had a limited release and was picked to go nation wide from the Sundance Film Festival. It is not for the faint of heart, but it is an amazing film. Mysterious Mike and Matt also talk about press conferences, the late Sen. John McCain, LGBTQ, sexting, and hackers. Assassination Nation is a dark, gritty, and eye-opening...


Episode #51: White Boy Rick

Welcome back everyone! Today your hosts Mysterious Mike and incredible Matt talk about Matthew McConaughey’s latest based on a true story film White Boy Rick. There is not a ton to say about this film without spoiling it but we will always do our best to warn you when he hit that discussion area. Topics also include crazy family life, drug addiction, the film Gold, and a controversial topic if all drugs should just be legal in the United States. Lastly they remind you that the first Reel...


Episode #50: Legacy – Iron Man

Welcome to our super special 50th episode spectacular!!! In celebration of making it 50 podcasts we broke form a little. Today’s review is a Legacy cast not your typical new movie review, that will be on Thursday. We go all the way to the beginning where the now infamous Marvel Cinematic Universe started the original Iron Man. The second half of the pod the boys talk a bit about their favorite films they reviewed and some of their favorite moments of recording the pod together. Matt...