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Reel Film Nerds podcast is a show based on the best thing in the world, movies of course! We discuss films of all kinds new, old, Netflix, Amazon, you name it! Your hosts Seth and Matt are not professional film critics and they have not been trained in anything, we swear! They are just a couple of dudes from Prescott, Arizona who are very passionate about films and love to talk about them.

Reel Film Nerds podcast is a show based on the best thing in the world, movies of course! We discuss films of all kinds new, old, Netflix, Amazon, you name it! Your hosts Seth and Matt are not professional film critics and they have not been trained in anything, we swear! They are just a couple of dudes from Prescott, Arizona who are very passionate about films and love to talk about them.
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Reel Film Nerds podcast is a show based on the best thing in the world, movies of course! We discuss films of all kinds new, old, Netflix, Amazon, you name it! Your hosts Seth and Matt are not professional film critics and they have not been trained in anything, we swear! They are just a couple of dudes from Prescott, Arizona who are very passionate about films and love to talk about them.




Episode #56: First Man

Salutations everyone and welcome to your first Reel Film Nerds podcast of the week! Today your hosts talk about a film with a subject matter that is near and dear to their hearts, space exploration! Today your hosts dive into the dramatic telling of Neil Armstrong’s life as an astronaut ending with him landing on the moon. The guys really get going and talk a lot about this movie and everything that surrounds it including the X-15, Mercury, Gemini, Apollo missions, and the movie versus real...


Episode #55: Harvest Horror Fest - Trick 'r Treat

Harvest Horror Fest continues!! Today Mysterious Mike presents his first solo cast, Trick ‘r Treat. It is sweet, quick, and to the point. This pod compensates for the multiple 30-minute plus podcasts lately. Mike talks about his upcoming trip to Universal Orlando for Halloween Horror Nights, Netflix still has DVD’s, and Bad Santa. He mostly stays on topic though. Trick ‘r Treat is a fun horror movie that Mike should have seen by now but hasn’t. It is 5 stories in one that all happen on...


Episode #54: Venom

Wow do we have an incredible podcast for you today! The guys have a super special guest who has extensive knowledge on the source material for the film we reviewed, Sony’s latest Marvel film Venom! Bonus trivia this is our guest’s first podcast ever and Mike and Matt thought he did a fantastic job! The three hosts stay on topic just about the whole pod even though it ends up running long. That 30 minute rule seems to be broken a lot lately. Topics include everyone’s favorite Venom host, the...


Episode #53: Harvest Horror Fest - Tusk

Welcome everyone to the kick off of what hopefully will become an annual event, the Reel Film Nerds’ Harvest Horror Fest! Our first pick is probably our worst pick, but Matt tricked Mike anyways because he is a dick like that. Today the boys discuss the disaster of a horror film Tusk by famed writer and director Kevin Smith. The guys get off topic as always but some of the topics do relate more than others. They discuss the Sixth Sense, going to the bathroom during a movie, production...


Episode #52: Assassination Nation

Welcome back movie lovers to another episode of the Reel Film Nerds podcast! Today we review a movie that 90% of you have never heard of, Assassination Nation. This movie has had a limited release and was picked to go nation wide from the Sundance Film Festival. It is not for the faint of heart, but it is an amazing film. Mysterious Mike and Matt also talk about press conferences, the late Sen. John McCain, LGBTQ, sexting, and hackers. Assassination Nation is a dark, gritty, and eye-opening...


Episode #51: White Boy Rick

Welcome back everyone! Today your hosts Mysterious Mike and incredible Matt talk about Matthew McConaughey’s latest based on a true story film White Boy Rick. There is not a ton to say about this film without spoiling it but we will always do our best to warn you when he hit that discussion area. Topics also include crazy family life, drug addiction, the film Gold, and a controversial topic if all drugs should just be legal in the United States. Lastly they remind you that the first Reel...


Episode #50: Legacy – Iron Man

Welcome to our super special 50th episode spectacular!!! In celebration of making it 50 podcasts we broke form a little. Today’s review is a Legacy cast not your typical new movie review, that will be on Thursday. We go all the way to the beginning where the now infamous Marvel Cinematic Universe started the original Iron Man. The second half of the pod the boys talk a bit about their favorite films they reviewed and some of their favorite moments of recording the pod together. Matt...


Episode #49: Legacy – Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Good day everyone and welcome to yet another Reel Film Nerds podcast. Yep we aren’t going away that easy! Today Matt and Mike continue to gear up for their first Harvest Horror Fest with a Legacy cast of Tucker & Dale vs. Evil. The guys try to tell some jokes, but they fail miserably. Staying on topic alludes your hosts too. Matt is probably the biggest problem when it comes to staying on topic, sorry everyone. Discussion includes Avengers 4, side boob, PBR, the new Captain Marvel trailer,...


Episode#48: The Predator

Welcome boys and girls to yet another podcast!!! Today Mike and Matt talk about a giant mess of a movie, The Predator directed by Shane Black. The guys stay fairly on topic for this one and basically rip this film apart. This movie is just flat out all over the place. Matt talks a bit about the many reshoots and controversies surrounding this movie while Mike just listens. He was really tired so we will let it slide this time. The guys also discuss the original Predator from 1987 and how...


Episode #47: Legacy – Ghostbusters (1984)

Hey kids and welcome to your last Reel Film Nerds pod of the week! We have an incredible Legacy cast for you today! It is a bit long but it is totally worth the extra 20 minutes or so. The one the only, well should be the only, Ghostbusters! Matt cannot say enough about this movie. It is one of his favorites, definitely top 5. Mysterious Mike also really likes this film from start to finish! The guys talk a ton about Ghostbusters trivia, John Candy, John Belushi, the not so great 2016...


Episode #46: Peppermint

Hello, hello, hello, and welcome to your first Reel Film Nerds pod of the week! Today your host’s Matt and Mike discuss Jennifer Garner’s return to the silver screen, Peppermint. Peppermint is your classic revenge story littered with tons of action scenes. Your hosts stick to the review at hand for the most part. Mike actually went off on a pretty solid tangent about Liam Neeson and his legacy of Taken films. Amazing, it was not Matt for once! Of course, he brought up Star Wars again but...


Episode #45: Legacy – Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Hi everybody and welcome to the Reel Film Nerds latest pod. Today the guys discuss a fun and crazy Legacy Cast, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas starring Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro. The guys talk about journalism, Hunter S. Thompson, Tobey Maguire, and lots of trivia about the film. Don’t worry they get off topic too. Mike just keeps pushing a Moviepass discussion and Matt might have finally given up the good fight and dropped his subscription. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is a wild...


Episode #44: Operation Finale

Hello fellow movie nerds and welcome to another incredible episode of the Reel Film Nerds podcast! Today we talk about a very serious and incredible drama based on a true story, Operation Finale starring Sir Ben Kinglsey and Oscar Isaac. The film is based on the hunting down and capture of escaped Holocaust mastermind Adolph Eichmann. Your hosts do stray off topic a bit especially Matt like always but they do their best to steer the review back on course. The guys talk about why history is...


Episode #43: The Happytime Murders

Hey kids and welcome to our podcast about them moving pictures called movies! If you are a kid you probably should stop reading this now, this movie might have puppets in it but it is not for you! Today Mysterious Mike and Awesome Matt review Jenny McCarthy’s cousin (no seriously they are cousins!!), Melissa McCarthy’s, latest film The Happytime Murders! The guys do get off topic a bit on this one discussing Tesla’s, the Matrix, Elon Musk, and most importantly the Reel Film Nerd’s 50...


Episode #42: Mile 22

Hi everybody! Today your hosts review Marky Mark’s latest action thriller Mile 22. It is a solid action film with a bad and over used storyline. The biggest shining light is Iko Uwais’ martial arts stunts. It is very reminiscent of the older martial arts films and is just a joy to watch. The guys pretty much stay on topic except Mike does bring up Moviepass and surprise, Matt actually used it to see Mile 22! YEAH!!! Using a service, he has paid for is a great thing. For the most part...


Episode #41: Legacy – Clerks

So Mike slacked off this week and did not do his homework so we will not be reviewing Mile 22, yet. He only made it to BlacKkKlansman. Matt did his homework so for once it is not his fault! Instead we bring you an incredible Legacy cast indie film that launched Kevin Smith’s career into the stratosphere, Clerks. As you already know if you are still listening to our podcast after 40 episodes we get off topic a lot. Here is the short list of things we talk about today. Russell Crowe’s codpiece...


Episode #40: BlacKkKlansman

Welcome listeners new and old to the Reel Film Nerds Podcast! Today your hosts Matt Hinshaw and Mysterious Mike get political while reviewing Spike Lee’s latest joint BlacKkKlansman. They really tried to keep politics out but it is very difficult with a film like this. Was Mike able to keep the Marvel Cinematic Universe tie-ins going? Heck ya he was, this makes 32 movies Mike has tied to the MCU. If you are wondering why it is only 32 out of 40 well Mike did not join the show until Episode...


Episode #39: Tributary - Mute

Welcome back to the unofficial Chipotle podcast! Today your two hosts bust out with their second Tributary cast the Netflix original movie Mute. This futuristic dystopian Sci-Fi thriller is very reminiscent of Blade Runner in scope and feel; it is not Blade Runner though. The guys try something new trying to talk about the film without spoiling it for the first half of the pod and let loose and spoil everything for the second half. We warn you many times so if you don’t want to hear it you...


Episode #38: The Meg

Welcome back fellow film nerds! Today Matt and Mike review a giant piece of crap that they do not understand why it is doing so well at the box office, The Meg. Things get off the rails fast! The guys start talking about baby names, online gaming in the early 90’s, and of course MoviePass. Mike mostly wanted to see if Matt had finally cancelled his subscription, nope! Back on topic, did The Meg get such amazing box office numbers over opening weekend because it was rated PG-13 instead of R...


Episode #37: Legacy – Universal Soldier

Hello boys and girls and welcome to another Legacy cast! Today your hosts Mysterious Mike and Matt Hinshaw talk about a beloved childhood action film Universal Soldier. The guys loved this movie a ton when they were kids, today in their 30’s not so much. They also discuss the many northern Arizona locations it was filmed at and why the many more recent films based in AZ are not filmed there but in New Mexico. Matt gets lost in the internet while researching an aircraft featured in the film...