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Deadpool 2 Movie Review, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Safe, Bad Samaritan

This week, Dan discusses Bad Samaritan and talk about how he now really wants to start watching Dr. Who. Bill watched Safe on Netflix, and later ponders if Michael C. Hall can pul off playing Batman. We also open some fan questions (keep them coming). In the news, we wonder if Lando will get his own Movie, and also talk about the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 multiplayer trailer. We then talk about whats coming out next week, before ending the show with our Deadpool 2 Review. Tune in next...


Detroit: Become Human, The Predator, Spawn 2019, Evil Genius

This week, Dan talks more Fornite, checks out Downsizing, and re-watches The Night Of. Bill is stuck in a rut, and finds a new Podcast to listen to (Sword & Scale), while binging True Crime TV Shows. Then Dan analyzes Quantic Dream Studios, before getting into the new Predator trailer. Next up, we cover the OG Iron Man Suit getting stolen, and Billy gets excited for the new Hulu Exclusive, Looking for Alaska. We then cover rumors surrounding the new Spawn movie and the Arrested Development...


Star Wars: Solo Hype, Avengers: Infinity War Breaking Records

This week Dan and Bill talk Deadpool 2 marketing to open the show. Then, Dan talks about Tom Holland, Thanos, Fornite, and Solo. Bill checked out 2 Netflix Originals: The New Legends of Monkey and The Week Of. He finally got God of War, and begins listening to The Hobbit on audiobook. In the news, Avengers: Infinity War is aiming to take down Avatar, while 13 Reasons Why Season 2 is just right around the corner. Then we talk MoviePass's latest competitor, Sinemia, who is looking to take...


The Walking Dead Season 8 Review / Season 9 Predictions, D&D, American Horror Story

Welcome back, this week Jake and Brit come back to join Chuck from Morgan Properties for a review of The Walking Dead. Before getting into that- Jake and Brit talk about some shows that have been watching, a movie they saw, and playing D&D for the first time. Chuck (from MP) watches American Horror Story and Gotham. Bill watched Dude, Jim and Andy Doc, and listens to a new Audiobook. Dan is stuck on Thanos. We then end the show with The Walking Dead Season 8 review and Season 9...


Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War Review

This episode speaks for itself. The "most ambitious event" in movie history is here. We are joined by Brian and Bill of the "Pass the Salt" Twitch Channel to review Avengers: Infinity War. Reg, Bill, Dan, and the Twitch crew combine efforts to review this movie, which is beyond satisfying. Please join us in reviewing one of the biggest movie releases of all time. If you have any questions we may not have answered, please send all inquiries to DanandBill@sceneinvaders.com...and we will...


Lost in Space Review, Harry Potter: The Cursed Child, Netflix Shows to Watch

This week Reg comes back on to talk Lost in Space, and Bill talks about a new stand up. He also gets tickets to his first play on Broadway to see Harry Potter: The Cursed Child. Then, in a strange turn of events, Dan talks about Marvel. In the news, Netflix hits 20 years, and we all miss Blockbuster. Jason Mamoa has his sights set on playing Kratos, and we talk Movies and TV Shows coming out next week. We end the show with a (Not so) Surprise Top 5 all related to Netflix. Be sure to tune...


Truth or Dare Review, Rampage, Avengers Infinity War Predictions

Welcome back! We welcome our friend Steve on this episode, visiting all the way from Los Angeles. We read some fan mail, which leads us to talk about Ready Player One again. Bill talks about his experience with the newly released video game, Ni No Kuni 2. Dan watches a couple of Netflix original movies and a couple of new releases in theaters. Steve talks about his big move to California and his Nicholas Cage "obsession." Then we cover news surrounding Game of Thrones and Westworld before...


A Quiet Place Review, The Titan, Wild Wild Country

Welcome back! This week Pat joins us for the full episode. Bill watched a crazy documentary called Wild Wild Country, and gets ready for the new season of Jersey Shore. Dan watches the new Netflix The Titan and re-watches one of his favorite comedies, The Goods. Pat goes to a sing along and tries is luck as a goalie. We then talk about two long running movie franchises and their next moves. To end the show, we review A Quiet Place. Thanks for listening. :22- Housekeeping :52- What's...


Game Over Man, HBO's Barry, and Movie Theatre Shenanigans

Welcome back! This week, Pat and Brian join Dan and Bill to talk “anything else we want to talk about.” This is the most random episode yet, and it's a great time! Pat signs along to Hugh Jackman, and gets into some movie theatre shenanigans. Brain plays video games and dresses up as a wrestler in New Orleans. Bill gets hooked on Fortnite, and Dan watches Barry and has a rant on Bathroom etiquette. Then we talk about actors getting wasted during filming, and Spielberg’s thoughts on...


Ready Player One Movie Review

Welcome back to another special episode of Scene Invaders where we will be breaking down Ready Player One. Pat and Brian join Dan and Bill, as we discuss the newest blockbuster from Steven Spielberg. All of us have either read the book, or listened to it via audiobook. How did it live up to the book? Listen to find out!


Pacific Rim: Uprising Review, Thoroughbreds, Ricky Gervais Comedy Special

Welcome back, this week we bring on Grandy- our monster expert for a monster themed episode. Grandy talks about how he's been watching Halfworlds on HBO. Dan hypes up the new movie Thoroughbreds, gets tickets for an upcoming Fathom Event, and shares a big announcement. Bill talks about a couple of documentaries he watched over the weekend and shares his thoughts on the new Ricky Gervais standup special. We then talk about some news involving: Avengers: Infinity War and Rick and Morty. To...


Tomb Raider Movie Review, Jessica Jones Season 2, Foreign Zombie Flicks

This week, Regina joins for the full episode. Dan watched LOVE, The Push, got a new comic, and wonders why Foreign Zombie movies are so good. Bill joins the Ready Player One hype train, watches a new doc, and explains Netflix's Anime problem. Then, we debate cross platform gaming, talk about a swift 31 hr binge, and discuss the top video game movie (list) of all time. Then we talk Jessica Jones Season 2, and what we thought of the new direction. To end the show, we review Tomb Raider, the...


March Madness: Movies and TV Shows

Bonus March Madness themed episode where we debate and find out who wins this wild tournament between 32 Movies and TV shows of our choice from 4 different genres: Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi, Comic Book Movies. Brian and Regina join Dan and Bill as we battle it out to find a winner. The seeds are listed below. Enjoy, thanks for listening! :33-Housekeeping 1:39- Comedy Region, Drama Region, Science Fiction Region, Comic Book Movie Region’s read and rules are explained 6:25- Comedy Round...


Ready Player One, Star Wars, Oblivion Song

Welcome back! This week, Dan and Bill watch everything to prepare for the March Madness episode next week. Dan is worried about Ready Player One, and orders a new comic book. Bill plays a new game, and binges a Netflix reality show. In the news, Jon Favreau signs on to write and EP the new Star Wars series for Disney’s streaming service. Then, Mark Hamil may join the MCU and Pokémon Go gets new competition, and we talk what is coming out next. We end the show with our best (not so)...


Seven Seconds, Fullmetal Alchemist, Lost in Space, and Baby Groot

Welcome back to our first Family episode where both Regina and Sasha join Dan and Bill. First up, we discuss Kevin Smith narrowly escaping death, and wish him a speedy and lengthy recovery. Then we talk a couple trailers that just came out, and Dan attempts to binge Battlestar Galactica in record time. Bill gets excited over Fullmetal Alchemist, and tells us whether Seven Seconds is worth watching. Then we cover a fan topic surrounding The Walking Dead before talking about the MCU...


Annihilation Review, Everything Sucks, Crashing, The Goldbergs

This week, Dave and Regina come by. Dan talks about the long awaited Mute, could it possibly live up to the expectations he had for it? Then he covers Everything Sucks before getting into some conspiracy theories (lucky you) before doing his weekly MCU facts. Then Dave talks going to the movies alone and Crashing on HBO. Reg and Bill goes over a documentary they watched, The Goldberg’s, stupid spin-offs and the best 90s shows. Next up some exciting news about a possible partnership between...


Black Panther Review

Welcome to a very special episode of Scene Invaders, where we will be covering all things Black Panther. Dan's man crush Tom Holland drops by to set up the episode as Regina, Brian, Dan and Bill break down the movie. We talk about our favorite scenes, characters, and overall thoughts of the last MCU movie to come out before Avengers: Infinity War. Thanks for listening!


The Ritual, Coach Snoop, Cuphead, and Godzilla

This week, we are joined by Brian, Regina & newcomer Pat (before he heads to brunch. Everyone finally watched Moon, as we (Dan) gets excited for Mute, coming out next week. Pat then explains to us why he saw The Greatest Showman in theaters 4 times. Then, Brian tells us about a new game he is playing, called Cuphead. Dan watched The Ritual, finished Westworld, and talks about the big twists. Bill saw Chris Rock's new stand up, gets wrapped up in Coach Snoop, and watched the new Godzilla on...


Cloverfield: Paradox, Altered Carbon, Trailer Overload

Welcome back! This week, Brian comes back on to tell us about his upcoming video game streaming service (@Pass_The__Salt). We also have a long discussion (spoiler free) about Netflix’s newest hit, Altered Carbon. Bill talks about The Cloverfield Paradox; how it connects to the other Cloverfield movies, and what’s next to come from the franchise. Then, Dan talks about the Super Bowl parade, starts Westworld to catch up for the new season, and does some Marvel trivia vs. Brian. Next up we...


The Twilight Zone, Dirty Money, Ant Man 2 Trailer

What up dudes, welcome back. This week, Bill watches a new docuseries, and gets wrapped up in the unstoppable force… This is Us. Dan gets hype for a Netflix series, watches a couple movies, and has a new bedtime routine (watching The Twilight Zone). You also get more MCU facts, and get some Super bowl commercial talk. In the news, we break down the first trailer for this summer’s Ant Man & The Wasp, and talk about the group of DC “fans” plotting to tank Black Panther reviews. Then we...


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