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The Meg, MCU Update, Oscars Add A New Category

This week, Bill watches a new show that rivals his love for Shark Tank. Dan watches a couple new show on Netflix, and talks about the most anticipated Shark Movies since Jaws 4. Then we do an update for our 3 Movie Challenge, before talking about a new trailer for Netflix’s next big hit TV Miniseries. We then talk about the Oscars new category, and give an MCU update before talking about what Movies are coming out next week. Thanks for listening! 00:23 - Housekeeping 03:18 - What’s new...


Netflix Series Ranked, Last Chance U, The Bleeding Edge, MoviePass

This week Pat joins Dan and Bill for the entire show (no brunch). Bill watched Last Chance U Season 3, Kim's Convenience, and The Bleeding Edge. Dan watched the movie Coherence, The Legacy of a White Tail Deer Hunter and gives a Tom Cruise fact. Pat watched 13 movies, and gives a quick synopsis of each, while almost getting crypto scammed, while slinging magnets. In the news, MoviePass is grasping for straws, and Chris Rock joins season 4 of Fargo. Then, we pick apart Business Insiders'...


Mission: Impossible Fallout, How It Ends, Extinction, and Castle Rock

This week, Bill watched 2 Netflix Movies, and has some suggestions for their next project. Dan watched Ghosted, started Castle Rock, and saw the new Mission: Impossible. In the news, James Gunn was fired from Guardians Volume 3 and Anthony Mackie was cast for Altered Carbon Season 2. We then breakdown the top 5 trailers from San Diego Comic Con, before talking about Movies and TV Shows coming out next week. Thanks for listening! 00:30 - Housekeeping 2:00 - What's new Bill? Netflix's...


Predicting The Future, Top 5 Comedies, Recasting Neo in The Matrix

Dan's away this week, galavanting in North Carolina with his fiancé so we put together a pre-recorded special edition episode that we're dubbing "The Emergency Episode." In this episode we test out some new segments and revisit some old favorites including: (Not So) Surprise Top 5, Guess the IMDB Score, Recast, and Alternate Endings. Buckle up, you're in for a wild ride! 00:38 - We welcome Dave and Regina to the show 1:00 - Dan's Adventures in North Carolina 2:55 - Predictions from...


Kiss Me First, GLOW, Hollyweed, and Tom Cruise

This week, Bill binged the Netflix original show Kiss Me First, and got a Nintendo Switch as a birthday gift. Dan watched GLOW, and reminisces about Nicholas Cage. We then read some Twitter comments and talk about Kevin Smith's new show Hollyweed. Then one of Dan's favorite directors (Duncan Jones) is making a comic book movie, and Joaquin Phoenix signs on as The Joker in an upcoming film. We then do a (not so) Surprise Top 5 revolving around Tom Cruise before talking about movies and TV...


Ant-Man and The Wasp Review, Pokemon Quest, Halo TV Series, and Tons of Marvel News

This week, Reg comes on for the episode. Bill has a new obsession, and watched Blockers. Dan got hit with a firework, and talks about a missing Netflix feature. Then we read fan emails, and fill out our next 3 Movie Challenge. In the news, we cover a lot of Marvel, specifically Spider-man news. Game of Thrones has wrapped for Arya Stark, and Halo is getting a TV Show. To end the show, we review Ant Man & The Wasp. Thanks for listening! :23- Housekeeping :35- What's new Reg and Bill?...


Marvel, Netflix, and a Google Video Game Console?

This week, Dan saw American Animals, and can't get behind Riverdale Season 2, Bill started the new Netflix show The Hallow, and we read some fan emails. In the news, we cover Jared Leto joining the "Spider-verse" and how it could connect to the MCU. Then, Google is trying their hand at making a console, and Avengers 4 (maybe) has a title. We end the show with talking about Movies and TV Shows coming out next week. :30- Housekeeping 1:00 - What's new Dan? American Animals, Riverdale...


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Review, Amateur Wresting, American Animals

This week, Dan's younger brother Drew, and Pat join Dan and Bill. Bill watches a new Anime, while Drew trains for his new passion. Dan breaks down the Loki theory, before Pat talks about Goliath, American Animals, and goes on rapid fire reviewing movies. They finish the 3 Movie Challenge, and discuss The Big 3 movie subscription services. Then, they break down the Creed 2 trailer. and end the show reviewing Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Thanks for listening! :26 - Housekeeping :55 -...


Tag, Ninja (Fortnite Streamer), E3 Top 5, The Toys That Made Us

Episode 50! Thanks for much for hanging out with us. We talk about a lot of video games in this one, ending with our favorite moments from E3. Bill watches a couple shows on Netflix: Toys That Made Us and Set it Up. Dan watched Tag, and is obsessed with Shark Tank. Then we cover a couple fan emails, including one about remakes. Then we talk about Ninja (the famous Fortnite streamer), and his impact on streaming, and where we see this industry going. Be sure to tune in next week to hear us...


Ocean's 8, New Halloween Trailer, Detroit: Become Human

This week, Dan saw a couple movies, including the new Oceans 8, and also played a video game he has been waiting for. Bill started Brooklyn 99,and watched some new episodes of The Staircase. The guys then give an update in their 3 Movie Challenge, and pick what to watch next. In the news, the cover the new Halloween trailer, as well as news about the new Game of Thrones prequel. The Joker is getting his own movie, how will this work? We end the show covering Movies and TV Shows coming out...


Upgrade Movie Review, Mob Psycho 100, Doctor Who, Logan Lucky

Dan watches Doctor Who for the first time, and also checks out a couple of movies. Bill watched the new docu-series Explained on Netflix, the live action adaption of the hit anime Mob Psycho 100 and binge watched Fresh Off the Boat. Then, they share details on new segment they are calling: The 3 Movie Challenge - color yourself intrigued. In the news, Andrew Lincoln is leaving The Walking Dead (Dan needs a tissue). Netflix is releasing a new fantasy comic book called The Magic Order (Harry...


13 Reasons Why Season 2, Cargo, H1Z1, Bobba Fett and New Segments!

In this episode Reg, Dave, Pat, Dan and Bill all combine to get a little weird. Bill and Reg talk 13 Reasons Why Season 2 and PUBG. Dave talks about moving in with his girlfriend, while Pat speaks Fortnite hate. Dan tries H1Z1 on Playstation 4, and watched the new movie Cargo on Netflix. In the news, Matt Groening's new show Disenchantment is coming to Netflix despite time traveler accusations. Bobba Fett is getting his own movie with James Mangold behind the camera. Then, Bill surprises...


Solo: A Star Wars Story Review

Welcome to our bonus episode where we give our review for Solo: A Star Wars Story. Join Reg, Pat, Dan and Bill as they give their thoughts on the latest Star Wars movie directed by Ron Howard. They also break down the news of Boba Fett getting his own movie and how it could tie in to overarching story that Solo set up. Thanks for listening!


Deadpool 2 Movie Review, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Safe, Bad Samaritan

This week, Dan discusses Bad Samaritan and talk about how he now really wants to start watching Dr. Who. Bill watched Safe on Netflix, and later ponders if Michael C. Hall can pul off playing Batman. We also open some fan questions (keep them coming). In the news, we wonder if Lando will get his own Movie, and also talk about the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 multiplayer trailer. We then talk about whats coming out next week, before ending the show with our Deadpool 2 Review. Tune in next...


Detroit: Become Human, The Predator, Spawn 2019, Evil Genius

This week, Dan talks more Fornite, checks out Downsizing, and re-watches The Night Of. Bill is stuck in a rut, and finds a new Podcast to listen to (Sword & Scale), while binging True Crime TV Shows. Then Dan analyzes Quantic Dream Studios, before getting into the new Predator trailer. Next up, we cover the OG Iron Man Suit getting stolen, and Billy gets excited for the new Hulu Exclusive, Looking for Alaska. We then cover rumors surrounding the new Spawn movie and the Arrested Development...


Star Wars: Solo Hype, Avengers: Infinity War Breaking Records

This week Dan and Bill talk Deadpool 2 marketing to open the show. Then, Dan talks about Tom Holland, Thanos, Fornite, and Solo. Bill checked out 2 Netflix Originals: The New Legends of Monkey and The Week Of. He finally got God of War, and begins listening to The Hobbit on audiobook. In the news, Avengers: Infinity War is aiming to take down Avatar, while 13 Reasons Why Season 2 is just right around the corner. Then we talk MoviePass's latest competitor, Sinemia, who is looking to take...


The Walking Dead Season 8 Review / Season 9 Predictions, D&D, American Horror Story

Welcome back, this week Jake and Brit come back to join Chuck from Morgan Properties for a review of The Walking Dead. Before getting into that- Jake and Brit talk about some shows that have been watching, a movie they saw, and playing D&D for the first time. Chuck (from MP) watches American Horror Story and Gotham. Bill watched Dude, Jim and Andy Doc, and listens to a new Audiobook. Dan is stuck on Thanos. We then end the show with The Walking Dead Season 8 review and Season 9...


Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War Review

This episode speaks for itself. The "most ambitious event" in movie history is here. We are joined by Brian and Bill of the "Pass the Salt" Twitch Channel to review Avengers: Infinity War. Reg, Bill, Dan, and the Twitch crew combine efforts to review this movie, which is beyond satisfying. Please join us in reviewing one of the biggest movie releases of all time. If you have any questions we may not have answered, please send all inquiries to we will...


Lost in Space Review, Harry Potter: The Cursed Child, Netflix Shows to Watch

This week Reg comes back on to talk Lost in Space, and Bill talks about a new stand up. He also gets tickets to his first play on Broadway to see Harry Potter: The Cursed Child. Then, in a strange turn of events, Dan talks about Marvel. In the news, Netflix hits 20 years, and we all miss Blockbuster. Jason Mamoa has his sights set on playing Kratos, and we talk Movies and TV Shows coming out next week. We end the show with a (Not so) Surprise Top 5 all related to Netflix. Be sure to tune...


Truth or Dare Review, Rampage, Avengers Infinity War Predictions

Welcome back! We welcome our friend Steve on this episode, visiting all the way from Los Angeles. We read some fan mail, which leads us to talk about Ready Player One again. Bill talks about his experience with the newly released video game, Ni No Kuni 2. Dan watches a couple of Netflix original movies and a couple of new releases in theaters. Steve talks about his big move to California and his Nicholas Cage "obsession." Then we cover news surrounding Game of Thrones and Westworld before...