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Film reviews movies, television shows and games from the past and the present. reviews movies, television shows and games from the past and the present.


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Description: reviews movies, television shows and games from the past and the present.




(Ep. 145): Death Spa – Movie Commentary: October 2020

Death Spa R 1989 ‧ Horror/Slasher ‧ 1h 28m Customers at an exclusive fat farm are haunted by a force which turns exercise equipment into deadly killing machines. Spooky! Halloween is right around the corner, so lets watch a movie about exercise equipment killing people! Sounds like one hell of a movie right? We all know COVID-19 came with a lot. Now we need to loss a bit of weight, so come with us as we all signup to loss a few pints of blood. Oh and don't worry about the random...


Simplistic Takes Ep. 5 | The Boys: Season 2 (E1-E7)

Matt and Justin sit down here on Simplistic Takes and discuss season 2 (up to episode 7) of the best show on right now, The Boys!


Simplistic Interviews Ep. 012: Debbie Rochon

On this Simplistic Sit-Down, Matt chats with the fantastic Debbie Rochon, a women of so many talents it would be a travesty to mention this all in this summary. Maybe you should just listen to the show and see what we mean. For more info on Debbie, please visit Debbie's homepage, right HERE


(Ep. 144): The Simplistic Reviews Podcast - October 2020

On this October episode of the Simplistic Reviews podcast, Justin talks about his brush with brush fires near his California home. The boys discuss frightening possibilities in a segment we call Scary Thoughts. Matt compares Justin to Robert Kraft inexplicably, and DJ dresses up in order to see if Matt and Justin can guess what he's supposed to be in a game called What Are You Supposed To Be. All that and more on this spooktacular episode of the Simplistic Reviews podcast. Yes...we know...


Simplistic Interviews Ep. 011: John Brennan

We're back with another Simplistic Interview. This time we have John Brennan, a man of many talents. From his kindergarten song writing career, days of working with Troma, and his magnum opus, the opening theme for "The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs" on Shudder, we cover it all. John was also one of the producers on Troma's latest take from the Bard; #ShakespearesShitstorm, which we also review HERE. Matt and John also chat about how great Jim Henson truly was, might get a...


(Ep. 143): Sleepaway Camp – Movie Commentary: September 2020

Happy Halloween! It's official! Halloween has begun here at Simplistic Reviews. With everything that has been terrible this year, what more could you ask for then a good old slasher. Ready for some camping? How about a gender reveal party? We have it all here today with... Sleepaway Camp R 1983 ‧ Horror/Slasher ‧ 1h 28m Angela Baker, a shy, traumatized young girl, is sent to summer camp with her cousin. Shortly after her arrival, anyone with sinister or less than honorable intentions...


(Ep. 142): The Simplistic Reviews Podcast - September 2020

On the September episode of the Simplistic Reviews podcast, the boys say the first things that come to their minds when hearing entertainment news stories in Word Association. Matt and Justin set the record straight about their feelings on Rick And Morty in another edition of Simply Say Anything. DJ rants about Star Wars...again, Julie laments about her favorite streaming services, and the boys discuss Genghis a way. All that and more on the greatest podcast on Earth. The...


Simplistic Takes: Ep. 4 | Fantasia Fest 2020

Matt and Justin sit down to discuss some of the films they have seen at this years Fantasia Film Festival. #Fantasia #Movies #FilmFestival #Podcast ------------------------------------------------------ Site: Shop: iTunes: Spotify: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:...


'''Live' from Fantasia Fest 2020' Simplistic Interviews Ep. 010: Bao Tran, Director of 'The Paper Tigers'

As we end the first weekend of Fantasia Film Festival 2020, Matt chats with the director of the kung-fu comedy, "The Paper Tigers,'" Bao Tran. The Washington native, who's parents are from Vietnam, talks about the Hollywood and Vietnamese film making process, and the eight year journey of bringing "The Paper Tigers' to life. Bao and Matt also discuss 80s and 90s nostalgia, the influence of Bruce Lee, and rap cyphers and dojo busting! "The Paper Tigers" will premier at Fantasia Fest 2020...


'''Live' from Fantasia Fest 2020' Simplistic Interviews Ep. 009: Ryan Spindell, Director of 'The Mortuary Collection'

The 2020 Fantasia Film Festival is underway, and we have another great interview for you. This time we are joined by Ryan Spindell, the director of the horror anthology, 'The Mortuary Collection.' Matt and Ryan chat about their collective love of 'Creepshow,' how it took eight years to finally get his first feature film completed, the world building of Raven's End, and how cool Clancy Brown actually is. Click HERE for our review of 'The Mortuary Collection' You can holler at Ryan over on...


''Live' from Fantasia Fest 2020' Simplistic Interviews Ep. 008: Ryan Kruger, Director of 'Fried Barry'

For our coverage of the 2020 Fantasia Fest Festival, we are kicking things off interview-style with Ryan Kruger, the director of the gonzo alien road trip flick, 'Fried Barry.' Ryan and Matt chat about the making of 'Fried Barry,' how he kept his star, Gary Green, on his toes throughout production, how 80s films of his youth shaped the making of the film, and what it took to make his feature film debut a reality. Check out the trailer for 'Fried Barry' HERE And make sure to head over to...


Wheel Of Doom: Ep. 2 - Movie Commentary

After two episodes the wheel has finally broken us. I believe we need to rethink things and destroy this curse from hell. Unless you girls and guys like us getting severely mentally punished…wait do you? Do you like us getting punished? How about physically punished? Hummm, maybe this is a good time to speak to you about our OnlyFans page. If that doesn't sound good, listen to this; every Monday we take a rusty linked chain and recor- Well, I don't want to spoil it. So check it out for...


(Ep. 141): The Simplistic Reviews Podcast - August 2020

Time once again to go into your room, leap under the covers, pop in your headphones and listen in secret to the most outrageous entertainment industry film podcast this side of the Rio Grande. Speaking of which, on this episode of the Simplistic Reviews podcast, the boys let loose on American icon, John Wayne. Matt and Justin take turns trying to read each other's minds in another edition of Simplistic Submarine. DJ introduces a new game centered around the demise of movie villains in...


Simplistic Reviews Presents: Beyond the Pale Ale Ep. 010 – Ryan McKay from Living Waters Brewing

In the Season One finale of 'Beyond the Pale Ale' we come full circle and back to Nashville where Matt chats with Ryan McKay from Living Waters Brewing. Coming up on their One Year Anniversary Matt and Ryan chat about how plans changes, almost on a minute to minute basis, in 2020, and the state of beer, locally. Living Waters is also a part of the 'Black is Beautiful' beer project, which now has over 1,000 breweries involved. Honestly, it has been an honor to be able to work with some...


Wheel Of Doom: Ep. 1 - Movie Commentary

There is a wheel that has been hidden for centuries. Hidden from the world for the power it welds. Its destruction is unlike anything you could imagine. And now its back. As a way to pick a movie, for a terrible podcast. Behold the Wheel Of Doom!


Simplistic Reviews Presents: Beyond the Pale Ale Ep. 009 – JT Stellmach from Holy City Brewing

On this episode of 'Beyond the Pale Ale' we scoot over to South Carolina to chat with JT Stellmach of Holy City Brewing in North Charleston, South Carolina. Matt shares a couple of Holy City's best while the duo discuss the business, the brewery and collaborations. Oh, and who are the TOP FIVE, DEAD or ALIVE, in Hip Hop. Remember to keep supporting your local bars, restaurants, breweries and distilleries in these tough and emotional times. If you want to yell at Matt about his...


Simplistic Interviews Ep. 007 Jeffrey A. Brown and Tyler Davidson from 'The Beach House'

On this episode of 'Simplistic Interviews' Matt chats with Jeffrey A. Brown and Tyler Davidson, the director and one of the producers, respectively, from the new horror gem you can find on SHUDDER; 'The Beach House.' Everything from uncooperative fog, body horror, oysters, and beyond is covered. Make sure you check out OUR REVIEW of 'The Beach House' as well.


(Ep. 140): The Simplistic Reviews Podcast - July 2020

Happy 4th Of July. The boys at Simplistic Reviews, along with Greg Cafaro from Miscast Entertainment, are ready to light all the fireworks your parents told you were dangerous. First things first, we celebrate Matt's copper anniversary, then we peek in on the life of Chris Hansen, bring back a classic segment called Simply The Best, do a little channel surfing with some TV Roundup, share another entry into Julie's Diary, and then flip the script with another edition of Simplistic Switcheroo....


Simplistic Reviews Presents: Beyond the Pale Ale Ep. 008 – Nate Grabowski from Monday Night Brewing Co.

On this episode we head down to Georgia, figuratively, and I chat with Nate Grabowski, the Tennessee Market Manager from Monday Night Brewing Co. in Atlanta Nate and I go back about three years so we wax on our old gigs, where we are now, how it's going, and where we think we're heading. Oh, and we got to hang out in person in the studio sharing a few beers while staying socially distant of course! Remember to keep supporting your local bars, restaurants, breweries and distilleries in...


Simplistic Reviews Presents: Beyond the Pale Ale Ep. 007 – Joaquin and Josh Peña from Islla Street Brewing Co.

On this episode of ‘Beyond the Pale Ale’ I’m joined by the dynamic duo of Joaquin and Josh Peña from Islla Street Brewing Co. in San Antonio, Texas. In this Jumbo-Deluxe episode, we dive into the the diversity of the Texas beer scene, how a culinary director and oil field chemist created a brewery that bridges cultures together, and how Covid-19 has changed the landscape of business as we know it. Remember to keep supporting your local bars, restaurants, breweries and distilleries in these...