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8: Brooklyn Womens Film Festival

Todays Episode we talk to Katy-May Hudson Founder and Festival Director of the Brooklyn Womens Film Festival. The festival is running from Thursday the 21st of June through Sunday the 24th of June. To find out more about the festival: Buy Tickets @brooklynwomensfilmfestival on FB/TWITTER/INSTAGRAM Follow us: Hannah @poppypascoe Ben @Thesocietyofben Our other Podcasts Animal...


6: Story Telling with David

Today's episode is with writer/ director/storyteller David Vincent Smith 1:50 How did you get started? 4:50 What did you do directly after film school? 5:20 “we just went out and we shot stuff all the time” 6:29 When doing small projects would you set goals for yourself? 7:20 Did you do any crew work? 10:10 “You make a half good short film and you get lured into thinking that’s what good film making is.” 10:42 “ I feel like I’m now a professional amateur” 12:44 So what was your next step...


5: Getting Creative with Psembi

Talking to the multi-talented Creative Director Psembi Kinstan about how he got his start out of High school through to being the youngest ever Creative Director at Y&R London. I mean seriously just check out his website 00:10 Tell us about yourself 2:05 “ I left High school when I was quite young, I literally had no idea what I wanted to study” 2:20 working on radio 3:00 getting a job on Children’s TV I mean from here to about 10:00 is just Ben and Psembi reminiscing about...


Episode 4: with Amy Jo

We talk to Minneapolis based Accounts Director Amy Jo Preisler about how she got started in the advertising industry. 0:54 Where she came from 1:23 Whats the difference between advertising and marketing? 4:03 Discussing the Account Supervisor job 4:14 How did you get started? 6:25 "They took a chance on me and here I am" 7:47 "you learn best on the job" 8:01 "I thought I would be a designer" 8:23 I felt more creative thinking about the strategy" 9:17 What are some of the reasons you would...


Episode 3: Who is Ben?

00:46- A different sort of episode today. 00:49 - FYI the German TV show was called Bronski and Bernstein. Its great. 01:17 - Ben's first degree and what he studied. 02:08 - "Ben have you considered teaching" 02:28 - Ben has no talent. 03:43 - Editing a doco for Public Access TV 06:11 - If you don't aspire to be anything why do you bother to do this? 07:45 - Working on Trapped 08:57 - "You're not saving lives" 09:07 - "The camera operator or DOP has to be the gentleman of the set" 10:59 -...


Episode 2: Building Empires with Grant

Interview with Grant Sputore, director and one of the founders of the Penguin Empire. How did you decide you wanted to work in film? 03:24 Grant discusses film school 04:33 Book reccomendations! 05:50 Directing Actors Directing Actors: Creating Memorable Performances for Film & Television Story Story: Substance, Structure, Style and the Principles of Screenwriting A discussion on film structures 07:04 "A films only job is to entertain you" 07:42 Grant discusses the early days of the...


Episode 1: sound with Owen

Interview with Owen Hughes-Odgers, location sound recordist and drone pilot. "If it's remote, isolated, dusty or on fire" 2:10 When did Owen decide he wanted to work in film? 2:28 "I'm in two minds about my studying" 4:44 "Is it important to align yourself with mentors?" 7:00 Owen talks about his thesis on sound. 7:43 Owen discusses leaving university and entering the film industry 9;14 "It was the classic indie film producer call "We have an amazing DOP and a massive camera and we can't...