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A conversation about comic books - join the conversation!

A conversation about comic books - join the conversation!
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A conversation about comic books - join the conversation!




#262: Marvel offers DC a hand!

This week the guys discuss the latest comic book and movie news including PS4 Spider-man being brought to the comics? Infinity War hits 2 billion dollars! Marvel writers offer advice to WB/DC on how to build a movie universe, and WB planning 2 unrelated solo Joker films!?! All this and much more in the latest Super Hero Speak enjoy!


#261: Great Philly Comic Con 2018 – Part 3!

Like that bizarre sequel to an older movie no one really asked for the guys bring you The Great Philly Comic Con - Part 3! Wrapping up all the remaining interviews from this years con this episode features Ray Wenk, Jodi Lynn Nye, Lynn Almengor and Pinups For Pit Bulls! The strangest thing is this is also a John heavy episode since Dave missed most of these interviews. So like Blade runner 2049 this episode might get a bit trippy ;) So please sit back, relax and let the docile tones of...


#260: Do we need this?

This week the guys discuss the latest Marvel, DC and pop culture news. Including Marvel's EIC apologizes for Yoshida controversy, kinda, Wonder Woman tease confirms 80s time frame. The Crow remake gets canceled, is Jamie Foxx the right choice for Spawn? And Is Solo a flop? All this plus an interview with Disney artist James C. Mulligan. So please, sit back and enjoy!


#259: F is for Family (Deadpool 2 Review)

The best Romantic comedy of 2016 follows it up with the best family film of 2018, Deadpool 2! JD if off this week so the guys had to bring in Fans on Patrol's Montago Bradley to help out with this one. Is it as good as the first? Better? Does Ryan Reynolds finally get out from under Hugh Jackman's shadow? All these questions and more are explored as we review Deadpool 2!


#258: Great Philly Comic Con 2018 – Part 2!

This week the guys talk about some of the latest news from Marvel and DC and bring you 2 more interviews from The Great Philadelphia Comic Con 2018! The interviews are with comic book/horror writer Dirk Manning and artist Kari Lynn Smith. Together they created the comic book Hope, a dark an interesting twist on the superhero genre. So sit back and enjoy!


#257: Great Philly Comic Con 2018!

This week we bring you part one of our 2018 Great Philly Comic Con coverage. The guys talk about what the show was like this year, and how they feel about the con's growth. The also bring you interviews with Frank Gogel (Grief), Andy Schmidt (Comics Experience) and David Bradley (Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who). So please sit back and enjoy this jam packed episode from the Great Philadelphia Comic Con 2018!


#256: Adam Rose (Playground)

This week the guys sit down with Adam Rose, the creator of the all ages comic, Playground. Adam tells the guys what his inspiration for the book was and how it truly was a labor of love. A man passionate about comics he was determined to get it right, and the guys really appreciate his story, and think you will to. So sit back and enjoy our conversation with Adam Rose!


#255: Infantile War

This week the guys review the cinematic event that is Marvel's Avenger's: Infinity War! The movie that was 10 years in the making and combines every aspect of the MCU into one film. Was it worth the wait? Did it live up to the hype? Is it the greatest of the MCU films? Join the guys as they explore these questions. Be warned this review is full of spoilers and contains possible spoilers for Avengers 4. Enjoy!


Infinity War Reaction

JD recorded his gut reaction to Marvel's Infinity and shares it with you. Don' worry it's spoiler free! Enjoy and look for our full review Wednesday!


#254: Brian Lau Returns

This week Brian Lau returns to the podcast. He tells the guys all about what's going on with his book Staunch Ambition, and the kick starter he's currently running for issue 3. Plus they discuss Dave's new obsession Paper Clip Universe and the current state of affairs with Stan Lee. All this and so much more, so sit back and enjoy!


#253: Not So Ready Player One

This week the guys share strange stories from Twitter, talk about Karl Urban casting in The Boys and discuss the Last Starfighter reboot. Plus the main event the review Ready Player One! So listen to what we have to say then let us know what you thought of Ready Player One. Enjoy!


#252: Black Label Blood Pens

Stan Lee's Blood stolen! Erik Larsen attacks Christians! And DC gives everyone trunks! All this plus tons of drama from the world of podcasting, and much more so sit back and enjoy!


#251: Infinite Kryptonian Deaths

In this episode the guys sit down and discuss the latest Marvel and DC news. Plus they review the pilot episode of Krypton and debate who will die in Infinity War. Warning this episode contains spoilers for Krypton. All this and much more so sit back and enjoy!


#250: Jonesing for Jessica

This week the guys are joined by special guest co-host, Steve, from Dinner and a Podcast and together they review Jessica Jones season 2. They examine the characters and story arcs as they critique this seasons adventures of the hard edged detective. So sit back and enjoy, but be warned there are spoilers ahead.


#249: Joshua Mikel

This week the guys sit down with Joshua Mikel (Jared on The Walking Dead). Joshua talks about his career, how he got started and what it's like to be killed by Robert De Niro in a film. Plus he shares his feeling on the bold choices of Nicholas Cage. All this and much more in this weeks Super Hero Speak!


#248: Acts of Contrition

In this episode the guys are visited by returning guests Michael Heitkemper and Ariel J. Fulcher. The creative team behind Freedom Fighter and Acts of Contrition from Insane Comics. They tell the guys all about what they've been up since they were last on the show and all about their new book Acts of Contrition. Also Ariel tells the guys what it's like to be mistaken for The Little Mermaid. All this and more in this episode, so sit back and enjoy.


#247: Patrick Trahey

This week the guys sit down with Patrick Trahey creator of The XII. In a post apocalyptic world, Caleb has kept his family alive for fifteen years by squeezing out meager crops from a desolate plot of land. Caleb does everything in his power to protect his family, but all along a secretive group known as The XII have had their eyes on him, and Caleb is forced to face the cruel truth that if he wants to keep his family safe, he will have to play by The XII’s rules. Patrick talks to the guys...


#246: Wakanda Forever! (Black Panther review)

This week the guys review the latest film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Panther. A movie so epic that they invited Mark from the So Wizard podcast to join in and help with the heavy lifting. Black Panther is the 18th film in the 10 year reign of the MCU and yet there is Complete Reading


#245: Omar Spahi

This week the guys sit down with Omar Spahi the creative mind behind Xenoglyphs. Xenoglyphs follows Steven James and his best friend Dom Jenkins as they try to stop Anubis, the master of evil, from collecting all nine Xenoglyphs. Omar also talks about his involvement with the Robbie Amell project Code 8. All this and much more, so sit back and enjoy!


#244: Bobby Del Rio

In this episode the guys sit down with actor/writer/producer Bobby Del Rio (IRL The Series). Bobby talks about his career and where he thinks the entertainment industry is going. Plus he discusses his acclaimed play Professionally Ethnic. All this ans more in this episode of Super Hero Speak, enjoy!