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Join Adam for talk about classic movies and old-time radio shows, featuring a specially selected episode each week.

Join Adam for talk about classic movies and old-time radio shows, featuring a specially selected episode each week.
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Join Adam for talk about classic movies and old-time radio shows, featuring a specially selected episode each week.






Episode 74: Chicken Soup

This week, hear all about the wonderful thing that "SCIENCE" discovered lately... There's some classic MUSIC from Johnny Mercer, Bing Crosby and Bea Wain... 'Who The Hell Is That Hollywood Legend?' RETURNS with a new mystery to solve... Find out who's won the VAL LEWTON competition... Plus reviews of two movie favourites, the James Cagney & Pat O'Brien comic drama 'Ceiling Zero', and the scintillating 'The Farmer's Daughter' starring Loretta Young and Joseph Cotten. To become a patron...


Episode 73: Jackpot Crackpot

Welcome back to Attaboy Clarence, now with a decided Calypso flavour... Play another round of 'Who The Hell Is That Hollywood Legend?'! Fumble for answers in The Question Pot! Thrill to FOUR reviews this time, featuring a very British murder in a very public place, a French waiter trying to save a girl from her psychopathic husband, James Stewart and the pitfalls of being lucky, and James Mason as a murderer who goes caravanning... Music this week is from Sir Lancelot and Fats Pichon,...


Episode 72: Ida The Incredible

In this week's show... Let's forget all about the old cannibalism and torture and necrophilia and incest for a moment shall we, and concentrate on the happy-go-lucky BLOOD CRISIS!! The Question Pot throws up a very interesting William Powell related query... The Caseite Jingle arrives to haunt our dreams... There's more 'Who The Hell Is That Hollywood Legend?' And this week's reviews are dedicated to one of classic cinema's true pioneers, a lady who shrugged off a studio suspension to...


Episode 71: The Man With The Dog

This week, the most bizarre ad EVER! The Question Pot is once again open for business! There's a ridiculously hard edition of 'Who The Hell Is That Hollywood Legend?' Reviews this week come courtesy of Humphrey Bogart's breakout hit, the dramatic consequences of a one-night-stand, and a silent screen star's star turn in a very glossy wartime thriller... Radio entertainment comes courtesy of the Screen Guild Theatre. To become a patron of the shows, click here Go and take a look at...


Episode 69: Here's To You, Mr Robinson

In this week's episode... HOW MANY adjectives does it take to describe a record player? We talk NUN-sense, RELAXATION and GANGSTER NURSES in the QUESTION POT! There's another HOLLYWOOD LEGEND for you to identify... PLUS... Reviews of three incredible Golden Age movies, including a very subversive British thriller, a remarkably tender Edward G. Robinson movie, and a starring performance from The Wizard Of Oz himself... Radio entertainment comes courtesy of Suspense! To become a...


Episode 66: Mermaids And Dog Parades

This week, there's a new game in town, as well as an all new (very overactive) catchphrase! PLUS... The reviews are over to you... And hear about a trio of very curious movies in which you'll find a lovesick mermaid, a David-Lynchian parade of dogs, and a superhero with the worst super-power you've ever heard of! It's all here, so dive on into Episode 66! To become a patron of the shows, click here


Episode 65: Hidden Treasures

This time round... THANK YOUs fly to some very special people, including the proprietor of the greatest hair salon on Earth, which features as part of its decor 'THE BRIGHTON STRANGLER!', automatically earning the greatest soft-rock "Canterbury!" yet... PLUS... the happiest cigarette song ever sung! New questions are PLUCKED from The Question Pot! BE A REVIEWER for The Attaboy Clarence Podcast by watching terrible films and telling the world about them! And hear all about three films...


Episode 64: Capra-corn

This week, we're celebrating one of the Golden Age's greatest directors, and Columbia's saviour, Mr Frank Capra, with a look at three of his finest films... Also... HEAR an ad that features a song that doesn't rhyme! ROCK WITH LAUGHTER at America's "funniest" comedy duo (?)... DISCOVER why the great financial crisis happened... ...and much more! To become a patron, click here