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Sound Trek Film Composer Spotlight: Lorne Balfe (Mission: Impossible – Fallout)

Guest Lorne Balfe Film/TV/Video Game Score Composer Follow Lorne Balfe on Twitter: @Lornebalfe Like Lorne Balfe on Facebook @Lornebalfemusic Visit for more information on his past and future projects Welcome back to Sound Trek’s new film composer spotlight interview series on The Cinematic Schematic! Each month hosts Alexandra Bohannon and Caleb Masters will sit down for a talk with a composer working in the entertainment industry to discuss the blood, sweat, and musical notes...


Sound Trek Film Composer Spotlight: Kevin Manthei

Guest Kevin Manthei Film/TV/Video Game Composer Follow Kevin Manthei on Twitter: @KevinManthei Like Kevin on Facebook @KevinMantheiMusic Visit for more information on his past and future projects Welcome to the first of Sound Trek’s new film/TV/video game composer spotlight interviews on The Cinematic Schematic! Each month hosts Alexandra Bohannon and Caleb Masters will sit down for a talk with a composer working in the entertainment industry to discuss the blood, sweat, and...


The Halloween 2018 Special – The Cinematic Schematic #9

Trick ‘r’ treat listeners! In this month’s edition of The Cinematic Schematic celebrating the horror movie season, we’re stepping into the suburban American town of Haddonfield, IL to review David Gordon Green’s Michal Myers revival film, Halloween. Laron Chapman and The Cinematropolis essay contributor Christopher Shultz join me to discuss whether or not this is a great sequel and how well it holds up against the rest of the franchise. Read Christopher’s recent essay on the underrated...


Strike, Dear Mistress, and Cure His Heart – Mickey Reece and Mary Buss Interview

Award winning independent Oklahoma filmmaker Mickey Reece rejoins The Cinematic Schematic to talk about his new movie making its world premiere at the Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX, Strike, Dear Mistress, and Cure His Heart. Reece is also joined by the film’s star, Mary Buss. A quick synopsis of Strike, Dear Mistress, and Cure His Heart: “Newlyweds David and Madeline Middleston have just purchased a historic hotel near the town where Madeline’s estranged mother Dianne resides. When Dianne...


Batman: Mask of The Phantasm – An Animated Discussion – DCAU Season 2

For 79 years, this weird creature of the night has stalked the superstitious and cowardly lot known as criminals. He has battled murder clowns, brilliant puzzlers, international criminal organizations, and even the god of evil itself. But he has surrounded himself with allies in his war on crime who are also his family. Of course we speak of the Batman. And what better day to celebrate the Caped Crusader than Batman Day 2019? Join in the festivities with The Cinematropolis as two of their...


Time Travel 101 with Shifter – The Cinematic Schematic #8

In this month’s edition of The Cinematic Schematic, we’re stepping back in time to discuss our very favorite time travel movies in order to protect the new movies being made in the present day! The minds behind Shifter (The Cinematropolis co-founders), Jacob and Zachary Burns, join us to kick off a new Making of Shifter audio diary series describing their process for raising money through Indie Go Go and casting their ensemble. Alexandra Bohannon rides the time travel theme by talking about...


Mission: Impossible – Fallout Is the Best Kind of Summer Blockbuster Experience – The Cinematic Schematic

The Cinematic Schematic has your summer filmgoing needs covered with a special bonus conversation reviewing one of our most anticipated movies of the summer, Mission: Impossible – Fallout. Mission: Impossible – Fallout is the sixth entry in the Mission: Impossible film franchise starring Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt, and the second written/directed by frequent Cruise collaborator, Christopher McQuarrie. The film reunites Ethan Hunt with several members of his teams from past films including...


A Hereditary Roundtable – The Cinematic Schematic #7

In this month’s edition of The Cinematic Schematic, Laron Chapman returns to the podcast to review and delve into spoilers on the A24’s latest horror movie, Hereditary. Christopher Shultz also joins Caleb and Laron to discuss whether or not the film could truly be classified as horror and whether or not the film’s logic makes sense in the excitement of the third act. “Sound Trek” is on a break this month, but will return in July to look at films the incorporate time-travel. Follow The...


The Cinematropolis deadCenter 2018 Recap

After an entire weekend full of movies, parties, and reunions at the 2018 deadCenter Film Festival followed by a week full of film reviews and interviews here at The Cinematropolis, our special deadCenter coverage comes to a close with a deadCenter 2018 recap discussion between our entire festival team, Daniel Bokemper, Kevin Tudor, Christopher Shultz, and myself. We are also joined by The Cinematic Schematic‘s ‘Sound Trek’ host and You People associate producer/Homecoming unit production...


Homecoming: Seduction – A deadCenter 2018 Talk with Oklahoma Icon Kim Voynar

Guest Kim Voynar CEO & Chief Imaginator deadCenter 2018 Oklahoma Icon deadCenter 2018 Oklahoma Icon Kim Voynar joins The Cinematic Schematic to talk about her experience filming Homecoming: Seductionwith a 360 degree camera in order to showcase the short in virtual reality. Voynar talks about the unique benefits the cutting edge technology offers storytellers and filmmakers. Homecoming: Seduction Synopsis Homecoming: Seduction uses the language of dance to explore the challenges of avoiding...


Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich – A deadCenter 2018 Talk with Producer Amanda Presmyk

Guest Amanda Presmyk Producer of Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich Follow Amanda on Twitter: @amandapresmyk Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich producer Amanda Presmyk joins The Cinematic Schematic to talk about creating one of the most shocking and twisted horror movies in recent memory with writer S. Craig Zahler. In our review, Christopher Shultz described the use of violence as meaningful when he said “this is gore for the sake of social commentary, in grand the tradition of George...


The Grave – A deadCenter 2018 Talk with Kyle Roberts

Guest Kyle Roberts Director of The Grave Director Kyle Roberts joins The Cinematic Schematic to talk about his experience working on the recent Noir superhero pilot, The Grave. Kyle discusses Oklahoma’s 1920s history with underground crime in addition to the exciting challenges he tackled with the film’s mature themes. The interview ends with big news for the future of the project. Listen to the podcast talk for the full story! The Grave Synopsis In 1920s Oklahoma City, few men are above the...


The Jurassic Games – A deadCenter 2018 Talk with Ryan Bellgardt

Guest Ryan Bellgardt Writer / Director / Producer of The Jurassic Games Writer/director/producer Ryan Bellgardt rejoins The Cinematic Schematic to talk about his experiences making his most recent visual effects extravaganza, The Jurassic Games, in Oklahoma. He also discusses how to balance the fun premise, the surprising commentary that emerged from his script, and the business behind making such a high concept film. List to the interview for the full story! The Jurassic Games Synopsis...


You People: A deadCenter 2018 talk with writer/director Laron Chapman

Guest Laron Chapman Writer / Director / Producer of You People Guest Yousef Kazemi Executive Producer of You People Writer/director/producer of You People and The Cinematropolis contributor, Laron Chapman, rejoins The Cinematic Schematic podcast along with executive producer Yousef Kazemi to talk about their social dramedy and Laron’s first feature film premiering at the deadCenter 2018 film festival in Oklahoma City. Laron talks about how recent events in the culture have helped shaped his...


Deadpool 2 VS Summer Blockbusters – The Cinematic Schematic #6

Time Stamps 2:01 – Deadpool 2 Review 27:17 – Deadpool 2 Spoilers 53:13 – ‘Sound Trek’ with Alexandra Bohannon – The evolution of film scores in superhero blockbusters The Cinematic Schematic closes out our May theme of Blockbusters at The Cinematropolis with a review and deep-dive discussion covering of one of the most anticipated superhero films of the summer, Deadpool 2. In the second half of the show, Alexandra Bohannon hosts a superhero blockbuster edition of ‘Sound Trek’ by selecting...


Ready Player March: An Evening with K.W. Jeter – The Cinematic Schematic #5

Time Stamps 2:05 – ‘Sound Trek’ with Alexandra Bohannon – The best of Spielberg directed/produced scores 56:24 – A talk with K.W. Jeter, author of the Blade Runner novel sequels. The Cinematic Schematic closes out our March theme by celebrating the road to Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One with a special episode of ‘Sound Trek’ from Alexandra Bohannon selecting some of the most unique and memorable pieces from his directed or produced films. In the second half of today’s show, Caleb and...


Black Panther: A Fresh Marvel Spectacle Charged with Deeper Ambitions

The Cinematic Schematic returns with a roundtable review and breakdown of Marvel Studios newest film, Black Panther. Today’s panel consists of The Cinematropolis film critic and Cinematic Schematic host Caleb Masters, the writer/director of You People, Laron Chapman, and first-time guest Joshua Unruh from Pulp Diction Productions. In this discussion, we give our initial spoiler-free review followed by an in-depth spoiler discussion about the film’s plot, character arcs, and larger themes....


A Twisted Fan Romance: Fifty Shades Freed

Valentine’s Day is a right around the corner and we’re not leaving any Twisted Big Screen Romance unturned, including this past weekend’s most recent release, Fifty Shades Freed. In this special segment of The Cinematic Schematic, Caleb is joined by You People writer/director, Laron Chapman, and first-time guest Chelsea Ratterman from Geek Girl Features to review the third and final chapter of the hit romance series, Fifty Shades Freed. Follow The Cinematic Schematic Podcast Hear all of this...


And the Most Prestigious Title Goes To… – The Cinematic Schematic #4

TIME STAMPS 1:53 – 2018 Oscar nomination reactions 112:19 – Sound Trek with Alexandra Bohannon The latest episode of The Cinematic Schematic wraps up The Cinematropolis‘s January theme of Prestige Films: Past and Present with a special Oscar 2018 nomination reactions conversation featuring Laron Chapman, Alexandra Bohannon, Zachary Burns and myself. We discuss several of the major categories including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay among others. In the second half...


Sound Trek: The 2018 Best Original Score Special

We continue our month of Prestige Films: Past & Present with a special edition of The Cinematic Schematic‘s “Sound Trek” dedicated to the recently announced Oscar nominations for the 2018 Best Original Score. Now that the Academy has rolled out this year’s contenders for Best Original Score, Alexandra Bohannon picks her favorite tracks from each of the nominated scores and breaks down what made them the most important of the year. Which of these scores the best stands the best chance at a...