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Weekly Movie Newscast - 10.15.2018

Got a nice big chunky show for you guys today. I finally finished the Ken Burns documentary, The Vietnam War and we are definitely gonna get into that. Re-watched Justice League with a new understanding that maybe the changes in the wake of BVS weren't all bad. But its not just older titles, Oh no. We are gonna discuss Damien Chazelle's follow up to La La Land, First Man and why you should see it in IMax. The ensemble thriller, Bad Times At The El Royale. We finally got some info on Guy...


Weekly Movie Newcast - 10.08.2018

I had a grand weekend. New York Comic Con, Venom, and The Game Of Thrones Live Experience at Madison Square Garden with Ramin Djwadi. While Venom may be getting poor reviews from critics, fans are diggin it and defiantly coming out to support it, My brief spoiler free review. Also, A Barbie movie? With Margot Robbie & Patty Jenkins? Hmph. John Wick 3 is adding a badass set of characters, And we are finally getting a peek at the first Live Action Star Wars TV show going to Disney's streaming...


Weekly Movie Newscast - 10.01.2018

I finally have a discussion with my brother Edgar. A debate sparks... Did I judge Justice League unfairly? We are also going to discuss the trailers to Creed 2, Bumblebee, and Dark Phoenix. Gambit getting a release date and the new Deadpool movie coming this December. Also, talking about increasing the frequency of installments of the Newscast, and what recording equipment I use. Box Office, Questions... C' Mon, Lets get lost in the abstract.


Weekly Movie Newscast - 09.24.2018

Today we discuss the brilliance of Cary Fukunaga's Maniac. Not just the series itself, but the smart move on Netflix to produce and release it. How it could also effect others, HBO, Showtime, Amazon & Hulu looking to bring a unique experience with top tier talent to their network. Of course we have to talk about that Captain Marvel trailer. The Kree, The Skrulls, even the Starforce. I give a very brief, simplified explanation on who they each are and how they fit in to Captain Marvel and the...


Weekly Movie Newscast - 09.17.2018

Welcome Back Everybody. Today we're gonna do things a bit differently. Instead of getting into the typical news stories since my absence, We are going to focus on a single story, The possible recasting of Superman. That's right, Henry Cavill might be leaving the DCEU. We are going to get into what this could mean for the future of the DC films going forward and what moves Henry Cavill should make if he leaves, But that's not all, We're also gonna discuss my favorite films of the 2018 Summer...


Weekly Movie Newscast - 02.12.2018

Another slow news week, But we did get those trailers to Deadpool 2 & Venom. I talk about the brilliance of Blade Runner 2049 & how HBO can be misguided at times. Box Office, Questions...C'mon, Lets get lost in the abstract.


Weekly Movie Newscast - 02.05.2018

The mad shuffle to completely redue the show, because I forgot the Super Bowl was yesterday. The trailers. Mute, Infinity War, Solo finally gets a trailer & Mission Impossible: Fallout. Much more. Box Office, Your awesome questions that give me life. Cmon, Lets get lost in the abstract.


Weekly Movie Newscast - 01.29.2018

Not a great movie news week, So i decided to highlight titles i feel need more exposure. Netflix' new cyberpunk show Altered Carbon & the haunting You Were Never Really Here. I do talk about the new Pacific Rim Uprising trailer, & Captain Marvel photos. Box Office, Questions... Cmon, Lets get lost in the abstract.


Weekly Movie Newscast - 01.22.2018

This week we get into that new Den Of Thieves, Spielberg's next project, Nerd Gods Simon Pegg & Nick Frost new production company, Duncan Jones' Mute gets a release date, and so much more. Box Office, Your Questions. Lets get lost in the abstract.


Weekly Movie Newscast - 01.15.2018

The Return!!! We get into a John Wick series based on The Continental coming to Starz, Shazam gets a release date, Leonardo DiCaprio re teams with Tarantino, and so much more. Box Office, Questions. Lets Go.


Weekly Movie Newscast - 12.04.17

James Franco's next project, Bohemian Rhapsody delayed, Tarantino's New flick gets a release date, and The Avengers Infinity War trailer. Box Office, Questions. Leeeeets GOOOO!!!!


Weekly Movie Newscast - 11.27.2017

I hope you guys enjoyed your Thanksgiving. This week we see Jude Law getting the male lead in Captain Marvel, Pixar drops The Incredibles 2 Teaser, Murder On The Orient Express gets a sequel, & Apple is spending allot of money on original IP. I also address the Padmavati madness, Box Office & Your Questions. Sorry about my absence, It feels like I've been gone far too long.


Weekly Movie Newcast - 11.13.2017

Star Wars, Star Wars, My, My. We have news on the next Trilogy in Star Wars cannon, We have confirmation about the live action Star Wars TV Series, Metal Gear Solid gets a writer and more. Top 5 Box Office, Your Questions. Yeah Man!!


Weekly Movie Newscast - 11.06.2017

Thor destroying the box office and its own series record. That I, Tonya Red Band trailer dropped, Zachary Levi as Shazam, And a Lord Of The Rings TV show? And more. As always got those Box Office numbers, and your questions. Trying a few new things this week to see how they feel. Tighter focus, different music etc. Lemme know what you think.


Weekly Movie Newscast - 10.30.2017

Stranger Things 2 Spoiler Free mini review, Justice League Run time, X23 Film from the makers of Logan, The Devil Rejects Revival, Pacific Rim to crossover with Godzilla, and Gareth Evans in talks for Deathstroke. Box Office, Questions, I got you...


Weekly Movie Newscast - 10.23.2017

Slow movie news week, but we still got a good show. Hasbro finally decides to launch their own movie division, The Addams Family is getting an animated movie, How bugged out is Jim Carey, and are there any films like John Wick? Box Office, Questions. Yes. Lets Go.


Weekly Movie Newscast 10.16.2017

What a day, What a day. I have been trying to record all day. Nothing but distractions and noise that created a boatload of problems and one very late episode. This Week we see the release dates to Gambit, & Strangers: Prey At Night. Trailers to Star Wars The Last Jedi, New Mutants & Black Panther. Box Office Numbers, Your Questions. Lets Go.


Weekly Movie Newscast - 10.09.2017

I want to apologize ahead of time, I am sick. I did what I could to give you guys a good show. We get into the first real trailer of Pacific Rim: Uprising, The Hugh Hefner Biopic gets a possible casting update, A new trailer for Justice League & the first look at Jack Ryan coming to Amazon Instant Video. As always, Breakdown the Top 5 at the domestic Box Office, & Your lovely questions. Hit Play, lets get into this.


Weekly Movie Newscast - 10.02.2017

Blade Runner 2049 is getting top praise from critics, Sex & The City 3 will not be happening, The Trailers To Gotti & Annihilation are released, And we get our first look at Peaky Blinders season 4. There are 3 movies neck N neck for the top spot at the box office... And your questions of coarse.


Weekly Movie Newscast- 09.25.2017

There was so much I wanted to cover today where do I begin. Well... We're gonna get into the Trailers to Murder On The Orient Express, Isle Of Dogs, & Tomb raider. Han Solo doing the Kessel Run, New TV show coming based in the Watchmen Universe and more. Of coarse we breakdown the Box Office & Your questions.