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Episode 10 - The Twilight Zone - Nightmare as a Child & Nervous Man in a Four-Dollar Room (1960)

Portrait of a film music expert: John Takis, a talented writer known for his exceptional liner notes and informative blog posts. John has been invited to be the very first guest on a podcast known as The Goldsmith Odyssey. He knows that he will be asked to offer his thoughts on the virtues of film composer Jerry Goldsmith. He knows that he is expected to offer commentary on the classic television episodes "Nightmare as a Child" and "Nervous Man in a Four-Dollar Room." However, what he...


Episode 9 - The Twilight Zone - The Four of Us Are Dying & The Big Tall Wish (1960)

Submitted for your approval: a voyage of musical discovery, critical analysis, and profound mystery. These three men – Jens, Yavar, and Clark – are entirely ordinary in every way but one: their odd obsession with the music of a film composer named Jerry Goldsmith. Crossing the threshold into a new era, they explore two classic episodes of television: “The Four of Us Are Dying” (which features a dynamic, off-kilter jazz score) and “The Big Tall Wish” (which offers up impressively structured...


Episode 8 - Fifties Roundup

The day has finally arrived. At long last, we have reached the end... of the 1950s, thus concluding the brief prologue to this obscenely lengthy podcast journey. On this episode, your humble hosts Jens, Yavar, and Clark gather up odds n' ends from the decade: an exploration of the Climax! episode “Trail of Terror” (featuring a suspenseful Goldsmith score highlighted by a lovely, reflective melody), a MIDI reconstruction of Goldsmith's dynamic score for the Civil War-themed Playhouse 90...


Gold Nugget 1 - Big in Japan

In our first side episode, Jens begins his examination of Jerry Goldsmith’s influence on the world of Japanese soundtracks. If you have examples of cues that would be good fodder for Big in Japan as an ongoing series, please email us at