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Parasite (1982)

Things get weird on this solo episode of The Gory Days when Kyle finds some notes he prepared for a movie he hasn't watched: Parasite (1982). Apparently, it's Demi Moore's cinematic debut! (Remember her?) Let's hope things get back to normal next week... (this episode does NOT contain spoilers) @TheGoryDays


Society (1989)

What the-?! Eeugh gross! Is that his--?! Holy--! This is just disgusting and we love every second! This week on The Gory Days, Kyle and his guest, Mike, take a long, hard, sweaty look at the mother of all body horror: Society (1989). Is Bill going out of his mind, or did he really just see a big, gross, sweaty, pulsating boil on his sister's back? What kind of friend is Milo anyway? What is Clarissa's mom's deal?! Bring back tiny basketball shorts! (this episode contains spoilers)...


Stephen King's The Dead Zone (1983)

Kyle takes the disturbingly prophetic Stephen King's The Dead Zone (1983) for a wild midnight drive on this episode of The Gory Days. Christopher Walken and David Cronenberg bring Stephen King's first #1 Bestseller to life and Kyle, with guest Mike, can't get enough! In his mind, he has the power to see the future. In your hands, you have the power to change it! (this episode contains spoilers) @TheGoryDays


Stephen King's Children Of The Corn (1984)

The tenth episode of The Gory Days sends Kyle and his guest, Mike, into the eerie town of Gatlin, Nebraska where adults are nowhere to be found and children rule. Will our heroes survive long enough to make it to Seattle for Burt's new medical job? Will Vicky get that proposal she so deeply desires? He Who Walks Behind the Rows hates fire, so lets heat things up with another stroll down memory slain. It's time to start the show! (this episode contains spoilers) @TheGoryDays


Gremlins (1984)

With great power, there must also come -- great responsibility! This week on The Gory Days, Kyle takes a swan dive into the 80s fantasy/comedy/family/horror classic: Gremlins! All your favorites are here! Gizmo, Stripe, Pete, Mrs. Deagle, Rockin' Ricky Rialto, and the rest! Did you see that time machine?! Remember: 1) Don't listen to this episode in bright light. 2) Don't get this episode wet. 3) Never, ever, feed this episode after midnight... Thanks to Rachel at Mad Masks for the...


Hellraiser (1987)

The Gory Days are here to stay! Eight episodes with no end in sight. Succumb to your bodily urges with another episode of The Gory Days. This week, Kyle and his puzzling guest Mike delve into the twisted mind of Clive Barker. A mysterious box, a lust beyond words, two (2) butt-thrusts! All are possible on today’s episode. Join them as they explore the farthest reaches of pleasure and pain that is... Hellraiser! (This episode contains spoilers) @TheGoryDays