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037 - Alison Haislip Strikes Back!

Today Jeremy and Jeremiah welcome back to the show, Alison Haislip! Alison takes us way back to her early days in LA, and how she decided to pursue acting! Jeremy shares a bit about the "Pitch Process" in today's Behind the Curtain Segment. The guys discuss Solo, and Infinity War in the Cutscene segment! Speaking of... today's Button Masher poll, is: Which film are you more excited for? Head over to to find all things Mediajuice! Produced by Jeremiah Isley, Mediajuice...


036 - Mediajuice Master Class

Today Jeremiah takes the helm and guides us through the Mediajuice Master Class with your professor, Jeremy Snead. Topics covered in today's episode include: As always you can find all things Mediajuice by heading over to, including all of the links to our social media outlets, like this one RIGHT HERE! Produced by Jeremiah Isley, Mediajuice Studios llc.


035 - Origin Stories

Today the guys take a look back on some inspiring origin stories of past guests, as they walk us down memory lane. Today's guests are: We really appreciate you listening, if you enjoy the show please like, share, subscribe, rate, and review us wherever you're listening to the show! You can reach us at @MediaJuiceTwitt on Twitter, or by heading over to Produced by Jeremiah Isley, Mediajuice llc.


034 - Save Point 2!

Today we take a look back on the last 15 episodes and share some of the best of the best moments of the Mediajuice episodes and our star-studded list of guests who have made their way to the Green Room with Jeremy and Jeremiah! Listen in as the guys are joined by: It's a who's who of Film, Television, Video Games and more as we've reached Save Point 2! As always you can head over to @MediajuiceTwitt on Twitter to cast your vote! And as always you can head over to to find...


033 - Doug Tennapel

This week Doug Tennapel joins the Jeremy and Jeremiah in the Green room as he recalls his humble beginnings and learning to animate while working on animated version of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, to the creation of Earthworm Jim and beyond. Behind the Curtain Jermey continues introducing us to "The Crew" with a segment on the role of the "AD" or Assistant Director. And in today's Cutscene the guys talk Network TV vs. Streaming and how the "campfire" we sit around as a nation is ever...


032 - Michael Rooker

Yes. You read that title correctly! The man, the myth, the legend Michael Rooker joins Jeremy and Jeremiah in the Green Room today. Take a listen as they chat about Michael’s journey to the silver screen and the discussion takes a turn into the finer points of the process of embodying a character. You're in for a treat this week! The Crew series is also continued this week in our Behind the Curtain segment. This week Jeremy introduces us to the Line Producer role and all its logistical...


031 - Nolan Bushnell

We've got a great episode for you this week as Nolan Bushnell, co-founder of Atari, and the man behind Chuck E. Cheese pulls up a seat in the Green Room to chat with Jeremy and Jeremiah. The guys chat about Nolan's children who are taking part in their own brand of genius endeavors, as well as Nolan's approach to invention, business and work ethic. Also Jeremy continues "The Crew" series in the Behind the Curtain segment and introduces us to the Production Designer. And Jeremy and...


030 - Paul Bateman

We've got a great episode this week, Jeremy and Jeremiah welcome Paul Bateman into the Green Room. Paul is a concept artist who is most notably a friend of and mentored by the legendary Ralph McQuarie of Star Wars fame. Jeremy continues "The Crew" series in this week's look Behind the Curtain with a chat about the Production Designer role. This week's Cutscene is more Star Wars talk as Jeremy and Jeremiah react to the news of yet another Star Wars trilogy being announced from...


029 - Stuart Duncan - Aut Craft

Today Jeremy and Jeremiah welcome Stuart Duncan into the Green Room. Stuart is the creator workforce behind Aut Craft, a server on Minecraft for those who are affected by Autism, kids, adults, and families alike have found a safe, welcoming environment to play, explore and learn in Minecraft through Aut Craft. Stuart shares the story of how Aut Craft came to be and what it means to him to be able to provide this service for so many. Stuart is now running this server full-time, if you'd...


"Summer" Blockbuster Preview!

Today Jeremy and Jeremiah take a look a the upcoming blockbuster season in both film and video games as they preview snippets from ten trailers of some of the most anticipated releases of 2018! Here are the trailers they...


027 - An Inspiring Look Back

Today's episode is a special look back on some of the most inspiring episodes of the show up to this point. Pull up a seat in the Green Room as show producer Jeremiah guides you through the last 5 months of inspirational moments as Jeremy asks the show's guests for advice in the professional and personal realms. Guests include: Produced by Jeremiah Isley


026 - Brian Volk-Weiss

Today Jeremy welcome a special guest to the Green Room. Brian Volk-Weiss, producer of The Toys That Made Us, the documentary series that has won over geeks on Netflix makes his way to the show this week and shares the origin story of the series as well as some great stories from the process of producing the show. Also he teases the next 4 episodes in the first season! That's right! More episodes are coming soon! Behind the Curtain Jeremy finishes up the "Mediajuice Live Action" Series as...


025 - Al Alcorn the creator of Pong!

This week Jeremy and Jeremiah have a candid chat with Al Alcorn, the legendary creator of the very first coin-op smash hit video game, Pong! Al shares some great stories of the origins of Pong and the first days at Atari. Don't miss this episode! Jeremy also continues the Mediajuice Live series in Behind the Curtain with a chat about shooting on location. And the guys chat about the Nintendo Labo announcements that just went public!Don't forget to head over to @MediajuiceTwitt and vote...


024 - Brian Walsh

Today the guys have a chat with actor and comedian Brian Walsh co-star of Veep and founding member of Upright Citizens Brigade. Brian chats about his origin story in comedy and acting (it has something to do with a radioactive spider)... As we take another look behind the curtain Jeremy continues the Mediajuice Live Action series and discusses the finer points of B-Roll. This week's Cutscene segment is all about film being produced outside of Hollywood. And don't forget to head over to...


023 Tommy Tallarico

This week on the Mediajuice Podcast, Tommy Tallarico joins Jeremy and Jeremiah in the Green Room and regales us with tales of his start in the video game industry, music industry and how he became the first musical artist to release an album of original video game music on a major recording label. And so, so much more! Jeremy also starts a new series in the Behind the Curtain Segment: Mediajuice Live Action, this week's installment is on the proper techniques for shooting an...


022 - Shaun Neinast

Today Jeremy welcomes Shaun Neinast to the Green Room. Shaun is the founder and CEO of Dallas Vintage Toys. A collector's paradise located in the Dallas metropolitan area. Shaun shares his origin story and some fun stories of the amazing things that show up at Dallas Vintage Toys. Also in the is episode Jeremy gives us a peek behind the curtain and discusses the Mediajuice "Reel". And in the Cutscenes segment Jeremy and Jeremiah chat about "The Toys that Made Us" documentary series on...


021 Randy Falk

Today Jeremy chats with toy business veteran Randy Falk of Neka Toys, listen in as they chat everything from collecting to creating these nostalgic figures of our childhood and more! Also featured in today's episode: Behind the Curtain: Jeremy adds a fourth installment to the Mediajuice Method breakdown: Press and Marketing, what takes place after the project is done!? and in today's Cutscene: The guys discuss the new Netflix film "Bright", and the state of streaming services, both...


020 Chris Ryan

Today Jeremy and Jeremiah are joined by voice actor Chris Ryan. Grab a seat in the Green Room as they chat about Chris' path from radio to voice acting, as well as past projects that Chris and Jeremy have worked on. In this week's Behind the Curtain segment Jeremy discusses the post-production process. And the guys talk Star Wars episode VIII in the Cutscenes segment! SPOILER ALERT!! Do not listen to this segment if you have not seen the film!! And this week's Button Mash is: Where do...


019 A Special Christmas Trailer Episode!

This week Jeremy and Jeremiah sit down and have a fireside chat over some of the best trailers the holiday season has had to offer! The trailers they discuss and links to YouTube are found, right here: Scrooged Home Alone 2 -Sing Along The Holiday Christmas Vacation A Christmas Story Ernest saves...


018 - Brian Fargo

This week Jeremy welcomes Brian Fargo into the Green Room as they chat crowdfunding, in the video game world. Jeremy and Jeremiah chat about the Marvel Comics Universe in this week's Cutscene segment. And Jeremy shares step 2 of the Mediajuice Method "Production". And this week we introduce the "Button Mashing Poll of the Week"! This week's poll can be found on all the social head over to to find the links!


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