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054 - Super Draft - Star Wars Jedi

The Super Draft is back! This week Jeremy and producer Jeremiah draft their dream team of Jedi, who wins? It's up to you to decide! Head over to all the social channels and cast your vote! Team Snead Anakin Skywalker Yoda Ahsoka Tano Kit Fisto Count Dooku Team Isley Luke Skywalker Obi-Wan Kenobi Qui-Gon Jinn Mace Windu Plo Koon This week's Behind the Curtain reveals a new Documentary that Mediajuice is working on: Before Your Very Eyes, a doc about magic and the culture of...


053 - Inspiration Compilation part 2!

It's back! All the best inspiration and advice from a ton of our guests! So tune in as Jeremiah takes us on a walk down memory lane and we hear some of the best of the best! Today's guests include: Huzzah! What a list! Thanks for listening! Produced by Jeremiah Isley, Mediajuice Studios llc.


052 - Tristan Donovan

Today Jeremy welcomes author Tristan Donovan into the Green Room. Tristan wrote one of (if not) the most complete and comprehensive books on the history of video gaming, "Replay: The History of Video Games". In this week's Behind the Curtain segment Jeremy discuss the intern process at Mediajuice Studios. And in our Cutscene segment Jeremy and Jeremiah discuss James Cameron's docu-series The History of Science Fiction. Produced by Jeremiah Isley, Mediajuice Studios, llc.


051 - Zak Penn

We've got a great episode this week! Zak Penn, screenwriter, director and all around awesome guy joins Jeremy and Jeremiah in the Green Room this week. The guys discuss the creative process, screenwriting, and Zak's involvement in Ready Player One as he worked along side Steven Spielberg! Also in today's Behind the Curtain segment Jeremy discusses the creation of the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Developer Diary that Mediajuice Studios produced. And in this week's Cutscene we've got...


050 - Blake Harris

Today Jeremy invites author Blake Harris into the Green Room. Blake is the author of the best seller "Console Wars". And the guys wrap up the Production Genres series with a segment on TV spots for this week's look Behind the Curtain. And this week during the Cutscenes segment, Jeremy and Jeremiah discuss the latest season of Comedians in Cars getting Coffee, as well as the Atari VCS console that is releasing mid-2019. Thanks listening, and if you like what you hear be sure to subscribe...


049 - Video Game School!

Hang on kids, it's time for a crash course in video games! Topics we'll cover today include: Your professors for today are: For all things Mediajuice, head over to Produced by Jeremiah Isley, Mediajuice Studios llc.


048 - Super Draft 2! Atari 2600 Classics!

This week the guys have at it in another Super Draft! This week Jeremy and Jeremiah select their top classic Atari 2600 games, here's how it went down: Team Snead: Team Isley Who picked the better team?? Head over to Twitter and cast your vote! Also this week in the Behind the Scenes segment Jeremy discusses the creation of custom animation video content. And in the Cut Scene segment Jeremy fills us in on his trip to E3! Check out to find all things Mediajuice! Produced...


047 - Save Point 3!

Today Jeremiah is at the helm again as we take a look back at the last couple months of shows in this special Save Point episode! This week we here highlights from: Thanks for listening, and don't forget to share the show with your friends! Produced by Jeremiah Isley, llc.


046 - Acting Class

Today Jeremiah is at the wheel as we walk through a Mediajuice Podcast Acting Class. We've had some amazing and talented folks on the show who have found success through being an onscreen or voice talent, and they're going to share everything from technique advice when it comes to forming a character, to how to manage life in this crazy industry, today's guests include: Alison Haislip Clare Grant Matt Walsh Michelle Morrow Michael Rooker Grant Imohara Vic Mignogna Go to...


045 - Hip Hop Gamer!

Today on the show Jeremy is joined by Gerard Williams a.k.a. The Hip Hop Gamer! They have a real talk about authenticity in journalism in the video game industry. This week Behind the Curtain Jeremy and Jeremiah chat Production Genres, this week it's Corporate Video. And this week's Cutscene segment the guys discuss the state of tabletop gaming, speaking of tabletop gaming here are some of Jeremiah's recommendations and titles he mentioned on today's show: Imperial Assault: a fun co-op...


043 - Ethan Einhorn

Today Jeremy welcomes Ethan Einhorn into the Green Room as they chat technology, Ethan's career, and so much more! Also as they take a look Behind the Curtain, Jeremy talks Production Genres, and this week is a chat about Video Game trailers! And this week's Cutscene is a discussion on the state of Anime! This week's Button Mashers poll is: What is your favorite Anime series? Check out all things Mediajuice at! Produced by Jeremiah Isley, Mediajuice Studios, llc.


042 - Fchamp!

Today in the Green Room Jeremy welcomes Fchamp! Ryan Ramirez, EVO World Champion, as they chat about his origin story, the state of E Sports, and much more! Behind the Curtain Jeremy and Jeremiah wrap up "The Talent" series with a discussion about post production and ADRs (aka Automated Dialogue Recordings). And in this week's cutscene the guys discuss the state of Star Wars and the upcoming Solo film! This week's Button Masher's Pole: Which of the lesser known bounty hunters do you...


041 - Johnny Soraker

Today Jeremy and Jeremiah welcome Johnny Soraker into the Green Room, as they talk over many social and ethical issues surrounding video games and technology. Also Jeremy continues the Talent, a series on working with actors, voice actors, and all the folks who stand in front of the camera in this week's Behind the Scenes segment. In this week's Cutscene segment the guys discuss Deadpool 2, and give you a little free parenting advice! This week's Button Mashers pole is: What is the...


040 - The NES Super Draft!

This week Jeremy and Jeremiah go toe-to-toe and draft their Super Teams. Picking from the top four all time 3rd party publishers for the NES: Konami, Capcom, Taito and Bandai, the guys select their top 5 picks and let you decide who wins! How do you vote! Find us on Facebook and Twitter and vote on the pole posted there! Also we've started a new series called "The Talent" in the Behind the Curtain Segment. And this week's Cutscene is all about E3! You can always find EVERYTHING...


039 - Clare Grant

Today the guys welcome Clare Grant to the Green Room. Clare is an outstanding actress, voice actress, and all around cool, geeky girl! Also this week we finish up the Jeremy Snead Origin Story in our Behind the Curtain segment. And this week’s Cutscene **SPOILER ALERT** Jeremy talks Avenger’s Infinity War! You can always contact us by checking out the social links at, or email us at Produced by Jeremiah Isley, Mediajuice Studios llc.


038 - Neo Edmund

Today Jeremy welcomes his longtime friend Neo Edmund into the Green Room, as they chat screenwriting, being cool, and the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers! Behind the Curtain we get a look at Jeremy's own origin story. And in this week's Cutscene segment the guys discuss God of War which recently released for the PS4, as well as a chat about Tabletop gaming. Here are the links Jeremiah promised during today's Cutscene segment: CoupCarcassonneKing of New York This week's Button Mashers poll...


037 - Alison Haislip Strikes Back!

Today Jeremy and Jeremiah welcome back to the show, Alison Haislip! Alison takes us way back to her early days in LA, and how she decided to pursue acting! Jeremy shares a bit about the "Pitch Process" in today's Behind the Curtain Segment. The guys discuss Solo, and Infinity War in the Cutscene segment! Speaking of... today's Button Masher poll, is: Which film are you more excited for? Head over to to find all things Mediajuice! Produced by Jeremiah Isley,...


036 - Mediajuice Master Class

Today Jeremiah takes the helm and guides us through the Mediajuice Master Class with your professor, Jeremy Snead. Topics covered in today's episode include: As always you can find all things Mediajuice by heading over to, including all of the links to our social media outlets, like this one RIGHT HERE! Produced by Jeremiah Isley, Mediajuice Studios llc.


035 - Origin Stories

Today the guys take a look back on some inspiring origin stories of past guests, as they walk us down memory lane. Today's guests are: We really appreciate you listening, if you enjoy the show please like, share, subscribe, rate, and review us wherever you're listening to the show! You can reach us at @MediaJuiceTwitt on Twitter, or by heading over to Produced by Jeremiah Isley, Mediajuice llc.


034 - Save Point 2!

Today we take a look back on the last 15 episodes and share some of the best of the best moments of the Mediajuice episodes and our star-studded list of guests who have made their way to the Green Room with Jeremy and Jeremiah! Listen in as the guys are joined by: It's a who's who of Film, Television, Video Games and more as we've reached Save Point 2! As always you can head over to @MediajuiceTwitt on Twitter to cast your vote! And as always you can head over to to find...