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The Replay Center hosted by Zack Jiang gets you up to date with the latest NBA news! Through all the offseason drama and nail biting playoff games, there's always exciting material to be heard.

The Replay Center hosted by Zack Jiang gets you up to date with the latest NBA news! Through all the offseason drama and nail biting playoff games, there's always exciting material to be heard.


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The Replay Center hosted by Zack Jiang gets you up to date with the latest NBA news! Through all the offseason drama and nail biting playoff games, there's always exciting material to be heard.






Jimmy Butler trade, Fultz, Celltics struggles, Levert injury, Melo-drama, and KD vs Draymond

In this episode I cover all the latest NBA news: The Jimmy Butler trade, the Markelle Fultz Hitch, the Celtics’ struggles, the Levert injury, the Melo drama, and the KD and Draymond fight. Hope you enjoy!


Jamal Murray Drops 48 on Lazy Celtics, Zach Lavine 41 and game winner, and Tank for Duke

In this new episode I discuss Jamal Murray’s 48 points, his attempt at 50, and the Celtics being lazy. Also will be talking about Zach Lavine’s 41 points and the potential of the young Bulls core. And Tank for Duke! Zion Williamson, RJ Barrett, and Cam Reddish trashed Kentucky so of course I will be talking about that. Hope you enjoy!


Derrick Rose Drops 50, Luke Walton Gets Scolded, and Mavs and Cavs Chemistry Issues

In this new episode I discuss a vintage Derrick Rose dropping 50 points, Luke Walton vs Magic Johnson, and the Mavs and Cavs problems. Hope you enjoy!


Headband Klay's 14 Threes, Ty Lue Fired, Rockets Offer 4 Firsts For Butler, Wizards Being Wizards

You can’t miss any NBA action anymore. In a measly game against the Bulls, Klay Thompson goes for 52 and a record 14 threes. The Warriors are dominating, and I gotta talk about it. I also give my thoughts on Ty Lue firing, Rockets trade offer, and Wizards drama. Hope you enjoy!


Crazy First Week Of NBA Basketball: Spitgate, Pelicans & Nuggets Domination, and Struggling Lakers

I'm back with a full recap of the crazy first week of the NBA season. Lakers are struggling and spitting, Pelicans and Nuggets are dominating, and much more to be talked to about. Hope you enjoy!


Jimmy Butler Disrupts Practice and Then Does an Interview

Jimmy Butler returned to practice, and it did not go so well. He took the third stringers and beat the starters and talked some hot trash to KAT, Wiggins, and management. He then went and did an ESPN interview 2 hours later. I give my thoughts on this whole fiasco in this new episode, hope you enjoy!


Dejounte Murray Injury + NBA MVP Predictions

In this episode I give my thoughts on the Spurs injuries of Dejounte Murray and Lonnie Walker and my NBA MVP Predictions, hope you enjoy!


Preseason Begins + Regular Season Standings Predictions

The Preseason has finally started, and I break down the action we've seen so far. I also give my predictions at the standings for the upcoming season, hope you enjoy!


NBA Media Day, Jimmy Butler Trade Talk, and Mark Cuban’s Incompetence

I'm finally back! To catch you guys up to date, I discuss today's NBA Media Day, Jimmy Butler Trade Options, and Mark Cuban's role in the Dallas Mavericks' Sexual Harassment Case. Hope you enjoy!


NBA Awards Show, Draft Reform, and The Calm Before The Storm

In this episode of The Replay Center we talk about the NBA Awards Show and Bill Russell's legendary moment, talks of draft reforms, and the calm and quiet offseason days before the start of the Free Agency Storm.


Mavs Steal Doncic, Risers and Fallers, and Incoming Lebron Decision

In the first episode of The Replay Center, we take a look back at last night's draft! It was exciting night with trades, risers, fallers, and Woj's masterful wordplay. As the draft passes we also take a look ahead at the first big domino of Free Agency, Lebron James. Hope you enjoy!


Warriors Dynasty + Jam Packed Offseason Preview

In this episode of Spoken Thoughts, I give my thoughts on the Finals as the Warriors complete the sweep of the Cavs and an in depth look at the NBA Offseason. Hope you enjoy!


NBA Finals Game 2 Recap: Curry Going For Finals MVP & Are The Cavs Dead?

In this EP I give my thoughts on Game 2 of the NBA Finals. Curry going bonkers for that Finals MVP, the chances of a Cavs comeback, and much more covered in this episode. Hope you enjoy!


Thoughts Are Back

I'm finally back with more Spoken Thoughts! In this episode I give a quick update on my life and what to expect from to the future, hope you enjoy!


One Piece Discussion

I finally talk some anime in this new episode! I discuss one of my favorite animes, One Piece! I also give a review of the latest chapter 896. Hope you enjoy!


Discipline vs Motivation

In this episode, I give a more proper introduction of myself and my struggles with motivation. I also talk about my new philosophy surrounding discipline, hope you enjoy!


Dallas Mavericks Sexual Harassment Scandal

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A Competitive All Star Game and Worst Nation Anthem Ever?

In this episode I give my thoughts on NBA All Star Weekend and the disastrous performance of the National Anthem by Fergie.. Jeez. Hope you enjoy!


My Newest Musical Obsession: Hamilton

In this Episode I talk about my newest music obsession.. Hamilton. I know I'm late, but here is my review of the musical as I discuss the impact and layers of genius this musical has.


Best Marvel Movie Ever? Black Panther Spoiler Review

My full spoiler review of Black Panther, possibly the greatest Marvel movie ever? Hope you enjoy!