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A podcast to discuss and celebrate the films of Gene Wilder one minute at a time.

A podcast to discuss and celebrate the films of Gene Wilder one minute at a time.
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A podcast to discuss and celebrate the films of Gene Wilder one minute at a time.






Young Frankenstein Episode 65: Hulk, Smash!

We begin with the creature still sending showers of sparks everywhere before taking his rampage up the stairs and out of the castle. Dr. Frankenstein follows in vain while Frau Blucher yells to the heavens that he is free! As the creature breaks through the outer castle door, another well-time thunderstorm is taking place. By the time Dr. Frankenstein, Inga and Igor get to the doorway, it's too late. We end with a young girl, singing to her pretty little flower. Joining us this week once...


Young Frankenstein Episode 64: Yes yes yes yes YES!

Frau Blucher keeps playing her violin and in true Pied Piper stance, begins to back her way up the stairs, leading both the creature and the trio behind her. In the midst of the chaos, Dr. Frankenstein continues to question her about the recent happenings in the castle, each time resulting in a resounding, "Yes, Yes, Yes!" By the end, the monsters grabs some electrical equipment and a showering shangri-la goes flying everywhere. Joining us this week once again are the guys from the BK on...


Young Frankenstein Episode 63: #BK spoils everything

Frau Blucher is beginning to release the creature when Dr. Frankenstein, Inga and Igor show up at the top of the stairs. They beg her to stop but it's too late. The monster rips itself free where a stand-off ensues with Frau Blucher between the creature and his creator. By the end, Frau Blucher is able to make her violin magically appear. Joining us this week once again are the guys from the BK on the Air radio show, Barry King and Mike Clark, who are helping us on this Wilder Ride.


Young Frankenstein Episode 62: Is that statue holding his schwanzstucker?

The game of darts has come to an end and Inspector Kemp has discovered his arm is stuck in the salute he was offering to the young Dr. Frankenstein. As he leaves, we see all the damage the darts have done to the inspector's car. We immediately cut down to the lab where Frau Blucher is sneaking into the secret laboratory to speak with the creature who has been re-secured to the table. Joining us again are the guys from the BK on the Air radio show, Barry King and Mike Clark, who are helping...


Young Frankenstein Episode 61: How would you handle a run-in with law enforcement?

The dart game continues, but Inspector Kemp is doing all he can to rattle Dr. Frankenstein, to the point of breaking the outside window, destroying a lot of the family china and even impaling the cat. By the end, we are left to ponder how we have fared in our own lives when confronted by law enforcement. Joining us this week once again are the guys from the BK on the Air radio show, Barry King and Mike Clark, who are helping us on this Wilder Ride.


Young Frankenstein Episode 60: It's genes and chromosomes

The dart game continues in full force, with Dr. Frankenstein trying to use science to explain away superstitious nonsense. The irony about the conversation is Inspector Kemp points out that it was the prior residents of the castle who in fact used science to create their monsters. While the dart game itself might be silly, the back and forth debate is quite compelling. Joining us again on The Wilder Ride is Jeff Ferry of the Jay and Silent Bob Minute along with The Burbs Minute.


Young Frankenstein Episode 59: Inspect Kemp arrives for a little shat

We continue today with Dr. Frankenstein beginning to choke the life out of Igor and just as we are about to play another round of charades, there is a booming knock on the castle door. Inspector Kemp has arrived for that little shat he promised the town elders he would conduct with the young Dr. Frankenstein. Joining for the first time on The Wilder Ride is Jeff Ferry of the Jay and Silent Bob Minute along with The Burbs Minute.


Young Frankenstein Episode 58: Everyone knows the Abby Normal joke

In today's episode, we continue to watch Dr. Frankenstein slowly get Igor to admit the truth about the brain he brought back from the Brain Depositary. Just as Igor begins to think all is well, Dr. Frankenstein's slowly building anger is bringing him to the point of eruption. By the time Igor senses this, it's already too late, as the doctor has one arm around Igor's back and the other on his leg, preventing him from escaping. Joining us we have a returning guest, Susan Delmonico of SJD...


Young Frankenstein Episode 57: How to trick your kids into telling you the truth

The creature finally succumbs to the sedative (not GIVE), and Dr. Frankenstein, in his exasperation over having to play charades, yells at Igor. Inga comes over to see if her Freddy is all right. He asks if she would give him a moment so he could speak one-on-one with Igor. Initially sitting on the floor, Igor is gently encouraged to pull up a stool and sit with the doctor, eye-to-eye. Joining us again this week, we have Susan Delmonico of SJD Health and Fitness. She is a personal trainer...


Young Frankenstein Episode 56: Who knew Phoebe's mom worked for the Frankenstein's

With the creature beginning to walk around, Inga exclaims she is frightened. Her fears are justified when Igor goes to light his cigarette and the flaming match-strike puts the monster into a rage. Just as Dr. Frankenstein is about to ask for something, the monster begins to choke him. Thus ensues a game of charades, which will end with Inga finally figuring out what the doctor wants. Joining us again this week, we have a returning guest, Susan Delmonico of SJD Health and Fitness. She is...


Young Frankenstein Episode 55: Freddy takes his pet for a walk

We begin, down in the secret laboratory as Dr. Frankenstein (played by Gene Wilder) starts to open the metal restraining bands to his creature. The creature eventually sits up and takes his first tentative steps around the lab. We wrap up the week, joined once again by the husband and wife podcasting team of Rick and Julia Ingham of The Mad Max Minute, who have been with us on The Wilder Ride.


Young Frankenstein Episode 54: Some things look much bigger next to things that are much smaller

We begin with Gene Wilder, aka Young Frankenstein, asking both Inga and Igor that if it wasn't either of them making a yummy sound, who did? They all realize the noise is coming from down in the secret laboratory. They rush from the dining room and head to the now awake body of the creature, who seems almost child-like in his current state. Dr. Frankenstein is elated that his creation is alive, alive, ALIVE! Again we are joined by the husband and wife podcasting team of Rick and Julia...


Young Frankenstein Episode 53: Happiness is spelled Schwarzwalder Kirschtorts

We begin with Igor continuing to chew on the piece of potato he shoved in his mouth. Dr. Frankenstein seems to consider the advice Igor just shared from his dad and then resigns himself that maybe it was all for the best and that poor hulk was better off dead. At this point, we see the fingers on Frankenstein's creature begin to move and we get the "oh, doo doo" music. We return to the three eating dessert and they discuss the Black Forest Cake when Dr. Frankenstein hear's what sounds like...


Young Frankenstein Episode 52: Tossing the petulant dwarf

We finish up the angry town hall meeting where Inspector Kemp decides he pay a visit to Dr. Frankenstein have a little shat. Meanwhile, Frederick, Inga and Igor have changed for dinner and are midway through when Inga notices Dr. Frankenstein hasn't even touched his food. He immediately begins to mash the food on his plate with both hands, leaving Inga with the hint of a pout. That's when Igor steps up with some heart-warming advice his father had once told him. We are once again joined...


Young Frankenstein Episode 51: What kind of Mad Max character is Inspector Kemp

We continue with the town hall meeting as Inspector Kemp finally addresses the crowd. He reminds them that a riot is an ugly thing and apparently only bloodshed can bring it to an end. At one point, he monocle falls from over his eye patch and he has to clean it along the buttons of his uniform before putting it back in place. He begins to offer a counter-proposal to the HOA, telling them they need to make sure whether or not the young Dr. Frankenstein if following in his grandfather's...


Young Frankenstein Episode 50: Meet the ratcheted arm of Dr. Strangelove

The angry HOA meeting is still taking place and after a call to keep things from turning ugly, the elders call upon Inspector Kemp to say a few words regarding the situation of the new Frankenstein in town. After an hysterical series of slaps and movements to light his cigar and put his own finger out, the Inspector takes a few steps into the room to strike a pose and make sure all eyes are on him before he decides to speak. We wrap up the week with our guest, Tom Taylor, from the Indiana...


Young Frankenstein Episode 49: Frankenscience

We watch as Dr. Frankenstein begins to fool us and himself that he is okay with his failure, only to turn around and begin to strangle his own dead creation. After Inga and Igor are able to gain control of him, they struggle to take him back upstairs as the young Dr. Frankenstein calls for his mommy. We then shift to an angry town hall meeting where the male villagers have gathered to raise their grave concerns over the happenings at the Castle von Frankenstein. We continue our...


Young Frankenstein Episode 48: How do you kill someone who is actually already dead?

We continue from yesterday with Dr. Frankenstein still administering CPR but even with his own hand in the way to cushion the blows, he cannot seem to bring his creation to life. He makes a valiant attempt to appear noble at the failure, but eventually his anger gets the better of him and he begins to choke the life out of the already dead hulk. Today we once again welcome back Tom Taylor of the Indiana Jones Minute along with the Movie Hole Minute to The Wilder Ride as we continue to...


Young Frankenstein Episode 47: Is the body hot or cold?

The storm as faded and the doctor checks for some initial signs of life before demanding to be lowered. While descending, he feels for any warmth to the creatures head or face. Once down Dr. Frankenstein continues to look for signs of life as Inga rushes over to him. He then begins to perform CPR on the creature. We are once again pleased to have Tom Taylor of the Indian Jones Minute join in with us on today's episode of The Wilder Ride.


Young Frankenstein Episode 46: Did those goggles used to hold potted meat?

Now that Dr. Frankenstein has ascended, it's time for the lightning to do its thing while Igor is commanded to throw the first, second and the third (not the third) switch. Dr. Frankenstein commands the universe to bring his creation LIFE! After a moment, while the storms fades, there is a eerie glow pulsating on the face of his creature. We are pleased today to be joined by Tom Taylor, one of the host of The Indiana Jones Minute as well as The Movie Hole and ABCDevo. He comes to The...