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A podcast where we typically discuss and celebrate the films of Gene Wilder, one minute at a time. Season one was dedicated to Young Frankenstein. Season two we looked at Blazing Saddles. With Season three, we moved in a new direction, taking on more of a talk-show format with guests.

A podcast where we typically discuss and celebrate the films of Gene Wilder, one minute at a time. Season one was dedicated to Young Frankenstein. Season two we looked at Blazing Saddles. With Season three, we moved in a new direction, taking on more of a talk-show format with guests.


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A podcast where we typically discuss and celebrate the films of Gene Wilder, one minute at a time. Season one was dedicated to Young Frankenstein. Season two we looked at Blazing Saddles. With Season three, we moved in a new direction, taking on more of a talk-show format with guests.






TWR Listeners Lounge - Welcome to Season Four

Welcome to season four! We open the episode with Alan and Walt recapping their holidays and activities since their hiatus. For a moment, the two go on a rabbit trail about snow and prior snowfalls in NW Georgia. This leads Alan to mention a documentary he stumbled across on YouTube about the making of the remastered Star Trek: The Original Series. For some reason, this triggers Walt to discuss their first air fryer. After nearly 30 minutes of nonsense. the hosts decide to weigh-in on their...


TWR Listeners Lounge - Ryan Rebalkin

In this episode we get to chat with Ryan Rebalkin, a member of the Canadian Navy as well as being a podcaster and a rising YouTube first-reaction host. We start by asking what drew Ryan to join the military. We also chat about his career, his specialty and what he is currently doing. Then we jump to his first step into the world of podcast, choosing the Rocky franchise as his subject. Over time, two other Stallone-related shows came along and now all three work together under a single...


TWR Listeners Lounge - Tim Andrews

In this episode we are joined by the extraordinary voice talent and radio broadcaster, Tim Andrews. As with many comedians, Tim developed his comedy at a young age. Part of it was used as a defense mechanism, while part was used for acceptance. By middle school, Tim was already pretending to be on the air, making up voices and stories to tell. As he grew in skill, he moved toward any radio opportunities, landing on several shows before his current run on The Von Haessler Doctrine. Known as...


TWR Listeners Lounge - Christopher McKittrick

In this episode we get a chance to visit with author/biographer, Christopher McKittrick, regarding his latest book about Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, "Somewhere You Feel Free: Tom Petty and Los Angeles." We open discussing Chris's first times writing/storytelling and jump straight into his work on Tom Petty. It is obvious just how much Chris enjoys writing but he loves the research part too. We talk about how he approaches each subject and what he might be doing next. We wrap up the...


TWR Listeners Lounge - Randy Edwards

In this episode, we sit down with Randy Edwards a former NCAA football player for the University of Alabama who played four years in the NFL before becoming a personal injury attorney. We discussed the move from high school football into college ball. We also discussed what an amazing coach Bear Bryant was. We learned about a player scholarship he created and it's impact on players still to this day. As Randy neared graduation, he got picked up by the Seattle Seahawks as an undrafted...


TWR Listeners Lounge - MalaniKai

In today's episode we meet up with MalaniKai, former division 1 women's basketball star and current radio talk host on WSB. MalaniKai never takes no for an answer. She discovered a talent for basketball at the age of 12 and by the time she graduated high school, was courted by colleges around the country. Even with her love of the game, she kept her eye on her education. She knew she wanted to be a broadcaster since she was two years old. After graduation, MalaniKai made her way from one...


TWR Listeners Lounge - Shane Kimbrough

In this episode we welcome NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough to our Listeners Lounge. We open our discussion discussing Shane's earliest recollections about space flight. Shane entered the Army and became a helicopter pilot. Though he didn't think he would get into NASA, a path opened for him and he applied. He says it took a few times to make it past the application process. Since that time, he has flown multiple Space Shuttle missions. He also flew on a Russian Soyuz and spent months on the...


TWR Listeners Lounge - Kyl Cobb

In this episode we get to spend time with Kyl Cobb, someone who is much more than a ghost hunter. Kyl has an extensive background in research, language, history and exploration. He is very much a modern day Indiana Jones. If you think that is an exaggeration, just listen to the stories he has to tell. Whether exploring the remains of Tanis in Egypt or getting lost in the Amazon jungle, his exploits border on the extraordinary. Now throw in his passion for ghost hunting and assisting in...


6th Annual Halloween Spooktacular

Welcome to our 6th Annual Halloween Spooktacular! Every Halloween, we get to play on the radio, from 9PM until midnight. Host Alan Sanders is joined by fellow broadcaster, B.K., and Wilder Ride co-host, Walt Murray. The three of us love chatting about the holiday and how it has evolved over our lives. We hit several subjects along the way, including our earliest memories, worst candy to get in our bags, movies we need to re-watch and scenes that still creep us out today. Additionally, we got...


TWR Listeners Lounge - Steve O'Donnell

In this episode we are joined by long-time comedy writer, Steve O'Donnell whose credits include Late Night with David Letterman, The Chris Rock Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Norm Macdonald Live and more. We learned about Steve's upbringing in a large Irish Catholic family and how he worked his way into being a comedy writer for network television. We discussed his foray into some television scripts for Seinfeld and The Simpsons. Steve O'Donnell's latest work was with Norm Macdonald on his podcast...


TWR Listeners Lounge - Ryan Waters

In this episode we are joined by Ryan Waters, an international, worldwide mountain climber, pole skier and owner of Mountain Professionals. Ryan's company is the only boutique guide service that leads expeditions to all Seven Summits as well as the North and South Poles. We open with how he first got into climbing and how it led him to abandon his career in geology to become a full-time guide and climber. Ryan has climbed all of the Seven Summits, which includes Everest, multiple times. He...


TWR Listeners Lounge - Steve Winslow

In this episode we are joined by long-time radio broadcaster, Steve Winslow, who started in the Boston area and is now in Atlanta. We had a great time hearing about Steve's initial foray into radio and how it led him to one of the biggest stations in the country. One area we all discussed was the slow rise in whatever job you have. It's important to learn how to do all the jobs you can, not just one. It will make you more valuable and you will appreciate it more when bigger successes come...


6th Annual Halloween Spooktacular PSA

Here is our produced promo for the upcoming 6th Annual Halloween Spooktacular. It will air live on WBHF AM1450 FM100.3 and online via TuneIn Radio, the TuneIn Radio app, on Alexa and GoogleHome from 9PM to midnight on Saturday, October 31st. We have made this our annual tradition for 6 years now and hope you will tune in and listen. If you can't make it, we will add it to our podcast within a few days of airing.


TWR Listeners Lounge - George Murray

In this episode we are joined by George Murray, a Vietnam vet, a retired FBI agent and Walt's dad. We begin with George's days in college in the ROTC program. He trained to become a helicopter pilot and put those skills to use during one tour of duty. One of his more harrowing moments in Vietnam related to crashing his helicopter. After his service, George made a shift to the most prestigious law enforcement agency in the country -- the FBI. He was involved in several undercover operations...


TWR Listeners Lounge - Tom Taylor

In this episode, we welcome author and podcaster, Tom Taylor. Tom helped to create the Indiana Jones Minute and the Caddyshack Minute and has since been part of several additional shows. An editor of school textbooks by day, Tom puts his creative energies to work discussing the movies and music he loves. His first successful youth novel, "In Memory of Todd Woods," has been out for a few years. He is in the midst of shopping his newest book, "The Nearly Useless Power League," to see if he can...


TWR Listeners Lounge - Scotty B

In this episode, we welcome Scott Baker, aka, Scotty B, a radio talent at WSB in Atlanta with both a sports and music background. We start with Scotty growing up in Lansing, Michigan. High School football landed him scholarship opportunities in Alabama and Georgia. Scotty opted for Clark-Atlanta University, a well-known HBCU for broadcasting and media. While in school, Scotty realized he wasn't going to be playing football as a career. He fell in love with the microphone and got his degree...


TWR Listeners Lounge - Dr. Don Green

In this episode, we welcome Dr. Don Green, President of Georgia Highland's College, who joins us to discuss his career path, education and motivation. We start with his parents putting a premium on education while living in a small town in Michigan. After college and getting his MBA, Don was ready to tackle the business world. In fact, he did, for a short while. But, by chance, he was asked to teach a course on human resources. He was immediately taken with the idea of being a college...


TWR Listeners Lounge - Christopher Korman

In this episode we are joined by Christopher Korman, the son of the late actor, Harvey Korman, to talk about his life and his struggles being learning disabled. It's hard not to want to talk just about the career of Harvey Korman, but our goal was to focus on Christopher's life and upbringing. As with any kid, it's only later you realize what an amazing life you've had. We talked a lot about Chris having to come into his own and still fighting moments of resentment over the shadow his dad...


TWR Listeners Lounge - Ben Ford and Chris Jellyman

In this episode, we welcome two podcasters from 60MW, Ben Ford and Chris Jellyman, who each put out a myriad of shows and content. Ben has been a musician since age 15, playing the guitar. He used to play in a band in the London area and still write and plays songs. He got involved with podcasting when he stumbled across Chris on Twitter. Chris's story begins with a show called, The Same Coin. The video game podcast lasted for several years before running it's course. But, as one door shuts,...


TWR Listeners Lounge - JW Webb

In today's episode we are joined by fantasy author JW Webb, chatting about his books set in the world of Anzu. Jim grew up close to London but it wasn't until he moved out to Cornwall when his first book came to life. He believes there is a great sense of the Celtic vibe living in that area of the UK. It was during this time he also reached out to an illustrator who, at the time, had worked with J.R.R. Tolkien as an illustrator. Unfortunately, tragedy hit JW's life when his wife passed away....