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A podcast to discuss and celebrate the films of Gene Wilder one minute at a time.

A podcast to discuss and celebrate the films of Gene Wilder one minute at a time.
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A podcast to discuss and celebrate the films of Gene Wilder one minute at a time.






The Wilder Ride Promo - Season Two

Here is a quick promo about our upcoming season two breakdown of the Gene Wilder comedy, Blazing Saddles. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram and subscribe to our podcast through your pod-catcher of choice. We go by The Wilder Ride everywhere, including our website, We even have a Patreon page for those who may be willing to provide some additional support to our show. Don't forget to take a moment to leave us a rating and a review on whatever...


Christmas Vacation Bonus Episode 8: Interview with Beverly D'Angelo

During our bonus show where we began to look at the film Christmas Vacation one minute at a time, we had the chance to speak with actress Beverly D'Angelo who plays Ellen Griswold in the film franchise. We only had an hour of her time and it was a true WILD RIDE to try to stay focused on the film, while learning a little more about her. We covered her intro into films, her love of singing, some fun memories from the set and her thoughts on some of the actors. We also learn she has a secret...


Christmas Vacation Bonus Episode 2 promo: The Boob Effect

The remaining episodes of our breakdown of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation are only available to our Patreon subscribers. However, we wanted to put out a short teaser of what you can expect to hear if you were to become a subscriber at the $10/month or higher level. In this excerpt, Clark Griswold is at the lingerie counter at the mall and has regressed to a 14 year old's brain. Hosts Alan Sanders and Walt Murray describe this scene and find a way to tie it to the theme of 2001: A...


Christmas Vacation Bonus Episode 1: The Griswold Effect

Our listeners have spoken! Our newest Patreon show will breakdown the holiday classic, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. From now until Christmas, we will release 7 episodes. The first one is free to everyone. The remaining six shows will drop weekly from now until Christmas Eve on our Patreon page. The main take away from the opening credits is a concept we call, the Griswold Effect. In our first episode, we discover “The Griswold Effect” is able make even the best of us behave like...


Poltergeist Bonus Episode 2: Poltergeist promo - A Team mashup

This is a teaser promo for our Patreon podcast where we breakdown the 1982 ghost story classic, Poltergeist, in five episodes. Alan and Walt give the film the Wilder Ride treatment, analyzing the movie while taking listeners on several side trips along the way. This promo is taken from the fifth episode. If you like what you hear, you'll love taking the deep-dive into all five episodes of Poltergeist.


Poltergeist Bonus Episode 1: Maybe this whole thing is Tweetie's fault

As part of a Halloween-themed special bonus show, we decided to break down the 1982 ghost classic, Poltergeist, in a five-part series. We open with a discussion over how we chose this film and our earliest memories of the movie. We then start with the playing of the Star Spangled Banner. Once the static comes on the TV, something about it wakes young Carol Anne and she comes downstairs to have a conversation with someone on the other side of the screen. We are then introduced to a...


Young Frankenstein Bonus Episode 1: Interview with Brian Scott Mednick

This is a bonus to the end of season one where we spent time with Gene Wilder Biographer, Brian Scott Mednick. We discuss the impetus behind the biography and then focus on the big three films of Gene Wilder. We start with a short history of Gene Wilder, including the film, Bonnie and Clyde and The Producers before shifting to Willy Wonka, Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein. Brian's book is called, Gene Wilder: Funny and Sad and it can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles or by...


Young Frankenstein Episode 106: Final thoughts and a peek into season two

We have come to the end of Young Frankenstein. As part of our final thoughts on the movie, we brought back several of our guest hosts to provide their closing thoughts as well. Walt and Alan take time to intro and outro each guest, while providing some insight and commentary on the season. After going through all the guests, Alan and Walt then spend time revealing the film they will do in season two. With franchises, it is easy to know the next movie. But, when using the body of work of a...


Young Frankenstein Episode 105: The penultimate episode

So we thought we had just one uncomfortable moment in the movie, but it turns out we have another. The final moments mirror the scene between Elizabeth and the monster. This time, Dr. Frankenstein, still in a trance, makes his way into bed with Inga. Inga wonders if the doctor gave some of his wonderful brain to his creature, what did he get in return? The doctor smiles and as the camera pushes in, he rolls over onto Inga in an embrace. The camera cuts to the fireplace where we initially...


Young Frankenstein Episode 104: Socks and poo-poo undies

We begin with Inga still singing from the bathroom and Freddy seeming to be falling into a stupor. We then shift to a brightly lit New York apartment. The monster is dressed in leopard print jammies and is in bed, reading the Wall Street Journal. From their bathroom, Elizabeth asks if he had a good evening and if he enjoyed meeting the parents. Then she asks if he saw the two hampers: one for shirt and the other for socks and poo-poo undies. When she exits the bathroom, she has the full-on...


Young Frankenstein Episode 103: Every thread of the film culminates in one shot

Inga opens the minute expressing her love of the name, Mrs. Frankenstein. After a playful kiss, she tells Freddy to keep his hat on as she moves into the bathroom. Dr. Frankenstein begins to undress, but makes sure to keep his hat on his head. As he unbuttons his collar and starts to grab his pajamas, Inga starts to hum the Trasylvanian lullaby. Freddy becomes momentarily transfixed. In his pose, we are given a viusal reminder of so many of the elements of Young Frankenstein in this one...


Young Frankenstein Episode 102: Some sponge cake and a little wine

We continue from yesterday with Inspector Kemp declaring that this is an entirely different situation. He offers his hand to the creature in friendship, welcoming him to the community. They shake and the villagers begin to cheer in earnest, perhaps none as much as Igor. The inspector then begins to invite everyone over to his house for a little sponge cake and a little wine, when suddenly his arm pops off. Kemp grabs it from the monster, utters a brief dirty word and then triumphantly...


Young Frankenstein Episode 101: All you need is love

We begin the minute with Inspector Kemp continuing his words from yesterday. He affirms the creature is in fact Frankenstein's monster. Peter Boyle finally gets a chance to speak and does he! He delivers a Shakespearean soliloquy for the angry mob, explaining who he had been and and who he is now. By the end of the speech, it seems he has won over both Inspector Kemp and the angry mob. In fact, by the end of the minute, Kemp tells everyone, based on the new information, that this is an...


Young Frankenstein Episode 100: I am the monster

As we open the minute, the angry mob continues to storm through the castle. We are up against the clock with the transference. Inga and Igor keep looking at the time. The villagers, somehow find their way through to the secret laboratory. We discuss how they most have to go through Victor's old room, play with the rotating bookcase, make their way down the stair, through the dead heads before coming to the door. Inspector Kemp is once again used as a battering ram. With just three seconds...


Young Frankenstein Episode 99: Inspector Kemp battering ram

We continue today with Igor switching off all the controls to the laboratory equipment. One piece continues to fire until Igor comes down the stair and hits it. Then, he grabs what looks like test leads from a voltmeter and touches it to the metal salad bowl on Dr. Frankenstein's head. Even though we have been dealing with electricity once again, a close up of the doctor shows what looks like some liquid goop running through tubes. The tubes seem to be connected to a pump between him and...


Young Frankenstein Episode 98: Prepare for the transference

We continue today with the monster nearly cresting the edge of the wall. Dr. Frankenstein says the monster wants to do it for himself. We get a very odd look from the monster making us think he might be okay with a little help. He finally makes it over the wall, stands up and has one final look of pride before collapsing just as the doctor yells to catch him. They help the monster into the chair Igor had been using. Freddy asks if everything is ready and both Igor and Inga confirm they are...


Young Frankenstein Episode 97: Rock climbing like Tom Cruise

Doctor Frankenstein, Igor and Inga are still on the stop wall of the castle, playing the Transylvanian lullaby. Igor finally gets to play the six notes he's been anxious to play. As the music continue, Inga finally sees the lumbering form of the monster. She cries that it's working, the music is working! Freddy continues to play the violin as the monster begins to rock climbing like Tom Cruise. Though we have some serious concerns with this minute, we still love the movie. By the time the...


Young Frankenstein Episode 96: Doctor Frankenstein's open mic night

We begin with Frankenstein's monster being lulled by the sound of music, pulling him away from Elizabeth. She first wonders where he is going and then makes a pronouncement about their evening. She says all men are all alike; after 7 or 8 quick ones, they're ready to go out and boast with the boys. She demands he keep his mouth shut about their evening. Then she admits she has fallen in love with him. We cut to the top of the wall of the castle where Dr. Frankenstein, Igor and Inga have...


Young Frankenstein Episode 95: When all else fails, just reverse the film

The minute continues with Elizabeth finishing her operatic joy in the embrace of the monster. We then cut to Inspector Kemp and the villagers continuing their search for the monster. We notice the Inspector points with the wrong arm and has his patch on the incorrect eye. In fact, his badge is on the wrong side of his uniform and even a villager is holding a rifle left-handed. It seems they had to reverse the film to make this scene work properly in terms of moving from right to left across...


Young Frankenstein Episode 94: One uncomfortable minute at a time

Elizabeth opens the minute, questioning the monster about who he is and demands to know where she is. She tries to take control of the situation. She uses the same tactics she uses on Freddy to keep him in line. However, she has met her match since the monster does not answer her or answer to her. He only moans his responses. Once Elizabeth realizes what the monster intends, she tries to tell him about an important phone call she needs to answer. Once the monster reveals his enormous...