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A podcast where we typically discuss and celebrate the films of Gene Wilder, one minute at a time. Season one was dedicated to Young Frankenstein. Season two we looked at Blazing Saddles. With Season three, we moved in a new direction, taking on more of a talk-show format with guests.

A podcast where we typically discuss and celebrate the films of Gene Wilder, one minute at a time. Season one was dedicated to Young Frankenstein. Season two we looked at Blazing Saddles. With Season three, we moved in a new direction, taking on more of a talk-show format with guests.


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A podcast where we typically discuss and celebrate the films of Gene Wilder, one minute at a time. Season one was dedicated to Young Frankenstein. Season two we looked at Blazing Saddles. With Season three, we moved in a new direction, taking on more of a talk-show format with guests.






TWR Listeners Lounge - Ben Cramer - Old Sea Brigade

We welcome to the Listeners Lounge musician Ben Cramer of the band Old Sea Brigade. Ben has been drawn to music nearly his entire life and took time to chat with us about his career thus far. In the way-back machine, he and some friends created a Green Day cover band as young teenagers. His music abilities grew and led him to a tour with the rock band, Kansas. Upon his return from his touring with them and others, Ben decided to refocus his efforts and created Old Sea Brigade. The band name...


TWR Listeners Lounge - Doug Greenberg and Jason Hanes

Today we welcome a pair of guests to our show, Doug Greenberg and Jason Hanes, hosts of the Rocky Minute podcast. They both also happen to be police officers for nearly 20 years, serving in New Jersey. We started the discussion with how they were drawn to law enforcement. They discussed the wave of pro-police sentiment that existed post-9/11 and where it is today. They explained several changes they've seen, both inside the department and outside. Along the way, they both realized they...


TWR Listeners Lounge - Randi-O

Today's show welcome's Randi B. Okray, aka, Randi-O to the Listeners Lounge. Randi started off her career getting a degree in broadcast journalism. She found her way to Atlanta and began working in internet radio while working several other jobs. Eventually, her no nonsense hustle got her in front of an HR manager for Cox Communications, leading to a job with WSB Radio. Her main role is digital content, managing the various social media outlets used by the top News-Talk station in the...


TWR Listeners Lounge - Dean of the Dead

Today's guest in our Listeners Lounge is, Dean Sharp, aka Dean of the Dead, who discovered a love of creating new and invetive hot sauces. Before Dean sits down with hosts Alan and Walt, Walt recounted a story of a friend who went to Jamaica. Someone had broken into their room and ransacked the place, but nothing was missing. The camera had all the pictures taken on the roll. The couple didn't really learn the whole story until the film was developed weeks later. Dean began his story of hot...


TWR Listeners Lounge - Eric Wojciechowski

Today's episode features Eric Wojciechowski, a long-time probation officer by day and author by Night. He also is active in the area of UFOlogy. Before we bring on the guest, Alan and Walt recap their week since the last episode. Walt reminded us of having to question his dad over his apparent death. Then Walt recounts the tale of a large, naked whale seen at the gym. Alan talks about getting ready for a glamping trip on his Father's Day weekend. He was also part of a group planning a...


TWR Listeners Lounge - Kristen Gates

Today Alan and Walt welcome special guest, Kristen Gates, morning host on 94.9 FM The Bull in Atlanta. They first open with a short week in review, discussing work, family and dogs. This leads to Alan talking about having to put down their eldest dog, Rufus. Once Kristen joins, it's all about her career starting back in college. She was originally going to school with a pre-med curriculum. A counselor in her senior suggested she might want to try a few other things and it lead to some...


TWR Listeners Lounge - Pat McCormack

In today's episode, hosts Alan and Walt are joined by musician and star of The Golden Rage of TV, Pat McCormack. Before Pat joins, Alan and Walt discuss some current events related to protests turned violent. Next, Walt explains why he had to text his dad to find out if he is still alive. When Pat McCormack joins, the focus turns toward the start of his music career, being "discovered" by Ronnie Montrose. After time on the road in a band, Pat would then go on to be part of the daytime TV...


TWR Listeners Lounge - Hawk Hagebak

In today's episode, we get a chance to welcome Hawk Hagebak to the Listeners Lounge. First, Alan and Walt spend some time catching up from last week. Since this episode was recorded just after Memorial Day, they both discussed the holiday and what it means to them both. Then guest Hawk Hagebak joined them in the lounge to talk about the careers he's had. He started off after high school in the Coast Guard. After a four year stint, Hawk decided on a career in law enforcement. While in that...


TWR Listeners Lounge - James Enstall

Today's episode features radio host, James Enstall of Geek to Me Radio. Alan and Walt chat for a bit opening up the show. Walt, as a private detective, is seeing more work since the state is starting to loosen it's restrictions. Alan then told a story of glamping with his wife and friends. They bring James onto the show and talk about his career in radio and how he has cultivated a long and distinguished list of celebrities and talents who have appeared on his show. James then hangs out and...


TWR Listeners Lounge - BK on the Air

Our guest on the official "first" episode of our revamped season 3 is radio talk host, BK on the Air. Walt and Alan open the show discussing one of Alan's dogs, Riley, deciding to eat a bottle of Advil. It was a crazy, dare we say, wild, few days following the incident. We are happy to say, Riley is still alive and with us, which only helps to make the story more entertaining. Once BK joins, we get to learn about his passion for talk as well as when and where it began. He took us through...


Welcome to the Listeners Lounge

This is the "pilot" episode (we think) of our new format, which we are calling The Wilder Ride Listeners Lounge. We decided to try it out without a guest and if all goes well, we look to add someone new to the line-up each week. The goal is to keep it to as close to an hour for each episode. Today we spent a few minutes chatting about our lives since the last recording. We then jumped into some odd or funny news stories before launching into movies and shows we've watched. We wrap with a few...


Escape from Lockdown

In our continued lockdown from Covid-19, Walt and Alan discuss movies and perhaps a change in the format of the show given the challenges we've all faced. Buckle up and enjoy some fun banter about a bunch of movies still yet to be released in the theater. They also give some reading suggestions and a couple of podcast shout-outs.


What to Binge While Quarantined

In an effort to give our listeners some suggestions for movie binge watching or podcast binge listening, we decided to chat about some of our favorite pandemic and disaster films. We also discuss things new to Netflix and close with some podcast recommendations. Pandemic films discussed: Day After Tomorrow, The Walking Dead, World War Z, Andromeda Strain, I Am Legend, Omega Man, Cloverfield, 10 Cloverfield Lane, 28 Day Later, 28 Weeks Later, Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day...


Halloween Spooktacular 2019

This year was our 5th year to bring a live Halloween show to life on WBHF, AM 1450 and FM 100.3. The radio station also broadcasts over the internet via the TuneIn Radio app or by visiting the website and clicking on the Listen Live button. Hosts Alan Sanders, Walt Murray and BK discussed their favorite Halloween candy and which ones are the worst. They also talked about their top scariest movies, top horror-comedy films and their favorite monsters. We had two different guest...


Ghostbusters - Patreon Show - Part 1

Hosts Alan Sanders and Walt Murray are joined by Susan Delmonico and Brad Stephens to breakdown one of the 100 best comedies of all-time according to the American Film Institute -- Ghostbusters! We continue using a more laid back approach in discussing the film. Instead of moving through the movie in sequence, we just kick back and talk about the movie in whatever order pops in our heads. It's a new and refreshing way for the listener to enjoy hearing our "Wilder Ride" take on this classic...


The Princess Bride - Episode 1

In this first episode, hosts Alan Sanders and Walt Murray are joined by their wives, Susan Delmonico and Amy Murray, to discuss the beloved film, The Princess Bride. As part of our Patreon season, instead of breaking the film down minute-by-minute, we opt for a more relaxed and open discussion of the film, the actors and some of the behind-the-scenes stories we have researched. We hope you enjoy this month's Patreon special as we bring you a new episode each and every Wednesday during the...


The Big Lebowski - Part 1

In this first part, we begin to discuss the movie, The Big Lebowski. This season, we opted for a new approach. Instead of moving through the movie in sequence, hosts Alan and Walt, along with guests, Susan Delmonico and Brad Stephens, just kick back and talk about the film. It's a new and refreshing way for the listener to enjoy hearing our Wilder Ride take on this classic Cohen Brothers movie. The first episode is going to be available as a bonus episode to our regular subscribers as well...


Blazing Saddles Bonus: Inteview with actor Burton Gilliam

In this bonus episode to our season two coverage of Blazing Saddles, we were thrilled to be able to interview actor Burton Gilliam about playing the role of Lyle. We covered a range of topics, including how he got into the movie Paper Moon, meeting Madeline Kahn and quitting his job as a firefighter. We discuss all of his major scenes in the film as well as his friendships with Alex Karras, Slim Pickens and Burt Reynolds. We hope you enjoyed today’s episode. If you have not done so already,...


Blazing Saddles Bonus Finale: Recap of season two and tease for season three

Now that Blazing Saddle (the movie) is complete, we bring you a bonus recap of season two and a tease for season three. Several guests returned to give their thoughts on this past season. We hear from Jim O'Kane, Professor Robert E. G. Black, BK on the Air, Paul Tien-Shih Lee, Father David Mowry, Tim Andrews, Jeff Leiboff, Dave Robinson, Tierney Steele, Pete Mummert and Autumn Fischer. By the end, Walt and Alan provide additional thoughts and commentary before announcing the big reveal....


Blazing Saddles episode 93: The Finale

Walt and Alan take the time in the final episode to go through the final seconds of the film and the 30 seconds of end credits. While going through the finale, they discuss the actors and some of their favorite lines and moments from the movie. By the end, they set the stage for one final bonus episode still to come. Today is left to your hosts, Alan and Walt, to tackle the final 10 seconds of the film, followed by a little over 30 seconds of end credits. To learn more about Alan and Walt,...