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New Unlikely Geeks Theme Song

Hey Everybody, Happy New Year! 2018! We have a lot of changes this year, but we wanted to share our biggest one with you today. This is our new Unlikely Geeks Theme Song produced by a friend of the podcast @WallyClark36 from Comics and Convos. We will only play a small section of it as an intro. We are unsure if the theme will be taken down my Disney, so beware, if that is the case we will be looking for a new theme song. Think you have the skills? Send us over an Unlikely Geeks beat and...


Issue 27: 2017 Unlikely Geeks Awards

Welcome to the 2017 Unlikely Geek Awards. This year has been filled with amazing and classic video games, films, and television shows. We just wanted to take the time and give them the recognition they deserve. Thank you for everyone who participated online and voted on the categories, they meant... absolutely nothing to the winners but it was cool to see where everyone's head was at. LOL! Can't wait for next year, we already have so many ideas. Until next time... Go out there, and save...


Issue 24: Dora!

Do we really have to sell this episode? Look at this cover! We talk about our version of the recently announced Dora the Explorer movie produced by Michael Bay!... and a bunch of other cool news too. X-23 movie being written The new, rumored look of Sony's Venom movie. Walking Dead rating BRIGHT, the new Netflix movie starring Will Smith Power Rangers sequel and much much more. Till next week, Go Out and Save the World!!! Ayeeee.


Issue 23: Big Changes

Joined by, Co-Host of the Gamerage Podcast, Ev we talk about everything going on in nerdy news for the week of 10/16/2017. We have moved locations and big changes are ahead! Big news? New Black Panther, Punisher, and New Mutant Trailers. Also big news... EA Closes Visceral Gaming Developer Studios. Creators of Dead Space and the new single player Star Wars game. WHY!? Find out Yambo's thoughts. Till next week go out, and save the world!


Issue 21: Issa 'bout Szechuan Sauce

After surviving his vacation, Yambo, Dro, and Tino team up for another week of news. This week's geek topics range from new reboot and remake announcements, new movie announcements, to delays and limited exclusives that you don't want to miss out on. This episode issa 'bout szechuan sauce! You won't believe how hard it's going to be to try this sauce out. If we the first ones in line, we will buy them all (according to Tino, that's allowed?) Till next time, go out... and save the world!


Issue 18: Sorry For The Wait

After a long 18 days, Unlikely Geeks are back with a jam packed episode full of random comic related stories and news. We discuss the Hurricane Irma aftermath and merchandise fundraiser we are having. Share some scary stories after reviewing the movie "IT". DC news is in abundance and we get sort of serious when discussing the controversial topic of PewDiePie, the biggest video game YouTube streamer, who said the N word while playing a video game live on the internet. Check us out next...


Issue 17.5 End of The Year Movie Preview

We are doing it again, breaking down every movie coming out from now till the end of the year. We saw almost all of them this summer, we are ready to see all these movies now. Join us for the conversation. www.unlikelygeeks.com


Issue 17: A lot of DC today

Slow news weeks. Turns out a lot of this week's news was DC related, so we talked about that. Your favorite geeks always know how to have a good time, and this week isn't any different. Thanks everyone who voted for us in the past few weeks, now we just wait and see. Stay tuned this Sunday for a special episode of UGS.


Issue 16: Skrulls Skrulls Skrulls

Everything from new Move Pass pricing (sponsor us) to a Planet of the Apes game that no one but Yambo is excited for..... Yambo is a Skrull! That is all. Vote for us for Best Local Podcast & Best New Business (Started after Sept 2016). Links on www.unlikelygeeks.com and @UnlikelyGeeks everywhere.


Rick and Morty: The TV Series Review

We bit the bullet, we are no longer trendsetters, we are trend followers. We fell into the hype. Find out what the Unlikely Geek Boys thought about the Rick and Morty Series on our special bonus episode of UGS. (Recorded after completing series till current episode Season 3, Episode 3)


Issue 14: HBO

As usual your favorite geeks break down the weeks news! Everything from Netflix to HBO, the geeks dubbing your favorite shows and cartoons (don't steal our idea, we said it first ;-p) Follow @Unlikelygeeks everywhere Visit our site UnlikelyGeeks.com. Rep your favorite podcast get you some shirts and fresh gear.


Issue 13.5 SPECIAL: TBCC Reacts & Shoutouts

Man, we wanted to suprise you guys with a special episode after our adventures at Tampa Bay Comic Con. We had a dude mowing the backyard so pardon the ambient sounds. We butchered so many names, so we will tag everyone on Instagram. It was all love, we met so many people and saw so many amazing things and cosplayers. Can't wait to host a panel or have booth next year. If anyone can let us know how! #UnlikelyGeeks


Issue 13: #TBCC Comic Con Part 2

This week we spent the WHOLE episode cooking on just a bunch of the nerdy news we think you have to know about! Trailers, Re-shoots, Budgets, Comic Talk, and more! The team is back together, Tino! is back for this episode and we talk about what he has been doing since our last adventure. We getting ready for Tampa Bay Comic Con 2017 and we hope to see you there! Lets make memories, our first Unlikely Geeks Con and we want to make it special. Come get some exclusive stickers Friday,...


Issue 12 #SDCC Part 1

This week is San Diego Comic Con International! Biggest convention in the GAME! We are mid way through this extravaganza but we didn't want to wait. Here are our reactions to the 1st half of this weekends festivities. Missing out on our movie review? Its been moved to its own show, Go check out The Movie Reviews now its own episodes for your listening pleasure. You decide when you are ready to listen, this weeks film is Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. www.unlikelygeeks.com...


Valerian : The Movie Review

Welcome to our spin off show. The Movie Review. We hear your feedback, you want to get right to the reviews and don't want to fear spoilers (DRO!) Now you can find our reviews of the latest movies on its own show and given its full spotlight. Valerian Review. Did we hate it? like it? love it?! Find out now. www.unlikelygeeks.com


Issue 10: Spider-Man has Come Home

This week we have a special guest, Mikey Thomas. HE MET STAN LEE IN THE FLESH!.... and spent a lot of money to do it! You know we have to talk Spiderman, but don't worry if you haven't seen it you still have lots of show to listen too. Dro tries to spoil the movie early but Yambo doesn't let him lol. Enjoy, go save the world! @UnlikelyGeeks Like, Subscribe, Review on iTunes. Thank you.


Issue 9: Trailers and Transformers

You're checking out Unlikely Geeks In this special, close to 2 hour, episode we have a full hour of amazing content before we get to the spoiler FILLED review of Transformers The Last Knight. Even if you haven't seen the movie for the "Week old movie review" you still have a full hour of content to enjoy. Next week we will be watching Spider-Man Homecoming and will not be recording the podcast on Thursday. Catch us back on Friday/Saturday for the next Issue of Unlikely Geeks Follow us on...


Issue 7: All Eyez on E3 2017

Yambo Dro and Tino watched All Eyez on Me but only Yambo and Dro stayed to talk about it as well as every NEW thing announced at E3. For all our other thoughts go check out our E3 Episode from a few weeks ago. Stay tuned to our new news we are going to reveal soon. Notice our NEW logo? Tell us what you think on our social media @UnlikelyGeeks Twitter, FB or email us at UnlikelyGeeks@Gmail.com Till next week and our next episode Go Save the World! RIP TUPAC


Issue 6: Tino's BACK

Tino is BACK from his extended birthday extravaganza! We talk about Wonder Women, Mummy, some of the newest rumors and we semi-freestyled ideas for our own movies and games. Follow us on @UnlikelyGeeks on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Email Us: UnlikelyGeeks@Gmail.com with any questions, comments, or if you might want to be apart of the show. Please above all, Subscribe and REVIEW our podcast. It would mean the world to us and the Watchers over at iTunes notice these things so help us...


Issue 5: The E3 Episode

Pedro and Yambo talk about the BIGGEST gaming convention of the year, E3 2017. We breakdown the games rumored by each developer. We also discuss the latest comic book, movie, and other video game news. Thank you for listening, Go be a Hero! Follow us @UnlikelyGeeks Yambo - @Yambo718 @YamboNYC Pedro - @TriggaDro813 Email us topics, and stories to be read in the next episode: UnlikelyGeeks@Gmail.com