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#63: What I Want for Christmas 2018

This week we talk about what I want, what I need, what I’ll wear, and what I’ll read . . . So, if you were wondering what to get the outdoorsman or woman in your life this Christmas, here’s what we want! Plus, 100 reviews, Nate’s cold, and we almost draft Christmas songs, until we … Continue reading "#63: What I Want for Christmas 2018"


#62: Hunting and Ecology with David Mizejewski

If you don’t know David Mizejewski, he’s a naturalist, spokesperson, and television personality for the National Wildlife Federation. He’s appeared on the Today Show, Wendy Williams, Conan, Good Morning America, and more, as well as hosted shows on Animal Planet and NatGeo. We invited him to join us to discuss his perspective on hunting . … Continue reading "#62: Hunting and Ecology with David Mizejewski"


#61: Duck Season 2018, Phase 1 Recap

Phase 1 came and went in a flash . . . Relive every glorious moment (almost) with Nate and Travis as we recount (Florida, bro) our favorite things from the first week of the most wonderful time of the year! Plus – rush to get in to be our 100th review and win a shirt … Continue reading "#61: Duck Season 2018, Phase 1 Recap"


#60: Landon Blankenship

Have you always wanted to know how waterfowl taxidermy works? This week, we sat down with one of the best, Landon Blankenship, to talk all about taxidermy. How thorough the process is, his favorite birds, and mistakes we make when bringing in our ducks. Keep: Nate: The Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Act passed Emily: Major gains … Continue reading "#60: Landon Blankenship"


#59: Are There Too Many Duck Hunters?

This week, we tackle something near and dear to our hearts . . . the debate about recruiting new waterfowlers to our sport and, potentially, our spots. But, before we get to that, we draft country music artists, discuss BHA’s latest promotion, pay your age hunts, our missing fishin’, and more! Here’s the link to … Continue reading "#59: Are There Too Many Duck Hunters?"


#58: Gabriella Hoffman

We’re changing things up this week – we were able to catch up with District of Conservation host Gabriella Hoffman. We chat about growing up in California, guns, urban recruitment to outdoor opportunities, women in the outdoors, Florida’s election, and more! It’s a great conversation with an important voice in our industry . . . … Continue reading "#58: Gabriella Hoffman"


#57: Baboons, Ethics, and Blake Fischer

By now, everyone in the hunting and fishing world has seen the story about Idaho Game Commissioner, Blake Fischer. This is our discussion. Plus – hunts for new duck hunters, discourse over division, and Emily cries. Book a hunt for a new duck hunter by e-mailing or messaging Travis. Travis kept District of Conservation, a … Continue reading "#57: Baboons, Ethics, and Blake Fischer"


#56: Southernisms

Remember last week how we sounded all smart and stuff? Additive harvest and predator swamping and protandric hermaphoditism and whatnot? Y’all. We asked “what are your favorite southern sayings” and boy, did y’all come through in a MAJOR way. Constipated turkeys, fence sitting turtles, sock wearing roosters, and perhaps the world’s most awkward anatomy lesson … Continue reading "#56: Southernisms"


#55: The More You Know

Remember “The More You Know” from NBC Saturday Morning? This is the podcast equivalent of Blossom talking about reading or Matthew Perry talking about exercise or Al Roker talking about being a good dad, only it’s us talking about outdoors things. Predator Swamping. Protandric Hermaphroditism. Additive vs. Compensatory harvest. Plus, French Fries, April Vokey, Hurricanes, … Continue reading "#55: The More You Know"


#54: Long Division

We’re back – and better than ever! This week, we discuss the things that divide outdoorsmen, and we talk about ways to bring ourselves together. Duck hunters vs. duck hunters, fishermen vs. fishermen, hunters vs. fishermen – one day, we’ll wake up and realize we should’ve paid more attention to the things that unite us! … Continue reading "#54: Long Division"


#53: Jumping Sharks

We live in amazing times – Youtube, Cable, Satellite – so many choices for outdoor programming. But what if we could re-invent the genre? This week, we put ourselves in the director’s chair(s) and pitch our best ideas for new outdoor entertainment. Here’s the link to Travis’ column on the loss of our beloved French … Continue reading "#53: Jumping Sharks"


#52: The Voices in Our Heads

When you’re spending time in the Great Outdoors, what voices are in your head? From our parents to our kids to Steve Rinella and Randy Newberg and Rocky Leflore, technology coupled with memories has given us a fantastic perspective on why we do, what we do . . . This is our discussion about that! … Continue reading "#52: The Voices in Our Heads"


#51: Ducks as College Football Teams

Duck season is fast approaching. College Football Season has already started. How does a wayward outdoors podcast combine the two? Simple – we take the AP Top 10 and assign them duck species that correlate to their various program identities. Oh. And Emily drafts country music singers. And maybe rappers. If that sounds like the … Continue reading "#51: Ducks as College Football Teams"


#50: A Game Is The Foot

IT’S. OUR. BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! One year ago today, we were just a precocious, nascent podcast. Today – we’re celebrating. We talk our favorite episodes and moments – in the finest tradition of this train-wreck of a podcast . . . we hope y’all enjoy! Follow Cast and Blast Florida . . . Instagram – Twitter – Facebook – Website Want to experience … Continue reading "#50: A Game Is The Foot"


#49: Discharges, Big Sugar, and Red Tide

It’s been a miserable summer in Southwest Florida – a never ending red tide bloom. Discharges from Lake Okeechobee. An election cycle. Our state sits in the midst of an ecological disaster that’s being tossed around like a political volleyball. Misinformation abounds. Divisions are drawn in the sand. Confusion reigns. This week, we take one … Continue reading "#49: Discharges, Big Sugar, and Red Tide"


#48: The Stay Woke Playlist

It’s 4 am. You’ve got a full, NRA approved Yeti Rambler of coffee, the boat’s gassed up, and you’re headed to the boat ramp. What’s on the radio? We asked as many folks as we could for their “on the way to the boat ramp” songs, and this is what we’ve ended up with. The … Continue reading "#48: The Stay Woke Playlist"


47: Anonymous Takes

How do you feel about Power-pole? Airboats? Fly Fishing? This week, we’re taking apart the hot takes that folks were too chicken to attach their names to . . . Plus Brad Paisley vs. Garth, Nate catches a 7″ fish and brags about it, and we talk Florida water issues again. And the First Annual … Continue reading "47: Anonymous Takes"


#46: Hot Takes

We asked “What are your ‘Hot Takes’ for Hunting and Fishing?” And Holy WOW did you guys and gals come through . . . Does lure color matter? Do 3.5″ shells? Is it more fun to shoot ducks at 50 yards? What actually is the best cartridge for deer? We tackle all of these, plus … Continue reading "#46: Hot Takes"


#45: Random Thoughts

Nate’s second week as a fly-fisherman and we can’t tell if he’s gotten more pretentious or not. Plus, tons of new reviews, we talk about FWC, tons of follow-ups to ICAST, and, what’s your favorite restaurant sweet tea? The Links: RidgeMonkey: We don’t WANT this light . . . We NEEEEEED this light . . … Continue reading "#45: Random Thoughts"


#44: iCast 2018

Did Nate really just join a cult? Plus, we recap much of the new and noteworthy stuff we discovered at ICAST 2018 last week, including: GoLock: A mobile electronic locking system designed for Outdoorsmen. Seigler Reels: Wes Seigler taught himself how to work with metal and fashioned an ICAST 2018 Best in Show … Continue reading "#44: iCast 2018"