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Rod and Reel Radio 03/15/19

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 concerns the radio station closed on Sunday, and we played last week's show as a re-run. John gives a quick update on event re-scheduling at the beginning of the show including the Fred Hall Show Del Mar's new dates. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the latest on all local events. We hope to return this week or as soon as possible.


Rod and Reel Radio 03/08/19

David Marciano featured skipper on National Geographic’s “Wicked Tuna”. Marko Mlikotin from the California Sportsfishing League updated us on the progress the 365 day fishing license. The “Iron Man” Danny Wade from H&M Landing reported on local offshore fishing and we talked tuna with Rob and Lori. Ryan Holbert nearly caught a new California state record. Lori Heath and Rob Tressler discussed the details of their most successful tuna trip this early in March on the Pacific Queen.


Rod and Reel Radio 03/01/19

Mike Nguyen lead buyer at Turner’s Outdoorsman. Geoff Hunt from LP fishing Supplies explained why now is the best time of the season to hooping. Show promoter Bart Hall talked about the 72 year history of the Fred Hall Shows.


Rod and Reel Radio 02/23/19

Wendy Reported on the Sunny Trent Fundraiser. Bill Boyce shared with us highlights from some of his latest fishing adventures and updated us with what’s new at Dan Wade from H & M Landing talk jig fishing with Tommy Gomes. THE original Fishmonger himself Tommy Gomes educated us on subjects like the Tuna Harbor Dockside Market, his appearance at this year’s Fred Hall Long Beach Show and the status of our quest for sustainable seafood


Rod and Reel Radio 02/16/19

Glenn Young, national sales manager for Z-man Fishing. Captain Ron Baker updated us on what he’s been up to this past year. Shaun Bailey relived what it took to take first place in the WON Bass Arizona Open this past week. Lori Byron-Sachua from Turner’s Outdoorsman San Marcos and Bo Morman from Big Rock Sporting Goods talked about an upcoming fundraiser for Sunny Trent.


Rod and Reel Radio 02/09/19

Angler Larry Moore discussed his angling background and involvement with “Fishers of Men” West Coast Paul Lebowitz reported on the results of this past week’s WON Open Bass event on Lake Havasu and his new position as editor of Western Outdoor News. Bill Batson shared with us the stories from his family run business Batson Enterprises and why his company is such an intricate part of most folks fishing experience.


Rod and Reel Radio 02/02/19

John visited H&M Landing this past week to get some Super interviews for this Sunday. Frank Ursitti owner operator of Tanger 85 Sportfishing and managing partner at H&M Landing. Capt. Bill Wilkerson owner operator of Malahini Sportfishing. Phil Friedman just back from China with his perspective on how the people look at the USA, and yes some fishing thrown in.


Rod and Reel Radio 01/26/19

Andrew Mack from shared with us some of his secrets for local trout fishing. Cabo Greg Arizpe from Land’s End Charters updated us on the fishing conditions off of Cabo san Lucas. Pete Carter & Fred Spencer from Reckless Rodent told us about how they'e gone about designing these most successful line of top water baits. Dwayne Patenaude from the San Diego Anglers reported on the results of the 2020 San Diego bay Bass Open


Rod and Reel Radio 01/19/19

Jessica Roame talked about a new program she is spearheading out of Davey's Locker & Newport Landing recycling monofilament fishing line. Rick Marin from H & M Landing updated us on current fishing conditions. Capt. Andy Kates from Red Rooster III talked to us about his long-range fishing experiences.


Rod and Reel Radio 01/12/19

Dominic Lozano, a former East County resident, now a living in Texas shared his fishing experiences with us. Dominic ended 2019 with a 13 pound bass and started 2020 with another 23 pounder. Capt. Chris Randel has re-located in Hawaii. And filled us in on what he's doing there. Saltwater Bass Series (SBS) tournament director Gerry Mahieu shared with us the results of his January 11 tournament on San Diego Bay.


Rod and Reel Radio 01/05/19

Bill Siemantel talked about the national launch of the 2020 BBZ Junior Championship. San Diego city councilman Scott Sherman joined us and discussed issues that plague San Diego prevent it from being a world class fishery...again. Scott is looking for you vote to become the next mayor of San Diego.


Rod and Reel Radio 12/29/19

Rick Carr from Gamakatsu Hooks kept us on point when choosing our fresh and saltwater hooks. Dwayne Patenaude from the SD Angler’s updated us on the upcoming 2020 SD Bay Bass Open. Dwayne was also just back from Angler’s Inn on El Salto after an “EPIC” fishing trip. Steve Tagami from from Fishing Adventure Travel Alliance took us to all four corners of the globe on the hunt for big and exotic fish.


Rod and Reel Radio 12/22/19

Tom Gatch guided us through San Quintin. We visited Hotel Jardines the garden spot of San Quintin. Capt. Kelly Catian from K & M Sportsfishing talk up his charter Company. We heard from some of Capt. Catian’s guests about their fishing experience. Geoff Hill from filled us in on all the information we need to know about Mexican auto insurance.


Rod and Reel Radio 12/15/19

Jake and Toni Klopensein along with Tiger Hoffman shared their story of bringing Jake’s love of fishing to bedridden hospital kids. Cabo Greg Arizpe from Land’s End Charters reported he will be offering an opportunity for fishermen to participate in the big fishing tournaments down in Cabo San Lucas next year. Danny Wade from H&M Landing shared jigging Irons for Yellowtail tips. Rob Tressler squeezed every tuna fishing opportunity out of 2019 he could. He’ll tell us how well that worked out...


Rod and Reel Radio 12/08/19

Billy Chapman Jr from Anglers Inn International. Danny Wade from H&M Landing. Wayne Kotow executive director CCA of California.


Rod and Reel Radio 12/01/19

Billy Chapman Jr from Anglers Inn International. Danny Wade from H&M Landing. Wayne Kotow executive director CCA of California.


Rod and Reel Radio 11/10/19

Captain Steve Taft from Sea Adventures Sportsfishing kept us current with what’s happening with the Offshore bite. Cabo Greg Arizpe from Land’s End Charters recapped this year‘s Cabo Tuna Jackpot event. Chad Gierlich from Hookup Baits relived his trip to Pyramid Lake, Nevada with Bill Boyce in search of giant trout. Jimmy Houston joins us to remember the life of Jerry McKinnis and commented on the purchase of FLW by Major League Fishing.


Rod and Reel Radio 11/03/19

Bill Boyce talked with us about his newest venture, how he did in this year's Bisbee tournament and what's new with Destination Baja. Capt Paul Strasser gave Stan an idea what to expect on his upcoming 13 day trip with Independence Sportfishing and what the happenings were at 22nd St. Landing. Wendy back from here Utah hunt related hoe she bagged her buck. Pro Angler Ish Monroe was our surprise guest and called in to talk about the trip he is going on with Stan. Ish is a...


Rod and Reel Radio 10/27/19

Billy Egan Director 2019 WON Bass US Open on Lake Mead recapped this historic event for us. Cabo Greg Arizpe from Land’s End Charters had a report on the fishing conditions out of Cabo San Lucas. Award winning outdoor writer Gary Graham gave us a report on this year’s Bisbee Tournament and filled us in on others happenings on the Baja Peninsula


Rod and Reel Radio 10/20/19

Bill Siemantel with the results of this past week’s Big Bass Junior Championships from Anglers Inn Intl., Willows Club, Priest Lake ID. The 2019 WON Lake Mead Open Champion Nick Salvucci talk about what it took to win this Championship. Dan Wade from H & M Landing called in with an Offshore report.