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Women Bosses – Running the Track and Running the World

I want to introduce you to my friend, amazing momma, stylin designer and legit CEO BOSS WOMAN of JBloom Design, Jennifer Bonacorsi! Jenn and I met over a year ago when she brought Boot Camp Challenge® to JBloom. I went to help launch the program and was in a bit of shock and awe when I saw her show up in a boot! Yep, she had just had surgery on her foot but was so excited to do the program, she decided to do it in her boot and take the options. I immediately knew she was my kind of...


Struggling with Your Mental Health? Please Listen to This!

Hi friends, I hope you are having a most awesome day! I want to introduce you to my friend, Kayla Burton, BCC trainer and licensed therapist. Kayla and I met over ten years ago when she started in my Boot Camp Challenge® as a camper. During her first nine years, working out was not a problem for her. She loved it. She loved the workouts, the training, and even the running. But the nutrition was a different story. She struggled with understanding and accepting how her body responded to...


Happy Thanksgiving and Moms- What You Do Really Matters

Happy Thanksgiving! I am so excited to enjoy my family, my food and my festivities this week. I LOVE this time of year. And, during this holiday season, I always spend a bit more time reflecting on what I am most thankful for and for what I feel the most gratitude. And, when I think of these, my family always comes first. So, guess what I did? I invited them on this week’s podcast! Tony (my hubs), Elijah, Ben (my sons) and I sat down and had some great kitchen table talk and they shared...


Intermittent Fasting (IF) and the Keto Diet – Are These Diets Good or Bad?

Lately, you have been super psyched about NUTRITION, NUTRITION and NUTRITION. Which of course, I love! And, you have been asking a TON of questions about Intermittent Fasting (IF) and the Keto Diet. These two diets have been quite popular of late and you have requested some intel. As a matter of fact, I have received so many questions, I decided to make it our podcast topic, woot! So, as per protocol, grab your coffee or your wine (unless you are driving!) and get ready for some...


How to Stay on Your Diet

I am going to tackle a topic you have inquired about TONS. You send me questions on this topic daily. You talk about it on your social media often. You commiserate about it frequently. It is your DIET. And by diet, I am not referring to a quick program, a fad weight loss scheme or a starvation situation. I am referring to your daily intake of food. What you consume to keep yourself alive. That is how I define diet. And here is an actual definition – DIET (n) – the kinds of food a person,...


Personal Safety When Working Out Outside

Hi friend, I hope you are having a most awesome day. I know I am always preaching to move your body, eat your veggies and drink water. But, there is something else I don’t talk about much but it is just as important if not MORE – SAFETY when exercising. The news has been filled of late of tragedy striking young women as they run in their neighborhoods. And, they were doing it “right”; jogging in the daylight, running in the “good” neighborhoods. I started thinking about my own safety....


A BCC Trainer and Vietnam

Hi friend, I hope you are having a most awesome day. Today I want to share a special story with you. My guest on this podcast is AJ Miller. She is a Boot Camp Challenge® (BCC) trainer and BCC Master Trainer. She is also the daughter of a Vietnam veteran who passed last year. What AJ did not know was her father had left behind a journal, a memoir. After trying several times to read the memoir, and failing, she decided to return to Vietnam and retrace her father’s footsteps. Her purpose is...


Four Ways to Overcome Your Fears

Hi friend, how is your week running down? Mine? So good. We launched camps this week and I freakin LOVE launch week. I love seeing all the vets coming back to camp. I love seeing the new peeps with a little bit of hesitation on their faces walk through the door. It takes major courage, bravery and overcoming fear to actually sign up and show up for any fitness program, especially one called Boot Camp Challenge®! This past weekend, I took a bunch of campers paddling boarding. We had such an...


How to Lose 30 Pounds

Hey my friends, I hope you are having a most awesome day! I was sitting in the airport a few months back, and I overheard a conversation. Two ladies were chatting and complaining that it was taking way TOO long to lose thirty pounds. They said they had been working on it for a few weeks. I so wanted to jump in and shake them and tell them all they had to do was be consistent, be realistic and be patient AF! But, I did none of that. I did not interrupt their conversation, but I couldn’t...


How to Dress Your Body No Matter What Your Size

Hey friends, I hope you are having a fabulous week! I just had the most amazing conversation with my friend and personal fashion stylist, Stacy Cody. She not only answered YOUR questions about fashion, clothes and how to dress YOUR body, she also dove deep into the psychology of how we dress ourselves and how and why it makes us feel the way we feel. During our conversation, Stacy shared how a size on a tag can change our whole attitude for a day (good or bad) and why this number is such a...


How to Lose Weight During Menopause

Hey friends, I hope you are rockin your week! I want to introduce you to my friend, amazing momma, stylin’ television personality and legit dietician, Jennifer McDaniel. Jen and I met at our local television station over eight years ago. I was brought on to share fitness tips with the St. Louis peeps, and Jen was brought on to share nutrition tips. We chatted before and after our segments, and a friendship was struck. Many (more like tons) of you have asked me how to lose weight while...


How Monitoring Your Heart Rate Can Help You Lose Weight

Today I would like to introduce you to Bryan Daddio, my friend and the founder of Turbo Strapp, a heart rate monitor device. Daddio and I had a great chat a few weeks back and had a blast. We both love to geek out on the science of heart rate training, heart rate monitoring, and how it affects the whole body. And, we are both total science nerds, especially on the topics of fitness, wellness, exercise and nutrition. AND, in this convo, you will hear all that. AND, we provide insight on how...


The Five CHANGES You Can Make Right Now to Live a Healthier Life

Today I would like to introduce you to Dr. Vidan (Dr.V), my friend and the official chiropractor for the 2011 World Series Champions, St. Louis Cardinal, whaaat?! Yep, true story. Dr. V and I met twenty years ago in a gym. He was working his way through Chiropractic school and I was about to launch Boot Camp Challenge®. We both left the facility we were working and continued on with our education and our businesses. A few years back, we ran into each other at Fox 2 News. It was great...


How This Twenty Year Old Did NOT Gain the Freshman 15

Hey friends, I hope you are having a fabulous day. Have I told you lately that I love you? I know, you are either thinking “isn’t that a song?” (Yes, you are correct and it is by Lionel Richie), or “why is Lori saying she loves me?” I am saying I love you cuz I was thinking about you and just feel so blessed you spend time with me and Boot Camp Challenge® (BCC), and you have chosen us as your fitness/wellness expert. Time is our greatest commodity- we have so little- and yet you choose to...


A Doctor's Take on Diabetes, Food and Exercise

Hey friends, I hope you are having a fabulous day. I have so missed you! So much has happened since we last chatted. Our daughter, and Boot Camp Challenge® master trainer extraordinaire, Victoria, was married at the end of April. And, it was amazing. We also ran a half marathon, attended a college graduation, and partied at another wedding. Oh, and trip to Mexico where my husband battled a shark (or so he says). Such a busy time…but I LOVE it! And, now, I am back to you. And, I CAN’T...


Fad Diets and Why They Don’t Work

I hope you got your learning ears on cuz I am bringing some nutrition truth bombs your way! Today’s topic – FAD DIETS. And, I brought back our expert scientist and registered dietician, Sarah Weitz, MS, RD, Michigan State professor and BCC nutritionist, woot! Sarah takes us deep into the current fad diets to include the Whole 30 diet, the Keto diet and a titch of Atkins. I asked her ALL your questions, and, again, Sarah does not disappoint. She dives into the history of these diets, why...


Sweating for the Wedding; And Other Bridal Confessions

Hey my friends, I hope your day is awesome! Today I am inviting you to my kitchen table for some kitchen table talk. Real talk. You may or may not be aware, but I am going to be the Mother of the Bride (MOB). Yep, my daughter, Victoria is getting married in just three weeks. Not even gonna lie, it has definitely been quite the journey. Planning a wedding is no joke. And, throughout this journey, I have had the blessing of watching my daughter navigate with such sensibility, a peaceful...


The Silent Killer: How to Keep it at Bay with Food

"You only get one life. Make the best of it." - Kristina Koob, Boot Camp Challenge® Camper Food IS medicine. It CAN heal. Kristina is living proof of it. In my latest podcast, Kristina sits down with me and shares how suddenly last year she just wasn't feeling well. Always going to the bathroom. Always thirsty. Just feeling "off," she says, and she thought to herself... well, maybe it's menopause. She went to the doctor and got the news she most dreaded: She had Type 2 diabetes, the same...


Meet a Real Life Wonder Woman

I am inviting you to grab a coffee, tea or wine and take a seat cuz I got a story for you! My guest on this week's podcast is a coach of a university cheerleading squad, winner of four national championships, top sales rep within her company, a wife, mother, and a fitness professional. And, she has a child with severe special needs. I would like you to meet my friend Carrie. Carrie and I met close to twenty years ago while teaching “aerobics”. Between us, we have six kids, two husbands...


How a BCC Camper Survived a Heart Attack

I would like to introduce you to Mary Margaret! (Her real name is Margaret Bridgett but EVERYONE gets a nickname). I met Mary Margaret over two years ago when she signed up for her first Boot Camp Challenge®. She was the first to arrive on the first day of camp. 5:10am, I believe (we start at 5:30am). She is so tiny, maybe 5ft tall. She has a huge smile and tons of energy. She shared she had just started weight watchers and was ready to add exercise to her life. She said she had never...