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A Doctor's Take on Diabetes, Food and Exercise

Hey friends, I hope you are having a fabulous day. I have so missed you! So much has happened since we last chatted. Our daughter, and Boot Camp Challenge® master trainer extraordinaire, Victoria, was married at the end of April. And, it was amazing. We also ran a half marathon, attended a college graduation, and partied at another wedding. Oh, and trip to Mexico where my husband battled a shark (or so he says). Such a busy time…but I LOVE it! And, now, I am back to you. And, I CAN’T...


Fad Diets and Why They Don’t Work

I hope you got your learning ears on cuz I am bringing some nutrition truth bombs your way! Today’s topic – FAD DIETS. And, I brought back our expert scientist and registered dietician, Sarah Weitz, MS, RD, Michigan State professor and BCC nutritionist, woot! Sarah takes us deep into the current fad diets to include the Whole 30 diet, the Keto diet and a titch of Atkins. I asked her ALL your questions, and, again, Sarah does not disappoint. She dives into the history of these diets, why...


Sweating for the Wedding; And Other Bridal Confessions

Hey my friends, I hope your day is awesome! Today I am inviting you to my kitchen table for some kitchen table talk. Real talk. You may or may not be aware, but I am going to be the Mother of the Bride (MOB). Yep, my daughter, Victoria is getting married in just three weeks. Not even gonna lie, it has definitely been quite the journey. Planning a wedding is no joke. And, throughout this journey, I have had the blessing of watching my daughter navigate with such sensibility, a...


The Silent Killer: How to Keep it at Bay with Food

"You only get one life. Make the best of it." - Kristina Koob, Boot Camp Challenge® Camper Food IS medicine. It CAN heal. Kristina is living proof of it. In my latest podcast, Kristina sits down with me and shares how suddenly last year she just wasn't feeling well. Always going to the bathroom. Always thirsty. Just feeling "off," she says, and she thought to herself... well, maybe it's menopause. She went to the doctor and got the news she most dreaded: She had Type 2 diabetes, the same...


Meet a Real Life Wonder Woman

I am inviting you to grab a coffee, tea or wine and take a seat cuz I got a story for you! My guest on this week's podcast is a coach of a university cheerleading squad, winner of four national championships, top sales rep within her company, a wife, mother, and a fitness professional. And, she has a child with severe special needs. I would like you to meet my friend Carrie. Carrie and I met close to twenty years ago while teaching “aerobics”. Between us, we have six kids, two husbands...


How a BCC Camper Survived a Heart Attack

I would like to introduce you to Mary Margaret! (Her real name is Margaret Bridgett but EVERYONE gets a nickname). I met Mary Margaret over two years ago when she signed up for her first Boot Camp Challenge®. She was the first to arrive on the first day of camp. 5:10am, I believe (we start at 5:30am). She is so tiny, maybe 5ft tall. She has a huge smile and tons of energy. She shared she had just started weight watchers and was ready to add exercise to her life. She said she had never...


How a BCC Trainer Turned a Heartbreaking Story into a Call For Action

Hi my friends! I want to first thank you for taking the time to listen to this weeks’ podcast. Not only will you find inspiration and courage, you will hear some hard truths and harsh realities. On this episode, I invited a very special guest. Her name is Jenn Messer, and she is one of the most inspirational and motivating trainers I have ever had the privilege with which to work. She launches BCC in the Christianburg, Virginia area as well as trains clients personally, and advocates for...


The Top 3 Tips to Dress Your Body and Look Amazing

A few weeks back I had the most awesome afternoon with my friend Stacy Cody. She is our team/trainer manager for Boot Camp Challenge®. And, she is a professional fashionista. Like forreals. She has been dressing peeps for over three decades. Some famous and then some ordinary folks like myself. And when she styles people, she is able to make them look more thin, more tall, more short, more round, more whatever you want. And, she is genius. So I asked if she would share her secrets, tips...


Meet Mr. Universe

Friend! How is January treating you? Here in the Lou, it is giving us the cold shoulder. And, by cold, I mean FREEZING! But we are finally back at camp again and that makes me happy. I feel so much more myself when I am working with you. YOU never fail to inspire me (awwww, cue the sappy music :)) Over holiday break, I had the most amazing conversation with Angelo Bezzole. Angelo is married to our BCC trainer, Sammie Bezzole. And, I have known him for ten years. And, this is what I...


How to Start a Workout Program

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2018. And, here in the Midwest it is a very cold start (it was -6 this morn!) Did you enjoy your New Year celebrations? Mine were awesome. Spent time with family, friends and had so much fun. My heart is so full :) And, so is my belly. O.M.G. I am seriously excited about eating clean and getting back to my normal routine. Are you like that? Love the holidays but grateful to get back to your schedule? And, by getting back to IT OR starting IT is what I chat...


How Do You Keep Your Sanity During the Holiday Season?

I am SO FREAKIN EXCITED! I seriously LOVE this time of year. I love the chaos, the traditions, the parties, the meaning, and just the whole season. (I mean, seriously, look at my house! :) BUT, and this is a big BUT, I do struggle with staying on track with my fitness and wellness during this time. I find myself trying to skip workouts, passing on my quiet time, and putting everything before ME. Here is the problem with putting me last. I become susceptible to sickness (and, the flu...


How Stretching Can Save Your Life (Okay, maybe a bit dramatic, but SO important!)

I hope you are having a most awesome Tuesday! I want to share with you my newest podcast. This one is on stretching. DON'T CLICK OUT OF THIS! I know you are thinking you don't NEED to stretch. You don't WANT to stretch. You are NOT going to stretch. I know exactly what you are thinking cuz you have been telling me this for over thirty years! But before you click out, give me 10 seconds to tell you why you should listen to this podcast. I invited Sammie Bezzole (that right there is why...


5 Holiday Eating Strategies to Avoid Weight Gain

Happy Thanksgiving Week! I want to wish you a most wonderful holiday. And, I want to share with you how thankful I am for you. Seriously, I woke up at 3:54am (before my alarm) because I was so excited to work you out, talk to you on this podcast, share pics with you on Insta and tweet with you on Twitter. No joke, YOU are my jam. I truly LOVE sharing fitness and wellness with you! And, I have more info to share with you. A lot of YOU ask me this time of year how to enjoy the holidays...


How to Have a Successful Marriage: Life Hacks from Lori and Tony

I want to start by apologizing for our delay in getting you our latest podcast. We had an emotional few weeks here at BCC headquarters but we are making our way back into our regularly scheduled programming (‘member that saying from network television?) And, what a surprise podcast I have for you. I invited Tony (my hubby) to talk about our marriage. Whaaat?! I know! And, I know you are thinking, “What does this have to do with fitness?" Nothing. Absolutely nothing. So, why?...


Why Sugars are NOT Killing You

I hope you are having a most amazing day! And, I hope you got your learning ears on cuz I am bringing some nutrition truth bombs your way! I invited Sarah Weitz, MS, RD, Michigan State professor and BCC nutritionist to join me on a podcast. And, I asked her to answer all YOUR questions about sugar. And, she said yes. And, we talked over two hours! (Don’t worry; I broke it into two podcasts!) And, not only did she answer all your questions, she broke down the science of sugar, told us...


Proof Positive: Exercise is THE Miracle Drug

Hi to all you beautiful people! I had the opportunity to sit down and have an intimate conversation with my dear friend, Angel James. Some of you in our BCC fam know her as Producer of the number one morning show on Fox 2 in St. Louis. Some of you met her when she presented her media knowledge as a speaker at our national conference. Some of you sweated with her as she participated in her very first Boot Camp Challenge®. And ALL of you have seen her work on our BCC social platforms as she...


Major Truth Bombs on Weight Loss

I hope you are having a most awesome day! I CANNOT wait for you to listen to our new podcast. Do you know why? Because I totally invited Jenn Mcallister back for a part deux! After our first podcast with Jenn, you all had a ton of questions and requests. And, your questions were SO good. You especially wanted to know how to overcome food addiction, what strategies to use when trying to change your mindset around food and, most importantly, what are the best rewards when you reach...


What is More Important: Nutrition or Exercise?

Hi all you beautiful people! I hope you are having a most amazing day! This week, I have invited back one of your favorite peeps and mine, Melissa Grattan, Boot Camp Challenge®, Upstate NY (insert hand clap). Melissa has been launching BCC for over 11 years and is kinda a rockstar. And, I Iove her. And, her big, curly, 80's hair! I first invited Melissa on our podcast last month. And, when we recorded it, we had so much fun and SO much to say. Then you listened to it and told me you...


Camper Turned Trainer: 100lb Weight Loss Battle

I hope you are having a most awesome day! I can't WAIT for you to listen to our newest podcast that just dropped! Why am I so excited? Because in this podcast, our newest Boot Camp Challenge® trainer, Jenn Mcallister, dives deep into her own personal battle with weight. From how she'd lose it, gain it back, lose it, and gain it back again- the vicious cycle that ended up with her topping off the scale at 275 pounds. She holds nothing back as she discusses the bullying, her own self...


How Can I Eat A Lot of Calories and Still Lose Weight?

Hi all you beautiful people! I hope you are having a most amazing day! This week, I have a very special guest with me. Her name is Melissa Grattan and she had been launching BCC in Upstate NY for over 10 years. Not only does she launch in her hometown she also brings BCC to major corporations such as Beechnut and Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Now for the personal stuff; we met over ten years ago and I still pee my pants when her husband tells the story of how we met. And she has become a dear...


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