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It's ALL about eating right.

It's ALL about eating right.
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It's ALL about eating right.




Beating The Winter Blues with Food & Fitness!

Food & fitness choices can make a huge difference in our mental and physical condition as we move through the winter season. Hydration, eating at regular intervals, how to fit daily exercise in when it’s cold outside, and specific foods that boost mental and physical health will be discussed. Kim Larson, RDN, CD is here to provide tips for including foods in your diet that elevate mood and ward off depression, as well as fitness options that keep energy and every day performance high.


What You Think You Know About Type-1 Diabetes in Children

When you hear the word diabetes, you may think of an unhealthy lifestyle or being overweight. However, this is not the case for type-1 diabetes, especially in children.November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. More than 29 million children and adults in the U.S. have diabetes; however, only five percent of those are diagnosed with type-1 diabetes, and most of that population is diagnosed as children. When you hear the word diabetes, you may think of an unhealthy lifestyle or being...


Healthy Holiday Eating: You Can Do it!

Most Americans gain 1 lb per year and don’t lose it- which adds up over the decade. The holidays are here and with just a little effort you can cut your calorie intake. There are healthy habits that you can engage in to help keep your weight in check. A few simple changes can really make a difference. You can start by bringing healthy options to holiday parties, watch your portions and make time for activity. Registered dietitian nutritionist and Academy Spokesperson Jessica Crandall...


Fueling the Growing Athlete

Over 21 million youth athletes between the ages of 6 and 17 play team sports on a regular basis, with another 5 million engaging on a regular basis. Many of these athletes will do anything to be faster, stronger and better than their competition. Growing athletes need adequate nutrition for growth and development, as well as additional fluids and food to fuel their sport. How do youth athletes find the time between school, homework, training and family affairs to properly fuel? Heather...


Are The Foods In Your Lunch Box Making You Sick?

Parents and kids may think their healthy lunch box meals are great, but there are some common food safety mistakes many do. On hectic mornings, take the time to pack a nutritious and safe lunch for you and your children with these tips. Start off each day fresh by washing lunch boxes and lunch bags with warm, soapy water after each use. Perishable foods should not be left out of refrigeration for more than two hours, but many students don't have access to a refrigerator at school. Help...


School Meals – Changes, Updates and the Future

An update to what is happening with school meals. There have been many new changes and updated regulations regarding school meals. Wesley Delbridge, RDN is here to discuss how schools are being successful with these changes and how effective marketing and communication are changing the world of school meals.


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