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S3E4: When the Game is Changed

Big changes to the competitive landscape of fitness mean an opportunity to re-examine your priorities in training. While those who dream of competing on a big stage may face disappointment, there are still many unknowns in what opportunities you'll have - and ways for both competitive and non-competitive athletes to get fired up about the training that happens day-to-day.


S3E3: Breathing and Bracing

If your heavy squat is incomplete without one big breath and a weight belt, tune in for some tips on breathing and bracing under different types of contractions. (Those of you in Awaken Training Series getting to that 15-second overhead squat are going to love this one.) And for conditioning work, Marcus shares some surprising advice for breathing and building energy during high effort sets that we’d love for you to try out.


S3E2: The Scores On the Board

The heart-pumping feeling of competing with the person next to you at your gym can be addictive. Your adrenaline can pull you into greater capacity. But is it the wisest choice for day to day training? Turning on the racing switch means there’s little room for quality movement and improving technique. This episode is for coaches whose athletes only seem to care about the score instead of moving well, and for athletes who wonder if your progress is hindered by a competitive atmosphere.


S3E1: Missing Out on Competition

What does Marcus - a 6x Games athlete - really miss about competing under the bright lights? And what lessons from that carry over to anyone who needs to change focus in their training, work, or life? If you’re bummed about the Regionals changes or life has thrown you a curveball in other ways, listen in for some gems on how to take what inspires you and let it light your way.


S2E12: Nutrition Elimination + Eating on a Budget

Food is an investment of your time that pays dividends in how your body feels and performs. If there’s something in your diet you suspect is stressing your system, learn how to experiment with eliminating categories of food for a time. Then we’ll hit three ways to keep your wallet happy and your food quality high.


S2E11: Thinking Athletes vs. Shut It Off and Go

Treat your brain as if it's the biggest, most beautiful muscle you've got and see what results you can get from your training when you slow down enough to take it in. There's a time and place to let your hair down, shut it off, and go - but more progress, satisfaction, and lessons that carry over to the rest of your life are all available to you every time you hit the gym doing the same workout you'd be doing anyway. Listen in today for some suggestions on how to become a thinking athlete.


S2E10: Three Key Questions for Change

Have you ever tried to change your nutrition by cutting out things like sugar and alcohol completely, but struggled to keep it up over the long term? Listen in for the three questions to ask yourself or your clients before any habit change with nutrition or training - and get some bonus tips on switching things up without having to think about what you're missing.


S2E9: A Different Approach to Group Class

Functional Bodybuilding took off as an alternative to constant high volume, high intensity training often found in group classes, but you don't have to go it alone to train in this style. Here's a look at how Functional Bodybuilding can work for groups to promote quality of movement, unilateral strength and balance, and support for aesthetics while keeping the fun of a community class.


S2E8: Set Yourself Up...For Failure

We all know the Instagram highlight reel doesn't show the full picture. But when failure is mostly invisible, how can you learn more about encountering the edge of your abilities in your training? Failure is an opportunity to grow and learn, but before you go for that 1RM, check the "failure matrix" in this episode for some keys to make the most out of pushing to the max.


S2E7: Vulnerability Is the Ticket to Success

Feeling vulnerable, afraid, and fragile is so uncomfortable that many people try to avoid it at all costs. Whether it's a competition, a scary workout, an uncomfortable movement, or something else in your life, getting cozy with that dark place of fear can ultimately lead to expansive learning and growth. Today we take a look at how to approach vulnerability in your training and what it can reward you with as a result.


S2E6: Getting Honest With Your Goals

Are your goals realistic? Today we’ll walk through shifting priorities with health, performance, and aesthetic goals and how to make sure your goals align with the way you live your life, breaking down some misconceptions on the way. We’ll leave you with a little homework for getting clear on your goals and would love to hear your results.


S2E5: Is Intensity King?

Hold the heavy breathing - at least until you've thought through your approach to intensity in training. Intensity has its place, but no one can live there all the time. Here's how to combine Functional Bodybuilding with intensity peaks so you can build your fundamentals of motor control, mechanics, strength, and consistency, and then turn on the jets for competitions or max effort moments.


S2E4: Supercharge Your Awakening

Attention Awaken Training Series participants, or anyone wanting to get the most out of your training: here’s the one thing to focus on outside the gym to see your positive results stack up fast. Not in the program? Registration is open until Sunday, July 8 at 5pm Pacific!


S2E3: What You Get to Carry With You

When you physically lose your strength, what lessons from your training will you share with others, and how does struggling with weights affect other parts of your life? Come back to the weight room and look through the lens of how consistency and focus can change your outlook on life, and what happens when you explore the limits of what you’re capable of.


S2E2: Am I Permanently Broken?

If you’re doing anything other than lying on the couch, risk of injury is always a factor. Today we’re talking about the fears and mental anguish that come with injury, how to give your body space to heal while still enjoying movement, and the valuable learning that can come from being fragile. For more episodes and bonus content, head over to https://functionalbodybuliding.net and sign up for the email list - you'll also get our free training and nutrition guide to #lookgoodmovewell


S2E1: Who’s Counting?

Ever wish someone would hand you the magic macros for legit performance and a body to match? Before you dial in those digits, take a listen to find out what counting macros can and can’t do for you, and how to get the most from your experience if you decide to step up your tracking. For more episodes and bonus content, head over to https://functionalbodybuliding.net and sign up for the email list - you'll also get our free training and nutrition guide to #lookgoodmovewell


S1E12: Surrender and Trust: Getting the Most From Your Program

How do you know when you've truly outgrown your training plan or coach, or whether you simply haven't trusted the process enough? Getting the best from your training takes time and commitment, but we all have moments of doubt, especially when plateaus, injuries, or other life changes happen. Find out how to know if you should stay put or go.


S1E11: How Warm for the Warmup?

Learn some ways to evaluate your own body’s readiness for the training ahead and still make great use of your time in the gym. When do you start counting your working sets? The answer depends, so listen in to see how to prepare your body so you hit your priorities for the day. For more episodes and bonus content, head over to https://functionalbodybuliding.net and sign up for the email list - you'll also get our free training and nutrition guide to #lookgoodmovewell


S1E10: The Workout That Made Marcus Puke

Unlock the secrets of tempo training including a breakdown of what all those numbers mean, common mistakes, and how tempo can develop new capacities in your training when used correctly. (Awaken Training Series participants, take note.) And if you weirdos really want to try it, we'll give you the puke workout too. For more episodes and bonus content, head over to https://functionalbodybuliding.net and sign up for the email list - you'll also get our free training and nutrition guide to...


S1E9: Simple = Strong

Movement pattern nerds, this one is for you. Using the shoulder press as an example, we talk about elements of movement variations to fire different muscles, adapt to limitations, fix junky patterns, and understand what works best for your body to build strength and move well. For more episodes and bonus content, head over to https://functionalbodybuliding.net and sign up for the email list - you'll also get our free training and nutrition guide to #lookgoodmovewell