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45 The Magic Happens in the Post-Season

Download our Sample Post-Season Workouts There couldn’t be a more valuable part of the season to make fundamental groundwork changes to who you are as an athlete. Purple Patch views the post-season as perhaps THE most important block of training which includes preparation for the heavy lifting ahead, technical and skills development, and critical ‘building block’ work of good habits that pave the way for greater yields from the training that will come later. Consider it as the first...


44 Take a Break, But Don't Be a Post-Season Sloth

To evolve and improve long-term REQUIRES blocks of serious rejuvenation and rest. In work, sport and life, it is impossible to optimize performance if you never get off the hamster wheel. Quite simply - to grow requires rest. But, how exactly should you integrate blocks of rejuvenation without throwing away all of the blocks of solid training in the last months? In this episode, Matt talks about the dangers and pitfalls of an "all in" or "all out" attitude. He also stresses the benefits...


43 Kona Contenders - Laura Siddall, Sarah Piampiano, and Kevin Collington

We revisit an insightful conversation with three Purple Patch Pros who are competing in this Saturday’s IRONMAN World Championships - Laura Siddall, Kevin Collington, and Sarah Piampiano. They recorded this interview (Episode 5) in January at the Purple Patch Pro Camp in Scottsdale, Arizona when they were just starting their 2018 season. In this episode, they talk about goal setting, managing fears, mindset, key lessons, and finding world-class performance every time they toe the line at...


42 Conquering Kona - The Lure and Lore of the IRONMAN World Championships

The IRONMAN World Championships take place on Saturday, October 13th and Matt has dedicated this entire episode to the lore and lure of this 40-year-old magical race on the Big Island. Listeners get a glimpse of the race course from his perspective. What makes it so special and, at the same time, so difficult? Why do the best athletes in the world seem to struggle in this unique setting? It is, as he says, an event like no other and spectators have the privilege of watching the battle...


41 Ask Matt Anything - Matt Takes on Your Questions

We've received so many great questions to questions@purplepatchfitness.com and Matt is answering several of them today surrounding season planning and continuous progression as an athlete. Topics include: Matt has put together a video that explains the Purple Patch season planning methodology, specifically the endurance training component and how we can help you develop your best season of performance. Visit https://purplepatchfitness.com/seasonplanning to unlock the video. Follow...


40 Gerry Rodrigues of Tower 26 - Part 2

In part one of the Purple Patch Podcast with Gerry Rodrigues, Matt and Gerry reminisced about each other's careers and how coaching and training methodologies have evolved, especially for the multisport athlete. In part two, they dissect the recent IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship race and discuss the natural evolution and progression of these world championship athletes. It should come as no surprise that there are common elements of their success that are applicable to athletes and...


39 Gerry Rodrigues of Tower 26 - Part 1

Did you know that Gerry Rodrigues coached Matt Dixon in swimming when Matt was a professional triathlete? Their relationship and mutual respect span decades - as does their knowledge of the sport. Of course, this isn't a typical conversation about swim form and technique. This is a deep dive with two triathlon experts through their lens of performance and coaching. In part one of this two-part series, they reminisce about each other's careers and how coaching and training have changed,...


38 Anna Hertel - Losing Triathlon and Gaining Perspective

To submit your questions for future episodes, email: questions@purplepatchfitness.com Click Here for Matt's article on Sauna Protocols mentioned in the Question of the Week. At just 34 years of age, Anna Hertel will likely never compete at another IRONMAN. Five years ago, that concept would’ve been devastating and unimaginable because, like a lot of people, triathlon was her identity. Anna’s story is one of growth; growth as a human even in the midst of overwhelming adversity, which...


37 Muscle Cramps in Training and Racing

Cramping is a frustrating part of endurance athlete life for many, amplified by the fact that there is seldom a quick diagnosis of cause, nor an easy solution for most. The whole area of cramping tends to be an ‘experiment of one’ -- with plenty of conflicting or shaky research, interesting concepts and ideas that emerge, and different preventions and remedies that work for some athletes, yet fail for others. We still cannot definitively establish what causes cramps -- and many of the...


36 A Championship Mindset

“The best success you can have in any race is knowing that you remained open to performance and that when you crossed the line, you took all the steps in your control and ability to maximize your performance.” This is a true Championship Mindset. Speaking of, Best of luck to those athletes heading to the 70.3 World Championships in South Africa. A World Championship. Wow! For some, it will be a celebration of being present, and they simply hope for the best. For others, there is an...


35 AARP Anarchists and Still Crushing It

“The list of what I want to accomplish continues to grow,” says 64-year-old Purple Patch athlete, Rick Wimmer. “Society expects people to retire, but this is how I get the most out of life!” Maintaining a growth mindset is everything - at any age. In this episode, recorded on location at the recent Purple Patch Training Camp in South Carolina, Matt converses with two Purple Patch Masters athletes, Rick Wimmer and Ken Pagliughi, about their recipes for success and longevity in sport and...


34 Matt Dixon Answers Athletes' Burning Questions

To submit your questions for future episodes, email: questions@purplepatchfitness.com This week, Matt goes into the weeds with his first official "Athlete Q&A" Episode dedicated solely to recent questions from real athletes. He covers off a variety of topics including: Maintaining StrengthWhat Bike to Use in Training - Fueling in RacesVacation BluesEquipment and Wheel Choice To submit your questions for future episodes, email: questions@purplepatchfitness.com Follow Purple Patch...


33 The Power of Presence - Develop Your Inner Animal

Today’s focus is on…well…FOCUS... and remaining present in your training in order to maximize your training yield. Something that is often overlooked in training by both athletes and coaches is the importance of presence - focused awareness on the task. Whatever your quest or goal, being focused and present is a critical piece of the puzzle to maximize your precious training time. This becomes even more critical when you are time-starved. Being focused and present ensures the best...


32 Ed Baker -Purpose, Patience, and Performance Lead to IRONMAN Victory

Article about Ed’s IRONMAN Lake Placid Victory This week, we revisit a former guest with a playback of Episode 9 with Ed Baker. Ed is an accomplished and impressive business executive, serving as Head of International Growth at Facebook and then VP of Growth and Product at Uber until the Spring of 2017. In addition to his business accolades, he is the father of three children (with another one on the way this Fall) and, over the last two years, he has taken a leap of faith into...


31 Fighting Fatigue - When to Push Through or Back Off

Should you toughen up and push through your training, or should you be smart and back off? Matt explores the concept of fatigue in today's podcast. Fatigue is not a negative word. In fact, it's a part of growth and you should lean into it. It is earned from hard work and the adaptions can be positive, but you must make smart decisions in managing your fatigue. Context is everything when you're talking about this vital topic. There's a big difference between expected and anticipated...


30 How Jesse Thomas Found his Purple Patch at Challenge Roth

This episode is a triathlon strategist’s dream come true! Matt opens the lid on the coaching mindset as he dissects the planning and performance journey of Jesse Thomas’s successful podium finish at the recent Challenge Roth. When great performances happen, especially with elite and professional athletes, most people assume it’s simply a result of some herculean amount of training that always had a perfect rhythm and flow. The truth is, triathlon training in a time-starved life is seldom...


29 Best of The Purple Patch Podcast

Matt is on vacation, so he put together a “Best of” Series from the initial month of the podcast. It’s a taste of the key highlights of lessons and takeaways from episodes so far this year. CycleOps, PowerTap, and Purple Patch have teamed up to help you get crackin’ on your training! Visit purplepatchfitness.com/getcracking and register to win one of three great prizes that include: a pair of PowerTap P1 pedals, a Magnus indoor trainer and even a coaching consultation with Matt...


28 Des and Ryan Linden

Register to win a 3-Month Subscription to Linden & True Coffee! Visit purplepatchfitness.com/coffee for the details. On April 16th, 2018, Des Linden became the first United States female to win the famed Boston Marathon in 33 years. While she admits that she often plays the role of “underdog,” this year was different. She went from “underdog” to champion in a race that brought with it epic wind, rain, and freezing temperatures. When others faded, she chiseled away and rose to the top,...


27 Laura Siddall - The Fear of Winning

Excellence doesn’t often come without fear and doubt. Today, Matt dives into the internal struggle, the journey of achieving wonderful results, but focusing in on areas that few are honestly willing to discuss. Laura Siddall is a professional triathlete showing the greatest vulnerability in her expressing fears, confidence, and challenges she has faced and managed on her path to world-class performance. There is a perception that pros don’t face the same obstacles, anxieties, and struggles...


26 Chris Mosier - Transgender Athlete and Five-Time Member of Team USA

Go to purplepatchfitness.com/transgenderathlete to receive more resources and information on Chris Mosier. Matt Dixon is back with another moving and inspiring feature with a Purple Patch athlete. In 2015, Chris Mosier became the first openly transgender man to make the Men’s US National Team and, in 2016, he became the first trans athlete to compete in a World Championship. He is a 5-Time Member of Team USA, representing the United States in Sprint Triathlon, as well as both Short...