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23 Lars Tandrup -Using an Athletic Mindset to Overcome Trauma

What do you do when you’ve lost everything? How do you start to rebuild? This conversation with new Purple Patch athlete, Lars Tandrup, is a story about performance and emerging from tragedy. It’s not about race performance, per se, but a lesson of how stress and adversity can be a catalyst for human growth, development and adaptation. Last year, Lars and his wife lost everything in the wildfires of Santa Rosa, forcing him to shift his lens on what is truly important in life. He focused on...


22 Jordan Ouida - Boston to Big Sur - On Just Three Runs Per Week

Matt introduces us to Purple Patch athlete, Jordan Ouida. Ouida, based in Manhattan, is a husband, father, financial executive, marathoner and triathlete. And, as you’ll hear in this episode, has successfully integrated sport into life with a little “out-of-the-box” thinking. Matt explores Jordan’s evolution in training and how he has managed to navigate and excel in his multisport career. In fact, Ouida recently ran two marathons, Boston and Big Sur, just two weeks apart, on a recipe of...


21 Maximizing Your Daily Energy Levels

For more tips, Download our FREE Cheat Sheet on Maximizing Your Daily Energy Levels Here's the Question of the Week: Are you surviving or thriving? You want to successfully integrate sport into life so that, yes, you improve and achieve your goals, but you want that, in turn, to lift your health, your ability to perform in the workplace, and, of course, bring the best version of yourself to your friends and family. That's what today's discussion is all about. Matt gets practical as he...


20 Functional Strength - Your Critical Performance Partner

To unlock and view the Free Purple Patch strength resources, visit, https://purplepatchfitness.com/freeresources In previous episodes, Matt has discussed Endurance Planning, Nutrition and Recovery. Today, he dives deep into the Fourth Pillar of Performance: Functional Strength and its role within the scope of endurance activity. He tells the story of Purple Patch athlete, Jenny, a 46-year-old veteran triathlete who is struggling with a performance plateau. After absorbing the “whys”...


19 Jesse Thomas -Part 2 - Balancing a Big Life as Husband, Father, CEO, and Pro Triathlete

In Part 1 the Jesse Thomas story with Matt Dixon, Jesse and Matt reminisced about Jesse's surprising and humorous entrance into the world of professional triathlon racing with his unsuspecting win at the legendary Wildflower Triathlon. Since then, he's gone on to win six Wildflower titles, two Ironmans and countless 70.3s, performing at the top level for practically the last decade. Today, Jesse is still performing at a world-class level, but much has changed for him and his family. Now,...


18 Jesse Thomas - Part 1- Winning Wildflower: How a Borrowed Bike and Cheap Sunglasses Catapulted a Career

Click Here to Register for the Jesse Thomas Wildflower Giveaway! In 2011, Jesse Thomas was a new pro triathlete. He was so new, in fact, that when he decided to race the Wildflower Triathlon at the last minute that year, there were no real pro spots left, so he ended up with bib number 87, the first number behind the female pro bibs. Picture this: He was on a borrowed bike and, fellow pro triathlete, Matt Lieto, let him borrow an aero helmet. Jesse slept in a closet the night before...


17 Brad Stulberg - Achieving Global Performance Improvement

Click Here for Peak Performance Cheat Sheets! Brad Stulberg has been in the spotlight a lot recently. Last Fall, his book, “Peak Performance,” written with co-Author, Steve Magness, captivated the attention of many an endurance athlete. I mean, who wouldn’t be captivated with a subtitle like, “Elevate your Game, Avoid Burnout, and Thrive with the New Science of Success?” Most recently, however, this speaker and regular columnist at Outside Magazine, has garnered attention in a much...


16 Kyla Channell: Optimizing Hydration for Performance and Daily Life

This episode wraps up our in-depth discussion of both Nutrition and Fueling. If you missed previous episodes on this important Pillar of Performance, we encourage you to go back and listen to Episodes 11 and 12 on Nutrition and Episode 14 on Hydration. Today, we welcome back Purple Patch Fitness Resident Nutritionist, Kyla Channell, for a deep, granular and specific look at hydration, both in performance and in our daily lives. We all know hydration is important to our vitality and...


15 Marina Gelman - How Adopting an Athletic Mindset Saved this Mother's Life

In 2000, at the age of 40, Marina Gelman lost her college-aged daughter in a tragic car accident. At the time, Gelman was a new fitness enthusiast and avid runner. Overcome by grief after the accident, however, she holed herself up for almost two years and focused only on work to numb the pain. Unfortunately, during this time, she abandoned her fitness goals, started smoking again after a long hiatus, and put on weight; reaching over 200 pounds. Ironically, it was another tragedy a short...


14 Hydration Habits in Training, Racing, and Daily Life

Matt covers the critical topic of hydration through two lenses. training and racingdaily life In addition to discussing the importance of hydration in these two key areas, Matt then lays out simple habits that you can integrate into your routine. On the topic of Training and Racing, you’ll also hear his perspective on: On the topic of Daily Life, Matt outlines: The goal of this episode is to establish the right lens, the right mindset and outline key concepts setting you up for peak...


13 Steve Magness and Matt Dixon-A Coaches Collective on Performance

What happens when two of endurance sports greatest thinkers go toe to toe on all aspects of performance? You get an educating and insightful “Inside the Coaches Studio“ episode from Matt Dixon along with author and coach, Steve Magness, co-author of the book, Peak Performance. This conversation definitely raises the collective process of coaching and you’ll hear their thoughts and opinions on many topics like the: Both agree whole-heartedly that a collaborative coaching mindset and the...


12 Kyla Channell - Nutrition Through a Performance Lens

The kitchen doors swing wide open and your burning nutrition and fueling nutrition questions get answered in this episode with Purple Patch resident Endurance Sports Nutritionist, Kyla Channell. A graduate of U.C. Davis, Kyla Channell works with athletes of all levels at both Purple Patch and her own company, Nutritional Revolution. In addition to helping athletes fuel and hydrate properly for their activities, Kyla and Nutritional Revolution work with clients of all ages, activity levels...


11 Nail Your Nutrition and Fueling - A Key Pillar of Performance

Underneath the Purple Patch Pillar of Nutrition, there are two main components: FuelingNutrition In this episode packed with meaningful and easy-to-implement guidelines, Matt goes into depth on both fueling and nutrition with a case study of a real-life Purple Patch athlete, Mike. Mike is like most age group athletes. He’s a busy executive, but dedicated to his training and achieving high-performance in both work and training. He joined Purple Patch to “get to the next level.” He trains...


10 Recovery: Your Key to Improved Performance

Athletes often think of recovery as a weakness or liability to their training. We see the hours that the competition appears to be logging and feel compelled to match or even beat it. Unfortunately, our barometer of success is often a simple accumulation of training hours without regard to the quality of those hours or what we do in between. If we do give a thought to recovery, it's usually in the form of a rest day or a little foam rolling after a tough session. But, is this true...


09 Ed Baker - An Executive's Thirst for Self-Improvement

Ed Baker has most certainly lived an accomplished and fulfilling life. He was captain of his cross country team at Harvard and then went on to Stanford School of Business. While there, he trained and ran in the Olympic Marathon Trials in 2007. Baker’s business credentials are also rather impressive, serving as Head of International Growth at Facebook and then VP of Growth and Product at Uber until the Spring of 2017. What more could one person want to accomplish? What could possibly be...


08 Dr. Chris Winter, MD - The Unbreakable Bond Between Sleep and Performance

“Sleep isn’t sexy, but it is a performance enhancer, and the wise leverage it to their advantage.” - Dr. Chris Winter, MD Dubbed "The Sleep Whisperer" by Arianna Huffington, Dr. Chris Winter, MD, is the medical director of the Charlottesville Neurology and Sleep Medicine in Virginia and also one of the country's leading sleep researchers. When he is not seeing patients private clinic, he is often traveling across time zones to work with professional basketball, baseball, and hockey teams...


07 Carmel Galvin- Integrating an Athletic Mindset to Overcome Fears and Create Success

Matt dives deep with Carmel Galvin, CHRO of Glassdoor, about integrating high performance, training, and community into a time-starved life. In Part One of this conversation, Matt and Carmel talk about the evolving work culture of today's generation. There is an undeniable connection between work performance and life. Who you are outside of work is who you are at your job. Galvin discusses how companies like Glassdoor are prioritizing a company culture that enables optimized health,...


06 Bonus Episode - The Emerging Purple Patch Pros

You know it's going to be a good episode when Coach Matt Dixon refers to it as the "Brainiac Pro Edition!" Sonia Bracegirdle, Cecilia Davis-Hayes, and Laurence Delisle are the antithesis of what you might stereotype as a typical professional athlete. Yes, all three are brand new pro athletes starting their journey to world-class, but they have already excelled in many other areas of life. Collectively, their academic, business and sporting accomplishments make up a body of work that is...


05 Performance Lessons from Purple Patch Pros - Part 1

This week, we are offering you a special edition of two episodes in which Purple Patch pros join Matt for roundtable discussions with professional Ironman triathletes like you've never heard before! In Part 1, Coach Matt moderates this honest discussion with three of his elite pros, Kevin Collington, Laura Siddall, and Sarah Piampiano, about goal-setting, managing fears, training management, race day mindset, definitions of success, and so much more. All three are IRONMAN champions and,...


04 Planning Your Endurance Training Season

Matt discusses the first Purple Patch Pillar of Performance: Endurance. He covers everything from how to set up your week, execute your training effectively, and consistently nail the basics. You will hear why the focus of your training should be to achieve the necessary volume in order to receive positive adaptations, but still avoid accumulated fatigue. As he says in this episode, "If training becomes a monkey on your back, you will rip the monkey off." So, how exactly do you set up...


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