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Episode 22 - AHA Go Red for Women Movement: Helping to Identify the Symptoms of Heart Disease

Live at the Southwest Dental Conference in Dallas, TX; Co-host Aurelia Byrne speaks with Liz Robinson about the GO Red for Women Movement a part of the American Heart Association. The focus in this episode is women and heart disease; discovering that the symptoms of a heart attack are different for women versus a man.


Episode 23 - Forward Science Oral ID Light for Early Detection of Oral Cancer

Live at the Southwest Dental Conference in Dallas, TX; Co-host Aurelia Byrne is interviewing Amanda Carter with Forward Science. Amanda will be discussing the importance of getting an oral cancer screening using the Oral ID light. We will dive into what the Oral ID light is and how it detects early stages of oral cancer. This is valuable information that the public needs to hear.


Episode 25: The New Patient Experience

What do you need to know when choosing a new dental home? There is value in creating a relationship with your dental team or physicians office versus jumping around from place to place. How is somebody supposed to take care of you, if they don’t even really know you? Wouldn’t it be nice to partner with someone that has your best interest at heart? Listen to this episode highlighting the approach of Stonebriar Smile Design and how they create a new patient experience. Dr. Jill Wade and...


Episode 24: Stem Cell Therapy and Dentistry

Dr.Jill Wade and Aurelia Bryne introduce to the listeners of the Symplifihealth podcast the use of stem cells to support the optimization of oral health. They review the reason why the easy portal of entry is the mouth compared to traditional IV or joint site injections. The key focus of health right now is all about reducing inflammation and stem cells quickly respond to doing just that. Bone support and repair is critical in the world of dentistry, along with pain reduction and lowering...


Episode 21: We May Finally Know What Causes Alzheimer's & How to Stop It

Have you lost a loved one physically or mentally from dementia or Alzheimers? It is a devastating disease to watch. As our population lives longer, I think their are many of us more worried about losing our minds while living than actually facing death. Dr. Jill Wade and Aurelia Bryne RDH discuss the latest news in scientific research that links the cause of Alzheimers directly to dentistry. A bacteria called Porphyromonas gingivalis is a common bacteria in the cause of gum disease. This...


Episode 20: The importance for the HPV Vaccination

Live at the Southwest Dental Conference in Dallas, TX. Co-host Aurelia Byrne speaks with Jacklyn Hurth a population health researcher at the University of Texas Medical Branch. Jacklyn discusses the need for the HPV vaccination the only vaccination that prevents oral cancer and cervical cancer. She dives deep into the different strains of the HPV virus and how it is affecting the population. This podcast is a must hear!


Episode 19 - The Truth about the Root Cause Documentary

The NetFLix documentary called "The Root Cause" certainly has created a buzz. Dr. Jill Wade and Aurelia Bryne RDH elevate the conversation and address their opinion on the facts that were presented and some facts that were left out. Listen to this episode to hear their philosophy on root canals, infections, implants, 3D conebeam technology, genetics and more. The real truth about the root cause of disease is that you must identify and remove sources of inflammation. The Bale Doneen Method...


Episode 18 - Dr. Chowdhury ApoE Gene and How It Is Used To Prevent Heart Disease

Aurelia Byrne Interviews Dr. Chowdhury Owner/Team Leader of Integrative Health & Heart about the ApoE Gene. This podcast discusses how she incorporates the results of this simple genetic blood test and the impact it has on an individual's fat metabolism. What genotype are you?


Episode 17: ELDOA a Skeletomuscular Secret You Must Hear About

You are probably asking yourself, what is ELDOA! ELDOA is an amazing overall skeletal health and wellness technique that SymplifiHealth podcast is truly excited to share with you. A rare occasion to explore a new technique about something you may not have ever heard anything about. These days in health and wellness that is hard to believe. In dentistry we realize your TMJ is greatly affected by your over-all skeletal positioning and at times can contribute to pain. Most people do not...


EPISODE 16: What You Want To Ask an OBGYN About Vaginal Health

Are you embarrassed to ask your doctor questions about your private female issues? Then listen to this episode with expert advice from an OBGYN! Dr. Katherine Wood joins co-hosts Dr. Jill Wade and Aurelia Bryne RDH exploring the truth about vaginal health. Many woman suffer and in today's technology there are new answers. Together we discuss new options of vaginal rejuvenation techniques and the details of how it is done. We also review the downtime, the healing process, the potential...


EPISODE 15: Looking At Airway Space From The Eyes Of An ENT Specialist

Air and breathing is essential! So why do we take it for granted and not seek out solutions to the root cause of the problem. In our re-defining healthcare concept of creating your own medical blueprint, Dr. Jill Wade believes this should be a must have evaluation! SymplifiHealth is proud to welcome back Dr. Neelesh Mehendale our trusted ENT specialist. On this Episode 15 he will share his expertise on looking at an airway space through the eyes of a specialist. Airway issues must be...


EPISODE 14: Creating A Healthy Work Environment

Creating a healthy work place is instrumental in reducing stress. Co-hosts Dr. Jill Wade and Aurelia Bryne RDH take a deep dive discussion with Dr. Cathy Jameson about finding solutions to common stressors in our daily work environments. Communication is the foundation of success and maintaining stress free systems. Disharmony comes from dysfunctional systems. Therefore, we must be skilled at problem solving tactics. In this podcast we go step by step describing a problem solving...


EPISODE 13: HSE - The Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur - The Secrets Of Your Health Could Lie Within This Movement

Dr. Jill Wade introduces the SymplifiHealth podcast followers to a brilliant entrepreneur friend that has created a new movement of the highly sensitive entrepreneur. Heather Dominick is the creator and founder of this movement based on Dr. Elaine Aron’s research. Dr. Wade feels that a natural force pulls highly sensitives into careers like health care professionals, care-takers and teachers and could be where some of our personal aches and pains come from being in those serving...


EPISODE 12: Optimizing Hormones For Modern Day Living

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you ready to feel like you again? Monitoring your hormones should be an essential part of your health and well being focus. The endocrine system is complicated and constantly changing in order to support your busy life. Sleep, stress, and age highly influence this aspect of our body that determines our energy level, moods, focus and zest for life. The modern day living expectations are high and in order to not only survive but thrive you...


EPISODE 11: Gut Health - What Every Person Needs To Know

Gut health is the newest frontier on over-all health and wellness but can medicine catch up fast enough to help patients today? Co-Hosts Dr. Jill Wade and Aurelia Bryne RDH feature Dr. Uche Odiatu an internationally recognized health and wellness expert. Dr. Uche joins the episode of SymplifiHealth while attending the world’s largest fitness expo. As dental professionals, we all agree that the quality of healthy gums and breath is influenced by what you eat. But why must we get serious...


EPISODE 10: The Burning Secrets About Acid Reflux

The mouth is the start of the digestive tract. Strong acid of the stomach was never meant to be in the mouth and if it back flows, even in vapor form, it can wreck your teeth and eventually erode your throat to harbor cancer causing environments. This episode of Symplifihealth shares easy lifestyle common sense changes that can help you and your family stay healthier. Join Dr. Jill Wade and Dr. Neelesh Mehendale having a burning conversation that needs to be heard on silent reflux. Listen...


EPISODE 9: What You Need To Know About Body Sculpting

We all understand that we are getting older, but most of us simply want to age GRACEFULLY. Learning the tips and tricks of how to optimize your looks in non-invasive ways is right up our alley. Dr. Katherine Woods joins Dr. Jill Wade and Aurelia Bryne RDH for Episode 9 of SymplifiHealth that will enlighten you on “What you need to know about body sculpting”. Listen how True Sculpt 3D can tighten your skin and encourage loss of fat in a non-invasive way. No down time compared to a...


EPISODE 8: What Is Concierge Medicine?

Today, we are going to be talking about personalized medicine and what that’s all about. We have lots of patients that come in and even co-manage patients with Dr. Chowdhury. We are not only focusing on their dental medicine but also the same thing in the medical world. Together we’re actually making a huge difference and progression in decreasing a patient's inflammation, because remember, inflammation is the key.


EPISODE 7: Dental Hygiene With Heart - What Every Person Should Expect At A Routine Cleaning Appointment

Today, we want to talk to you about what you should be looking for when you go in for a new patient appointment at a dental office and what you should expect from your dental hygienist. This is very, very important because a lot of people don't realize that the dental hygienist is the first set of eyes that will look at you overall. A dental hygienist should always read your medical history and go over with you thoroughly. A lot of you may be on some medications that affect the gums and...


EPISODE 6: Stop A Heart Attack 92 Percent Of The Time

Today, we’re going to start the discussion of lifestyle choices and the chance to reduce your risk of a heart attack by 92%—that’s huge, guy. Heart attacks are the number one killer of women and more than all cancers combined that people died from. So heart attacks kill more people than all cancers combined. We use these word choices for a reason. Why? Because we have a complete choice—100% choice—of how we live our lives. We choose what we want to eat, what we drink, and we choose if we’re...