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From cancer survivor to a year long vow of silence and beyond with James Aspey

Creator and owner of The Cruelty Free Shop vegan supermarket chain, Jessica Bailey Vegan activist James Aspey on his journey so far and new direction in the future Vegan children's book author Nicole Godwin talks about her latest creation, Billie.


How becoming vegan saved Joey Carbstrong from a life in prison!

I talk with vegan star of the TV show 'Dance Boss' Alana Beaton, jail inmate turned vegan activist Joey Carbstrong and 20 year vegan Lisa Green .


Why ditch meat and dairy from your diet?

I share my personal story about how I came to follow a plant based lifestyle then lose over 20 kg in the process just by changing what I eat. My guests: - My doctor, Dr Andrew Morris, about why he suggested I ditch meat and dairy; - Andrew Thompson, the Spud Fit Guy, who ate nothing but potatoes for a year; and - Lily from Lily's Vegan Kitchen about how serious illness led her to a plant based lifestyle. Also a look at what is making plant health news across the globe.