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Think Fit Episode 79: When Trying Being Healthy Impacts Your Mental Health

This week it was world mental health day and we thought it was the perfect opportunity to talk about mental health! There are some alarming statistics about how many people suffer from mental health problems in silence and we want to do what we can to change that. We wanted to specifically look at the impact of the social pressures of fitness on your mental health. The pressure to do certain exercises *cough* crossfit *cough* or use certain brands of equipment. When this pressure or your...


Think Fit Episode 78: Will Strength Training or Cardio Make You Lose More Weight?

Some people love to hit the gym and bench press their own body weight. Others love pounding the pavement and running until the soles of their shoes are distant memories of the past. But which sort of training will help you lose the most weight? This week, two fit boys tell you, faithful listener, what is the best way to lose weight! We go through the advantages of cardio training, the advantages of strength training and we even use some statistics this week! We then go through how we used...


*BONUS* Think Tri Episode 4: Travelling For Races & Our Favourite Events

On the 4th edition of Think Tri we take you through our favourite races around the world! We pick our top 3 events around the world and say why we love them. There are some which won't surprise you and maybe some that do. We also give our thoughts on the 70.3 World Championship races and our predictions for Kona. We then answer a number of listener questions about the specifics of travelling for events. We discuss hard v soft bike bags, how long before an event should you arrive, the best...


Think Fit Episode 77: Nutritionist Monica Mignone Wants You To Quit Dieting & Find Balance!

What if someone told you that you could stop dieting and not only be healthier, but happier too? Sounds too good to be true right? This week we are joined by the amazing Monica Mignone from Balance by Monica. Monica used to do all the diets and her weight would go down, then up, then down and up again. Finally, Monica realised that her life was out of balance and this became the cornerstone of her approach to food and life. Monica is a practicing Nutritionist who believed that you should...


Think Fit Episode 76: Trying Too Hard To Lose Weight

Ever heard that too much of a good thing can be bad? What about when it comes to diet? Putting too much energy into getting your diet right can actually have a negative impact on your health. If you have listened to this show before you will not be surprised to hear that stress and difficult emotions can have an adverse impact on your ability to lose weight. So when focusing on your food causes stress, anxiety and even depression, how can that be good for your weight? We talk about...


Think Fit Episode 75: Going Plant Based with Nutritionist Kate Levins

One of the most common questions we get here at Think Fit is about the plant-based diet or being vegan. Of the many things we are not experts of, being plant-based is one of them. So what do we on Think Fitt when we don't know what to say? We find someone who does. We are proud to present our interview with Holistic Nutritionist, Kate Levins. Kate explains to us about why she chose to go vegan, the changes it has had to her health. We talk about the health and environmental impacts of going...


Think Fit Episode 74: Eating For Performance Versus Eating For Weight Loss With Dietitians Chloe McLeod & Jess Spendlove

Much like training, there needs to be a different approach to your diet when you are trying to lose weight and when trying to perform at your best. If you can count on one thing with Think Fit, if we don't know the answer, we will try and find someone who does. Or in this case, two people. This week we are extremely lucky to be joined by the brains behind The Health & Performance Collective, Jess Spendlove and Chloe McLeod. Using their super-powers of knowing what to put in your body and...


Think Fit Episode 73: How To Stop Giving In To Cravings

There is nothing worse than that little voice in your head that tells you that not only do you want the chocolate but that you need the chocolate. Cravings are something that most people deal with but they don't have to rule you! This week we want to help you by providing our tips to not give in to your cravings. We talk about avoiding stress or other emotions which trigger cravings, eating enough healthy and nutritious food so you don't have room for the sweet treats you crave but don't...


*BONUS* Think Tri Episode 3: It's All About The Bike

Welcome back everyone to another episode of our bonus monthly show, Think Tri. This month we answer all of your questions about the bike (as long as you are in our patreon group.) We look at the differences between road bikes, time-trial bikes, and triathlon bikes. We talk about when and why you should buy aero wheels. We explain what watts are all about and how you can use them to optimise your training. We let you know if a power meter is an essential training tool, how much time you...


Think Fit Episode 72: Is It Better To Be Skinny Or Healthy?

Would you rather be skinny or healthy? We aren't saying the two are mutually exclusive, but if you had to choose one, honestly, which would you pick? This week we take a long hard look in the mirror and attempt to answer this question. Surprisingly, we both agreed we would rather be skinny than healthy. We both agreed that we know that we should say healthy but because of our background and the way that people perceive 'what looks good,' we would both rather be skinny. From this...


Think Fit Episode 71: Using Social Media To Lose Weight

Social media has a pretty bad reputation. It is associated with issues around body image, bullying and other horrible things. But what if you could use social media to help with your weight? This week we recorded live in Canada and were lucky enough to be joined by Canadian superstar Jenna-Caer Seefried. We talk about how you can utlise social media to help you lose weight and be healthy. We look at things like using social media to step outside of your comfort zone, hold yourself...


Think Fit Episode 70: Giving Up On Guilt

Guilt is a useless emotion. It leads to a whole range of more difficult emotions and if left unchecked can lead to depression and other serious conditions. We both experience our share of guilt over a whole range of things so we thought it would be a good idea to try and give you all some tips on how to give up on grief and not let it control you. We give a whole range of tips for your Think Fit Toolbox. We go through things like accepting that guilt is normal and that we all make mistakes....


Think Fit Episode 69: The Pursuit of Happiness

If you listened to last week's epsiode, Robo finished by asking the question, 'are you really happy? Or are you happy because you compare yourself to what you used to be?" This got us both thinking and thinking led from one thing to another. We both realised that lots of people struggle to be happy for so many reasons. So Think Fit is here to save the day! This week on the show we talk about ways you can allow yourself to be happy. We talk about the importance of contentment, or not wanting...


*BONUS* Think Tri Episode 2: The Shift From Completing to Competing

Welcome back everybody to the second episode of our monthly triathlon show, Think Tri. This month we get into the specifics of how our training changed when we went from simply completing races to racing for the podium. We get into the specifics of our swim, bike and run training and how they have evolved. We talk about some of the key sessions we use now, how we started to use them and the impact that they made on our training. We try and provide as much information about the methods we...


Think Fit Episode 68: The Importance of Being Present

Time, we all think we have it until it runs out. How many people say they will start the diet tomorrow or finally use their gym membership next week. How many actually do? This week we want to talk about making the most of now. About being present in the now to make sure you don't put off the important things until tomorrow. Focusing on what has happened in the past and what could happen in the future leads to difficult emotions which can be barriers to getting active now. We discuss why it...


Think Fit Episode 67: What's More Powerful? Motivation or Accountability?

How often do you hear someone talk about how they aren't motivated to train or they are super motivated to get in shape? It is a word that gets thrown around a lot. Accountability is equally important but not something we like to talk about quite as much. This week we wanted to know why that is. Why do we all talk about motivation? What is better at making us be healthy? Is it all about motivation or is it about being accountable? We talk about things like, what is motivation? Why does it...


Thin Fit Episode 66: Accepting That All Good Things Take Time

We are all different. We have different bodies, metabolism, talents, jobs, families, backgrounds and preferences of peanut butter. What takes 2 weeks for one person might take 2 years for another. That doesn't mean that either person is any better or worse than anyone else. This week we discuss how important it is to accept that your weight loss journey will take exactly as long as it will take. Not as long as it took Tim, or as long as it took that guy from Subway that turned out to be a...


Think Fit Episode 65: Giving Your Weight Loss or Health a Jump Start

The two fit boys from Think Fit have been feeling a bit more like two fat boys and are both desperate to do something about it. Lucky for you, we plan to tell you exactly how we are going to go about it. This week on Think Fit we are talking about what you can do to give your health or weight loss a jump start. These red hot tips are applicable if you have slipped up lately and need to get back on track or if you are just starting out and need that final push to get started. Things like...


Think Fit Episode 64: Managing The Work/Life/Health Balance

Ever feel like there aren't enough hours in the day? Or even worse, are you guilty of taking your work home with you and not switching off? This week we have an honest and open discussion about our struggles with managing the work/life balance and the impact it is having on our health. Hosting this podcast means that we often feel like we need to be shining examples of how to be healthy and have it all figured out. But like everyone else, we slip up sometimes. So in this episode, we talk...


*BONUS* Think Tri Episode 1: From Fat to Fast

Welcome to our new bonus monthly show, Think Tri. If you have listened to Think Fit you will know that we both love triathlon and now thanks to our amazing patreon supporters, we are ready to share that love with you. This bonus monthly episode will be all about our tips and tricks to go from the back of the pack to the front. We base this entirely on our own experiences. On this first ever episode we give a detailed run through of our progress in the sport. We start with our early...