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Think Fit Episode 90: Get Your New Year Off To The Right Start with Chloe McLeod

To celebrate the new year we are joined by Think Fit favourite, Chloe McLeod to talk about all the little changes we are all planning on making in 2019 to be healthier. We talk about the small and big changes we are making and what we think everyone who listens can do to be healthier in 2019 as well. No surprises but we look at things like drinking less alcohol, sleeping more, taking better care of ourselves. We wanted to do something a little different to a standard 'how to keep your new...


Think Fit Episode 89: The Rumble in the Jungle, A Think Fit Story!

Few athletes have had as significant an impact on the world as Muhammad Ali. He is known for his quick wit, incredible boxing prowess and for being stripped of the heavyweight championship of the world. Of all of his fights, one of the greatest, possibly of all time was when he fought George Foreman in the "Rumble in the Jungle." For the second year in a row, we want to give you something a little different at Christmas as our way of saying thank you for all of your support during the...


Think Fit Episode 88: Taking Care of Yourself at Christmas

Did you know that there is a whole range of health risks associated with the festive season? No, we are not just talking about people putting on a few extra pounds from eating too many mince pies. There are significant increases in a whole range of other problems including stress, domestic violence and loneliness. So two fit boys are here to help you get through the holidays for the second year in a row! We talk about how to avoid stress caused by the festive season including financial...


Think Fit Episode 87: The Biggest Lessons We Have Learned This Year

Can you believe it's already December? As we hit the end of 2018 we wanted to start our busiest month of the year (when you consider all the poor health choices people make at Christmas time) by talking about how our health has been impacted this year. We look at the biggest lessons we have learned about health in 2018. We talk about the things we have taken away from doing this podcast and how we have implemented them in our everyday lives to be healthier people. Things like developing...


Think Fit Episode 86: Let's Start Having Hard Conversations with Roy & Edwin Asotasi

To help celebrate all things Movember (even though this comes out in December) we wanted to have an open and honest conversation this week about something that most people do not want to talk about. When most people hear the name Roy Asotasi they think football star. Roy played professional rugby league, won a grand final and even captained the New Zealand national team. What people don't probably realise is that growing up, his younger brother Edwin tried to kill himself. This week we are...


*BONUS* Think Tri Episode 6: Just Keep Swimming!

So in case you didn't know, a triathlon is called a TRIathlon because it involves 3 sports. A case could be made that the least popular of those three sports is the swim. This month we wanted to 'dive' into the swim leg. We talk all about the best ways to get comfortable in the water and the ways you can go from doggy paddling to swimming as well as Frodo! We talk about what gear you will need, how to get comfortable in the water, how much pool v open water swimming you should do, if...


Think Fit Episode 85: It's Time To Stop Thinking About Getting Fit & Do It!

Sometimes when you stop thinking about what you are trying to do you will be surprised that you actually do it. Goals can be big and thinking about how we want to achieve them can be intimidating. So intimidating that it can actually be the thing that stops you from achieving them. This week on Think Fit we try and tell you why it is time to stop overcomplicating your goals and start to achieve them. Let's be honest, this is a pretty loose episode. We cop a dud of an article (or get...


Think Fit Episode 84: The Lies We Tell Ourselves Which Impact Our Health

Are you a liar? Are you honest with yourself? Chances are you are guilty of lying to yourself about something. But what about your health? Do you ever try to convince yourself that you are too tired? It's too hard or that more is always better? Have you ever told yourself any of these lies? This week we talk all about the lies we have told ourselves that have negatively impacted on our health. We get honest and admit some of the worst lies we have told ourselves. Things like we can eat...


Think Fit Episode 83: Why Having a Go is More Important Than Being Successful

We have all heard the cliche that it isn't winning that's important, it's giving it your best shot. This statement could not be truer when it comes to health. This week on Think Fit we give our thoughts on why it is more important to try and make healthy choices, even if you always fail than it is to be successful. We talk about it doesn't matter if you keep getting it wrong as long as you keep trying. We talk about accepting that most people will probably never really 'win'. We discuss why...


Think Fit Episode 82: Staying Fit When You Can't Be Bothered

Some days, despite your best efforts you just can't be bothered to go to the gym or follow your meal plan. Guess what! It happens to everyone and often it can be for a number of reasons. This week, we both struggled to make this episode happen because quite frankly we couldn't be bothered. But our struggles are your reward as we sat down and worked out ways to make sure you can still stay on track when you really don't want to. We looked at needing to understand the difference between...


*BONUS* Think Tri Episode 5: The Need For Speed!

Who doesn't like to go fast? This month on Think Tri we get into the nuts and bolts of how we started to gain speed as triathletes. For both of us, we spent a lot of time focusing on losing weight and getting fit. At some point though, our attention turned to speed. We talk about our favourite speed sessions for swim, bike and run as well as the often neglected transition. We also give our thoughts on the recent Iron Man World Championship race and Super League Jersey. We discuss some of...


Think Fit Episode 81: Fighting Fear

Have you jumped out of a plane? Held a snake? Gone for a swim with sharks? We all have something we are afraid of and it is completely normal that people avoid the things that scare them. But what about when your fears prevent you from becoming healthier? This week we talk about all the ways in which fear can limit your ability to be healthy. We look at some of the more obvious fears like fear of failure. fear of judgement and fear of letting people down. But what about the fear of success?...


Think Fit Episode 80: Am I Getting Healthier Even Though I'm Not Losing Weight?

You're doing the training, watching what you eat yet the number on the scales isn't going down.... First, there is a whole list of reasons why you might not be losing weight but guess what! There are still plenty of ways to find out if you are getting healthier. This week, we talk about all the ways to know if you are getting healthier even though your weight isn't going down. We talk about lower heart rate, improved diet, better sleep, improved objective results, faster recovery and many...


Think Fit Episode 79: When Trying Being Healthy Impacts Your Mental Health

This week it was world mental health day and we thought it was the perfect opportunity to talk about mental health! There are some alarming statistics about how many people suffer from mental health problems in silence and we want to do what we can to change that. We wanted to specifically look at the impact of the social pressures of fitness on your mental health. The pressure to do certain exercises *cough* crossfit *cough* or use certain brands of equipment. When this pressure or your...


Think Fit Episode 78: Will Strength Training or Cardio Make You Lose More Weight?

Some people love to hit the gym and bench press their own body weight. Others love pounding the pavement and running until the soles of their shoes are distant memories of the past. But which sort of training will help you lose the most weight? This week, two fit boys tell you, faithful listener, what is the best way to lose weight! We go through the advantages of cardio training, the advantages of strength training and we even use some statistics this week! We then go through how we used...


*BONUS* Think Tri Episode 4: Travelling For Races & Our Favourite Events

On the 4th edition of Think Tri we take you through our favourite races around the world! We pick our top 3 events around the world and say why we love them. There are some which won't surprise you and maybe some that do. We also give our thoughts on the 70.3 World Championship races and our predictions for Kona. We then answer a number of listener questions about the specifics of travelling for events. We discuss hard v soft bike bags, how long before an event should you arrive, the best...


Think Fit Episode 77: Nutritionist Monica Mignone Wants You To Quit Dieting & Find Balance!

What if someone told you that you could stop dieting and not only be healthier, but happier too? Sounds too good to be true right? This week we are joined by the amazing Monica Mignone from Balance by Monica. Monica used to do all the diets and her weight would go down, then up, then down and up again. Finally, Monica realised that her life was out of balance and this became the cornerstone of her approach to food and life. Monica is a practicing Nutritionist who believed that you should...


Think Fit Episode 76: Trying Too Hard To Lose Weight

Ever heard that too much of a good thing can be bad? What about when it comes to diet? Putting too much energy into getting your diet right can actually have a negative impact on your health. If you have listened to this show before you will not be surprised to hear that stress and difficult emotions can have an adverse impact on your ability to lose weight. So when focusing on your food causes stress, anxiety and even depression, how can that be good for your weight? We talk about...


Think Fit Episode 75: Going Plant Based with Nutritionist Kate Levins

One of the most common questions we get here at Think Fit is about the plant-based diet or being vegan. Of the many things we are not experts of, being plant-based is one of them. So what do we on Think Fitt when we don't know what to say? We find someone who does. We are proud to present our interview with Holistic Nutritionist, Kate Levins. Kate explains to us about why she chose to go vegan, the changes it has had to her health. We talk about the health and environmental impacts of going...


Think Fit Episode 74: Eating For Performance Versus Eating For Weight Loss With Dietitians Chloe McLeod & Jess Spendlove

Much like training, there needs to be a different approach to your diet when you are trying to lose weight and when trying to perform at your best. If you can count on one thing with Think Fit, if we don't know the answer, we will try and find someone who does. Or in this case, two people. This week we are extremely lucky to be joined by the brains behind The Health & Performance Collective, Jess Spendlove and Chloe McLeod. Using their super-powers of knowing what to put in your body and...