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Think Fit Episode 53: What Happens Between the Before & After Photo, Massive Weight Loss with Jess Hay

One of the best ways to keep your weight loss goals on track is to hold yourself accountable. But how many people who weigh close to 200kg would be willing to document their weight loss journey in front of the entire world? This week we are joined by the amazing and inspiring Jess Hay! Jess saw the number on the scales getting higher and higher until it was nearly at 200kg or 440 pounds. Jess realised she had to make a change so she started doing her local weekly parkrun. Jess shares with...


Think Fit Episode 52: Think Fit Turns One! Listener Q&A Episode

Who would have thought it! When we decided to start a little podcast about how to get healthy, lose weight and make it fun and uncomplicated we had no idea what to expect. Here we are celebrating the 1st anniversary of Think Fit! This week we opened it up to our listeners to answer your questions. We answer questions about how we started the podcast, what are our favourite episodes, what have we gotten out of it.... We also answer some more technical questions about the role that strength...


Think Fit Episode 51: Let's Talk About F#@D!

This week we delve into one of the internet's most controversial and to be honest, boring topics. Food. The 4 letter F word that we are too afraid to speak about. As with all great conversations we went into this one with a clear goal about what we were going to cover and somehow ended completely off track. We talk about some of the worst eating habits we have had as well as some pieces of food marketing that we both fell for that turned out to be complete rubbish. We talk about how you need...


Think Fit Episode 50: What Does Ultra-Endurance Do To Your Body With Physiotherapist Robert Woolley

The first guest we ever had on Think Fit was the random ultra-endurance athlete Rob Woolley. Rob was the guy who signed Tim up for his first ever triathlon and is responsible for kickstarting Tim's big change. This week we are lucky to be joined by Rob again to have an in-depth discussion about what sort of impact ultra-endurance events have on the human body. Rob has just returned from a 160km run in New Zealand and has now competed in some of the world's biggest ultra races. Rob is also...


Think Fit Episode 49: Performance V Weight Loss Training

Many people take up a sport because they want to lose weight. The problem is that they also often want to get results, PBs or go fast. The bad news is that the training to lose weight and training for performance are very different. We aren't saying you won't lose weight if you are training for performance just like you won't get better if you are training to lose weight. The problem is if you do not take the time to do them both properly there is a good chance you will lose motivation and...


Think Fit Episode 48: Losing Your Weigh to the Top with Jenna-Caer Seefried

This week we are extremely lucky to be joined by a truly remarkable woman who puts us both to shame! Jenna-Caer Seefried found her corporate life one of convenience where she spent too much time eating out and thinking about what she was going to eat next. Jenna experienced a moment where she realised that she had to make a change and has lost over 50 pounds to date! If that isn't enough to make you impressed, Jenna has also managed to win her age group at the World Long Course...


Think Fit Episode 47: Take The Pressure Down! Overcoming Unhealthy Peer Pressure

Have you ever had the best intentions to eat well, go to the gym or go to bed early only to be peer pressured into doing something else instead? Chances are the answer is yes. Peer pressure is one of those inevitable things we deal with as humans. This week we discuss a new documentary on Netflix called 'The Push' which looks at just how far people can be peer pressured. This made us realise that we have both dealt with peer pressure after getting healthy. Have another drink, come out for...


Think Fit Episode 46: Are We Making Ourselves Fat?

Netflix, Uber Eats, Virtual Reality, Driverless Cars! Technology is advancing at a scary rate and we have a world of convenience at our fingertips. We are making rapid advancements in health and technology that means we have the potential to live longer lives than ever before. But are these advancements making us fat? Are the very things that are designed to make life more convenient and safer actually making us more sedentary? This week we come to you live from the local conspiracy theory...


Think Fit Episode 45: Small Changes That Lead to Big Weight Loss & Health Improvements

FACT: Drastically changing your diet or increasing your exercise overnight is not going to lead to permanent, healthy weight loss. Instead, to successfully improve your health and lose weight you need to make many smaller changes. Some together and others over time. By making smaller changes you are going to not only see your weight go down, you are going to not see it go back up again! This week we give too many tips that you can add to your Think Fit tool box to ensure that your health...


Think Fit Episode 44: Overcoming Adversity and Being The Best Version of Yourself with Brett Robbo

G'Day Legends! (Borrowed from this week's guest) This week we are extremely lucky to be joined by Brett Robbo. Brett has a history in high performance sport both as an athlete himself and as a coach spending a lot of time working with both able bodied and para athletes. Working along side incredible people who have faced and overcome extreme obstacles has given Brett insight into how people can manage and overcome adversity. In addition, Brett has had his share of adversity too which saw...


Think Fit Episode 43: The Unexpected Benefits of Getting in Shape

Everybody has their own reasons for getting in shape. Whether it's for their health, to look good at the beach or to fit into their wedding dress. All valid reasons and great sources of motivation. In addition, we all hear about what you can expect when you start. More energy, clothes don't fit anymore and better confidence. The benefits of getting in shape are well documented and often are one of the first things that people talk about when they recount their positive health change. But...


Think Fit Episode 42: The Importance of Self Care

We all know to reach our goals we have to work at them. Whether it is lifting weights in the gym, changing our eating habits to lose weight. In fact, people are even becoming more and more aware of the importance of rest and recovery. Your mind plays an important part in this too and that is why it is important to spend time taking care of the muscle between your ears. This week we talk about the importance of taking care of yourself. We discuss, what things you can do for your own...


Think Fit Episode 41: The Best Diet You've Never Tried!

At long last, Think Fit is finally going to reveal to the World the secret weight loss diet that has led to them losing nearly 100kg between the two of them! This diet is so secret that it is kept in a nuclear grade bunker with some of the most sophisticated security known to man! That security is the reason why it has been hidden from the World for so long. But no more... This week we discuss our experiences with some of the diets we have tried while trying to lose weight and the how and...


Think Fit Episode 40: Binge, Emotional & Over Eating with Lyndi Cohen, The Nude Nutritionist

Food has an amazing ability to bring us together. We celebrate the good times and the bad times while eating, drinking and being merry. But what happens when the emotional relationship with food turns bad? What happens when you find yourself turning to food to alter your emotional state? What about when you start eating and cannot stop yourself? These are real challenges faced by people on a daily basis. People can develop an unhealthy and emotional relationship with food that can lead to...


Think Fit Episode 39: When Life Gives You Lemons Make Lemonade!

So 2018 has been off to a rough start for the boys at Think Fit. Tim found out that a close family member has cancer and Robo, has fallen victim to a calf injury. But that is life and it must go on. So in a particularly relevant episode this week we discuss the tips and tricks to manage the curveballs that life throws at you. We focus heavily on the importance of keeping on top of your mental wellbeing, being flexible with your goals or resolutions and even talk about using any negative...


Think Fit Episode 38: How To Make Sure Your New Year Resolutions Are Successful (Basically it is all about Goal Setting)

How many times have you woken up on January 1 determined to make it a year of positive change? How often have you gotten to December 31 and ticked off all of those goals? We are guessing it isn't that often... So to celebrate the New Year we wanted to give you some strategies you can use when setting your goals to make sure that you stick to them and even more importantly, achieve them! These are fundamentally simple and are relevant to any sort of goal setting but include things like do...


Think Fit Episode 37: The Iron War! A Think Fit Story!

The drama of sport is one of the reasons we find it so compelling and the Iron War is one of the most dramatic. Two of the fittest men doing battle over a 3.8km swim, a 180km bike and 42.2km run. The 1989 Iron Man World Championships is considered one of the greatest races not only in triathlon but in the history of sport. This week we wanted to give our listeners a Christmas gift so we are recounting the story of Iron War. We go into the background of Mark Allen and Dave Scott, the sport...


Think Fit Episode 36: The Think Fit Guide to Surviving Christmas! Don't Let the Festive Season Make You Fat!

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Work is wrapping up, family come together from all over the world. There are parties, feasts and countless celebrations. It is a time of celebration where we are bombarded with temptations that might not always be the healthiest. It is also a time of year where people are already looking to the New Year to reset their health and fitness goals. But who said you need to let the festive season get the best of you? It is possible to celebrate and not...


Think Fit Episode 35: The Hard Truth About Why You Aren't Losing Weight with Vinnie Tortorich

This week we are lucky to be joined by one of the biggest names in health and fitness in the world, Mr Vinnie Tortorich! Vinnie is the man behind the No Sugar, No Grains Lifestyle, author of Fitness Confidential and host of the incredibly popular Fitness Confidential Podcast. A celebrity trainer with over 30 years of experience, Vinnie takes a no bullshit approach to fitness and will tell you straight up why you aren't losing weight. Vinnie absolutely rips to shreds an article on how to...


Think Fit Episode 34: How Difficult Emotions Impact Your Health & How Sport Can Help with Psychlogist, Brian Langsworth

Have you ever been scared, down, nervous, uncertain? Maybe even depressed or anxious? Well guess what! You are not alone. This week we are joined by Performance Psychologist, Brian Langsworth to delve into the power of the mind and just what sort of impact negative thoughts can have on your health and wellbeing. Brian explains a lot about why there is nothing wrong with experiencing difficult emotions and the role that getting active can play in overcoming them. We discuss some strategies...


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