Think Fit Episode 120: Imposter Syndrome

We are back now that we are doing this show monthly to talk about Imposter Syndrome. This is something that we have both experienced but maybe never been able to put a name to. We talk about the times where we have convinced ourselves that we are not good enough or that we have achieved something by luck. We look at the times we have noticed other people doing this around us and then we brainstorm the ways we think people can help manage these feelings. Big shout out to Laura Johnston...


Think Fit Episode 119: What is More Important? Diet, Cardio or Strength Training?

We all know the saying you can't outrun a bad diet but does that mean it is the most important thing when it comes to losing weight and being healthy? This week we look at the pros and cons of each and give our thoughts on which are the most important and why. The answer might surprises you (or not because it is always going to be about balance.) But we do look at the reasons why each of these are important and how a thorough understanding of them will enable you to lose weight quicker...


Think Fit Episode 118: Using Your Mind to Successfully Make Positive Change with Bevan James Eyles

Team this episode is a goodie! With Tim in Canada we decided to share an episode which has by far had a tremendous impact on us both individually but also how we try to highlight the importance of self reflection and building strategise We were extremely lucky to be joined by Bevan James Eyles this week for one of the most engaging, entertaining and informative discussions we have ever been a part of (we weren't the funny, informative or engaging part.) We discussed the importance of...


Think Fit Episode 117: Setting Yourself Up With What You Have Available

So Robo wanted to talk about time (again) without realising that he brought up the same topic only a few episodes ago so instead we talk about how to ensure you are set up to use the time that you do have available. We look at being realistic with yourself, understanding that there is often more time that goes into something like a one hour run than just an hour and getting your family on board. There is as always, good stuff here for people who are struggling to make a healthy...


Think Fit Episode 116: Weight Loss Isn't Pass/Fail

It is all too easy to beat yourself up when you miss a gym session or grab a sneaky mac attack on your way home. These little missteps can often lead to feelings of failure or needing to 'reset' next Monday. This week we want to emphasise that being healthy and losing weight isn't as simple as a pass/fail and that by approaching it that way we can often derail our best efforts and set ourselves back. We look at the need to accept our own limitations and the need to accept that slip-ups or...


Think Fit Episode 115: Sleep Yourself Skinny! The Importance of Sleep For Your Health

We all know it... Sleep is extremely important for our health and our weight. But forget the fancy science, this week we talk about how to develop good habits around sleep to make sure it doesn't affect your weight. We discuss ways to help get to sleep, ways to know if you are too tired or just being a bit of a sook. We explain the ways you can develop the habit of getting up early to make time for exercise or work and even why we think you should consider napping if you can. Hopefully...


Think Fit Presents: Your Life of Impact with Brett Robbo

While Robo is busy living it up on the Amalfi Coast we wanted to use the opportunity to present another podcast that we both love. Brett Robbo is a former guest on Think Fit and works with MX Endurance as a Mindset Expert. He presents his incredible weekly podcast to help inspire people to be the best versions of themselves. This is the episode that both Tim and Mike were guests on so you still get a weekly fix of your two fit boys! We will be back to regular scheduling next...


Think Fit Episode 113: Avoiding Yo-Yo Weight Loss with Andrew Levins

With Robo still on his honeymoon we thought it was the perfect opportunity to check in with Andrew Levins on how he is going with his own weight loss and health journey 12 months on. This week on Think Fit, we discuss the best ways to avoid drastic changes in your weight and make sure you don't put all the weight back on. Levins is a Dad and provides lots of great advice about how to prioritise both your health and your children's health. We get into the things we have both done to avoid...


Think Fit Episode 112: There Is No One-Size-Fits-All Weight Loss Solution

After an unplanned break, we are back this week to hit you all with a hard truth. There is no one perfect way for everyone to lose weight. Just like some of us like pineapple on our pizza and other people are wrong, we will all have different levels of success when we try certain practices to lose weight. We talk about how to identify the approach that is correct for you and realise that while we are all different, there are some things that actually, everyone can do to be healthier. This...


Think Fit Episode 111: Kicking the Habits That Stop You Losing Weight

Despite your best intentions do you find that some habits just prevent you from losing weight? You can plan and prepare as much as possible but some things are just automatic? This week we talk about the hardest habits we had to and still have to kick to be healthy! Some of these habits prevented us from losing weight for a long time and if left unchecked, see us put weight back on very quickly. Not only do we identify what those habits were, but we also talk about the things we did to...


Think Fit Episode 110: The Importance of Men's Health

June is Men's Health Month so to kick things off we talk about the importance of men's health matters. What does men's health mean? Is it simply about things that are only relevant to men? We look at the fact that men will often avoid issues in an attempt to toughen up or to conform to stereotypes which can lead to serious health complications and even death. We look at the mental health elements of men's health and provide some absolute must-dos for all men who listen! Regardless if you...


Think Fit Episode 109: Keeping The Weight Off After You Lose It!

Unfortunately losing weight isn't often the hard part. Keeping it off can be the real challenge and is often what people struggle with the most. This week we dust off the old Think Fit Toolbox to give you the tips you need to make sure you do not let all your hard work go to waste! These are the things you NEED TO DO to make sure you do not put on not only the weight you lost but often even more! These are the exact methods we have both used to ensure we have not put nearly 100kgs back on...


Think Fit Episode 108: Finding Time For Fitness When You're Busy

Work, family, friends, Netflix... There are only so many hours in the day so how do you fit it all in? This week, we talk about finding time for fitness. We think one of the biggest excuses we hear is that people are too busy and we are calling bullshit. We talk about how we have managed to find the time to make our health a priority because that is what it really comes down to, making your health a priority. We provide some very basic rules for everyone to follow to start making time for...


Think Fit Episode 107: The Stages of Weight Loss - What To Expect & How To Manage It

Losing weight isn't a clear straight path. It is complicated, difficult and often goes back before going forward. This week on Think Fit we talk about the stages of weight loss we went through and the lessons we learned as a result of it. We look at trying and failing to lose weight, finally starting to lose weight, losing lots of weight easily, plateauing, bouncing back and putting weight back on and yo-yo-ing. Through our own experiences, we have learned a lot about how to manage the...


Think Fit Episode 106: The Best Ways To Start Losing Weight

You spoke and we listened and Think Fit is back to doing what we do best as we tackle the big topics to help our Think Fitters get healthier, lose weight and have fun doing it. This week, we start by talking about what you need to do to start losing weight. We look at the things we wish we could go back and tell ourselves before we lost weight. Not starving yourself, setting achievable weight loss goals, understanding what the numbers on the scale mean and how to safely and successfully...


Think Fit Episode 105: Finding Joy In Health

Even the best habits can become hard. If you have been healthy for a long time, you will know that sometimes you just can't be bothered. This week on Think Fit, the boys discuss the struggles of staying motivated and finding joy in what you do. Robo imparts some genuinely incredible advice about needing to identify if you either keep doing what you're doing or change what you're doing and Tim talks about the importance of being present. This is a pretty deep, open and honest episode but as...


Think Fit Episode 104: Lessons From The Gym With PT Craig Fleming

So much of the fitness industry is telling you there are cheats, secrets or short cuts to getting healthy or losing weight. This week, we are joined by Craig Fleming who works with clients to make them realise that they can do all the work they want in the gym, but if they don't fix their habits out of the gym they are going nowhere in a hurry. We discuss the lessons he has learned working with people, the mistakes he sees people make and the simple things everyone can do to be better and...


Think Fit Episode 103: The Invisible Scars That Don't Always Heal

Getting injured, failing at your job or struggling to keep your weight off. These are just a few of the things that can leave long-term psychological scars. This week, Tim opens up about just how scared he is about making a return to racing. This is one of those episodes that Tim and Mike would have had in private but recorded it for this week's episode because there are other people who probably go through similar things. We talk about how your confidence is often one of the hardest things...


Think Fit Episode 102: Getting The Most Out Of Your Performance with Physiotherapist Matt Sweeney

Exercising, watching what you eat, basic things that when you are serious about getting healthy you do. But there are so many other things we all should be doing that we don't. This week we are lucky to be joined by Matt Sweeney from Pure Performance Physiotherapy to talk about the importance of strength, mobility and proper biomechanics. We look at why taking the time to develop your technique at the start can make your weight loss and performance efforts more successful in the long run....


Think Fit Episode 101: How Do Changing Seasons Impact Health?

As the days get shorter and colder in the Southern Hemisphere we have both noticed the impact that it has on our healthy habits. It is harder to get out of bed to get to the gym and why are all the best comfort foods so bad for you? We talk about the different ways in which we both struggle with the change of seasons and try to come up with some ways to minimise the impact it has on our health. This Winter, we want to avoid putting on some 'insulation' and we don't want to wait until...