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Thin Fit Episode 66: Accepting That All Good Things Take Time

We are all different. We have different bodies, metabolism, talents, jobs, families, backgrounds and preferences of peanut butter. What takes 2 weeks for one person might take 2 years for another. That doesn't mean that either person is any better or worse than anyone else. This week we discuss how important it is to accept that your weight loss journey will take exactly as long as it will take. Not as long as it took Tim, or as long as it took that guy from Subway that turned out to be a...


Think Fit Episode 65: Giving Your Weight Loss or Health a Jump Start

The two fit boys from Think Fit have been feeling a bit more like two fat boys and are both desperate to do something about it. Lucky for you, we plan to tell you exactly how we are going to go about it. This week on Think Fit we are talking about what you can do to give your health or weight loss a jump start. These red hot tips are applicable if you have slipped up lately and need to get back on track or if you are just starting out and need that final push to get started. Things like...


Think Fit Episode 64: Managing The Work/Life/Health Balance

Ever feel like there aren't enough hours in the day? Or even worse, are you guilty of taking your work home with you and not switching off? This week we have an honest and open discussion about our struggles with managing the work/life balance and the impact it is having on our health. Hosting this podcast means that we often feel like we need to be shining examples of how to be healthy and have it all figured out. But like everyone else, we slip up sometimes. So in this episode, we talk...


*BONUS* Think Tri Episode 1: From Fat to Fast

Welcome to our new bonus monthly show, Think Tri. If you have listened to Think Fit you will know that we both love triathlon and now thanks to our amazing patreon supporters, we are ready to share that love with you. This bonus monthly episode will be all about our tips and tricks to go from the back of the pack to the front. We base this entirely on our own experiences. On this first ever episode we give a detailed run through of our progress in the sport. We start with our early...


Think Fit Episode 63: The Holy Trinity of Health with Psychologist, Leanne Hall

Exercising and eating well but finding that your health isn't quite as good as it should be? There is another aspect of health that we often neglect, our own mental health. This week we are joined by a guest who takes a holistic approach to health. Leanne Hall is an Integrative Psychologist who believes in the connection between body and mind for the healthiest version of you. In her practice, Leanne uses diet and exercise as well as traditional remedies to deal with the negative emotions...


Think Fit Episode 62: Is It Harder To Lose Weight Or Keep It Off?

Losing Weight is an incredible achievement. It requires sacrifice, determination and lots of hard work. If you have listened to this show before you will know that we firmly believe that there are no short-cuts or easy ways to lose weight. But what you might not know is that most people who lose a significant amount of weight put it back on. Why is it so common for people to put their weight back on? What is it about keeping the weight off that is so hard? This leads us to our topic for...


Think Fit Episode 61: There is No Magic Pill - The Ketogenic Diet

There has been a lot of discussion about the documentary, The Magic Pill. It is a film which presents the benefits of the ketogenic diet. This week on Think Fit we have a discussion about this controversial film. The Magic Pill has stirred up a lot of controversies lately with the Australian Medical Association requesting that Netflix remove the documentary from its service. Can eating a ketogenic diet cure autism? Can it cure cancer? Can it help you lose weight? These are all topics...


Think Fit Episode 60: How to Stay in Shape if You Cannot Exercise

After many weeks on the road, Mike Robinson returns to the podcast studio to deliver more red-hot content to get you thinking fit. After so many weeks apart we have plenty to catch up on with Mike being on the road, Tim being injured, we have both been struggling to keep on top of our fitness. This made us wonder, what would we do to stay in shape if we could not train? We start by talking about why it would be hard. Tim thinks it would be harder than Mike does. But the biggest hurdles...


Think Fit Episode 59: Fighting For Your Fitness with Exercise Physiologist Tyrell Navarro

Karate, Taekwondo, MMA, Jiu Jitsui! This week we are talking about fighting! The more we do this show the more we realise that everyone has a different relationship with fitness. At the same time, there are more similarities than you would expect too. We are extremely lucky to be joined by Exercise Physiologist Tyrell Navarro this week. Tyrell is a martial artist and fighter who has experience with a range of different combat styles. We talk about the training required for fighting, how...


Think Fit Episode 57: A Guide to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Let's be honest, we all do it. We all compare who we are, what we do, what we have or how we look to other people. It is a slippery slope that achieves nothing. This week we talk all about our experiences with comparing ourselves to others. Things like worrying that people are fitter, faster, skinnier, stronger, all the usual stuff. But once you start where do you stop? We talk about all the reasons why it is a waste of time and completely unfair to compare yourself to others. We then...


Think Fit Episode 56: The Importance of Mobility & Proper Biomechanics When Losing Weight with Luke Taylor

Two Kiwis and an Australian sit down to record a podcast. No, it isn't the start of a bad joke but it is this week's episode of Think Fit. This week, we are extremely excited to be joined by Luke Taylor from Taylored Health & Performance. Through his own struggles with injuries and a diagnosed disorder, Luke developed his own approach to helping people achieve their best results. Luke works with a range of clients from top professional athletes to people who are trying to get into shape....


Think Fit Episode 55: How To Overcome Weight Loss Barriers

It is easy to think that the reason why you are not losing weight is that you are not trying hard enough or that you don't have enough self-discipline or mental strength. But what about the other factors. If you were to ask yourself why aren't you losing weight and have to give an answer OTHER than yourself, what would you come up with? This week we try and put another tip into your Think Fit Tool Box. We give you a simple to follow and easy to understand step-by-step guide to overcome...


Think Fit Episode 54: The Sad Truth About Being Overweight

It's funny how quickly you can forget the things that hurt you the most. Feeling inspired after our episode with Jess Hay we wanted to talk about some of the hardest experiences we had when we were overweight. Simple things, silly things and some very sad things that we did or had happen to us when we were fat. Things like being worried about what people would think when we would order food or take public transport. Why neither of us feel comfortable shopping for clothes, some hard lessons...


Think Fit Episode 53: What Happens Between the Before & After Photo, Massive Weight Loss with Jess Hay

One of the best ways to keep your weight loss goals on track is to hold yourself accountable. But how many people who weigh close to 200kg would be willing to document their weight loss journey in front of the entire world? This week we are joined by the amazing and inspiring Jess Hay! Jess saw the number on the scales getting higher and higher until it was nearly at 200kg or 440 pounds. Jess realised she had to make a change so she started doing her local weekly parkrun. Jess shares with...


Think Fit Episode 52: Think Fit Turns One! Listener Q&A Episode

Who would have thought it! When we decided to start a little podcast about how to get healthy, lose weight and make it fun and uncomplicated we had no idea what to expect. Here we are celebrating the 1st anniversary of Think Fit! This week we opened it up to our listeners to answer your questions. We answer questions about how we started the podcast, what are our favourite episodes, what have we gotten out of it.... We also answer some more technical questions about the role that strength...


Think Fit Episode 51: Let's Talk About F#@D!

This week we delve into one of the internet's most controversial and to be honest, boring topics. Food. The 4 letter F word that we are too afraid to speak about. As with all great conversations we went into this one with a clear goal about what we were going to cover and somehow ended completely off track. We talk about some of the worst eating habits we have had as well as some pieces of food marketing that we both fell for that turned out to be complete rubbish. We talk about how you...


Think Fit Episode 50: What Does Ultra-Endurance Do To Your Body With Physiotherapist Robert Woolley

The first guest we ever had on Think Fit was the random ultra-endurance athlete Rob Woolley. Rob was the guy who signed Tim up for his first ever triathlon and is responsible for kickstarting Tim's big change. This week we are lucky to be joined by Rob again to have an in-depth discussion about what sort of impact ultra-endurance events have on the human body. Rob has just returned from a 160km run in New Zealand and has now competed in some of the world's biggest ultra races. Rob is also...


Think Fit Episode 49: Performance V Weight Loss Training

Many people take up a sport because they want to lose weight. The problem is that they also often want to get results, PBs or go fast. The bad news is that the training to lose weight and training for performance are very different. We aren't saying you won't lose weight if you are training for performance just like you won't get better if you are training to lose weight. The problem is if you do not take the time to do them both properly there is a good chance you will lose motivation and...


Think Fit Episode 48: Losing Your Weigh to the Top with Jenna-Caer Seefried

This week we are extremely lucky to be joined by a truly remarkable woman who puts us both to shame! Jenna-Caer Seefried found her corporate life one of convenience where she spent too much time eating out and thinking about what she was going to eat next. Jenna experienced a moment where she realised that she had to make a change and has lost over 50 pounds to date! If that isn't enough to make you impressed, Jenna has also managed to win her age group at the World Long Course...


Think Fit Episode 47: Take The Pressure Down! Overcoming Unhealthy Peer Pressure

Have you ever had the best intentions to eat well, go to the gym or go to bed early only to be peer pressured into doing something else instead? Chances are the answer is yes. Peer pressure is one of those inevitable things we deal with as humans. This week we discuss a new documentary on Netflix called 'The Push' which looks at just how far people can be peer pressured. This made us realise that we have both dealt with peer pressure after getting healthy. Have another drink, come out for...