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Dive deep into the world of South African specialty coffee. Get to know the businesses at the centre of the specialty coffee scene in SA, as well as the people behind them.

Dive deep into the world of South African specialty coffee. Get to know the businesses at the centre of the specialty coffee scene in SA, as well as the people behind them.


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Dive deep into the world of South African specialty coffee. Get to know the businesses at the centre of the specialty coffee scene in SA, as well as the people behind them.






E14 - Des Wichmann from Mpenjati

In this episode, we are not only joined by our first coffee-farming guest, but also someone who is growing specialty coffee in South Africa! Des Wichmann is busting all kinds of preconceptions about coffee farming, successfully growing specialty lots at sea level in KZN on Mpenjati estate. While there is a lot to learn about coffee farming in this episode, there may be even more lessons about entrepreneurship. Des has taught himself how to grow, pick, process, and even roast coffee, without...


Episode 13 - Winston Thomas & Leigh Wentzel from Cedar Coffee Roasters

In this episode of the Cape Coffee Beans Podcast, we are joined by Winston Thomas, South African Barista Champion and previous podcast guest. We are also joined by Leigh Wentzel, Winston's co-founder at Cedar Coffee Roasters. In this episode, we get to know both founders a little better and dive into the story of how Cedar got started. Winston & Leigh explain their ambitions for Cedar, as well as how they plan to grow a slightly different, second-generation South African specialty coffee...


Episode 12 - About The Cup Of Excellence Coffee Competition

In this episode, Joel Singer, founder & owner of Origin Coffee Roasting is back to talk to us about a very special coffee from Ethiopia. Grown by Gemeda Elias Dube, this coffee won 19th place at the first annual Ethiopian Cup of Excellence competition. This episode isn't just about that coffee though; you'll learn about what the Cup of Excellence competition is, how coffees are selected, and why the CoE award is so important. We also talk quite a bit about what makes Ethiopian coffee so...


Episode 11 - Rosetta Roastery 10th Anniversary Reserve: Hacienda La Esmeralda Geisha Natural

This episode is all about a very special coffee, from a very special estate, of a very special variety. For their 10th anniversary, Rosetta Roastery is celebrating with a Rosetta Reserve coffee release: a Hacienda La Esmeralda Geisha Natural. This is an incredibly unique coffee and an extremely rare tasting opportunity, not only from a South African perspective, but also on a global scale. In this episode, Rob educates us about the Hacienda La Esmeralda estate, the Geisha variety and how...


Episode 10 - CCB Coffee Awards 2020

Find out what coffee makers, grinders, accessories & roasters are most popular with South African coffee lovers. In this episode I go through the CCB Coffee Awards 2020 and talk about why some of the winners are so popular with our customers. I also talk about some of the runners up and products that didn't quite make it but are well worth a look. You can listen to this episode on its own to find out what items were most popular at Cape Coffee Beans in 2020, but you may also enjoy reading...


Episode 9 - Winston Thomas - 3 Time South African Barista Champion

In this episode of the Cape Coffee Beans Podcast, I speak with Winston Thomas, 3 time South African Barista Champion (at the time of recording) and arguably the best known barista in the South African specialty coffee scene. Winston has an amazing story to tell. He went from knowing little about specialty coffee to being crowned best barista in the country three times in just a few years, through incredible hard work, passion and dedication. He shares his story, as well as some interesting...


Episode 8 - Jake Easton from Tribe

Tune into this episode of the Cape Coffee Beans Podcast to hear Jake's amazing story. From wine-making to trapeze-walking, Jake has a truly unique background. He's also a unique character with quite a unique coffee story! He offers some really interesting perspectives on the industry, on coffee roasting, coffee blending and coffee sourcing. He also has some amazing anecdotes to share. You may laugh. You may cry. You certainly will be entertained. Download this episode to get to know...


Episode 7 - Wayne Oberholzer from The Portland Project

Join me for a fantastic conversation with Wayne Oberholzer about specialty coffee, the South African coffee scene and his amazing story. Learn how he went from training to be a pilot to winning South African Barista Championships, and then travelling around the world consulting on coffee. This was a truly enjoyable chat with some walks down memory lane to the days when Wayne's company, The Portland Project, got started. If you'd like to support The Portland Project, please do buy some of...


Episode 6 - Regardt van Tonder from Legado Coffee Roasters

Meet Regardt van Tonder, one of the founders of Legado Coffee Roasters. In this episode you'll get to know all the intriguing details of how Legado got started. It's quite a story! Regardt is a great guy, a passionate coffee lover and a savvy businessman. There is a lot to glean from this episode on many fronts. You will also probably enjoy hearing how Legado's story overlaps and intertwines with the stories of some of the other coffee roasting businesses that we work with. I would highly...


Episode 5 - Jono Le Feuvre & Rob Cowles from Rosetta Roastery

In this episode of the Cape Coffee Beans podcast, you'll learn about how Jono Le Feuvre & Rob Cowles have built a world-class coffee business. We talk at length about how they approach everything from sourcing to roasting and even staff training. They offer really valuable perspectives on how to run a high end cafe and focus on excellence in every part of the operation. You'll also learn a bit more about Rob & Jono's history and how Rosetta Roastery has evolved over the years. The goals...


Episode 4 - Warren Machanik from Quaffee

Get to know the full history of Quaffee, one of Cape Town's hidden coffee gems. In this episode, I interview Warren Machanik, founder and owner of Quaffee, and he shares his full story from how he got into to coffee, to how it became a hobby and eventually the business that we know and love. We dive deep not only into the history of Quaffee, but also into the particulars of how Warren thinks about sourcing. We talk about Warren's love affair with Colombian coffee and much more. If you'd...


Episode 3 - Jonathan Robinson from Bean There

In this episode, I interview Jonathan Robinson of Bean There, getting to know him, his coffee company, as well as the unique aspects of their approach. This episode focuses quite a bit on the question of sourcing, touching on topics like Fairtrade, organic certifications and the value of direct relationships with coffee producers. If you love coffee, particularly African coffee, I have no doubt that you'll enjoy this episode. If you'd like to support Bean There, and try their amazing...


Episode 2 - David Donde from Truth Coffee

In this episode, I interview David Donde, founder & owner of Truth Coffee and one of the original founders of Origin Coffee Roasting. Truth Coffee has gained lots of fame in recent years, and even was named the best cafe in the world by a number of international publications. David and I talk about the origins of Truth, as well as what makes their approach different. If you'd like to support Truth Coffee, and try their amazing selection of specialty coffees, please purchase some at Cape...


Episode 1 - Joel Singer from Origin Coffee Roasting

In this episode, I interview Joel Singer, founder & owner of Origin Coffee Roasting, one of the first specialty coffee roasters in Cape Town, founded in 2005. In this episode Joel tells us a bit about his background, what brought him to coffee, and how he came to set up Origin. We talk at length about what makes Origin different and about the brand's approach to specialty coffee. If you'd like to support Origin Coffee Roasting, and try their amazing selection of specialty coffees, please...


Cape Coffee Beans Podcast Intro

Welcome to the first episode of the Cape Coffee Beans Podcast. This podcast is going to be a deep dive into the world of South African specialty coffee. Get to know the businesses and the people behind the business, at the epicentre of South Africa's specialty coffee scene. In this episode, you'll get a brief introduction to what this podcast will be about.