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Chefs Without Restaurants is a community focused on helping food entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses. On this podcast we'll be speaking with people not working in traditional restaurant settings...think caterers, personal chefs, food truck operators, culinary instructors and more.

Chefs Without Restaurants is a community focused on helping food entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses. On this podcast we'll be speaking with people not working in traditional restaurant settings...think caterers, personal chefs, food truck operators, culinary instructors and more.


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Chefs Without Restaurants is a community focused on helping food entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses. On this podcast we'll be speaking with people not working in traditional restaurant settings...think caterers, personal chefs, food truck operators, culinary instructors and more.






Certified Master Chef Rich Rosendale Discusses Ghost Kitchens, Culinary School, Cooking Competitions and Diversifying Your Business Portfolio

On this episode, we have Certified Master Chef Rich Rosendale. Rich has a number of business ventures including Rosendale Collective, RC Culinary Lab, Rosendale Events, the Rosendale Online learning platform, and the Leesburg, Virginia restaurant Roots 657. Rich led the United States culinary team at the Bocuse d'Or culinary competition, and had that experience documented in the movie The Contender. We discuss diversifying your business, and how he’s been adapting during the Covid-19...


Jeff Givens of Southern Skies Coffee Roasters - Building His Coffee Business, and Lots of Coffee Talk

On this episode, we have Jeff Givens, owner of Southern Skies Coffee Roasters. We talk about how he started his business, his successes and some challenges, including marketing. We dive into coffee talk, getting into brewing ratios, roasting, gear and thoughts on the addition of cream and sugar (spoiler alert…Jeff says drink what you like). I hope you enjoy this episode. If you’re into coffee, this one’s for you. =========================== Jeff Givens & Southern Skies Coffee...


Las Vegas Chef Phillip Dell - BBQ Competitions, Diversification and Building a Personal Brand

On this episode, we have we have Las Vegas Chef Phillip Dell. Phillip is a personal chef, culinary instructor, BBQ competitor, Chopped Champion, consultant and even has his own BBQ sauce. We discuss how he’s diversified, and built a personal brand, which seems especially relevant during the Covid-19 pandemic. =========================== Chef Phillip Dell =========================== The Chef Phillip Dell Facebook page Join the conversation on...


The Challenges of Opening a Brewery, and the Impact of Covid-19 - A Discussion with Mathew Townsend of Jug Bridge Brewery

On this episode, we have we have Mathew Townsend from Jug Bridge Brewery. Jug Bridge is one of the newer breweries in Frederick, Maryland. We discuss some of the ups and downs he’s experienced since opening, many of which are due to Covid-19. The business was closed briefly for upgrades, opened back up, and then had to pivot exclusively to take-out crowlers. This past weekend, the brewery was allowing indoor seating at 50% capacity, though that doesn’t come without its own...


Talking Sous Vide with Jason Logsdon and Mike LaCharite from The International Sous Vide Association

On this episode, we have we have Jason Logsdon and Mike LaCharite from The International Sous Vide Association. We discuss sous vide basics, how their organization was started, and their upcoming sous vide conference. There are a lot of links in the show notes to where to find their organization online, as well as information on the conference and many of the presenters such as Rich Rosendale and James Briscione. Some people & businesses mentioned in this episode: David Pietranczyk, Rich...


The Cooking Priest - Father Leo Patalinghug on Hospitality and Connecting People Through Food

On this episode, we have we have Father Leo Patalinghug, who’s known as ‘the cooking priest”. Father Leo is a Catholic priest, and the host and founder of Plating Grace, which is meant to strengthen families and communities around the dinner table. He’s an internationally renowned conference speaker, author, black belt martial artist and 80’s breakdancer. He has released a number of cookbooks, has a YouTube channel and a podcast called Shooting the Shitake. He also defeated Bobby Flay on...


Opening a Restaurant During the Covid-19 Pandemic - NC Chef Jeremy Law of SOCO Farm and Food

On this episode, we have chef Jeremy Law. Jeremy and his wife Kimberly run SOCO Farm & food. For the past 10 years, they’ve been operating SOCO on their farm in Wilson, North Carolina. They have decided to move SOCO to Greenville, North Carolina, and hope to have it open in some manner later this summer. Obviously, the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted this, and we spend a lot of time discussing the future of the restaurant industry. =========================== Jeremy Law and...


My Healing Table - Chef Hanan Rasheed on Bringing Palestinians and Israelis Together Over Food

Palestinian Chef Hanan Rasheed started My Healing Table to bring Palestinians and Israelis together around a communal table of food, hoping to find some common ground. Hear her tell her story. =========================== Hanan Rasheed and My Healing Table =========================== Like their Facebook page*F Join the conversation on Twitter Check those Insta pics...


Amira Alvarez of The Unstoppable Woman Discusses Setting Financial Goals

On this episode, Chefs Without Restaurants founder Chris Spear speaks with Amira Alvarez of The Unstoppable Woman. Amira is our first podcast guest that’s not in the food and beverage industry. Her mission is to teach entrepreneurs and business owners the skills that helped her take her business from the low six-figures to over $700k in one year, and then going on to hit seven-figures. We discuss money and setting financial goals, the mindset to achieve those goals, and some of the tactics...


From The Olive Garden to Hell's Kitchen - Chef Benjamin on Starting a Food Business During the Covid-19 Pandemic

On this episode, we speak with chef Benjamin from Dallas, Texas. Starting his culinary career at The Olive Garden in Montgomery, Alabama, Benjamin worked his way up the culinary ladder, from cooking on a cruise ship, to cooking at Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen in Las Vegas. He ended up moving to Dallas, right before the Covid-19 pandemic started, and soon found his employment options limited. Instead of giving up on cooking, he actually decided to start a business amid this. Deciding to...


Jacob Pratt Discusses the Affect of Covid-19 on the Food Industry

On this episode, we speak with Jacob Pratt. Jacob is a sales rep with International Gourmet Foods. Prior to working there, he’s spent most of his career working in, and running, kitchens. We discuss the impact of Covid-19 on the restaurant industry including diminished sales, the supply chain, pivoting to the carry-out model, and restaurants turning into mini grocery stores. We also talk about work/life balance and being addicted to the restaurant lifestyle. ​We asked Jacob to share some...


Story on the Pass - Telling the Back-Story of a Chef Through Their Recipes

On this episode, Chefs Without Restaurants founder Chris Spear speaks with Billy Trakas of Story on the Pass. Founded during the COVID-19 pandemic, Story on the Pass is aimed at revealing the backstory of a chef through a recipe. Oftentimes, food ignites influential emotions that remind us of childhood memories, significant individuals or an event that has helped shape the story of a chef. Occasionally, these occurrences can become the catalyst that launches an individual into a culinary...


Easy Cooking Tips for Families with Chef Chris of Perfect Little Bites

This episode is a little different than the other episodes. On this episode, chef Chris Spear of Perfect Little Bites gives some easy cooking tips to a group of moms from a local MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) group. They had scheduled a Zoom session to learn some easy ways to make dinner a little more interesting, without having to invest a lot of extra time or money. I hope you all enjoy this episode. If there are any recipes you’d like, or want some personal tips, you can email Chris at...


Chef Christian Blouin of Hootch & Banter Restaurant Talks Covid-19, Kitchen Culture and Culinary Inspiration

On this episode we have Christian Blouin, the executive chef of Hootch & Banter restaurant in Frederick, Maryland. Christian is the first restaurant chef we’ve had on the show. Obviously, we talk a lot about the impact of covid-19 on the restaurant industry. We also touch on kitchen culture, continuous learning and culinary inspiration. Some of the people and businesses mentioned are: Jeff Naylor, Brad Deboy, Elle, Chuck Hughes, Rick Bayless, Roy Choi, Lazy Fish Sushi, Tsunami, The Wine...


Philadelphia Chef David Pollack and His Non-Profit Organization Cooking Without Kidneys

On this episode we have David Pollack, a chef in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region. After experiencing kidney failure in 2003, and undergoing dialysis, David finally received a kidney transplant. Like all people with kidney issues, he had to change the way he cooked and ate. Taking what he learned about his new diet, and combining it with his knowledge of cooking, he’s created Cooking Without Kidneys. David is in the early stages of creating this non-profit organization. Currently, he’s...


Andrew Wilkinson of Pizza Llama Talks About Adapting His Business During Covid-19

On this episode we have Andrew Wilkinson from Pizza Llama. Most people know Andrew as the cohost of this podcast. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Andrew has taken a temporary leave from the podcast, as he’s focusing on his business. Pizza Llama is a mobile, wood-fired pizza operation based out of Frederick, Maryland. Andrew has had to change many of the ways that his business operates due to social distancing and the travel restrictions put into place. He believes that most of the changes...


Rachel Armistead from The Sweet Farm Talks About Changing Her Business Due to Covid-19

On this episode we have Rachel Armistead from The Sweet Farm. Many people know The Sweet Farm from their fermented products such as sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles and ginger beer. They were the first business licensed to sell sauerkraut in the state of Maryland. They also had a successful food truck that served their fermented products along with grilled sausages. They recently made the decision to stop using the food truck, and to end production of the krauts, focusing solely on the...


Katrice Scott of Two Sweet Bakery

On this episode we have Katrice Scott. Katrice is one half of Two Sweet, the custom confections business she started in Frederick, Maryland with her twin sister Karin. On this episode: · Transitioning for baking at home, to cooking out of a commercial kitchen · The impact of Covid-19 on life and business · Finding time to be creative · The cookie business Businesses Mentioned: Canapes Catering, Frederick Community College, Djs Catering, Dutch’s Daughter, Lazy Fish, and Jerk n...


Chef Terence Tomlin's Road to Recovery After Suffering Two Strokes and Becoming Paralyzed

On this episode we have chef Terence Tomlin. He was the executive chef at the restaurant Hawthorne in Washington DC. In November 2017 he suffered two strokes while working at the restaurant, leaving the right side of his body paralyzed. He has been able to regain much of his strength, though he has still not regained full use of his right side. Since then, he’s gone on to compete in Baltimore’s Mason Dixon Master Chef Tournament, and won the seafood competition at The Maryland Foodie Fest....


Distiller Mark Vierthaler of Tenth Ward Distilling Company

On this episode we have Mark A. Vierthaler. Mark is the head distiller at Tenth Ward Distilling Company in Frederick, Maryland. Some of the spirits they produce are a genever style gin, absinthe nouvelle, caraway rye, and a smoked corn whiskey. On this episode: · Support and collaboration within the craft spirits community · The history of absinthe and Maryland rye · An in-depth look at how the spirits world operates The distillers and distilleries mentioned: Privateer Rum, Leopold...