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Episode 13: Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7

On this episode of Chill Filtered, we’re drinking what we would say is the most recognizable whiskey in the world, Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7. The boys talk a bit about the history of Jack Daniel’s, who is Nathan “Nearest” Green, sour mash, Tennessee whiskey, and what exactly is the Lincoln County Process? Plus: Adam and Cole hosted a whiskey tasting, and Adam has added 7 new bottles to his personal collection in one day. Music by Larry...


Episode 12: Aberlour A’bunadh Single Malt Scotch

Adam and Cole are back and this week they are drinking scotch. Could this be the best whiskey Adam has had yet? Tune in to find out. The boys talk about how the show may be changing in the near future, and what to expect. This episode features a great pour, and great conversation. Music by Larry Hill


Episode 11: The Sexton Single Malt Irish Whiskey

On today’s episode Adam’s got a job interview coming up. The boys talk about whiskey on the secondary market, and the tenants of capitalism. Adam got a new bottle of whiskey that he is excited about. Cole’s playing softball. But most importantly we are drinking some Irish whiskey from The Sexton. And in Whiskey World News, we hear about some special releases. Plus, is it disrespectful to use rare bourbon in a whiskey...


Episode 10: Knob Creek Cask Strength Rye Limited Edition 2018

Cole is back from vacation in Colorado and he came back with gifts like William Larue Weller and Thomas H Handy Sazerac. We’ll be tasting those on the podcast soon, so keep an eye out for those episodes. Cole also brought Adam a Pliny the Elder, which is a beer brewed by Russian River that Adam has always wanted to try. Cole even packed the bottle in ice on his checked baggage so the beer would stay cold. Adam is excited about big things happening on his other podcast, Madison Story...


Episode 9: Eagle Rare Kentucky Straight Bourbon

The boys start out the episode talking about Cole’s upcoming trip to Colorado and the delicious whiskey he’s planning on bringing back to try on the podcast. They talk about birthdays because Cole, his wife Heather, and Adam’s wife Ashley all had birthdays within a week of each other. It’s been a month of celebrations. The pour today is Eagle Rare Kentucky Straight Bourbon, a ten year bourbon from Buffalo Trace. Adam is finding that, while still a bigger rye fan, bourbon is growing on...


Episode 8: Bowmore 15 Single Malt Islay Scotch

This is THE DARKEST timeline. It’s actually not, but the scotch we’re drinking today is labeled “Darkest” so it just felt right to say it. We do start the show off on a serious, bitter-sweet note. Cole’s grandmother passed away, so he’s back from a funeral but enjoyed seeing his family. Adam has officially started his new part time job at the liquor store (this basically means he has worked his first shift alone). After the boys get done chatting, they pop the cork on the Bowmore 15...


Episode 7: Lock Stock and Barrel 13 Year Rye

Another show, another rye. Cole is excited to feature a whiskey from his home state of Pennsylvania. And Adam is excited to drink it. The boys start out the show talking a bit about Mr. Rogers, and then get into the pour. Fill up, tune in, and sip with us on this episode of Chill Filtered. Music by: Larry Hill


Episode 6: Michter’s 10 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon Vintage 2016

The boys are sampling the podcast’s first vintage bourbon and we’re loving this one. If you have a bottle of Michter’s 10 Year of any vintage, get it out and grab a glass while you listen to Adam and Cole do a little jibber jabber over this delicious bourbon. Music by: Larry Hill


Episode 5: Redemption Rye

Adam and Cole are trying Redemption Rye today. Adam is a self proclaimed, “rye guy,” but will this one live up to Cole’s hype? We’re not telling you here, you have to hit that play button. Music by: Larry Hill


Episode 4: Breckenridge Port Cask Finish

On today’s show, the boys are sitting down over a bottle of Breckenridge Port Cask Finish. A lovely whiskey, and a lovely conversation. Music by: Larry Hill


Episode 3: Glendronach 21 Parliament

On today’s episode, we have scotch being featured for the first timeon the show with the Glendronach 21 Parliament. This is a great whiskey, and the boys had a good time trying it out for you. So if you’ve got a bottle of this stuff pour two fingers, sit back, and enjoy the show. Music by: Larry Hill


Episode 2: Rock Hill Farms Single Barrel Bourbon

On today’s episode, we’re drinking Rock Hill Farms Single Barrel Bourbon. Adam isn’t a huge bourbon fan, more of a rye guy, but tune in to see what the boys think about this bottle. Music by: Larry Hill


Episode 1: WhistlePig 12 Old World Cask Finish

The very first episode of Chill Filtered, a new podcast by Adam Rostad and Cole Sebald. Join us as we drink and discuss a new bottle of whiskey every week. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the conversation, and maybe even learn something during the show. Whether you are a whiskey connoisseur, or are just starting to build your collection, we hope you’ll join us to discover that there is no ordinary whiskey. Today we’re drinking WhistlePig 12 Old World Cask Finish, a delicious rye. But, if you...