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Episode 30: Yahara Bay Limited Release 10 Year

On this fun episode of Chill Filtered, Adam and Cole drink a local-to-Madison (home of the podcast) whiskey, Yahara Bay Limited Release 10 Year. The boys talk college exams, story-telling, Christmas festivities, microdistilleries, and cough syrup nightmares. And on Whiskey World News, Adam reads an article about some great Christmas gifts to get for whiskey-friends. Check out this episode to find out what they boys think of a locally made craft distillery whiskey. Music by Larry...


Episode 29: Kentucky Owl Rye Batch 2

On this episode of Chill Filtered, the boys taste a rye whiskey with a huge following: Kentucky Owl Rye - 11 Year Batch #2. Adam and Cole talk about profitable side hustles, beer, "cult status" whiskeys, vintage pricing differences and green rye labels. And on Whiskey World News, Adam reads an article about the best every day bourbons. Join the boys for this episode to find out whether or not they get on the Kentucky Owl bandwagon. Music by Larry...


Episode 28: William Larue Weller Vintage 2015

On this episode of Chill Filtered, Adam and Cole try one of the most award winning bourbons of all time, William Larue Weller (2015 vintage). They talk about moving cities, rough Madison weather changes, and three huge names in whiskey (Stitzel-Weller, Van Winkle, and Jim Murray). And on Whiskey World News, Adam reads an article about the American whiskey boom compared to that of other whiskies around the world. Have a listen to find out what makes a lauded wheated bourbon and find out if...


Episode 27: Laphroaig 15 200th Anniversary Edition

Cole's already looking at apartments, and looking into what Phoenix is all about. Cole has a really busy December, and we need to figure out the logistics of how we are going to keep Chill Filtered going. The boys talk a bit about what they love about Thanksgiving, and then get to the whiskey. And during Whiskey World News we find out if the world needs a 50 year old bourbon. Music by Larry Hill


Episode 26: Yellow Spot

On this episode Cole and Adam are talking about Cole's upcoming move. The boys are drinking a great Irish whiskey and giving it a rating, as usual. During Whiskey World News, we're featuring a whiskey advent calendar that you can get, if you're lucky. Music by Larry Hill


Episode 25: Adam's Song Batch 1

This episode features a very special whiskey that you'll have to spend over $1,000 to get your hands on. Adam and Cole, as always, are talking whiskey, but Cole also has an announcement. We don't want to give away too much about this episode here in the show notes, you'll just have to listen to the show. Music by Larry Hill


Episode 24: Dave Pickerell, Whistlepig 10, and Blackened Whiskey

Dave Pickerell, the legendary master distiller behind Whistlepig, Blackened, and more has passed away. Adam and Cole use this episode as a tribute to the man who has inspired countless passionate whiskey lovers to learn more about the craft. They also taste a couple of the whiskies that Dave was behind.


Episode 23: High West Rendezvous Rye

On this episode of Chill Filtered, Adam and Cole take on High West Distillery's Rendezvous Rye. They argue extensively about audio lag before talking job offers, non-distilling producers, straight blends, Utah, biochemistry and cool-looking bottles. And on Whiskey World News, Adam reads an article about an interesting peanut butter whiskey. See how "dropping a cube" seemingly changes viscosity and find out which of the boys give this bottle over a 9 out of 10...


Episode 22: Yamazaki 12

This episode of Chill Filtered is part of the often discussed, "lost epsiodes" of the podcast. Cole and I were very busy this week, and it was hard to get together to record a new episode. So, you get one of our very first test episodes where we drank Yamazaki 12. We will be back next week with a fresh new episode for you featuing Rendezvous Rye from High West.


Episode 21: Eagle Rare 17

On this very special episode of Chill Filtered, Adam and Cole try out Cole's favorite whiskey of all time: Eagle Rare 17 (2015). Cole tells the whole story of how he fell in love with Eagle Rare 17 which led to his deep love for whiskey altogether. Also listen as Adam pulls a fast one on Cole with his treasured bourbon. And on Whiskey World News, they talk about a bottle that honors a Tennessee whiskey legend. See if Cole's favorite whiskey lives up to his own hype and find out what Adam...


Episode 20: Glenmorangie 18 Highland Single Malt Scotch

On this episode of Chill Filtered, Adam and Cole venture to a classic Highland scotch: Glenmorangie 18 Yr. They talk personal drinking limits, live-streaming, partial barrel finishes, and other comparable scotches. And on Whiskey World News, Adam reads two articles on pop culture-related endorsements on whiskeys. Find out how "dropping a cube" of ice significantly changes things for Cole and for Adam (it's definitely unexpected). Take a listen and join in on this episode to find out how they...


Episode 19: Colonel E H Taylor Small Batch vs Single Barrel Bourbon

On this episode of Chill Filtered, Adam and Cole do their first blind tasting, comparing Colonel EH Taylor's Small Batch and Single Barrel bottles. They put each pour side by side and determine which is better (and find out if the price difference makes either bottle more worth it?). The boys talk weddings, epic bottle trades, vacations, what makes a "Small Batch" whiskey, and how to do a blind tasting. And on Whiskey World News, they talk about how a "tot of whiskey" is the key to long...


Episode 18: Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey

On this episode of Chill Filtered, Adam and Cole drink their first non-bourbon, non-rye American whiskey, Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey from Denver, Colorado. The boys talk Old Fashioneds, malted barley, charred barrels, special releases and what exactly makes a "Colorado Whiskey"? On Whiskey World News, Adam reads an article on bourbon worker strikes and how it affects everyone. Come join the boys this week as they sip and discuss Stranahan's. Also, you could watch this whole episode, it's...


Episode 17: Thomas H Handy Vintage 2016

This week Adam and Cole discuss and drink the first Buffalo Trace Antique Collection bottle of the show, Thomas H Handy Sazerac Rye (2016). They talk weddings, barrel aging, Sazerac history, similar ryes, cocktail recipes and a lot more. Adam is a huge fan of ryes and cask strength whiskeys, so he's pretty excited to sip the Handy. And on Whiskey World News, Adam reads an article about foreign-owned American whiskeys. See if the bottle lives up to its reputation and how the boys rank...


Episode 16 Stagg Jr Batch 3 vs Batch 10

This week Adam and Cole take two different batch releases of Stagg Jr. bourbon and try them side by side. The boys talk about the bottle’s older brother (or father?): George T. Stagg, mash bills, cask strengths, and the actual scientific concept of chill filtering. Cole has the sniffles so his tasting senses are a little muted, but Adam is feeling sassy. And on Whiskey World News, Adam reads an article on WhistlePig Distillery’s newest bottle. Come see what Adam and Cole each think of Batch...


Episode 15: Ardbeg Supernova SN2015 Committee Release Islay Scotch

It's science day on Chill Filtered. The boys start the show off talking about the back to school season for Cole, and Adam has some exciting podcast news. Adam is also very excited for this bottle because it's going to take them to space...or is it? And finally, on Whiskey World News, Cole reads an article about a company that is trying to recreate some famous whiskies using science. Music by Larry Hill


Episode 14: Colonel E H Taylor Four Grain Bourbon

Adam and Cole are drinking some great bourbon today, Colonel E H Taylor Four Grain Bourbon. The boys also discuss the history of the colonel, and all of his adventures in distilling. Edmund Haynes Taylor Jr is pretty important in the world of whiskey, and plays a huge part in the way we experience whiskey today. He may also be the first distillery owner who saw the importance of making distilleries a tourist destination. So pour a drink, sit back, and enjoy another great episode of Chill...


Episode 13: Jack Daniel's Old No. 7

On this episode of Chill Filtered, we're drinking what we would say is the most recognizable whiskey in the world, Jack Daniel's Old No. 7. The boys talk a bit about the history of Jack Daniel's, who is Nathan "Nearest" Green, sour mash, Tennessee whiskey, and what exactly is the Lincoln County Process? Plus: Adam and Cole hosted a whiskey tasting, and Adam has added 7 new bottles to his personal collection in one day. Music by Larry...


Episode 12: Aberlour A'bunadh Single Malt Scotch

Adam and Cole are back and this week they are drinking scotch. Could this be the best whiskey Adam has had yet? Tune in to find out. The boys talk about how the show may be changing in the near future, and what to expect. This episode features a great pour, and great conversation. Music by Larry Hill


Episode 11: The Sexton Single Malt Irish Whiskey

On today's episode Adam's got a job interview coming up. The boys talk about whiskey on the secondary market, and the tenants of capitalism. Adam got a new bottle of whiskey that he is excited about. Cole's playing softball. But most importantly we are drinking some Irish whiskey from The Sexton. And in Whiskey World News, we hear about some special releases. Plus, is it disrespectful to use rare bourbon in a whiskey...