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Milk Street Radio travels the world to discover how food and cooking are changing lives and cultures, from $13,500 melons in Japan and computer-generated cookie recipes to the home cooking of Ina Garten and Egyptian fast food in Berlin. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Milk Street Radio travels the world to discover how food and cooking are changing lives and cultures, from $13,500 melons in Japan and computer-generated cookie recipes to the home cooking of Ina Garten and Egyptian fast food in Berlin. See for privacy and opt-out information.


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Milk Street Radio travels the world to discover how food and cooking are changing lives and cultures, from $13,500 melons in Japan and computer-generated cookie recipes to the home cooking of Ina Garten and Egyptian fast food in Berlin. See for privacy and opt-out information.






The Perfect Cup: Great Homemade Coffee with James Hoffmann

YouTube coffee expert James Hoffmann shares the best, worst and weirdest coffee in the world—from his tried-and-true recipe for the ultimate cup at home to the time he tasted 70-year-old beans in Japan. Plus, Don and Petie Kladstrup tell us the story of the man who taught America to love Champagne; we make Beef Chili Colorado Tacos; and Adam Gopnik discusses the greatest food debates of our time. Get the recipe for Beef Chili Colorado Tacos. We want to hear your culinary tips! Share your...


Kimchi and Rice: A True Story of War and Survival

During the Korean War, Grace M. Cho’s mother was just a kid when she got separated from her family. Eventually, she found her way back home but had to survive on her own off of kimchi and rice for months. This week, Cho shares her mother’s story of war, survival and how cooking opened a door between generations. We also learn about ginseng digging in Appalachia; we make Spaghetti with Ricotta, Tomatoes, and Herbs; and Grant Barrett and Martha Barnette share the rules of the dinner table—and...


Nigella Lawson Is Not a Domestic Goddess

Nigella Lawson does not believe in guilty pleasures–instead, she believes in pleasure without guilt. This week, she reveals her food philosophy and shares the sublime art of eating chocolate in bed. Plus, we get a barbecue lesson from whole hog pitmaster Rodney Scott, Dan Pashman orders takeout through the mail, and we whip up Venetian polenta with shrimp and tomatoes. (Originally aired May 28, 2021.) Get the recipe for Polenta with Shrimp and Tomatoes. Listen to Milk Street Radio on:...


The Museum of Food Failures: From Crystal Pepsi and Life Savers Holes to Gerber Adult Singles

Dr. Samuel West is back to teach us about history’s greatest food failures, from Colgate’s frozen meals to the time Gerber made food for grown-ups. Plus, Massimo Montanari helps us uncover the true history of spaghetti; J. Kenji López-Alt tells us how to make the most perfect scrambled eggs; and we bake Chocolate Olive Oil Cake. Get this week's recipe, Chocolate Olive Oil Cake. A caller this week asked about corn tortillas. Chris’s favorite flour tortillas are from Caramelo. Listen to...


Pink Margarine? America's Greatest Food Fight

99% Invisible’s Chris Berube shares margarine’s secret history—from Supreme Court battles to Eleanor Roosevelt’s advertising campaign—and why in some states you could only buy margarine that was dyed pink or black. Plus, we learn about snacks from around the world with Unsnackable’s Folu Akinkuotu; Dan Pashman tells us what there is to love about canned foods; and we make Brazilian-Style Pizza. Get this week's recipe, Brazilian-Style Pizza Carbonara. Listen to Milk Street Radio on: Apple...


I Cooked for Stevie Wonder: Makini Howell Redefines Vegan

In 2015, chef Makini Howell took a sabbatical from her vegan food empire to cook for Stevie Wonder on tour. We discuss her unique take on vegan cooking and what she learned during her year on the road. Plus, we learn about the strange history of flavor science; Adam Gopnik reveals J.D. Salinger’s favorite recipe for popcorn salt; and we learn Croatia’s secret to perfect cabbage rolls. (Originally aired on March 27, 2020.) Get this week's recipe: Paprika-Pork Stuffed Cabbage. Listen to Milk...


Curious Kitchen Tools from History

This week: The best tools and techniques for making food. Corinne Mynatt shares history’s most fascinating kitchen tools, from the dog-powered rotisserie spit to the Victorian ice cream slicer; Meathead shares his favorite ways to cook a burger; and Adam Gopnik tells us about the most iconic kitchen appliances of the last few decades. Plus, we make Chicken Soup with Ricotta Dumplings from Italy, and Chris and Sara take your calls. Get the recipe for Chicken Soup with Ricotta Dumplings:...


101 Thai Dishes to Cook Before You Die

This week: Jet Tila on Thai food. He tells us about real Thai sriracha, what it takes to make the world’s largest stir-fry and why working at his family’s market sometimes meant visiting the set of “Star Trek.” Plus, we explore the wild world of cooking manga with Deb Aoki; Grant Barrett and Martha Barnette tell us what food you’re obsessed with if you’re a turophile; and we make one of Brazil’s signature meat stews. Get the recipe for Brazilian Black Bean Stew with Pork and Beef...


Robots in the Kitchen: From Food-O-Matic to Disney's “Smart House"

Can a computer cook? Dr. Alexandra Ketchum examines our fascination with kitchen computers, from the Jetsons' Foodarackacycle to the world’s first robotic kitchen. Plus, celebrated food writer Claudia Roden shares memories from a life dedicated to the joys and history of Mediterranean cooking; Dan Pashman tells us how inventing a new pasta shape has changed his life; and we learn a recipe for a spiced orange cake that uses shredded phyllo dough instead of flour. Get this week’s recipe,...


Vivian Howard at Home: Turnip Run Ups, Hand Pies and Southern Porridge

This week, we chat with Vivian Howard about growing up on a tobacco farm in Deep Run, North Carolina; her latest TV show, “Somewhere South”; and the foods she considers her flavor MVPs. Plus, we explore the future of algae-based food; Dan Pashman puts a modern twist on family cocktail parties; and we make Mashed Avocados with Sesame and Chili. (Originally aired on May 29, 2020.) Get this week's recipe, Mashed Avocados with Sesame and Chili:...


The Science of Stir-Fry with J. Kenji López-Alt

J. Kenji López-Alt gives us a lesson on Wok 101 and reveals the science behind great stir-fry. Plus, Cheryl Day joins Christopher Kimball to tackle your baking questions about everything from powdered milk to cardamom buns; cookbook author Chelsea Monroe-Cassel explores the food of “Game of Thrones” and “Star Wars”; and we visit Morocco’s communal bakeries to learn an all-purpose flatbread recipe. Get this week’s recipe for Moroccan Flatbreads:...


The Secrets of China's Tea Mountains

Tea expert Shunan Teng tells us about tea that costs $1,000 per ounce and the notion that tea is more like wine than coffee. Plus, we learn about forgotten fast-food chains, Alex Aïnouz debunks the myth of hollandaise as a mother sauce, and we learn how to make Vietnamese Braised Lemon Grass Chicken. (Originally aired April 23, 2021.) Get this week’s recipe for Vietnamese Braised Lemon Grass Chicken: We want to...


Food Thieves: Missing Cows, Fake Fertilizer and Heisted Almonds

Detective Rocky Pipkin is a private eye in California’s Central Valley, where the billion-dollar farming industry has made investigating agricultural crimes his specialty. He tells us how truckloads of nuts can vanish into thin air, why you might be eating stolen citrus and how one man scammed dairy farmers out of millions of dollars with a cow Ponzi scheme. Plus, Ed Levine explains why the diner is one of America's most enduring culinary establishments, Grant Barrett and Martha Barnette...


Nadiya Hussain Baked for the Queen of England

On this week's dessert-themed show, we chat with Nadiya Hussain about her quest for the perfect brownie, a hack for bread pudding and how she almost faked her death to avoid going on “The Great British Bake Off.” Plus, chef Ana Sortun brings us the story of Turkey’s greatest baklava bakery, Adam Gopnik analyzes amusing dessert names, and we learn to make Plum Cake with Spiced Almond Crumble. (Originally aired July 30, 2021.) Get this week's recipe for Plum Cake with Spiced Almond Crumble:...


Eat Beef, Save the Planet? Nicolette Hahn Niman Fights Back

Nicolette Hahn Niman was an environmental lawyer and vegetarian. Now, she’s a rancher who believes there’s a case to be made for sustainable meat production. She tells us why she believes the environmental impact and health effects of eating beef have been misunderstood. Plus, Kim Severson shares predictions for what food trends will emerge in the next year, Dan Pashman reviews popcorn kernels, and we learn a recipe for spicy and citrusy fish tacos. Get this week’s recipe, Chili and Citrus...


Cocktail Confidential: The Secret History of Mixology

Noah Rothbaum and David Wondrich help us uncover the history of the cocktail, from the invention of drinks like the Long Island Iced Tea to the colorful characters who left their mark on the art of bartending. Plus, we learn the story behind the iconic Kit Kat jingle, “Gimme a Break,” Adam Gopnik considers the pleasures of cooking and eating with your hands, and we use powerhouse pantry ingredients to make a quick noodle sauce. Get this week's recipe for Ginger-Hoisin...


Sidewalk Salad: Foraging with Alexis Nikole Nelson

This week, we chat with TikTok star and expert forager Alexis Nikole Nelson about the most delicious weeds in your backyard, the joys of mushroom jerky and her cross-country journey to make seaweed panna cotta. Plus, Kevin Fortey takes us inside the competitive world of giant vegetable growing, J. Kenji López-Alt reveals the secret to perfect French fries, and we make Italian Flourless Chocolate Torta. (Originally aired on August 12, 2021.) Get this week's recipe for Italian Flourless...


Pickles, Life and Death: The World of Fermentation

Fermentation expert Sandor Katz takes on a journey around the globe for a look at some of the world’s greatest fermented foods. He tells us about the joys of making sauerkraut and why fermentation may hold the secret to life. Plus, cookbook author Kristina Cho guides us through classic Chinese baking at home, J. Kenji López-Alt reinvents leftover mashed potatoes, and we learn to make Japanese-style curry. Get the recipe for Japanese-Style Chicken & Vegetable...


Fungus Burgers, Anyone? The Crazy World of Future Foods

This week, we’re looking at the technology behind the growing plant-based food industry with journalist Larissa Zimberoff. She reveals how fungus is turned into bacon and why air molecules may be the future of protein. Plus, cultural anthropologist Meher Varma tells us about the limitless variations of dal in India, and we visit Mexico for a lesson on making chicken soup with a chipotle kick. Get the recipe for Chicken Vegetable Soup with Chipotle...


Yotam Ottolenghi’s Big Flavors

Chef and restaurateur Yotam Ottolenghi chats about cooking soup for his aging father, why he pours pancake batter with gochujang over asparagus and how his sense of food presentation was inspired by food stalls in Jerusalem. Plus, we hear from Rev. Heber Brown III about the historical relationship between Black churches and Black farmers; Bianca Bosker discusses the everlasting reign of Cheerios in the breakfast world; and we share our recipe for Slavonian-style Shepherd's Stew. (Originally...