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Destination Eat Drink brings you delicious dishes and tasty beverages from the world’s great foodie cities. Join us for a culinary adventure as we explore the world one plate at a time.


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Destination Eat Drink brings you delicious dishes and tasty beverages from the world’s great foodie cities. Join us for a culinary adventure as we explore the world one plate at a time.




Destination Eat Drink – Auckland, New Zealand with Elle Armon-Jones

We're in Auckland, New Zealand where it's summer! Elle-Armon Jones from The Big Foody tells Brent about the cool wine making Waiheke Island, traditional Hangi, and the difference between British and New Zealand fish & chips. Plus, settling a coffee dispute and getting kicked out of a country over cheese. [Ep 262] Show Notes: The Big Foody Vineyard Cottages Ananda Tours Man O' War Vineyards Three Seven Two Obsidian Wines Timmy Smith Kumeu River Parnell Farmers Market Grey Lynn Farmers Market Mahoe Cheese Mount Eliza Cheese The Hangi Master The Lodge Bar Brent's Auckland Foodie Travel Guide


Destination Eat Drink – Stroopwafels, Donuts & Macaroons

Just in time for the holidays, Brent samples sweets and desserts from Amsterdam, Bordeaux, Asheville, and Vienne. [Ep 261] Show Notes: Full Show Notes at Amsterdam Food Tours Amsterdam on DED Asheville Food Tours Asheville on DED Hole Donuts Stay Glazed donuts Stu Helm Food Fan Andrew Prior Fabulously website Andrew’s podcast Fabulously Delicious Vienne on DED Darley Newman’s website Bordeaux on DED


Destination Eat Drink – Aqaba, Jordan with Mohammed Dalaeen

Mohammed Dalaeen is a foodie tour guide in his home city of Aqaba, Jordan, a port city on the Red Sea. He takes visitors on food tours and conducts cooking classes in his home complete with help from his wife and family. Mohammed tells Brent about the city's market and its spices and Maqluba, a dish that needs to be served by a drummer! Plus, the importance of olive trees not only to Jordanian cuisine but also Jordanian culture. [Ep 260] Show Notes: Full Show Notes at Suhaila (The authentic cooking experience) Aqaba Walking Tour: History ,Culture & Food


Destination Eat Drink – Hakata, Japan with Bruce Haendel

Bruce Haendel is an American who landed in Japan after a skiing accident almost 40 years ago. He leads hungry travelers on foodie adventures in the culinary capital of Hakata and around Japan. Bruce tells Brent about great dishes like Hakata's unique ramen broth, Sri Lankan cuisine in Japan, as well as the country's take on cheesecake. Plus, he talks about the Portuguese influence on Japanese cuisine. [Ep 259] Show Notes: Full Show Notes at Hakata Foodie Experiences


Destination Eat Drink – Cat Neville, Season 3 of tasteMAKERS

Cat Neville is the Emmy Award winning host and producer of the TV show tasteMAKERS. Cat talks about urban beekeeping, the surprising wine industry in Missouri, and honey and brie ice cream [Ep 258] Show Notes: Full Show Notes at Cat Neville's Taste Makers website MO Hives KC Dale Hollow Winery Winemaking in Missouri documentary Bold Spoon Creamery


Destination Eat Drink – Coffee in Italy, Serbia, Vietnam, & New Zealand

We're getting wired on caffeine with coffee in Florence, coffee with Sambuca in Abruzzo, egg coffee in Vietnam, and talking the origin of the Flat White. [Ep 257] Show Notes: Complete show notes at Robbin Gheesling talks about Florence on Destination Eat Drink Robbin Gheesling’s website with her photography and books Sammy and Peter talk Abruzzo on Destination Eat Drink Life in Abruzzo Facebook page Life in Abruzzo website Peter Austin Photography website Tracy talks about Hanoi on Destination Eat Drink Hanoi Street Food Tours website Mary Novakovich on Destination Eat Drink Mary’s book “My Family and Other Enemies” Mary Novakovich’s travel articles The Big Foody Food Tours Auckland


Destination Eat Drink – Mickela Mallozzi & Bare Feet Season 6

Mickela Mallozzi is the award winning creator and host of "Bare Feet with Mickela Mallozzi." She and Brent share a meal in Lisbon and talk about the new season of her show including some badass female drummers, spicy Sri Lankan cuisine, and a great Uruguayan bakery. [Ep 256] Show Notes Full show notes at Bare Feet with Mickela Mallozzi Mickela's last appearance on Destination Eat Drink Organi Chiado restaurant


Destination Eat Drink – Venice, Italy’s Bacari & Cicchetti with Monica Cesarato

Foodie Tour Guide and author Monica Cesarato has written an incredible guide to the Bacari bars of Venice. She tells Brent about inventing a new dish for her book, wine of the Veneto region, and the city's famous Rialto market. Plus, creating detailed itineraries for visiting the best places to get small plates of cicchetti in Venice. [Ep: 255] Show Notes: Full show notes Andar per bacari – english version book signed copy Andar per bacari on Amazon Monica Cesarato blog and food tours Monica's last appearance on Destination Eat Drink


Destination Eat Drink – Coffee Tourism with Rebecca Shoval

Coffee expert talks with Brent about coffee from Malaysia, Vietnam, Cuba, Costa Rica, and Hawaii including deconstructed lattes, learning to roast coffee beans, and traveling with her portable coffee maker. Plus, Rebecca shares some of her favorite places to get coffee in New York City. And, she talks about the organization Not Just Tourists [Ep 254] Show Notes: Get the full show notes at Not Just Tourists Maui Grown Coffee Coffee Project City of Saints Urban Coffee Cafe Grumpy


Destination Eat Drink – Soup from Tuscany, England, Colombia, and Vietnam

Now that Fall is here, Brent wants to warm up with a nice bowl of soup. We're sampling a bread soup from Tuscany, a hangover cure soup from Colombia, Pho in Vietnam, and a soup from England with an unfortunate name. [Ep 253] Show Notes: Get the full show notes at Toni on Destination Eat Drink Toni’s food tour company Taste Florence Alice on Destination Eat Drink Alice’s blog about Naples, Naples Fabulous Project 1979 with Alice Tracy on Destination Eat Drink Hanoi Street Food Tours website Laura on Destination Eat Drink Restaurante Leo website


Destination Eat Drink – Milan Coffee, Pastry & Wine with Jackie DeGiorgio

Foodie Tour Guide and blogger Jackie DeGiorgio is back talking about Milan's great pastry like a brioche with caramel lime filling, the city's coffee culture, and Lombardy wine. [Ep 252] Show Notes: Full Show Notes at A Signorina in Milan Jackie's first appearance on Destination Eat Drink Pavé Torrefazione Moka Hodeidah Manna I Dolci Namura Marchesi 1824 Martesana Milano Loste Cafe Vinoir Necchi Campiglio Villa San Bernardino alle Ossa


Destination Eat Drink – Cocktails & International Cuisine in Milan with Jackie DeGiorgio

Jackie DeGiorgio is an American expat and foodie tour guide who has called Milan home for nearly a decade. She talks about the city's famous Negroni Sbagliato cocktail, the best gelato, and why you need to try Milan's Chinese food. Plus, how Covid changed aperitivo culture with tons and tons of foodie recommendations. [Ep 251] Show Notes: Full Show Notes at A Signorina in Milan Giardino di Giada Cantine Isola La Ravioleria Sarpi Bar Basso Rita Ugo Cocktail Bar Artico Gelato Giusto Gelateria Paganelli Gelato e Champagne 28 Posti Joia Trippa Milano


Destination Eat Drink – Los Angeles with Eunice Reyes

Rated V's Eunice Reyes joins Brent to talk about tacos & tortas, a monster food truck park, and hangover ramen in Los Angeles. [Ep 250] Show Notes: Full show notes at Rated V Youtube Channel Eunice Reyes on Destination Eat Drink talking , Valencia, Cordoba Cena Vegan Smorgasburg El Cocinero Restaurant Monty's Good Burger Hart House Nice Burger Bored and Hungry Sura Korean Iron Teapot Dim Sum Crossroads Kitchen Sage Plant Based Bistro Satdha Kitchen


Destination Eat Drink – Bread from Italy, Greece, France and more!

Brent is carb loading with Focaccia Barese, Cat's Head Biscuits, and a special loaf for a rock and roll star. Plus, traveling with sourdough starter in your luggage. [Ep249] Show Notes: Full show notes at Constantine Kalfakakos Athens episode of Destination Eat Drink Culinary Backstreets Athens food tours Kate Pierson on Destination Eat Drink Paris episode of Destination Eat Drink with Jess Timmins Devour Tours Paris Toni Mazzaglia talks Tuscany on Destination Eat Drink Taste Florence, Toni’s food tour company Katie Quinn on Destination Eat Drink Katie’s book Cheese, Wine, and Bread Katie’s YouTube channel Alice Morrison on Morocco at Destination Eat Drink Alice in Wanderland podcast Asheville on Destination Eat Drink with Stu Helm Asheville Food Tours Stu Helm Food Fan Biscuit Head Andrew Prior on Destination Eat Drink Andrew’s podcast Fabulously Delicious


Destination Eat Drink – Palermo, Sicily Sweets & Street Art with Enrica Bruno

Enrica Bruno, foodie travel guide from Culinary Backstreets and Alternative Tours Palermo, returns to talk about Palermo's incredible sweet treats like Cassata cake, Gelato served on a sweet bun, and something called "The Triumph of the Throat." Plus, some of Palermo's amazing street art. [Ep 248] Show Notes: Full show notes at Palermo Food Tours with Culinary Backstreets Alternative Tours Palermo Il Signore de Carbognano Rorò Gelateria


Destination Eat Drink – Palermo Street Food & Markets with Enrica Bruno

Enrica Bruno is a foodie tour guide and native Sicilian who takes guests on culinary adventures in Palermo. She tells Brent about the famous outdoor markets, hipster rice balls, and a poor person's Mahi Mahi in her city. Plus, Enrica explains the multiethnic influence that's everywhere in Sicilian cuisine. [Ep 247] Show Notes: Full show notes at Palermo Food Tours with Culinary Backstreets Alternative Tours Palermo Mercado del Capo Mercato di Ballarò Vucciria market Moltivolti Portugal's Benagil Cave Braga wine crawl video


Destination Eat Drink – Melbourne, Australia with Monique Bayer

Brent talks with Monique Bayer of Walk Melbourne Tours about Australia's foodie destination city. She shares the best markets to visit as well as a delicious local treat, Jam Donuts! Plus, why you should always explore a "laneway" and the contributions from Italian, Vietnamese & Chinese immigrants to Melbourne's culinary scene. [Ep 246] Show Notes: Full Show Notes at Walk Melbourne Tours Queen Victoria Market South Melbourne Market Evora Foodie Travel Guide Braga food crawl & market video


Destination Eat Drink – National Dish with Anya von Bremzen

Anya von Bremzen is a 3 time James Beard Award winner and culinary author. She emigrated to the U.S. as a child from Soviet Russia and wound up in Philadelphia. Anya tells Brent about her latest book "National Dish" and Japanese convenience store as well as the "Pizza Effect." Anya also shares a story about being puzzled by the food offerings in U.S. grocery stores as a newly arrived expat from the U.S.S.R. [Ep 245] Show Notes: National Dish: Around the World in Search of Food, History, and the Meaning of Home


Destination Eat Drink – Wine in California, Italy & Bhutan

Brent is popping corks in Napa & Sonoma in California, Puglia & Abuzzo in Italy, and in a remote corner of Asia for a special episode on wine. A grape named for a sheep, the first winery in Bhutan, and almost getting kicked out of a vineyard this week. [Ep 244] Show Notes: Full show notes at Sam Coturri on Destination Eat Drink Sixteen 600 Winery website Sam’s podcast The Wine Makers Katie Quinn on Destination Eat Drink Katie Quinn’s book Cheese, Wine, and Bread: Discovering the Magic of Fermentation in England, Italy, and France Katie’s website Paula Mourenza on Destination Eat Drink Culinary Backstreets food tours in Barcelona Michael Juergens on Destination Eat Drink Bhutan Wine Company website Sammy Dunham and Peter Austin on Destination Eat Drink Life in Abruzzo Facebook page


Destination Eat Drink – New Orleans Coffee & Beignets with Michelle Mashon

Michelle Mashon is back to talk about her city of New Orleans. She tells Brent about great places for beignets and coffee made with chicory. Plus, the best of the New Orleans' Bywater neighborhood and the history of Italian Americans in the city. [Ep 243] Show Notes: Full Show Notes at Bon Moment Tours Michelle talks cocktails in New Orleans on Destination Eat Drink Loretta's Authentic Pralines The Vintage Cafe Beignet Stuph'D Beignets & Burgers The Joint Bacchanal Frady's The Country Club Rosalita's Joey K's Backstreet Cultural Museum French Quarter Fest Aguardente de Medronho Port Wine Crawl video