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Exploring Cincinnati, Ohio’s drinking culture – one episode at a time.

Exploring Cincinnati, Ohio’s drinking culture – one episode at a time.
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Exploring Cincinnati, Ohio’s drinking culture – one episode at a time.




The Drinkery, Jack Daniels and Michael D Morgan

We had the attention of Michael D Morgan after recording an episode of Cincy Brewcast (you do subscribe to that show too, right?) – and thought that it might be fitting to force him into hanging out for a little while longer so we could pick his brain about The Drinkery, and OTR in general. It’s a part of the city that is known for people’s visiting to drink alcohol – so it’s a fitting place to grab one with the Gnome. OTR has seen a lot, it sees a lot – and it’s sometimes easy to forget...


Cider? Hard Cider? Fermented Apple Juice? Gimmie The Lowdown.

I’ll admit it, for as much as I love drinking, there are topics that I know only a little bit about. Cider is most definitely one of those topics. The great thing about this show, though is that we are surrounded by people who are knowledgeable about far more than you or I might be – experts in various drinking categories. These people can take us by the hand (or glass) and guide us through the different realms of drinking. This week’s episode finds us back at March First (back, only if...


The Kentucky Sidecar

I was joined this week… or a couple weeks ago depending on how you look at it by my good friend from Hunting Agnes, Bryan Booth to talk Bourbon, and to talk the Prohibition Bourbon Bar (you can listen to that episode if you haven’t already) and we were having so much darn fun that we recorded another episode. This time, we grabbed a cocktail to see what it was all about – the drink? The Kentucky Sidecar. The menu told us that the drink was Bourbon, Lemon, Cointreau and Bitters… but I had my...


Asheville, Hi-Wire And A Community

Asheville, North Carolina isn’t about beer alone – it’s about a community that provides a platform for one of the widest and most fun drinking cultures that I have ever experienced. With that being said… the best way to take a peek behind the curtain of that drinking culture is to sit down and have a chat at one of the breweries that helps give the city the nickname Beer City USA. Hi-Wire Brewing’s Chris McLain sat down over a pint with me earlier this year to help showcase not just what...


The Prohibition Bourbon Bar

I’ve heard that just over the river in Newport, Kentucky we’ve got a bar that houses the largest collection of Bourbon and Rye in the world. How in the world can a drinker hear this and not venture over to the Prohibition Bourbon Bar to see what it’s all about? I was joined by my good friend Bryan Booth from the band Hunting Agnes to grab a drink (or five) and talk about what the bar is all about. This isn’t a bourbon show (though that’s coming) – it’s a show about a bar. With that being...


The Manhattan With Andy Foltz

What’s the story with the Manhattan? Well… truth be told it’s complicated, and it’s usually pretty hard to find the truth buried inside all the tall tales, too. I was joined this week by friend, and fellow beer-geek Andy Foltz to take an initial dive into what I expect will be many dives into The Manhattan Cocktail. We explore this week not just what’s in the drink, but take a peek at the history of it too – we play around with a couple ingredients and of course have a couple manhattans of...


Paddy’s Day In Cincinnati

It’s Paddy’s Day in Cincinnati – and I made the rounds. I ventured out to some of the hottest spots in Cincy to figure out what makes St Patricks day more than you might think it is on the surface. Sure… there is a lot of Guinness and Green beer that get’s poured – but what makes it special? I only scratched the surface in this one. The show is a little shorter than I anticipated… but I suppose that you can understand with it being the first episode that I’ll figure a few things out as I go...


What’s This All About, Anyways? Drinking? Gnomes?

This has been a LONG time coming for me, with the idea to do this show literally taking years to become a reality. I do recognize, though, that you might not be as familiar with what it’s all about as I am. Drinking With The Gnome is very similar to my other podcast and blog – except that while those are about Cincinnati’s vibrant craft beer scene, this project takes a bigger look… a step back at the overall drinking culture of Cincinnati. We’re talking about Cincinnati and it’s spirits,...