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Causes of the Decline in Wine Consumption

Today on Exploring the Wine Glass, I sit down with several of my wine loving friends and we discuss a very scary topic. One that is rather hard to believe is actually happening, but numbers don’t lie. There has been a decline in the consumption of wine throughout 2019, and the trend seems to be continuing into 2020. There are many beliefs as to why this downfall is occurring and like many things in the today’s world, it is blamed on those darn millennials! Do they really have that much...


Do You Have Wine Intolerance?

Today I sit down with David Meadows, entrepreneur and founder of Pure Wine. Many people are unable to enjoy wine as they have adverse reactions to it. Some of these intolerance include headaches, congestion, skin flush and hangovers. Although I am not a believer that sulfites are a cause for these reactions, I will admit that histamines in wine can cause these reactions to a select population of consumers. During the conversation, we do get a bit geeky- heck, you know that is going to happen...


Daniel Brennan; Decibel Wines

Welcome to Exploring the Wine Glass. Today I sit down with Daniel Brennan, owner and winemaker at Decibel Wines in New Zealand. He prides himself on producing wines using classic practices, minimal intervention, a community based attitude. Combining the classic practices with modern in the vineyard and the winery Daniel not only is inspired to make great wine, but to preserve our great planet. His fruit comes from Hawkes Bay, and Martinborough but is beginning to make a name for himself...


Dornfelder on Winephabet Street

Hey everyone! Thanks for listening to Exploring the Wine Glass. Today we head back to Winephabet Street. Today’s letter is D and it stands for Dornfelder. An interesting grape that was created when August Herold crossed Helfensteiner with Heroldrebe in 1956. Typically, the red wines of Germany are known for their lighter color and body. However, Dornfelder led the way for producing the more internationally accepted style of deep color. While you are sipping and listening, please rate, review...


Turkish Wine 101

When I went through the WSET L2 class, at no point was Turkish wine brought into the conversation. Quite some time ago, I came across a person on Twitter that I decided to follow because she was always talking about Turkish wine. Through each post, her enthusiasm and passion for the wine showed through and anyone who knows me knows I love to share someone’s passion for wine. Andrea Lemieux, aka The Quirky Cork, began enjoying wine while she lived in Washington DC, but it wasn’t until she...


BEST OF EPISODE: How much would you pay for wine?

Something new for the podcast today. Life is hectic and sometimes you need to do things out of necessity. I was unable to produce an episode for this week, so I thought I would go back and find one of my most popular episodes and provide an opportunity for my new listeners to hear it and my dedicated listeners to remember the fun we had in discussing the outrageously priced bottle of wine. I got together with some wine writing friends to discuss a topic in the wine world that has been...


Vineyards Talk; Winemakers Listen

Today's podcast is a science podcast.. well, sort of a science podcast. I don't get into all the geekdom that I have been known to get into in the past, but it is about the science of the vineyard and the decisions that are required to make the best wines that the site allows. As promised in the podcast, I have included an image of the beautiful kouloura and a link to our podcast on Assyrtiko. Follow me on Instagram! Follow me on Twitter! SUBSCRIBE ON iTUNES STITCHER | iTUNES | GOOGLE...


Answering Those Burning Wine Questions

I am answering some of those burning wine questions on today's podcast. I reached out to some amazing women in a Facebook Group I belong to called “She Podcasts.” I asked them to submit questions they had about wine that they either didn’t want to ask in public or didn’t necessarily know where to go to find the answers. They responded with some great questions. I am sure they are not the only ones with these questions, so I hope that my answers can help some of you learn a little bit more...


Chenin Blanc on Winephabet Street

Today, we return to Winephabet Street where the letter of the day is C! Chenin Blanc originated in the Loire Valley of France. Today, it is extremely common in South Africa, which has about 1/5th of the plantings, as well as coming more popular in the United States. Known to be a rather versatile grape, with the ability to produce both still and sparkling wines as well as dry, semi sweet and sweet wines. So uncork, unscrew or saber a bottle and join us as we discuss Chenin Blanc’s history,...


What is your epiphany wine?

Welcome to Exploring the Wine Glass podcast! Thanks for joining in. If this is your first time, welcome and if you are a loyal listener, welcome back and thank you for all of your support! It’s been awhile, but today is a Wine Writer Wrap Up episode. I love these episodes because I get to sit around with other wine lovers and talk “shop.” And there is no better shop than wine! While you are listening, please scroll or swipe or whatever you need to do on your phone to rate review and...


Winephabet Street: B is for Barbera

Hey everyone! Welcome to Exploring the Wine Glass sponsored by Dracaena Wines. Today we return to Winephabet Street where the letter of the day is B and it stands for Barbera. Barbera is a versatile red grape from Piemonte, Northern Italy. Since there has been no genetic relationship to any other native Piemontese grape, it is thought that the grape must have been imported into the region sometime in the recent past. Barbera use to be known as the “Piemonte People’s Wine” since it was so...


Celebrate #CabFrancDay!

Today I have special podcast for you. It’s only me today, and I am talking about my biggest passion! Cabernet Franc. As the founder of #CabFrancDay, I am on a mission to give this phenomenal grape varietal the credit it is due! Visit #CabFrancDay website Visit #CabFrancDay on Facebook SUBSCRIBE ON iTUNES STITCHER | iTUNES | GOOGLE PLAY | SPOTIFY | PODBEAN GIVE US A RATING AND REVIEW STAY IN THE KNOW - GET SPECIAL OFFERS Thoughts or comments? Contact Lori at...


Wines of Australia

Hey everyone! Welcome to another episode of “The Allure of the Pour.” Today, I am so excited to sit down with Mark Davidson, Education Manager for North America for the Wines of Australia. If I’m in full disclosure, this episode should have been released over a month ago, as I was lucky enough to attend the Far From Ordinary Roadshow in New York City and interviewed Mark on the streets of NYC. However, technology failed me and the recording was not acceptable. Luckily, Mark was kind enough...


Drink Wine, Lower Your Carbon Footprint; Steve Burch

Welcome to Exploring the Wine Glass podcast sponsored by Dracaena Wines. Today’s episode is an Allure of the Pour. On these types of episodes, I sit down with one person in the wine industry, share a glass and discuss the how, where, what and why they fell in love with wine. Today on The Allure of the Pour, I sit down with Steve Burch of Acheson Wine in Sacramento. I was drawn to his story after he was a guest on Wining Hour Chat, a wine chat that takes place every Tuesday at 9pm ET. His...


Discussing the Dao Region of Portugal

Welcome to Exploring the Wine Glass. I was invited to attend a luncheon in New Jersey hosted by the Dao region of Portugal and arranged by Allison Levine, owner of Please The Palate, a boutique agency specializing in marketing and event planning for the wine and spirits industry. In the heart of Portugal lies the Beira region, which is divided into three sections, the Beira Litoral (the coastal section, home to the Bairrada wine region), the Beira Alta (the upper mountainous region, which...


Winephabet Street; A is for Assyrtiko

Welcome to Winephabet Street Season 2! We have wrapped around and are beginning back at the letter A. If you aren’t familiar with this series, we take a new letter of the alphabet each month and focus on a wine related topic, generally a grape variety, and discuss its general characteristics, history, food pairings and leave you with five fast facts. Oh, and of course… we drink some wine. So unscrew, uncork or saber a bottle and enjoy learning all about the Greek grape varietal...


Wacky World of Wine 2

Welcome to Exploring the Wine Glass podcast sponsored by Dracaena Wines. Today I’m sitting down with my best buddy Nick Berube, aka Wine Comm Guy and we laugh our way through the Wacky World of Wine. We first thank PG&E for shutting down the wine industry by shutting off power, except for a few specific areas. Then Napa Valley vineyard owner going to jail for faking his daughter’s SAT exam, then we travel to Russia, where a man really really needed a bottle of wine and wrap it up with wine...


Michael Meagher on Rias Baixas

Welcome to Exploring the Wine Glass podcast. On these types of episodes, I sit down with one person in the wine industry, share a glass and discuss the how, where, what and why they fell in love with wine. I have renamed this series The Allure of the Pour, since we all love the sound of the wine as it fills our glass with anticipation. Today, I sit down with Michael Meagher, Master Sommelier. Find out more about Michael on his website sommelier on demand. A few years ago, thanks to the wine...


Roger Bissell, Italian Master Somm

Welcome to Exploring the Wine Glass podcast. On this series that I have renamed The Allure of the Pour, I sit down with Roger Bissell. About one year ago, I was invited to a Master Class on the wines of Macedonia. I was intrigued. I had never had wine from there, and thought it would be an excellent educational experience. I was so happy after the class to find out that I was right. Roger Bissell, the Master Somm who ran the class, was not only informative, but entertaining. After the...


Simon Solis Cohen; Entrepreneur & Consultant for Wine Industry

On this episode of Exploring the Wine Glass, I sit down with Simon Solis Cohen of Tating Merchants, your online resource for small batch wines. I first met Simon on Instagram. I may have mixed feelings about the platform, but in this case it proved to know what it was doing when they recommended Tasting Merchants. I clicked the follow button and liked several of the photos, and then there was a DM. We conversed a few times within Instagram and then decided a phone call was in order. I spoke...